GEFU Spiralfix Vegetable Slicer: Review

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

Whenever I get an e-mail that says, “my spiralizer just won’t make pretty noodles like yours does” or “the handle snapped right off!” or “I can’t seem to get the blades to work properly,” I feel responsible. I want everyone to have the best experience possible and adore spiralizing, just as I do!

However, this requires that everyone use the same spiralizer as I do. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to throw away the spiralizers they may have now, but if you’re new to spiralizing, get this one.

Some people may say, “Well why that one? Have you tried the others?” The answer to that is yes, I have tried the others. Every single one. Even new ones that pop up, like this one that I’m reviewing today: the Spiralfix Vegetable Slicer by GEFU.

I’ve never reviewed a product before (and this is unsponsored), so bare with me.

First off, to use the GEFU Spiralfix, you have to open the top and stick your vegetable onto the center of the blade on the bottom.

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

You can see those blades here:

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

Once you’ve done that, you close it and the “teeth” in the handle sticks into the other side of the vegetable. Then, grab the side handle and crank the top handle to spiralize the vegetable.

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

As you can see from the above picture, the noodles fill up the bottom container. Now, you can also apparently use it without the bottom container and just spiralize over a bowl or a skillet. This was too cumbersome and hard to get leverage, so I didn’t use that method.

To change the blade, turn the knob on the side to either “I, II, III, IIII.”

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

The blade shapes yield the following:

Inspiralized Review of GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer -

That’s basically it! Now, here’s my review:



  • The blades are changed with a knob, instead of manually, which is safer and a bit more convenient.
  • It has an additional blade option for angel hair spaghetti.
  • The plastic quality is strong.


  • It’s difficult to get proper leverage with no suction on the bottom.
  • It’s difficult to get proper leverage if not using the bottom and just holding in the air. Very awkward and causes elbow/wrist strain.
  • You cannot use large vegetables (you’ll have to cut them in half and keep adjusting until you have the right size – not ideal!)
  • The spiral slices didn’t come out well, a lot of them I had to pull apart to make individual noodles.

The verdict? Definitely not better than the Inspiralizer, as it’s difficult to use and hard to manage with larger, tougher vegetables. It’s not as intuitive and user-friendly. I would not recommend this, but if you’re only spiralizing zucchinis and cucumbers, it will get a decent job done.

Was this review helpful? Would you like to see reviews of other spiralizers?

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  1. I have the same spiraliser you do but you refer to having a ricer blade? I don't appear to have one of those. What am I missing then?Yes, useful to have reviews on them.
  2. When I click onto the link for the Gefu unit it takes me to the one by Paderno!
  3. I appreciated the review. I have the same unit you have and love it, but enjoy learning what else is out there. Thanks!
  4. She doesn't have a ricer blade... She spiralizes the vegetables first, then pulses them in a food processor to make "rice." FYI :)
  5. I agree with you, the suction cups on the bottom of my Paderno World Cuisine spiralizer make it a breeze to use. Thanks for the review and the info!!
  6. One of our favorite meals is your spicy thai beef and cabbage noodles. Can NOT imagine trying to spirilize cabbage in this one.
  7. The review was good. I too have the same unit as you, but it would be nice to know what else works if we wanted to give a "starter" unit to a friend of family. Or be able to tell friends... why not to get one. - Cheers
  8. Great review and I agree the Paderno slicer is awesome. I've noticed that Amazon puts it on sale from time to time from anywhere between $25-30, so for those of you seeing for higher, just keep checking back. It goes on sale quite often. :)
  9. Deanna Presley :
    I have the Gefu (purchased online at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It is the best -- solid, easy to use, and easy to clean! Don't waste your money on other brands.
  10. I use this spiralizer and love it.
  11. Thanks for the review Ali! I originally tried two different spiralizers that looked identical to the Paderno - one from Bed Bath & Beyond; the other from, in an attempt to save money. I now have the Paderno and I should have bought it first! The blade quality and uniformity of noodles is much superior in my opinion.
  12. Mine is the Benriner Cook Helper Spiralizer and it's also available on Amazon
  13. My Paderno is wonderful. Easy to use and clean. Zucchini noodles are great. Also I make the rice out of carrots, butternut squash. We are eating so much healthier . I was astonished at how well it work. All you recipes are great thanks so much.
  14. I am looking at purchasing a spiralizer, however many Amazon reviewers say this model is better than the Paderno. Have you ever tried it?
  15. I have this one and hate it. The angel hair pasta gets all mushy plus the bottom doesn't hold a lot. I got the paderno one and love it. The noodles are perfectly made, it's easy to replace the blades when you want to change them. I highly recommend the paderno spiralizer.
  16. You've inspired me to buy a spiralizer. Picking one and ordering today :)
  17. Ali I bought the Gefu one and I hate it and it is collecting dust :( does Amazon ship the Paderno one to Australia??
  18. Received our Spiralizer on Monday after ordering it on Saturday. Have not used it yet, but will tonight. I read a complaint somewhere that it was hard to get the blade holder out of the machine to change blades. I wonder if that person ever looked for the little catch that keeps the blade holders fastened in. Maybe you could mention that feature.
  19. I actually purchased the GEFU spiralizer before reading your review Ali as I was having difficulty sourcing the Paderno one you use locally (I live in Australia). But I'm pleased to say I'm finding it pretty good! So far i've managed to spiralise zucchini, carrot, cucumber, apple, sweet potato and pumpkin quite successfully and looking forward to trying out more of your recipes with it! :)
  20. I love the Gefu! No need for suction, can spiralize anywhere, on any surface, even in mid air. Cleans up easily, stores neatly. No problems with any size of noodles. We probably each love the one we have. I love mine. Makes all of your recipes just fine....
  21. I just ordered a Paderno spiralizer (it'll be here tomorrow and I'm soooo excited - already planning on using your wonderful recipes to make some awesome meals!). However, I got the 4 blade spiralizer by Paderno, not the one in your link (I think the 4 blade is a newer model). Do you think I made a mistake, and should get the one you use? Have you tried the 4-blade one? Thanks so much for sharing all these amazing recipes!
    • I personally don't like the 4 blade spiralizer, but it's definitely preference. You can read my review on it here:
      • Ali, THANK YOU for getting back to me so quickly! I think, since I've never spiralized before, I'm going to keep this 4 blade version and learn on it - I'm guessing since I've never used the three blade version it won't be a disappointment for me with the cons you listed. After reading your review of the 4-blade Paderno, one more quick question, if you wouldn't mind: since the larger veggies are hard to keep on the 4 blade (like a large sweet potato or butternut squash), what if I cut those veggies in half, essentially making them smaller? Do you think that would be helpful in spiralizing them?I'm really looking forward to delving into your recipes, videos, etc - what a giant wealth of information this website is! Thank you for doing this! :)
      • Yes, that would definitely help!
  22. I bought the Gefu yesterday and will return it today. It's nice, but I find it cumbersome to put the amount of pressure needed to spiralize correctly while turning the handle. Plus, trying to do carrots was a pain. It kept slipping around. It's too bad, because all they had to do was figure out a way that you could get the pressure in a different means and it would be a better unit. I already ordered the four-blade Paderno. Thanks for your review!
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