#EverydayInspiralized: Chocolate Chip Zucchini Noodle Muffins

#EverydayInspiralized: Chocolate Chip Zucchini Noodle Muffins

We’re back with a new episode of #EverydayInspiralized, my video cooking series on my YouTube channel.

We’re making my Chocolate Chip Zucchini Noodle Muffins (click here for the original recipe), which are 100% gluten-free and delicious!


Yes, there should be THREE beaten eggs in the ingredient list. That’s what you get for prepping ingredients at 6:30am before coffee, I guess. I apologize for the mixup, and I added text prompts onto the video, so you’ll know when you need to add the eggs.

Well, the recipe clearly still worked – but it was definitely more crumbly than normal (you’ll see at the end – I take a bite and a big walnut chunk falls out!) So, don’t forget the eggs like I did.

I hope you all appreciate the honesty :) Oh – and I’ve told you all before that I’m the world’s worst baker, right?

In addition to this week’s video, I also have some news: I’m going to Southeast Asia!

Yes, I’m flying across the world to Asia with Lu! Neither of us have ever been there and we couldn’t be more excited. Our one-year wedding anniversary is on June 20th, so we’ve decided to celebrate it in Thailand and Bali.

What does that mean for this blog? Not much, except that I won’t be around much, sadly. Meaghan will be picking up the slack – so if you need help with anything at all, send her an email. She’s your girl.

Everything is already taken care of and scheduled, so there will be new posts going up as usual. I hope you enjoy everything, and I appreciate your understanding as I take some time off of work to spend time with my husband, celebrating our first year of marriage!

We leave early Friday morning for the trip, so I’ll be around until then. And be sure to follow me on Instagram, as I’ll be posting pictures as we travel as best I can. We start off in the cultural city of Chiang Mai, then we’re off to Krabi (southern Thailand) to see the islands, and then we end the trip chilling out in spiritual Ubud, Bali.

I can’t believe I’m finally making it! Now… anyone have tips for surviving a 19 hour flight?

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  1. These look awesome! And wow! If that’s a one year anniversary trip I foresee big travel plans ahead :) Have an amazing time!

  2. I travel to Asia all the time for work – well-timed sleeping pills are the best for beating jet lag! If my flight is more than 12h, I take one on the plane and usually sleep a good 7-8h. Also, no naps the first day – try to stay awake until at least 9pm and then you’ll crash. Wake up the next day at a normal time (like before 8am) and try to be active all day. Take a sleeping pill (or Nyquil) that second night, and then you should be on local time and good to go for the rest of the trip after that. Repeat the same process once you get back home and voila – you’ll have avoided jet lag!

    • PS. Hope you have a great time – Thailand is one of my favorite countries to travel to and I’m sure you’ll come back with a lot of inspiration for new recipes! :)

  3. Michele Pryse :

    Blessings on your trip. Try not to think about work too much. But…I can’t wait to see all the Thai-inspired recipes you’ll have to share when you return! (You have to eat, after all.)

  4. I watched this last night and was giggling because I knew you thought the batter was all wrong haha :)

    honestly though, I’m so glad that you DIDNT re-do it because its honest! and that is why we all love following you and trying your recipes. It’s like “stars they’re just like us – they forget eggs!” lol

    yes, you are a star!

    Happy you guys are getting off on vacation. Enjoy every second!

    Also I’ve made your sweet potato chocolate chip “muffin” from your first book and was amazed by how tasty they were! (As were my brunch guests) Which do you like better?

    • You are SO sweet to say that! Perfection is just impossible, and mistakes happen! :) This comment made my day. As for sweet potato muffins vs. these, they’re apples and oranges! These are denser and more dessert-like (more filling.) Plus, they use flour! Both are great, I can’t pick a fav!

  5. I love your honesty! Have a wonderful trip with Lu and I’ll be looking for your photos.

  6. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of you! I’ve always always wanted to visit Thailand! Have a safe flight and lovely visit! :) Meanwhile, I have to hunt down zucchinis and try these muffins!

  7. These look great. I watched the video, but is there a place where the recipe is written down?


  8. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!! Congrats on your 1year anniversary, seems like we were just seeing wedding pics, that went by so fast.

    Can’t wait to make these muffins!!

  9. Hi Ali! These muffins look amazing–I can’t wait to try. Do you have a list of the ingredients and measurements to go with? Looking forward to making this–thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Ali, I’ve watched the clip several times, but I can’t work out how much coconut flour you use. (and i so want to make these muffins to see if I can get my kids to eat them).

  11. Congrats! Doesn’t seem like a year already :) Bali is my most favourite place on earth, there’s not many destinations I would re-visit after a holiday but I’ve been to Bali twice and would go again in a heartbeat – have a wonderful time.

  12. They look so good, but I could not find the recipe like usual. Please send it to me. Thank you.

  13. Love your recipes and my inspiralizer! Found the ingredients amounts in this one hard to follow easily. Watched twice because I wanted to make the recipe, but never did hear the amount of coconut flour used. (willing to say it’s me missing it)Would have liked a printed from of recipe which I couldn’t find easily either. Don’t have time to keep watching the video. But these look great! Look forward to making them in the future.

  14. Hi Ali. I’ve watched your video for zucchini chocolate chip muffins and did not hear how much flour to use. Also, any idea on the calorie and carb count? Thanks, Diane

  15. HI :
    is the recipe on your blog? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks

  16. Hi…muffins look great and as I started to gather and measure ingredients I found there was no measurement for coconut

  17. Harriet Kelem :

    I have tried several times to download the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Zucchini Noodle muffins. Some of your recipes are difficult to download.

  18. Hi Ali – watched but you didn’t indicate how much coconut or almond flour to use in the recipe. Not being a baker, it’s a necessity for me. Congrats on your one year anniversary (has it been that long already?). I took a lone journey to Bali late last year which was 24 hrs total flying time going. There was a change of planes which broke it up a bit, and while I was a little leary of making such a long journey I made it without battle scars. I flew Emirates and they not only fed us well, but provided lots of movies and shows to watch – hopefully your airline will do the same. There is reading, dozing and having a companion to share the anticipation of whats ahead. Being there is experiencing the beauty and uniqueness of the place being visited and returning home, one is so filled and tired that hopefully sleeping takes up a good part of the journey. Bottom line is it’s doable. The funny part is that taking a 5 or 6-hr flight to me now is nothing. Have a wonderful journey!!

  19. Hi Ali, Happy Anniversary to you and Lu. My son and DIL honeymooned in Thailand and loved it. Would love to see pictures of the food you ate and your outfits. Hope you also get a chance to ride the elephants. Debbi

  20. I would also like to make these muffins, but didn’t know the amount of coconut flour. Could you let me know by email. Thanks

  21. Hi, Ali!

    When I lived abroad, I traveled to Thailand and Bali many times. My husband and even I had our honeymoon in Thailand! Bring empty suitcases. Check out the pearls, silver jewelry, and gem stones (cheap!) in both places and admire (and buy) the hand-made quilts in Chiang Mai. I’m a fabric lover, so I always stock up on great silks and saris – even monks’ saris. Thais also are great at copying clothes that you have and like, si if you have a favorite item, bring it and have it copied. Be sure to take a canal boat trip in Bangkok, and take plenty of pictures. If you have time, take a trip by rail to the Bridge on the River Kwai (See the old movie before you go.). There are even multi-day houseboat trips in Kanchanaburi that are heavenly.

    Last but not least, check out the spices and learn about fabric dying from them AND make sure to eat them in your food!

    Best regards.


  22. Looking for the amount of flour also. Calorie/carb count would be nice, but could estimate if I know about the flour.

  23. Here’s Ali’s link to the recipe that includes calorie count:


  24. My daughter just returned from a two-week vacation in Thailand and she loved it! Her fave part was spending a day at the elephant sanctuary. Her pictures are great! Enjoy and happy anniversary to you and Lu!

  25. Hi Ali,

    I just came across this recipe and would love to make these, but I am allergic to bananas. This is a somewhat new allergy to me and I am still exploring work-arounds/substitutes. I thought I would ask if you have any suggestions? It seems like you have plenty of experience with different fruits and veggies and you always have tips to alter recipes to meet dietary needs. Sorry if this is a real curve ball. I hope you had a wonderful time in SouthEast Asia!


  26. Hello! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I don’t have a spiralizer but I think I can make this work with just slicing the zucchini into strips. I’ve tried black bean desserts before, but never zucchini, and it’s really intriguing. Keep up the great work posting so many spiralized recipes. I think I’m going to be inspired to get my own spiralizer myself. :)

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