Happy July 4th from Inspiralized

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th!

I’m so grateful to live in the USA and have this amazing chance to make my dreams come true.

As always, thanks for following along in my journey!

This picture was taken a couple winters ago in Mexico, and it’s probably one of my favorite pictures of Lu…. he randomly found a split open coconut and told me we had to pose in the picture with the coconuts, because “we’re in Mexico!” Love him, dearly.

Wherever you may be, enjoy the day- be safe, healthy and happy.


  1. Great picture! Happy 4th to you both! Yes, this is a great country we live in. Thanks for having the courage to quit your job and follow your dream, Ali. I think I speak for everyone that it's made a healthy difference for all of us!
  2. Great picture. You both look happy and healthy. Happy 4th of July to you also. Thank you for your blog.
  3. I wish you and Lu a wonderful July 4. It's a good day to count our blessings - including your blog!
  4. That's the Blue Shrimp Restaurant! Love walking along the beach there! One of favorite places!
  5. Great picture...great recipes...great people. Thanks for sharing all the healthy recipes. I just received my spiralizer from Amazon the other day. Can't wait to try it. Happy 4th & a Happy Life. Cathy B

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