A Day In The Life, Sort Of

A look into my every day as an entrepreneur, blogger, mother, and woman who tries to balance it all! From 7am to 10:45pm, see what I do all day! 

A Day In The Life

I remember before becoming an entrepreneur and at first, primarily a blogger, I asked myself, “What the heck do bloggers do all day?” It seemed like all they did was hang out at coffee shops, go to spas and events, and do photoshoots. And then write about all of that on a blog. And while yes, that is true, they do do those things, there is so so so much on the ‘backend’ of things that we don’t share with you, as bloggers, that takes up the majority of our day.

I’d say the “fun stuff” (events, photoshoots, cooking, etc) is about 30-40% of the job and the other 60-70% is the ‘backend’ or the planning, the logistics, the administrative parts of being a blogger. And that’s the part that people don’t see, so when they judge “bloggers”, that’s what they’re judging – just the glimpses of the “fun stuff” they see on Instagram stories, because, after all, if we shared videos of us typing at our desks, building collaboration proposals, and doing our taxes as business owners, you wouldn’t follow us, now would you? Nothing exciting about that!

Less than two years into becoming a food blogger, I hired my first employee, released my first cookbook, Inspiralized, and launched my very own product, the Inspiralizer. Shortly thereafter, I launched my mobile recipe app. Then, another couple of years go by and I published TWO more cookbooks (Inspiralize Everything and Inspiralized and Beyond), went on HSN to sell the Inspiralizer on live national television multiple times, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Luca. Shortly thereafter, I launched Inspiralized Kids and then a small eCookbook for family friendly food called Inspiralized Littles. And I’m not stopping! I feel like I’ve just begun!

Needless to say, a lot goes on behind the scenes. You don’t just come out with a cookbook. You don’t just launch a product overnight. All of these accomplishments take months and months (and even years!) to come to fruition. It’s hard work and even harder because you don’t have a boss telling you what to do and taking on the ultimate responsibility. As an entrepreneur, you eat what you kill and every decision you make affects your personal bottom line. It’s daunting and uncertain, but so exhilarating and rewarding.

I’ve worked for almost 6 years as an entrepreneur and people often times say, “I can’t believe all that you’ve accomplished!” and I always answer that with, “Ugh, I feel like I could have done SO much more with my brand in that time, it’s frustrating!” I have the entrepreneur’s disease – you’re never satisfied with your output. You can always be doing more.

Thankfully, after having Luca, a lot was put into perspective. To me, family comes first. I slowed down, BIG time. I put some projects on hold. I said no to most events. I really wanted to achieve the work/life balance. In the end, that’s what makes me a happier person, so even if I had accomplished more, I would never have felt the happiness I do now. I don’t “have it all,” and I’m okay with that. Or maybe people think I do, but everything is relative and everyone’s barometers for success are different.

Anyway, back to the post: a day in the life. We’ll get there soon, I promise.

A day in the life

You can do it too

Luckily, as an influencer/blogger (because, that’s the type of entrepreneur I am, since I started off and still continue to operate personally in the social media world), everything we do is CONTENT. And as the great Gary Vaynerchuk always says, “document, don’t create.” By taking your everyday life and sharing it with the world, you’re documenting and that documentation is content. I mean, think about it – people literally film themselves putting their makeup on in the morning and it gets millions of views.

So when I get judged for something I do or receive a nasty comment, like, “Must be nice to workout whenever you like!”, I roll my eyes and get on with my day because, yes, I go to the gym when I find convenient, because I worked my butt off to get to a place where I can choose when I want to work out in my day. And guess what? It’s content! So, regardless of when I go, I know that it’s for the better “good” of my brand – I’m sharing part of my healthy day and inspiring people to get to the gym, whenever they can squeeze it into their day. Frankly, I work out on days I don’t even want to work out on, because I want to inspire YOU (and, in return, you’re inspiring ME!)

And remember – if you’ve ever judged a blogger or influencer for having these “freedoms” – you can do it too, if you want. If you want to quit your job, start from scratch, and have no steady, consistent income ever again for the rest of your life, you can do it too! Go ahead, take the leap. Quit today and start your brand tomorrow, like I did.

But also remember: no boss will be there to cut you a paycheck each week, take on your responsibilities when you’re sick, cover your expenses if you get injured on the job, there will be no IT department to come troubleshoot any computer issues (you’ll spend a day at the Apple store instead), no sales team to get you those client accounts that you work on, no one to hire a PR company so you don’t have to do your own press, no partially or fully paid for health insurance (you’ll have to figure that all out on your own!), no HR department or person that manages payroll and taxes, no accountant or department that takes care of all business operating logistics so you don’t have to, no one making sure the company website is up and running, no one to pay you while you’re on vacation, manage your team or hire the appropriate staff, or pat you on the head when you perform well and give you a raise. But hey, you’ll get to work out when you want! And no commute, yay!

Yes, I’ve chosen to share my entire life with the world and everything I do is content. Going to the gym or the grocery store is a piece of content, and for the more lifestyle-y bloggers, testing out a new spa or workout class is a piece of content. It may seem to you, that they’re just “having fun” all day, but these are things that they share, because at the end of the day, their job is to go do the things you can’t do during the day because you’re at a desk job, so that you can decide if you want to do them when you have the time. Without the bloggers, you wouldn’t hear about so many of the great brands you love, or get a behind-the-scenes advance sneak peek at product launches, fitness studio launches, and hotels you may have wishlist-ed for an upcoming trip.

You can’t compare me to someone who works 9 to 5 in an office and works a typical life in “corporate America.” It’s apples and oranges. And vice versa, you can’t compare a 9 to 5er to an entrepreneur/blogger. I know this, because, keep in mind, I worked in corporate America since I was a sophomore in high school. So, from 2002 to 2013 (11 years!), I worked the “traditional” route. I started off hostessing at a Japanese restaurant in high school, worked every single summer in between college years (including interning at a PR company and Random House,) and then I graduated and started working weeks later for the Trump Organization (as corporate as you get!) and then worked very corporately in the airline industry before quitting and starting Inspiralized. I put in enough time to realize that that life wasn’t for me, and thankfully, I had a business idea that could get me out of it. I’ve always been a hard worker, I get it from my entrepreneur father and my grandfathers on both sides (they all started their own companies – and so did Lu, my husband!) It’s in my blood!

Both have their pluses and minuses (entrepreneurship and corporate America employment.) I’m not saying one is harder than the other, because again, it’s apples and oranges, you can’t compare. There are so many people out there who hate on bloggers (and I used to also question what the heck they did all day long), so I’m doing my part to explain more of it to you.

Long story short, don’t judge a blogger or Instagrammer off the 3-5 minutes total a day of their life that they CHOOSE to show you (the famed highlight reel.) There’s a lot that happens in the other 1,400+ minutes of that day. And now, let’s see what that looks like…

A day in the life

A Day In The Life

Whenever Lu and I talk during the day, it’s for a couple minutes, and he always says, “Oh you know, just putting out fires all day.” And he nails it. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about – dealing with what is thrown at you. Every day is absolutely different and while I try to organize my weeks so some days I’m doing certain things, it never works out perfectly, because something always comes up.

Keep in mind, I have cookbooks and my own product, so things pop up all the time with that. Perhaps it’s an issue at our factory I have to troubleshoot, a very angry customer that I have to step in with, or maybe a potential customer that needs a sample overnighted right away. Maybe a press lead needs something immediately and I have to drop everything to meet the deadline. Who the heck knows!

Also, while I can outline “a day in the life,” every day is different, because I’m always working on different projects. For example, if you ask me what a day in the life looks like while I’m writing a cookbook, it’s VASTLY different than when I’m not. Last week, I took an hour to record a podcast episode. Or, for instance, right now, I’m working on a new website (yay!!), and that takes up so much time. I’m also working on an exciting proposal for a partnership that has taken months, which I work on every day a little bit (but can’t really talk about yet!)

So, here’s a day in the life, on, say, a cooking day, when Carly’s in the ‘office’ (aka my apartment) and we’re making recipes for the blog.

A note on the nanny: Our nanny is wonderful and unless Luca’s eating or sleeping, she’s not in the apartment! She’s out with him at parks, at classes, at playdates, and in our building’s common floor, where a lot of the nannies and moms bring the kids to hang out together (there’s a play room and just a lot of open space to bring toys and run around.)

It’s impossible to cook for the blog with Luca around – he just cries for me to pick him up and it’s impossible to take photos, because he just tries to grab all the food on my photo table, rip off the napkins, etc. I could never do what I do without a nanny! Just like a person who works in corporate America could never do it without childcare. Especially with food photography, you have to capture everything with natural lighting, so working at night isn’t an option!

7:00am: Wakeup and bring Luca into our bed (he’s usually awake between 6:30-7am but just hangs out in his crib with his teddy and Elmo until we go in and get him!)

7:15-7:45am: While Lu changes Luca and brushes Luca’s teeth, I get Luca’s breakfast ready, clean up the kitchen and living room if it needs it, get dressed and brush my teeth, make coffee for Lu. Lu usually starts getting himself ready around 7:30am, so at some point, Luca is with me for part of this morning routine.

7:45-8am: I sit down with Luca while he has breakfast. I’ll have a tea (or lately, I’ve been having a little half cup of coffee!) and a PerfectBar or some other protein bar to fuel me for my workout.

8am: The nanny comes and takes over while Luca finishes his breakfast!

8:15-9:00am: Most weekdays, this is the time I fit in a workout. I’ll do a 45 minute workout at the gym (uphill treadmill + strength training, see my current workout routine here) or a 30-45 minute ride on the Peloton bike in my bedroom. When I don’t workout, I don’t have as much focus as energy that day, so I try to fit it in – sometimes it’s only a 20 minute Peloton ride, but anything is something!

9/9:30am: Depending on if I shower right away, I’m usually at my desk between 9 and 9:30am.

9:30-10am: Checking e-mails, looking at my to-do list, checking customer service issues on the Inspiralizer and sales figures, and responding to social media messages on Instagram (all the accounts!) and our Facebook groups. Carly helps with our Inspiralized Community, but I like to keep engaged as well, so I know what you all are buzzing about. I also love checking in with our Inspiralized Mamas group, it’s my favorite part of Inspiralized right now!

10:00am: Carly arrives! At this time, I usually make a quick breakfast (a smoothie, a Greek yogurt bowl, oatmeal, etc.) and I’ll prep Luca’s snack if he’s still home, but sometimes, I’ll just tell the nanny what the snack is (like a clementine and crackers) and she’ll handle it.

10-11am: While Carly tackles her morning to-dos, I finish up on those e-mails, messages, etc. I also get the recipes written and together for whatever we’re cooking on that day. Yesterday, while I was writing this post, I also spent 45 minutes troubleshooting with our developer on why our website wasn’t working. Ugh.

11am-12pm: We cook our first recipe of the day, which includes a full Instagram story (we record the whole process!) After we’re done making and recording, I take photographs of it on my photo board (in my living room) with my DSLR. Carly helps, especially now that I’m getting a little more pregnant, it’s so nice to have her helping. It’s hard squatting and crouching down when you have a bowling ball on your waist!

12-12:15pm: I try to use whatever we just cooked for the blog recipe for Luca’s lunch and then I prepare some sides. As I’m writing this post, he’s getting a Potato-Leek Frittata and then I’ll also give him buttered toast and some cheese. To see most of his meals, check out @inspiralizedkids.

12:15-12:30pm: While Luca eats, we get out of the kitchen area, otherwise he’s too distracted, and we have our lunch. Carly usually takes this time to go grab lunch – she’ll walk to a nearby place like CAVA. I’ll either eat the blog recipe or I’ll make a quick sandwich, or I’ll have Carly pick me up something.

12:30-1pm: We both eat lunch, chat through some things, I’ll check DMs on Instagram from our IG story cooking and respond to as many as I can, check my e-mails, etc.

1-3:30/4pm: Carly and I power through 2-3 more recipes, depending on the day. At around 2:30pm, Luca wakes up and usually has a snack around 3pm and watches us in the kitchen. Since it’s just a small snack, he’s usually okay just hanging with us in the kitchen (and the nanny is there too) – he LOVES watching me spiralize, so I always try to spiralize something while he’s in his high chair. We finish up our recipes and clean up the kitchen.

4-5pm: During this time, Carly and I talk about ongoing projects, social media strategy, our editorial calendar for all 3 verticals (Inspiralized Ali, Inspiralized Kids and of course, Inspiralized) any exciting announcements we want to promote, and do a lot of brainstorming for brand partnerships. We work on marketing tactics for the Inspiralizer, troubleshoot blog issues, and just talk about anything that comes up with the brand. There’s always something!

5-5:15pm: Carly leaves and I tie up any loose ends as quickly as I can.

5:15pm: I start preparing Luca’s dinner! Dinner is his lightest meal of the day, so I try not to put too much effort into it and try to use up leftovers or use up what I have in the freezer. All his meals are planned for the week, so I just check my meal plan (I keep it in a note on Evernote.)

5:30pm: The nanny usually gets back around 5:25-5:30pm and then it’s just me and Luca!

5:30-5:45pm: While I’m finishing up cooking dinner, I call Lu and my parents on our Facebook portal to video chat. I’m usually holding Luca while I’m putting the final touches on dinner.

5:45-6pm: Luca eats dinner and we sit down together. I usually try to have a mini portion of what he’s having, so we’re eating together.

6-6:45pm: During this time, I play with Luca. This is my uninterrupted time with Luca, and I love it. We hang out in the living room and just play together. We read books, play with his toys, build blocks, play in his kitchen (he loves play eating right now!)

6:45pm: Lu comes home most nights at this time, but many nights, he has client dinners and happy hours and doesn’t get home until late (he’s in sales, after all!) When he does make it home (he hates missing Luca!), he does the night time routine. He usually plays with Luca for 5-10 minutes and then starts the nighttime routine- he brushes Luca’s teeth and gives him a bath. During that time, I get his crib and books ready, fill up the humidifier, and start dinner, if I have time. I usually step in after the bath and put Luca’s pajamas on – I moisturize him, put his diaper on, put his jammies on, and brush his hair. Then, Lu takes him and does the “goodnights”, where he walks from the front of our apartment turning off all the lights and saying goodnight to everything (goodnight office, goodnight hallway, goodnight bathroom, goodnight kitchen table, goodnight kitchen, etc). Depending on if dinner is already cooked or not or depending on what Lu has to do, one of us will read Luca books and then put him down in the crib for sleep.

7:15pm: Whether I put Luca down or not, I’m cooking dinner (Luca goes in the crib at 7:15pm for the night!)

7:30/7:45pm: Dinner time! Lu and I try to eat at our dining table instead of on the couch and talk about our days. We don’t talk during the day (especially now, he’s extra stressed at work), so we try to spend a good amount of time catching up.

8/8:30pm: During this time, and while I have the energy, I try to tidy up the kitchen and areas so that in the morning, I don’t have to do it. It doesn’t always happen, but I try to!

8:30-9:30pm: I usually do at least 1 hour of work. I try to keep it to an hour, for the sake of my marriage, haha. I’ll spend this on anything that I didn’t have time to get to that’s time sensitive – writing the next day’s blog post if it’s not already written, e-mails, social media messages, projects that need finishing, etc. It’s definitely hard to turn it off when you’re an entrepreneur and especially one that works so much in social media.

9:30-10:30pm: We watch TV, a movie, just snuggle and spend time not on our phones. Last night, we watched Free Solo (it won Best Documentary at the Oscars). We usually fall asleep during this time too, haha. #parenthood

10:45pm: Wash up for bed and lights out! We both are the types of people that hit the pillow and pass out immediately. We always say I love you, goodnight, and end with a kiss!

So that’s what a day in the life looks like! Just like someone in corporate America, everyday looks different, but this is what a ‘typical’ Inspiralized cooking day looks like. Any questions?

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Debbie says:
Phew, what a day! Question: Where/how do you get the inspiration or ideas for your recipes? Do you think them up on your own entirely? Do you test before you instagram them? I’m always amazed at all your new ideas.
Megan says:
This post comes off as very defensive of your life/career choices. While I'm sure there are plenty of people who judge you for the luxuries your job affords you, there's also plenty more who applaud you for your hard work and dedication. I feel as though your anger is misdirected and I'm disappointed as a longtime reader that this is the method in which you've chosen to address your haters. Not only does it come off as unprofessional and rather snarky, but I'm surprised you'd put so much stock in the words of mean girls.
Ky says:
I completely agree with all of this. It was a lot of ‘you’ and ‘yours’ and finger pointing as opposed to just talking about your day and the things you do. As a long time follower and support it’s off putting. Read through the whole article with a bad taste in my mouth feeling like I’m being told off for soemthing I never said / think / do.
VKT says:
totally agreed with this. Also, Ali, please recognize that you have a community of readers who have been following you for years and who also are 'The Boss.' As the head of a start-up, I am accountable for ev.ery.thing, No, I didn't start the company myself but I am the point person and things are dependent on me. Please do not assume that the only jobs that exist are entrepreneurs, like yourself and low level corporate cogs in a machine, like your previous life. The whole "oh you think it's so easy, then you do it" feels defensive and misdirected here. We like to see your content here and learn more about the process, not be lectured on our career choices.
Lindsay M says:
I agree! I was excited to read this post about a day in the life, but then more than half of the post was why we shouldn't judge. Who's judging? I just wanted to read more about what goes into cooking recipes for the blog!
Lindsay M says:
This part came off really badly in my opinion: "And remember – if you’ve ever judged a blogger or influencer for having these “freedoms” – you can do it too, if you want. If you want to quit your job, start from scratch, and have no steady, consistent income ever again for the rest of your life, you can do it too! Go ahead, take the leap. Quit today and start your brand tomorrow, like I did." Quit your brand and start tomorrow? Really? (Sounds like: You think you can do it? Go ahead and try. I'll wait.)
Ali Maffucci says:
Sorry you feel this way, was not my intention! I more wanted to say - you can do it too, anyone can. Taking the leap is scary, but it's doable if you have the passion. Trying to encourage other people to take control of their destiny, if they're unhappy. Sorry you took it the other way. It's hard through the written word!
Tara says:
I love what you said about how anyone can quit their job and try out blogging. I am a teacher and it drives me NUTS when people say things like “it must be nice to only work 10 months a year” without realizing how much WORK goes into those ten months and how much I do outside of the school day. I always have the same response as you- then become a teacher! People always think the grass is greener-keep doing you!
Dee says:
Is Carly a paid employee?
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, she's a full time employee!
Astrid says:
So your nanny has to be out all day so you can work? What about Luca's nap times etc, he naps in the pram maybe? It seems really hard on your nanny not to have a home base during the day or even to be able to use a private toilet or kitchen while looking after your son but I guess if she is happy with those conditions then OK, but it seems an incredibly harsh condition of employment and I am surprised you allow/request this of someone who is the most important staff member of all, caring for your son?
Trisha says:
She did mention that they are out of the apartment, except for when Lucca is sleeping or eating. I am sure her nanny enjoys being out and about, bringing Lucca around to play and interact with other kids - I know that is my favorite thing to do with my daughters. It is so enjoyable to watch them have fun and is so important for their development to have those interactions when they do not go to daycare (my mom watches my girls while I work, and she tries to get them out as much as possible to play groups, children's museums, parks, etc.
Sally says:
Ali did mention that you are right and I agree kids need other kids and interaction and it takes a village but as an employee/nanny/child educator caring for a child I would like the option of quiet days for the child at home for one on one attention which is not an option here it seems. Long time supporter, have purchased at least 15 spiralizers as gifts, bought the books and have the app but this post was snarky and addressed all followers as if we are either stupid or don’t understand the behind the scenes work. Really disappointed with this.
Ali Maffucci says:
Nope! She does what she wants. There are certain classes in the area and she chooses which ones to take him to when she wants. Luca doesn't have a set schedule except for his meal times/afternoon nap! Otherwise, she builds his days. Sometimes she's at home with him more than other days... but, I don't monitor her, she does what she feels is best for the baby (and I'm guessing she prefers to go to classes, otherwise she'd be bored in our apartment!)
Lori Hurley says:
You are doing a great job - Luca is adorable and it’s obvious from posts/pictures he is enormously loved and happy. Very inspirational Ali x
Trisha says:
You are doing a great job, I love following all of your accounts, buying your cookbooks and testing out your recipes for my little family. Supporting strong females and lifting them up is important to me, especially as a mom of two little girls.
Melanie says:
I’m a casual reader, just here for an occasional recipe. I’m not really sure what the point of this post was. The tone was quite nasty. Why so defensive? You’re absolutely correct that everyone has a choice regarding the path the take in their professional life but you can’t just flippantly say, ‘quit your day job and become an entrepreneur’! Also, you never mentioned your financial situation when you made the decision to quit the corporate world and make your dream come true. You must have had an appropriate financial cushion in order to do this. That’s very fortunate and I would never begrudge anyone who is in that position, but please know that not everyone has that same opportunity. I’m glad I supported your small business by purchasing your product, and will continue to check in for recipes, but I don’t need you talking down to me about life choices. Remember your audience when you click ‘publish’ Have a blessed day.
Ali Maffucci says:
Sorry you got that tone from this! Wasn't my intention at all. And I've been transparent about my financial situation in other posts like this one - I had $3,000 in savings!
Ali G says:
I'm glad it's not just me that thought the tone was a bit high and mighty. Long time supporter but felt like this post was not fueled by the same good-natured spirit that I've come to expect from this blog.
michelleology says:
No wonder Ali is "coming off as defensive", based on some of these comments. I guess you can't please everyone.
Michele Pryse says:
Dear Ali, who are you addressing? There are a lot of everyday people like me on your "team." I have personally purchased all 3 of your cookbooks, the Inspiralized app, and 5 Inspiralizers, and regularly post in the Inspiralized Facebook group. I have taught classes on spiralizing and promoted your products to hundreds of people, resulting in the sales of MANY more of your products. I am choosing not to take this post personally because otherwise, it would be a slap in the face. I feel like you owe your customers, fans, and followers a sincere apology.
Kathy says:
As a previous retail business owner, I think this post just about nailed it! Working as an entrepreneur is hard work - Period!!! There is a very true saying - "never judge another until you've walked in their shoes". Kudo's for all you've accomplished Ali.
Ali Maffucci says:
Amen! Like that saying!
Barnes Natalie says:
I agree with others that you were unnecessarily defensive. Haters are gonna hate. You have so many longtime loyal followers who love you and your products, efforts, LIKE ME, you shouldn’t need to write posts with this tone. A writer can explain their choices without getting defensive. Thank you for sharing the details of your life. I hope those of us who love you convince you to continue to do this in the future more objectively. With Love and Respect, Natalie
Ali Maffucci says:
You're damned if you do and damned if you don't! I write these posts to stand up for myself. If I don't, I receive nasty comments. If I do address the hate, I receive comments that people are put off. You can't win them all, but I did my best to explain a day in the life and what goes on behind the scenes! Sorry if you were personally offended, never my intention. :*
Paola Luevano says:
Hi Ali! Don't forget that the majority of us DO support you and do NOT judge you for your career choices. I am guessing you have recently received a lot of judgement but please know that we understand/love your content. <3 I currently work full time as a paralegal (so more than the typical 9-5 unfortunately), am going back to school to become a dietitian and am hoping to start my blog! I am mentally exhausted when I head to school straight from work from dealing with very sensitive/shocking/traumatic cases but I still have to be alert and learn in all of my science classes/labs. I also have to make time to cook/meal prep for my husband and I + find time to work out. All this to say that we should all support each other as women and remember that what we do is ENOUGH. Looking forward to more great content on your blog! <3
Brenda says:
I love to read your posts, and especially enjoyed this one. You are a hard worker, and have reaped some good rewards for that hard work. As well you are a good mother and wife, while doing so much. I disagree with the naysayers about this post. No one deserves the negativity that successful people seem to get on the blog, and I think you are right to point that out. I continue to wish you well.
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much Brenda, this note means a lot to me!
Bethany says:
This is a weird post because you are part yelling at your readers and part defending yourself and then randomly documenting your super busy and interesting day. I'm also curious as to if you had ANY financial support from your family when you started your business? I find that sometimes very successful influencers love to say that they built themselves from the ground-up but are either A) married to someone very well-off (think Rachel Hollis) or B) have support from their family. Something tells me you weren't exactly in danger of living on the streets with no steady income when you started your business, but maybe I'm wrong.
AL says:
I was a bit shocked to get to these comments at the bottom, I didn't find her post rude or too defensive. So I thought maybe I missed something? I read it again. Nope, still don't get why people are so mad. She pointed out an example of someone being a jerk “Must be nice to workout whenever you like!” and explained her side of it. That is part of being a blogger and this was a post about her daily life. I get that not everyone can afford to quit their job and start a blog (I would if I could but I am just starting out), but her point was that ANYONE can do it. Sure you may have to plan a bit and work a regular job to pay the bills. Oh well, I guess we all see things differently but I don't think she meant to upset anyone or come across as rude.
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much! It wasn't my intention at all, and I was shocked as well to find people were put off by it. Thank you!
Rachel says:
Ali I’ve also been a long time reader. I genuinely do appreciate your content both lifestyle and recipe wise. But so many times you become so defensive - it comes across as insecure and is very off putting to me. One of other favorite bloggers routinely details the tasks of her day but also fully acknowledges the “perks” that come with blogging and notes how lucky she and her family are to have those luxuries. It humanizes her and makes me even more excited to follow. Not that it doesn’t take TONS of hard work to be a blogger/euntrapreneur but in my opinion it’s ok to awknowledge and feel lucky to have the lifestyle you worked so hard for. Also I’m sure it just comes across this was in the article but please realize not everyone hates their “typical” jobs. I personally worked so hard to get to where I am today wouldn’t leave it for the world. I follow bc I generally like your content, not because I’m jealous of you or judging your lifestyle.
Anonymous says:
Regular reader since 2014; I have your product and all three cookbooks; I’ve made 200+ of your recipes. I come for the content, and lately the recipes have been spot on!! I’ve really enjoyed seeing more types of foods and easy recipes lately—like the overnight oats and dessert bars, and the broccoli pizza this week. Those are definitely things I will make! I was excited to learn more about the day-to-day and the behind-the-scenes stuff. For example: how many times you test a recipe, how much of your time is devoted to sales vs. blogging and split between your brands, how you come up with new ideas, etc. Instead, I feel like I got a defense of how you choose to spend your time in a way that puts down anyone who makes different choices or has different priorities. I come to your blog for great recipes, not to be told that you work harder than I do and if I work harder I can maybe be like you one day. The post came off like you’re trying to have a contest with your readers, and I want no part in that. (As an aside: I didn’t think the comment you took offense to (about working out whenever you like) was meant to put you down. I’m a lawyer who works on billion dollar issues, and I too have some flexibility in my schedule as long as the work gets done. Friends tell me they’re jealous if that freedom. I take the comments at face value, not as malicious, backhanded jabs!! It might be helpful for you to stop to consider whether all the criticisms you perceive are actually meant to put you down or if they could be be compliments or honest questions!) Keep the good recipes coming!!
Carly says:
You are very defensive of your lifestyle, makes me think you need to make some changes.
Debbie says:
Ali, just keep on truckin’ - you are doing a great job. I enjoy and appreciate all you do. Luca is so adorable! ?
Jenny J says:
Hmmm, the overall tone with your post is all over the place Ali! I thought is was “a day in the life” and instead it was a lecture to us followers to inform us that we are jealous or judge you? I run my own successful business with 3 young kids and I do not have the time to be judging anyone, I know it’s hard! I have followed you for years, have all your books plus 2 inspiralizers but this reads like you are addressing trolls or those who are nasty to you, and I get this hurts and online bullying is not ok but save that for a separate post and you will have so much support! You have alienated long term followers with this and I have read all of the comments above and I echo every single one of them and please, take note that not one of them was nasty, rather they were constructive (and frankly bewildered) and I implore you to take this on board.
Lara says:
"You're not a $100 dollar bill; not everyone's gonna like you" -Plato, probably. Keep doing what you're doing, Ali!

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some days I wonder if our kids would thrive better in the burbs, with a real yard and a house. and some days, like today, I know we’re in the right place right now 💓 we had the best morning at the park, full with lots of jungle gym-ing, splash pad-ing, riding on a carousel 🎠, and lunching at one of our favorite spots. happy weekend, everyone! 👏🏼 #jerseycity #25weekspregnant ...

my cheeks are seriously sore from laughing after my @capitalonecafe livestream event with @jonathandbennett and @candaceparker 🤪 also, I did my own hair and makeup for the event, and I’m pretty proud of myself 💁🏻‍♀️ more to come, and thanks to everyone who tuned in 😘 now who’s watching the new season of @workinmomsnetflix that just dropped?! 👇🏼 ...