Happy 4th of July!



Hopefully, instead of reading this blog, most of you will be laying by pools and beaches, grilling outside and spending time with family and friends, celebrating the July 4th holiday.

Thus, instead of sharing a recipe this weekend, I wanted to just say hi, share some photos from our wedding and thank you all for all of your congratulatory and kind words – we read every single e-mail, comment and message together, and it truly made this whole experience even more enjoyable (and we didn’t think that was possible!)

After 10 days in Riviera Maya on our honeymoon, I’m pretty “sunned” out, so we’ll be spending it opening our wedding cards, writing thank you notes, reading our guest book notes, organizing our apartment and simply letting the dust settle, after an absolutely incredible and unforgettable wedding and honeymoon.

Words can’t describe how truly amazing our special day was. Simply, it really was the “best day ever.” The best day of our lives. Every minute was overflowing with love, happiness, and fun.

I’m definitely going to be sharing the professional photos and recapping some of our special moments later on, but for now, here are some of our favorites from friends’ phones and our Instagram hashtag, #aliandlu.

Obviously, I can’t wait for the original version of this shot, caught by Nadya Furnari (our photographer) as I came down with my father (who was weeping, of course.)

While our photographer was taking pictures of us, my husband (!!) snapped this one with his iPhone (how gorgeous is this dress?!)


And then there’s this magical one, captured by my friend Courtney of our first dance:

A photo posted by Courtney Dean (@courtneydean) on


I’ll end with this, the compilation of everyone’s videos from The Slow Motion Photo Booth that we had during our reception – which is totally hilarious and worth every penny. I recommend it to everyone, our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without it and I’m so grateful to have these memories on film!

There were just so many funny moments!

Like when my sister played the air guitar as we kissed:


And when I showed off my biceps with my parents:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.48.11 AM

And just because my little sister is so dang cute:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.06.44 PM

And finally, because I get to kiss this man every day – forever:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.08.42 PM

I’ll see you Monday for some spiralized deliciousness! In the meantime, enjoy yourself. Spend your time being thankful for those around you and take a moment to take it all in. Most importantly, get excited for the summer – it’s going to be epic! 2015 is the year.

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Marilyn C Fabbro says:
Congratulations! GREAT DRESS!!!
betty says:
beautiful! thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to make inspiralized a huge part of my recipe collection.
Natalie says:
Ali...!!!!! That video might be the best thing I've ever seen. All. The. Feels. Congrats lady!!!
Lovely wedding! Congrats to you both!! Mom and Dad look wonderful! Your husband and yourself look like fantastic people...good luck to you both...stay happy, healthy and safe...BIG HUGZ from Englewood, Ohio!
Teresa says:
Wow. I don't even know you and got emotional looking at your pics and video. Nothing better than love and being loved. Best wishes and lifetime love!
Susan says:
Congratulations to you and your new Husband! Everything about the wedding looks like it was perfect for you and your guests - you look beautiful (and your dress is fantastic!), the reception looks lovely, and everyone seems to be having such a fun time. Did you serve spiralized food at the reception?!? Anyways - congrats!
Laura says:
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Kimberly says:
Congratulations. I hope you have many many happy years. Thanks for sharing some pics with us.
Rita says:
Ali, I've been following you since you first created Inspiralized. I feel as if I know you personally as I've watched you go through this wonderful journey. Congratulations to both of you. Being married for almost 30 years, I can tell you spending your life with the one you love only gets better with time!
Gloria says:
Beautiful couple, gorgeous dress. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Linda Koenig says:
Beautiful Bride thanks for all the pictures it's just like being with you
Jill says:
Just want to wish you so much happiness. Thanks for sharing some wedding photos — you looked so beautiful in your gorgeous dress — and your husband is very cute, too!
Becky says:
THIS POST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats once again, Mr. & Mrs. Cerda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth King says:
Hi Ali, You looked amazing in your beautiful dress & the reception looked like everyone was having a fabulous, fun time. Wishing you many years of health & happiness!
Jill says:
Ahh, the dress is beautiful and YOU are gorgeous! So is your mom! You have a handsome family! Congratulations and wishing you every happiness on your new life together with your husband. I've been with my partner for over 30 years and, though we've had some ups and downs--that's part of life--we've been very lucky and I can't imagine myself with anyone else. May your journey together be full of joy, trust, and lots of love.
Beth B says:
Congratulations, Ali! I haven't even looked at the video yet but will in a second. I have to tell you how beautiful you looked and how gorgeous your dress is! It's refreshing to see something other than a strapless dress and, from the neckline down to the end of the train, your gown is perfection (not to mention your figure in it)! Now, I'll go back and look at your video. xoxo
Cathy says:
Congratulations...best wishes to you both!!!
Carol says:
That video is so awesome!!!
Kristen says:
Welcome home, enjoy the weekend, looking forward to more excitement from the kitchen, and thanks for sharing. I Speak For many, We Felt INCLUDED In The planning, the big day, the wonderful trip and now, real life. We're going on 34 yrs here, E ticket ride for sure, but worth it. Hugs from sunny, dry So Cal near Malibu.
Mary Beth says:
You're so sweet to share your special day with your Inspiralized fans! I know you and Lu are going to have a perfect life together! Enjoy your weekend of decompressing...
Rene` says:
APACHE WEDDING PRAYER ~ Now you will feel no rain, For each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, For each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness, For each of you will be companion to the other. Now you are two bodies, But there is only one life before you. Go now to your dwelling place To enter into the days of your togetherness And may your days be good and long upon the earth.
annie says:
Thank you for sharing your pictures! I am a sucker for weddings. You make a beautiful couple, and I can't get over how gorgeous that dress is. I haven't seen anything like it. Very classy! Many years of happiness and blessings!
What beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad your big day and honeymooon was so great!
Stephie G. says:
You're so gorgeous, just like I knew you'd be. Congrats on your special day!
Maria says:
First, stunning dress!!! You looked amazing!! Second, that slow motion video is one of the coolest things I've seen. It showed the energy and love and fun of your best day ever. Congratulations to the two of you. Many blessings.
Carmella says:
I can't believe what a great couple you are! It's unheard of to find a blogger that lets her readers/fans into her life the way you have. I have to open up "Inspiralized" when it pops into my inbox immediately. You are a true inspiration. It must feel wonderful to impact and motivate people the way you have. Thanks for everything you do. Please keep doing exactly what you do and don't change a thing about who you are! Lu is one lucky person to have you as a wife/partner in life. I'm sure you are very lucky too. I hope much continued health, happiness and laughter in your lives. Can't wait for more great recipes.
ncguygirl says:
Congratulations, Ali & Lou. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.
E. Marino says:
Congratulations! You looked spectacular in that gorgeous wedding dress! I wish you both a life filled with happiness and joy and little ones to come! Your video was so much fun to watch! I never saw anything like that and it sure looks like everyone had a spectacular time and soooooooooooooo much fun! The music to it made it twice as enjoyable to watch - dancing in my seat just listening to it. Thank you for sharing your special day with all of your "inspiralized" followers.
Susan says:
Great photos! After all your angsting over the fit of the dress, it looks like it came out fitting perfectly. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time at your wedding and on your honeymoon.
Pam says:
Beautiful Bride, beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a wonderful future with many blessings.
Best wishes Ali. You look absolutely lovely in that fantastic dress! :) Elise - www.AmbitiouslyHealthy.com
Nancy says:
Thank you for sharing the love! Was not aware of such a thing as the slo-mo booth. Gotta get one of those for our next event! Warm Wishes for a long, happy life together! Please keep us in it! Nancy
Carly says:
Love it all! The slo-mo booth is great! You look absolutely radiant, as well your husband and the wedding party. It does look like the best day ever. Here's wishing you and Lu a lifetime of best days!
alex says:
Magical thanks for sharing! and dont worry catching up with all your past (wonderful) posts for recepies
Ruth Detroit Area says:
I was hoping there'd be a post from you with pictures when I opened my email this morning! I wasn't disappointed...almost feels like I was there! You looked beautiful and oh-so-happy in every shot. I agree with the above poster who mentioned how nice it was of you to include us in this big event every step of the way... ~ ruth
LOVE this, thanks so much for sharing! you made the most gorgeous stunning bride and your wedding looked like it was so much fun - and full of so much love!! congratulations, wishing you and your hubs an eternity of laughter, good health, happiness, and love!! xx PS: I recently got my Inspiralizer in the mail and it's the best!! My first one, from a company that I will not mention, the plastic actually cracked and broke off, but luckily I was able to return it . Your product is amazing, I love that I can spiralize nearly the entire veggie and the core is thin enough to toss with the spiralized 'noodles', and that don't have to worry about a loose blade floating around the sink and kitchen counter! Thanks for such a quality product.
Bonnie Smith says:
Ali, Congrats! You were a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Lui IS easy on the eyes. All the best to the two of you.
Anonymous says:
Where is your sister's bridesmaid dress from?
Val says:
That video is awesome! Looks like you both got the chance to enjoy your special day! All your hard work paid off…you looked stunning! Congratulations!
Beth.H says:
The slow mo box was a great idea, lots of fun and memories. You are a beautiful bride. Best of luck for many years to come!
Susan says:
Congratulations! to the beautiful couple. Many happy and healthy years of bliss to you both! Your gown looked exquisite and so did you. Looking forward to many wonderful recipes with my Inspiralizer. I am on your blog and site almost every day and am always looking for more Inspiralized inspiration. Best of luck always!
Sandi says:
You make a beautiful bride! Congrats....The 2 of you look like you will last forever.
ml says:
Loved the slow motion booth pictures. What a great idea. Looks like lots of fun friends. And your dress was beautiful!

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