How to Spiralize Beets

How to Spiralize Beets - Inspiralized

Gosh, you guys really know how to make a girl feel special. A very very big, warm thank you for all the birthday wishes from yesterday. Cheers to 28!

Now, life resumes normalcy and we’re back with video Thursdays.

Aside from today’s video, I’m also announcing the winners of the #30daysinspiralized challenge!

If you weren’t aware of the #30daysinspiralized challenge, it was basically a challenge to eat something spiralized for the entire month of March – so, technically 31 days! There are three winners: two will win an Inspiralized t-shirt and the grand prize winner receives an Inspiralizer!

Meaghan and I were blown away by how many of you participated in the challenge. We were amazed not only by your commitment, but what you made with the spiralizer! You all continue to impress and amaze me every day.

The toughest part of this challenge was picking a winner! Thank you to everyone who participated and stuck with the #30daysinspiralized challenge, I wish I could give all of you an Inspiralizer!

Check out everyone who contributed to the challenge by clicking here.

Here are the winners:

Grand prize: @ryt_choyce13

Winner #2: @ohjackie0

Winner #3: @sometimesiveg

How to Spiralize Beets

Now, for the video – learn how to spiralize beets with the Inspiralizer! The trick? Wear gloves and immediately rinse your spiralizer afterwards, to avoid staining. That’s it – otherwise, they’re pretty easy to spiralize.

For all beet recipes, click here.

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The Giveaway: Thank you!

Don’t forget about my post-birthday week giveaway! I’m giving away 3 prizes – 1 signed copy of the Inspiralized cookbook, 1 Inspiralized t-shirt and 1 Inspiralizer! There will be 3 different winners! To enter to win, use the widget below:

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  1. I’m eating a lot more (spiralized) pasta now!

  2. I Love to spiralize!!
    I am going to many bridal showers this year and they are all getting a spiralizer and cookbook!! And it is on many of their registries!!
    Great way to start a healthy marriage!!

  3. I have recently become allergic to glutin so using the imspiralizer has become key to my cooking.

  4. Judit Farkas :

    I love trying out your recipes because they give vegetables a whole new look and texture and lots of flavours and I know my dishes will never be boring again!

  5. Susan olney :

    Inspiralized has totally changed my life…now when I get invited to potlucks I love bringing something spiralized and it’s the talk of the night. I feel so much healthier now that I started spiraling at least 1 meal a day. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration!

  6. I’m getting much more fiber and nutrients by spiralizing, plus it’s great fun to crank out those vegetables!

  7. My family is eating a lot more vegetables lately!

  8. Love beets and plan on trying some of your recipes as soon as I can go to the store and purchase some ! Thanks for making eating veggies so inviting !

  9. I really love low calorie noodles that the spiralizer makes. I just can’t wait to harvest veggies from the garden, so i can do it more often.

  10. I see food differently now that I have used the spiralizer for about 9 months. It’s one of my favorite kitchen tools!

  11. I bought a spiralizer from a well known store in England four weeks ago. I enjoyed experimenting, making it up as I went along. After reading about you on the internet I then sent for your inspiralized recipe book from Amazon UK. It arrived yesterday and I am so looking forward to trying all the wonderful recipes. My Grand daughters are waiting patiently for ‘dinner time’ tonight to try the first spiralized stir fry with prawns.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful web site and emails I receive.
    Summer will soon be here in the UK and I can’t wait for the lovely salads I can make.
    Kind regards

  12. I eat healthier since spiralizing! And I want to try spiralized beets!

  13. Love spiralizing vegetables….thanks for sharing how to do beets!

  14. I am seventy years old and am loving spiralizing vegetables. I don’t feel hungry and have been losing weight! Thanks for all you do, Ali. You are a true inspiration!

  15. I LOVE the spiralizer and have bought several as gifts for friends. My question about beets has always been whether to roast first or after spiralizing if I want them roasted. Now that I know to spiralizer first, is it possible to roast them or will they fall apart? I hope that isn’t a stupid question.
    Thanks for helping my family cut down on carbs and calories!

  16. LOVE the new HEALTHY ways I can eat “pasta”.

  17. We eat more spiri rd veggies instead of pasta.

  18. I ate sprialized pasted almost everyday leading up to my wedding. My Chinese fiance complimented my dishes which was big, since he loves his chewy noodles.

  19. Ever since I have discovered your amazing recipes, I’m turning everything into noodles! You are truly an inspiration … or should I say inspiralization? :)
    Hugs, Diana

  20. I have a lot more ideas than just zoodles now…

  21. I am making more veggie based meals, and my husband is eating then without complaining.

  22. I’ve incorporated vegetables into my daily life in ways I never thought possible.

  23. I can hide healthy meals much more easily! My family is more willing to eat carrot rice and sweet potato noodles because they don’t look like a substitute for something they like already.

  24. I love your cookbook and the videos – I’m always excited to see a new recipe in my in-box. Thank you so much for helping us lose weight and get healthier without giving up pasta. :)

  25. I bought the Inspiralizer to replace my Paderno and I can’t wait to test it out! I, also, really love this weekly video series!

  26. It has really helped in getting me to go low carb!

  27. Yvonne Allsopp :

    Love courgetti instead of spaghetti x

  28. I now get overly excited when I find overly large vegetables that I know will spiralize well. Considering replacing my paderno spiralizer with your new one!

  29. Thank you, thank you so much! Love all that you do! Keep the goodness coming! Looking forward to seeing your next creations!

  30. I am eating a lot more veggies and new veggies too!! It’s been fun!

  31. Definitely eating more veggies now!! Love all the varieties.

  32. I am planning my garden to include more vegetables that can be Spiralized! Can’t wait to harvest and then YUM!

  33. Thanks! Now I know how to Spriralize and love it! Love all the recipes!

  34. I haven’t received my inspiralizer yet but when I do I know it is going to make my meal prep so much easier! I can’t wait to try out all of the wonderful recipes I have seen!!

  35. I can definitely see how we could possibly incorporate more fresh vegetables into our diet with easy preparation using the Spiralizer.

  36. I love that I can use more vegetables in interesting ways with my spiralizer.

  37. As someone with celiac and someone trying to avoid gluten-free prepackaged foods (re: nutrition profile, fortification, + cost) spiralizing veggies has made things like pasta possible again. Truth be told, I never really liked spaghetti squash as pasta, so I never got into that, but I’m now a huge fan of zucchini pasta. :)

  38. I have a replacement for pasta besides spaghetti squash, which makes me a happier grain free girl.

  39. I LOVE spiralized BEETS! Have not done much with vegie pasta, but now that winter is over, I hope that will change! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  40. I have the hand shredder but would love the spiralizer tyle with the hand crank. I would like to eat more verries and especially raw ones. Really looking forward to spiralizer beet roasted on top of salad!

  41. I have seen spiralizing machines up close and the problem I’ve encountered is with being a lefty in a righty world. I have neither the coordination nor the same strength in my right hand. The spiralizers with handles such as this one do not seem to be able to handle (pun intended) the needs of a lefty. Is yours different or if there a way to reverse the mechanism to work for a lefty?

    Also, will you be selling these in stores where the return would not involve shipping fees? If so, where will you be selling them. What I like about your product is that the blades are built in (rather than needing to be physically changed) and the strong base attachment to the work surface.

    Thanks for your help,


  42. Love your website and your post about spiralizing beets inspired me to give this veggie another try. I previously did not like beets. Now, I can’t get enough!
    Thanks :)

  43. OK I need a spiralizing expert here! Lately all I’ve been getting when using my spiralizer is half-moons of veggies or sheets of not-fully-sliced nonsense. I have to go in and manually pull everything apart and half the time it just gets destroyed. Help!

  44. Did you cook the beet beforehand at all? Does peeling make a big difference? I used to have that same spiralizer (a Paderno right?) and I ultimately threw it away out of frustration. It definitely would not have spiralized a raw beet or sweet potato that quickly or smoothly.

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