Happy Labor Day!



While summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd (that’s the first day of fall!), Labor Day always signifies the end of summer. Normally, I’d be all “womp, womp.” This year, I’m simply grateful for the summer, as it was unforgettable.

  • This summer, I wrote a cookbook.
  • This summer, I got engaged!
  • This summer, my Grandfather fought cancer and is still healthy.
  • This summer, I spent more time with my friends.
  • This summer, I got to spend more time with Lu’s mom (she visited twice, from Puerto Rico!)
  • This summer, I cooked a rack of lamb, lobster, short ribs and pork butt for the first time, ever.
  • This summer, I ate healthier and worked out harder than I ever have before and felt amazing.
  • This summer, I woke up thankful every day for my health, happiness and success.

Whether you’re having a BBQ at your home or laying at the beach, I wish you fun, relaxation and happiness. Take a moment and think about your summer and what the highlights were. Never harp on the past, always move forward and anticipate the future, while still living in the moment.

I can’t wait to spiralize this fall with you and share what’s to come next with Inspiralized!

Note: The picture above was taken with my Dad, after I got engaged! I figured it was appropriate to include him since he’s the hardest working man I know (a la Labor Day) AND he turned 58 this summer!

How was your summer?

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Sharon Anthony says:
Congratulations! Thank You for sharing your good news. So glad your grandfather did well with cancer treatment. You are a lucky, beautiful girl.
jesusan says:
The world would be a much happier place if we all practiced gratitude. Thank you for the reminder, and I'm glad your grandfather is doing okay now.
Thank you, I appreciate the kind words!
Anonymous says:
So happy for everything going on in your life! I love these recipes! So grateful to know about this website! Here's to even more joy this Fall!
Vivian says:
What a beautiful sentiment you expressed. So glad life this season was a grand adventure for you and all went well. Here's to more in the future!
Libryia says:
You had The Best Summer Ever!! Congrats on your engagement, and thanks for spreading the cheer (and great recipe ideas)! #choosehappy

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