Customer Service

We want your Inspiralized experience to be flawless. We’re here to help:

General Questions/Support

If you have a general question about how to use The Inspiralizer or need support with incorporating this new healthy gadget into your kitchen, contact [email protected].

Return Policy

You may return your Inspiralizer within 30 days of receipt of your item. If you are not satisfied with The Inspiralizer, please contact [email protected]. Returns for defective products will be fully refunded. If you are returning the Inspiralizer for general dissatisfaction and there isn’t a defect, returns are at your expense and once they are received, you will be refunded less shipping. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience you’ve experienced .

Order Inquiries

If you had difficulty placing an order or placed an order and would like to request shipment tracking information, please contact [email protected].

Website Issues/Bugs

Help us be better! If you have any suggestions for the website or ideas for improving your Customer Service experience, let us know at [email protected].

If all else fails

Ali, the founder and Meaghan, the Brand & Community Manager are always available. Ali’s at [email protected] and Meaghan’s at [email protected].


Thank you for your patience, support, loyalty and commitment to a healthier lifestyle!

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