I’m 30 and have some very, very special news

Yesterday, I turned the big 3-0. I’m officially in my 30s! If you asked me how I’d be spending my 30th birthday four months ago, I would’ve told you, “At a club with my friends, sippin’ champagne!”

So what changed? What happened these past four months? Well, I’m certainly not drinking alcohol. Heck, I’m not even drinking coffee!

Have you guessed it yet? My very, very special news?



Err, WE’RE pregnant!

Yes, we’re pregnant! Lu and I are expecting! We’re having a baby!

I’ve dreamed of the day when I’d tell my family and friends that I was having a baby with the love of my life. I didn’t know who the love of my life would be or what he would look like, I just knew I’d be 30 (yes, I used to be a huge planner!)

What I never imagined in my wildest dreams was having hundreds of thousands of people to share the news with and that’s all of YOU. When I first got pregnant, my initial reaction was to call my family, but then, I thought, “I can’t wait for my Inspiralized family to find out!” It was a whole new level of excitement!

Lu and I are over-the-moon joyful right now. We have been holding this huge secret from our friends for these past few months, and are now so happy to share the news! We’re a bit over 15 weeks pregnant.

I’m currently in Florida with my three best girl friends, my sister, her fiancé, and my parents, celebrating. We’re celebrating the start of my 30th year, but most importantly, this new baby boy or girl that’s going to be joining our family in September!

I’ll be sharing more about the pregnancy (like how we found out, if we’re finding out the gender, how the first trimester has been, etc), but not on this blog. Inspiralized will continue to be an online community and resource for spiralizing. I’ll be sharing all pregnancy related updates on my lifestyle blog, alissandrab.

If you want to stay up to date on our pregnancy/know a more personal side of the woman behind Inspiralized, then make sure you bookmark alissandrab and if you’d like, subscribe to the newsletter for e-mail updates.

In the meantime, anyone expecting? Better yet, anyone due in September?

And for those mamas out there already – TELL ME EVERYTHING. Favorite products, helpful pregnancy websites and accounts, maternity brands, best advice you ever got while pregnant. Lay it on me!

Thank you in advance for all the kind birthday wishes and congrats! All of your love means the world to me!

Now back to that mocktail on the beach!

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  1. Jill Patterson :
    So happy for you! Some advice: you are your baby's first teacher. Children live up to our expectations--our down to them, so aim high and lovingly. Read now, because you won't have time or energy after the baby is born. Appreciate each moment, because when you look back, you'll realize how fast time has gone. And don't buy things for the kids, spend time with them. They need you, not stuff.
  2. Congrats you two. Be Blessed.
  3. Congratulations both, great news xxx
  4. Congratulation!! Becoming a mommy is the most gratifying, rewarding, and sometimes scariest experience!! I personally loved Isabella Maternity clothes, Pink Blush, and H & M. Isabella Maternity clothes are a little pricey for things you will only wear for a few months, but they fit well and are stylish which is hard to find with maternity clothing! Enjoy this new journey :)
  5. Big congratulations to you both Ali, what a great year you'll have, ecoming a mommy for the first time :-D You'll be such a fit and trendy mom-to-be, excited to follow you along and how your little bump grows in the coming months :-) *big hugs*
  6. Congratulations Ali (and Lu)! What wonderful news! Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy! You'll make a wonderful mother!
  7. Congratulations to both of you ... and to baby-to-be because baby is fortunate to have y'all as parents! Can't wait to follow your new and even more life changing journey! Blessings to all!
  8. Congratulations! I was pregnant with my son when I turned 30 but didn't know until about a month later. Great birthday gift!
  9. Jannie Turczyn :
    Nothing like finding out you are going to have a baby, SO exciting! COnGraTULatIoNS!!!!
  10. Jackie Cooper :
    Congratulations! Kids are awesome and amazing, plus tiring and frustrating - but so worth every single minute :) Oh, and by the way, your boobs will get even bigger (LOL!) - and, unfortunately for those of us with "larger girls", they just go back to the same size pre-pregnancy (I was hoping mine would be smaller - but apparently that just happens to women with smaller boobs! ha ha ha). Enjoy the next 5+ months!
  11. Congratulations!! All the best!
  12. That's wonderful. There's nothing that brings a family closer than a baby. Congratulations.
  13. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you and your husband! This news makes me even more excited because I'm also due in September and although I don't personally know you, I feel like our kids will grow up together. :)
  14. Congratulations to you and Lu!! With your healthy eating lifestyle, this baby will be introduced in the womb to loads of yummy veggies and delectable recipes you whip up. Hopefully, this will save you from the battle of getting him/her to eat their veggies :) The best advice I can give you is to RELAX! I know it sounds contrite, but as new moms we stress over everything and add undue burden to ourselves. Learn to relax and not try and be a perfect mom as none exist. So, yes, do research and prepare as best as you can but know that some things are not written in a book or blog. Just go with your gut! Your intuition is your best tool! It all works out.
  15. Congratulations. How exciting for all of you.
  16. Kelley Stier :
    Congratulations! You look so beautiful! Pregnancy certainly becomes you :)
  17. Congratulations on your new adventure. As a pediatric nurse and lactation consultant I agree with Marsline totally. Relax and enjoy the time you are pregnant. There is an overwhelming amount of information about baby care. One author I recommend to parents is Elizabeth Pantley. When that tiny human comes into your life they have no idea about night and day and the sleep deprivation is real. Elizabeth just came out with a sleep solution book for newborns. It is a great addition to her series of books. Lots of people are going to give you advice - some will be amazing and some, not so much. Practice your "thanks, I'll remember that" response and then tune them out. You live much of your life in real time with social media and as much as I love that quick connection with people it can make you feel insecure when your life doesn't look like that. Chart your own course and don't compare your life to anyone else. Having a baby can leave you very vulnerable. As much as you would like to schedule and plan this tiny human is going to upset the apple cart. I also love Lisa Jo Baker's book Surprised by Motherhood. I hope you have a group of women you are connected with who are set to video chat with you in the dark of the night when your little is up. I live in the UK and am 5 hours ahead so when you are up in the night you can message me :)
  18. Karen Grunow :
    Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you.
  19. Ali, that's wonderful news, congratulations to you and Lu and thank you so much for sharing your news with us all. Karen xxx
  20. When I read your news, I actually let out a 'whoopee' on the bus, and several people turned around to see what was going on. Why should I react this way to just a post from a blogger? Because those of us who follow your blog really feel the person behind it, and enjoy sharing in your joys as well as your frustrations. So happy for you and Lu and baby-to-be. Stay well!
  21. I couldn't be happier for you and Lu! That's such great news! Aren't you glad you entered pregnancy in such good shape? I already knew you were going to love your 30s, but now, as a mom, you'll love them even more! Best wishes to you!
  22. Congratulations! Babies are a very special gift! Enjoy! Blessings to you and your family!
  23. Yayy!! Congrats to you three!! The first piece of advice that we really took to heart, we got from my OB actually. When we were pregnant with our first and the doc could tell my husband and I were happy, excited but also very new to this, he said to us both 'be ok with letting some things go, be ok with the laundry waiting a day, be ok with not doing the dishes every day, be ok with just being with your baby'. It helped me relax a little, acknowledging that I will be supermom, but not right away :) My husband also had some great advice that we followed through with on both our children: spend the first week after he or she is born just the three of you. Everyone will want to see you and squish your little, but the first week should be just for you three to get to know each other, to snuggle and breathe with each other and to get some what of a routine down before you have to be ready to be with anyone else.
  24. Congratulations! You are entering into the beautiful world of motherhood! I wish you all the best.
  25. Congratulations! In terms of my advice, I would say that it is good to be prepared, but that you cannot control everything. I remember taking my birth classes and they said at least a few of us would have a c-section. I thought "who could that be?" Well, naturally it was me! My boys are both healthy and BIG! The most important thing you can do is to roll with the punches. Everyone thinks they know what they want to do, but that changes based on your baby and your own body. I didn't breast feed and I didn't beat myself up for it. Not everyone is able to do it, and that's totally okay! There are some things you will need and a lot you won't. Get a baby book and record your earliest memories! A good sturdy (but not expensive) stroller is a necessity. I laugh when I see these folks with these $1,000 strollers. Not needed! There are fabulous books that tell you the real story about what to expect (Girlfriends Guide - a must!) What else? A pricier high chair with a wipeable surface was very key. And lots of burb cloths - more than you ever think you will need! Good baby bottles that are dishwasher safe. It's all coming back to me now! My two boys are 12 and 9. Life with older children gets crazier. Enjoy this time and focus on your health and well being and your baby! :-)
  26. Congratulations!! No joke, I have been waiting for this for two years. We started inspiralizing when I was pregnant with my son and gaining weight at more than twice the recommended rate. (I dont know if you remember but I was the one posting photos of my bump with sweet potato noodles during the #30DaysInspiralized on Instagram) The spiralizer combined with your recipes and guidance was truly an answer to our prayers. However, once baby came around managing the time to spiralize and eat healthy became trickier and I was so excited for the time when (and if) you were going to have a little one running around and seeing how your recipes evolved as a result. As for the advice, I'm a pediatrician (hence the crazy time crunch) so if you just need someone to tell you that cough is all right at 3am, just let me know :) And the best advice for someone else who grew up in an italian family, you put the healthy food on the table, kiddo decides what they're going to eat and how much. As long as they're growing fine, which the pediatrcian can show you on that little curve, dont stress that he only ate a few bites and feel like you have to whip him up some mac and cheese stat. Involve him in the process as much as possible and your little will grow up with the same passion for good eating that you've been generous enough to share with us :)
  27. Pressly Yost :
    Congrats to you & Lu! I am pregnant too - Due 10/1 but a first timer so I don't have much to add as far as advice :)
  28. Beware of vaccinations. They are slow kill weapons. Look up the film Vaxxed and watch it. This is your warning.
  29. Jemmais Keval-Baxte :
    Congratulations on the pregnancy! I am getting ready for the launch of my new book Meditations on Ho'oponopono for Pregnancy and Childbirth. I would love to send you a PDF copy of the latest draft. I am hoping to collect some positive Reviews, Testimonials and Quotes for the book. So if you find it useful and/or inspiring please make sure to tl me. Let me know where to send it. Infinite Peace Infinite Love Jemmais


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