Zucchinis Spotted on Vacation

I’m about to leave Florida, saying goodbye to rum drinks, fresh local fish, the beach and palm trees. On our way to the airport, we stopped at Carmine’s, my parents favorite local gourmet Italian-flared market… and I’m glad I stopped in. Even though our bellies were full from lunch at Sailfish Marina – after lump crab nachos, fish tacos and grilled dolphin salads, we couldn’t resist a little “sight seeing” at Carmine’s.

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The veggies, the meats, the herbs, the olives, the wines, the desserts… everything catches your eye. I love going on vacation and eating the local delicacies and specials- on this trip, it was all about mahi mahi (dolphin). It’s probably my favorite fish and you can bet your bottom dollar that this week, I’ll be dreaming up some island/beach-themed dishes with zucchini pasta.

While at Carmine’s, we spotted three different sizes of zucchinis – baby zucchinis, some medium sized zucchinis and then extra large zucchinis. When spiralizing, it’s important to take note of the size of the vegetable. The wider the vegetable, the thicker each noodle will be and of course, the more noodles you’ll get. The shorter the vegetable, the thinner the noodles and the less noodles you’ll get. While you read my recipes, I suggest 2 large zucchinis for two people. While talking to my mom this vacation, she admitted that she sometimes makes FOUR zucchinis just for her and my dad.

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The moral of the story here is that cooking is completely subjective and based upon taste- that’s what makes it so much fun! If you read a recipe and it calls for a pinch of salt but you like saltier foods, add in another pinch. Pesto isn’t flavorful enough? Add in more parmesan and basil. Simply, eating is subjective – we all have different taste buds and we all prefer different sized portions. For me, three-quarters of a large zucchini – or OK, one whole large zucchini is more than enough. So please, have fun with my recipes – and all cooking, for that matter. Plus, when it comes to zucchini pasta – the more the merrier… we’re eating vegetables, remember?!

If you’re like me and really indulged this July 4th week/weekend, get ready for my Skinny Sunday post tomorrow for a dish that’s light on your hips!


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