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Inspiralized Canvas Bag

Inspiralized Canvas Bag

After the past two days of technical difficulties with the blog, I thought I was going to lose it! It’s so frustrating to feel helpless. There was absolutely nothing I could do but wait to hear back from my host and my site designer.

But now, that’s all behind us and the site is back up and running! Phew.

To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway for one of these Inspiralized totes (perfect for holding zucchinis!) and offering a 25% discount for those of you who want to go ahead and buy it. Use code “TOTE25” (without quotations).

To purchase for $12.99, click the Buy Now button below and don’t forget to enter the TOTE25 discount code. Only open to US shipping addresses.

Buy Now

There are only 30 totes left, so if you get a “Out of Stock” notice, that’s why! But don’t worry, there will be more coming soon.

Enter the giveaway

Giveaway ends Monday, June 2nd at 11:59pm EST! Available for US shipping addresses only. Good luck!

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Nicole says:
Finger's crossed!! I love tote bags and spiralizing lol
Christina says:
My favorite thing to buy at farmer's markets during the summer is definitely zucchini. I love it all the time, but it's gorgeous during the spring and summer harvest! Also, berries. Mmm. ^_^
maris says:
So happy the site is back up! I love to buy a bunch of different items at farmer's markets that I can't usually get in my supermarket, like rhubarb!
Heather Duggin says:
My favorite thing to buy at farmer’s markets during the summer is tomatoes of all kinds --- just can't get enough!
leah p. says:
My favorite thing to buy at farmer's markets during the summer is definitely berries!
cjsorel says:
eggs and picked up some apples. Asparagus is great already
Anonymous says:
Just started using the spiralizer and this it. Sure hope I win the bag !!
Dotty says:
It may say anonymous, but you can call me Dotty
Sandra says:
I always buy strawberries at farmer's markets.....this summer zucchini will definitely make the list!
My favorite thing to buy at the farmer's market is simple... all the fresh veggies that I can! Most of the farmers at our local market pick early that morning. Only way fresher is if you grow it yourself!
Joan says:
I can't wait for the farmers market to be filled with fresh veggies. I buy baskets of tomatoes to make sauce, fresh spinach, green beans, and peppers. Since spiralizing, I can't wait for all the abundance of zucchini that will be there this summer. Looking forward to all those friends that grow too much zuc's and want to dump them on someone!! Dump on me!!!
Robin sutton says:
Love to buy zucchini,corn,tomatoes!!! Love farmers market!
I love zucchini and tomatoes. Actually I love having access to a variety of fresh fruits and verges.
Daina says:
Good luck to everyone!
Sheri says:
Melons, tomatoes and anything else that looks yummy!!
Donna says:
I recently bought a spiralizer because Ali's recipes sounded SO DELICIOUS!! I also was very interested in fresh new ways to use vegetables, as my family is concentrating on eating healthy and try to mainly use veggies in our meals. The first recipe I made was a zucchini pasta with shrimp. It literally took 15 minutes to make and was AWESOME!!! Next, I made oven baked onion rings...another BIG hit with the family! We look forward to making them as a burger-topper too!! And I have made seasoned sweet potato curly baked fries...YUM!! I love the diversity that spiralizing can add to our family menu, and can't wait to try many, many more recipes! Thanks Ali!!
Jaclyn Bailey says:
My favorite things to buy at farmers markets are herbs! Tons of them! I also love to buy heirloom tomatoes and any other kind of vegetable that I don't normally see in supermarkets :) Then I go home and make something fresh and delicious!!!!!
Lisa Creasey says:
I love the Farmers Market here and buying fresh veggies of All kinds! I also love that I am supporting local! :)
Janet T. says:
I'm wondering if you have the app for smart phones?
Lisa says:
I love to buy fresh veggies and look for new stuff at farmers markets.
Heather says:
We get most of our fruit and veggies from a local, organic CSA, so we often buy some great local, grass-fed bison at our farmer's market, as well as any fruits and veggies that we may not have received in our weekly CSA share but would love to have that week.
fabiola says:
I love buying the fresh, in season fruits!!
Katherine says:
Fingers crossed!!! It will be great for toting zucchini & fresh corn from the markets! 2 of my fave summer things!
Kelly Smith says:
How fun! those bags are ADORABLE!! xo
Ann Wilson says:
I've been on vacation in Hawaii and they have the most amazing mangos, avocados, papayas and pineapples. They are amazing!!! Back in Colorado, not so sure. I haven't been to the farmer's market much since we do our long bike rides every Saturday morning. :-/
Heidi says:
We love to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables of course, but we also enjoy really fresh seafood and excellent baked goods.
Erin R. says:
I love buying raw honey and weirdo veg, like hybrid squashes and things.
robin says:
Found your blot accidentally. So glad I did! Great job!
Carolyn says:
I love to buy strawberries at the farmer's market....and peaches...and apples...
Renee V. says:
YAY that you are back in action safely! Currently I enjoy getting tomatoes at little markets, rather than our large one.
Trish Nordstrom says:
I love all the fresh lettuces. You get such a great variety...kale, spinach, arugala. MMM!!
Holly B says:
Heirloom tomatoes and strawberries.
Sue says:
We get fabulous corn in our farmers market.
Letty says:
Ali does a beautiful job with her blog and website. Thanks for your great recipes!
Love the tote!! Excited to have found your blog :)
Cathy says:
My favorite thing to buy at my Farmer's Market is sprouts, pea sprouts.
Kelsey says:
Love the new tote bag!!!
Kelsey says:
I love to get fresh peaches! Especially palisade peaches :)
Beth says:
I love buying fresh fruit at farmers markets in the summer. Nothing better.
Tiffany says:
It sounds really bad, but I love buying handmade treats (pickles, oils) even more than I like buying veggies at the farmer's market!
christie says:
I love fresh strawberries, can add to yogurt or it serves as a snack by itself.
Strawberries are my favorite, but now that I'm spiralizing I'm also looking forward to big organic zucchinis.
Cynthia says:
I love all the fresh veggies you can get at the Farmer's Market but now that I am spiralizing yellow and zucchini squash are on the top of my list!
Rosanne says:
I love all the veggies at the farmers market, but this year I'll be looking for the big zucchini.
Marsha A. says:
I love to buy mushrooms at the local farmers market
jillconyers says:
Strawberries and zucchini! Although this year I'm growing my own strawberries :)

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