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The Inspiralized iOS App

Purchase($1.99)  and download this App instantly in the iTunes store by clicking here. Never miss a post, save your favorite recipes, share recipes with your friends, and have a one-stop-shop for everything Inspiralized (in your hand!)

Some features:

The Homepage

Posts automatically load to the App once they’re published on the blog. Just scroll down and click on the image or title of the post to view it.

Inspiralized iphone App

Easy Blog Post Loading

Once you’ve clicked on a recipe, it automatically pops up on your screen. Just scroll to read!


Share the Post

Once you’re viewing a recipe, you can click on the middle icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to show options for sharing this post. You can Tweet it, e-mail it, Facebook it or add it to your phone’s Reading List!

Inspiralized App

Add to Favorites

Once you’ve loaded a recipe, click on the heart icon on the bottom right. This will prompt you to add to your favorites. Once it’s in your favorites, it’s saved! You can swipe to the left to delete each favorited recipe or post at any time.

Inspiralized iphone App


Clicking on the “Categories” tab in the bar at the bottom, the App loads all of the categories for easy recipe browsing.

Inspiralized iphone App

Category Example

Click on a category and voila – all of the tagged recipes in that category load, with thumbnails. Click to view one!

Inspiralized iphone App

Search Option

Click on the search option in the tab at the bottom to look for certain keywords, such as “broccoli.”

Inspiralized iphone App

About & Social Media Buttons

Want to head over to my Pinterest? Want to see what’s up on Facebook? What am I Tweeting? Click on the “About” option on the bottom navigation bar to read more about Inspiralized and head over to my social media pages.

Get over to the iTunes store now and download the App for $1.99:


  1. I have a Galaxy. Anyway I can get it on my phone

  2. Is everything good with the inspiralized app? I have been trying to download it and I can’t even find it in the iTunes Store anymore :(

    • I’d love to get the app as well, but I’m having the same issue as the user above. Every link I click just leads me to a blank page in the App Store or Safari.

  3. There is no such app :(

  4. Would LOVE to see this as an Android app!

  5. Will this app run on a kindle?

  6. I purchased this app on my iPad and now when I click on it – it appears like it is opening and them goes off. Any thoughts?

  7. I have an android also. how can u get this app? I use this gadget all the time!! Also- do you have an instagram?

  8. Need the app for android!

  9. Linda Willits :

    I love this ESSENTIAL kitchen tool.

  10. Tried to download your app from the Apple Store. Sorry to see that it is no longer available.

  11. Please consider offering your app to android cell phone users. I love your blog and recipes and the app would be so great.

  12. Can you please add to android?

  13. Heather Papolos :

    The app keep crashing as soon as I open it… any suggestions?

  14. I just use the website with my Galaxy tablet.

  15. Hi. Do you have plans to make the app available for iPad? At home, this would be much more helpful when it comes to viewing. Thanks.

  16. iPad would help me , app please

  17. I just purchased your App! I am so excited that you have this available for us to use when shopping, and sharing your blog of great recipes with my family and friends. This is week one! I am thrilled to have found your blog on this healthy adventure of cooking! I bought the 4-Blade Spiralizer, can’t wait to buy more for gifts! Thank you Ali!

  18. Why can’t I see the site without either signing up for the newsletter or buying the app? My daughter told me there’s a zucchini and pesto recipe she saw that might be good. But I can’t find it without the search and I can’t search without being prompted for the newsletter signup or “buy the app.” Not interested.

  19. I can’t understand the reasoning behind why everything needs to be IOS. Android is just as passionate about their apps and community and you certainly have many Android followers. With that said, I love inspiralized and I do the best I can with my Galaxy phone & tablet on Android. Keep up the good work. Love recipes & videos.

    • MaryAnn, I simply don’t have the resources to develop an App for any other devices. A friend did this one for me (and I use iOS, so that’s why we went with iOS). It’s tens of thousands of dollars to develop an app, unfortunately. I hope you understand!

  20. Christine Walston :

    I just downloaded the app and can see the names of the recipes but when I click on one I just get a blank page. I tried reloading the app with no improvement. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  21. I am noticing the same problem with the app (which is wonderful!), but only for recent blog recipes. Anything that’s already built in works great and most of the older blog recipes come up. Could the update to the blog be affecting the way the recipes appear in the app?

  22. Having the same issues as above. Any suggestions?

  23. Catherine Voci :

    Any chance of getting this app for the Kindle?

  24. The latest update (version 2.0) dated May 19, 2015 wiped out my favorites! There are still issues with text not formatting properly. Example: Chicken Sausage and Peppers with Sweet Potato “Dirty Rice”. Hope your techs get it figured out.

  25. MaryKay Lack :

    Android version please!

  26. No update for iOS 9?

  27. I really like your app but can’t get it as it’s on the iPhones. Is there a possibility that you will have it available on android in the future? I sure hope so. Cheers Tracey

  28. Awesome post, keep it up

  29. Love the recipes and techniques. Will an Android version be available in the near future??

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