How to Clean the Spiralizer

How to Clean the Spiralizer by

What better day than hump day to talk about cleaning? Some of you may be planning your evenings, your weekends. No, not me. I’m thinking about cleaning my spiralizer! 

Cleaning your spiralizer is extremely important! Listen, I’m the last one who should be preaching about cleaning (because I hate to do it and avoid it at all costs), but when it comes to being safe and taking care of your spiralizer, I’m all about it.

As you’ll see in the video below, I use a brush. It’s essential that you buy a round brush and designate it to your spiralizer. Don’t clean anything but the spiralizer with this brush. 

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I suggest this brush: OXO Soap-Squirting Round Palm Brush. In the video, I’m using a different one and that’s only because I forgot to pick up a new OXO brush before filming the video (my current one is embarassingly dirty). The OXO brush is fantastic – it fills up with soap and offers great leverage to clean.

Not only will the brush scrub the hard-to-reach parts of your spiralizer (like the teeth on the handle and the metal blades), it will prevent any nicks or cuts from the sharp blades and teeth. 

Also, the spiralizer will brown and yellow if you don’t rinse and clean immediately after using. Take twenty seconds and rinse and scrub the spiralizer and yours will last a very long time. The first spiralizer I ever owned lasted me 11 months and I was spiralizing 3-5 times a day with it! 

That’s my public service announcement. Now, go back to planning your exciting weekends!

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  1. I actually get a mild bleach solution ready and use an old toothbrush to clean my spirilizer. I can get in the crevices much easier than a big brush and I rinse when done. Works great!!

  2. Have you had any issues with the “teeth” of the blade (specifically Blade C) bending? Our spirilalizer is fairly new and we have to keep bending the teeth back, which is unfortunate.

    On another note, I followed your technique for making butternut squash rice (I think your post had carrots and sweet potatoes) and we loved it!! I served it with some seared, wild sea scallops and it was amazing. I also added cumin, red pepper and salt and pepper. Perfect!

    • I haven’t had any issues, no! Hopefully you have the same one as me (there are a lot of copycats out there!)

      I’m so glad you like the rice – it’s a favorite in my household now too!

  3. So this will only last a bout a year and you have to buy a whole new machine? They don’t sell new blades? :(

  4. Can it go in the dishwasher? I was thinking of putting the handle piece and the blade piece on the top rack and turning off the “heated dry” setting.


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