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All of the recipes are 100% created and written by me, unless otherwise noted. If you’d like to feature one of my recipes on your site or blog, feel free, just please link back!

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Want me to Inspiralize you favorite pasta, noodle or rice dish? Just leave a comment on this page!


  1. Lenora Johnson :

    Love your recipes! What do you do with all the cores? Any creative ideas for using them?

  2. Just found you this morning. Thrilled! Purchased my Spiralizer a few months ago from Williams/Sonoma and absolutely LOVE IT!! So far only doing zucchini pasta. Looking forward to trying your recipes and coming up with some of my own.

  3. Kirsten Diechmann :

    I would like the Sweet Potatoe recipes, but I can’t get to that vegetable under Recipes. Kirsten

  4. I love linguine with clam sauce. How about substituting Zoodles for the linguine?

  5. I followed your link, and my new Paderno vegetable slicing tool has just been delivered!

    What is a good “beginners” meal that I can make to impress my family? In my fridge I have zucchini, carrots, and celery, with onions and garlic in the pantry.

  6. Is the spiralizer able to be sent to Australia?

  7. I love linguine and clams. Any suggestions?

  8. Just found you. I sure wish I had done so before using my Spiralizer for the first time and immediately slicing my thumb open to the point of needing five stitches. :(

    All is well now and I’m back at it! I look forward to trying some of your recipes here.

  9. Got a version of cold sesame noodles?

  10. Just found your blog. I bought my spiralizer a few months ago and have not used it much. I love kitchen gadgets and can’t wait to try many of these great looking recipes.

  11. I love this site and the recipes.

  12. I tried the butternut/ lentil dish last night. I didn’t have the instructions in front of me so I used blade a instead of blade c. So I had to chop the pieces up a bit before putting them in the food processor. It wasn’t quite as pretty as in your blog picture, but was delicious. I paired it with ground chicken and both my husband and mother said it was really good.

  13. Lenora Johnson :

    Could you add a “raw” category? I know I’ve seen them on your site. I’m trying to eat better and want to substitute a few raw meals/week and would love to use the spiralizer.

  14. Last night I ordered my 5th spiralizer! I LOVE mine and I keep buying them as gifts – and then send my friends all the recipes I have scanned into my computer. My husband even tells other about how painless eating vegetables is now!!! Haven’t tried any of your recipes that we didn’t like. What fun – after cooking for the same man 48 years – and we eat at home most nights. Thank you, thank you.

  15. On the new site I just went to load sweet potato recipes and some of them overlap, cut each other off, on the second page there’s a how to spiralize beets video that overwrites the recipe above it. Don’t know if it’s just my monitor or not. I reset the page and made sure I cleaned out my cache and it loaded the new pages. Just a FYI. I’m here almost everyday looking for new recipes!

  16. Yes send it all. Thanks

  17. I am so happy to have found your site. I just purchased a Spiralizer and I took it out of the box and got the courage to use it this weekend. It is a life saver for me because I don’t eat starchy foods, due to an auto-immune condition that I have that is flared by starch. I am in heaven now with so many ways to make pasta with veggies! I am looking forward to your cookbook. Thank you so much for this site!!

  18. I was on your Pinterest and was shocked at how many Whole30 recipes you have! I’m not on the whole30 anymore but it might be smart to link ‘em up here under diet since I know so many people are into it. Thanks for being so organized BTW — definitely inspiring me to up my Pinterest & blog game!

  19. Just made our first Spiralizer meal: the Zucchini Spaghetti, Crispy Prosciutto and Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Parmesan Sauce. It was absolutely delicious!!! Looking forward to trying many more of your recipes!!! Many thanks from Michigan :)

  20. Your recipes look great, and the few I’ve received by email were! But the ingredients and instructions don’t show up on my Mac. Any ideas?

  21. Love the carrot noodle soup. Good when you are feeling under the weather and even better when you are feeling good.

  22. I really admire you for your creativity with veggie noodle recipes. I’ve tried several recipes and I lover them all!
    I have never thought that I could replace pasta for those noodles and feel satisfied and full.
    Thank you soooo much!!

  23. eggplant….

  24. Eggplants are a tricky one, check out this post:

  25. This is a terrific site which I am using almost daily. Since getting my spiralizer last month, I have tried four of your recipes and they have been smashing successes. I definitely plan to preorder your cookbook!!

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