Inspiralized Gift Guide for the Holidays + Cookbook Giveaway!

Inspiralized Gift Guide

I’m jumping on the “gift guide” bandwagon. I like easy. I like simple. I love lists.

With the Inspiralized Gift Guide, you can ask Santa (or the tooth fairy – whatever you believe in) for exactly what you’ll need to become Inspiralized

Or, if you’re feeling generous (’tis the season to be jolly!), buy the items on this gift list to Inspiralize someone this year! 

Item #1: Spiralizer (Paderno)

Pretty obvious. You’ll need a spiralizer to, well, spiralize! 

Link: Paderno Vegetable Slicer via Amazon.

Item #2: Inspiralized: The Ultimate Guide to Spiralized Cooking (the cookbook)

For newbies to spiralizing, this is the comprehensive resource for how to spiralize and how to cook spiralized noodles. It’s packed with how-tos, full step-by-step picture tutorials, 20 recipes, and much more.

Find out more details by clicking here.

Link: Inspiralized Cookbook via Blurb.

Item #3: Vegetable Peeler (OXO)

You’ll be needing a solid peeler for removing the skin off your vegetables for spiralizing. This is most important for butternut squash, which has a very tough and hard-to-remove outer skin. It’s also important for sweet potatoes, carrots and sometimes, zucchinis.

Link: OXO Vegetable Peeler via Amazon.

Item #4: Pasta Tongs (KitchenAid)

I use these tongs every time I make a spiralized noodle dish. Tossing the noodles with these tongs cooks them efficiently and evenly. These tongs are sturdy for making large batches of noodles. I can’t go a day without them.

Link: KitchenAid Pasta Tongs via Amazon.

Item #5: Round Scrubbing Brush (OXO)

Once you have a spiralizer, you’ll need to clean it. In order to do so (without slicing your fingers), you’ll need this brush to scrub out the vegetable bits. The vegetable meat gets crammed in the crannies of the blades and this brush gets them out easily. Plus, you can fill it with soap so it does double duty! 

Link: OXO Scrubbing Round Brush via Amazon.

Happy Shopping! I just hope y’all make the Nice List this year.


NOW – the giveaway! I’m giving away one copy of my new printed cookbook (Inspiralized: The Ultimate Guide to Spiralized Cooking) to one lucky reader. 

For more details on the book itself, click here.

Use the following widget to enter to win. I will be announcing the winner on Monday, December 9

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  1. I think I would give myself a gift and keep it.
  2. Can't wait to try the new recipes in the book. Thanks for so many great ideas for using our Spiralizer!
  3. I think I would have to keep this cookbook for myself! I am gifting a Spiralizer, though.
  4. I would be gifting it for my daughter, even though I would love it myself!
  5. I actually bought a hard cover copy for myself last night, so I would have to gift this one. :)
  6. I would keep it, as this is new to me and I am so excited!
  7. I would keep this one!!
  8. OMG ! This will be my Christmas gift to myself...
  9. I would keep the cookbook for myself, but lend it to my SIL when I'm done ;)
  10. I will keep this for myself! Though I have asked Santa for one, and If I receive one I will share with a family member :)
  11. Even if I don't win if would still want to purchase the spiralizer! Such an amazing invention and your recipes are great! I tried the spicy crab the other day (but with wheat penne) and it was amazing! Would love to try it with the butternut squash noodles though!
  12. Gifting myself- spiralize the new year of 14.
  13. I would probably keep it as I am very unadventurous with my spiralizer and need inspiralising big time!
  14. I would definitely keep it!!
  15. Love following your site, instagram and pinterest for ideas! Having the cookbook would DEF make life easier and more fun with the vibrant pictures!
  16. I already have the spiralizer, so I would gift that for my mom and keep te rest! Obviously they'd be so excited about their new spiralizer I'm sure they would go out and buy your book on their own!!! Loooooveeee your recipes!!! Spiralizing is a lifesaver for me! I tell EVERYONE about it!!!
  17. the cookbook looks great!
  18. Suzanne Banfield :
    I'm loving your ideas for the spiralizer so I'd surely love a copy of the book!
  19. I would keep it, I must admit!
  20. The cookbook would help me with my recent purchase of a spiralizer.
  21. I would keep it as a gift for myself
  22. Tough choice, but I think I would keep this for myself!! I am the only one among friends and family with a spiralizer, so I would keep the cookbook and invite them over for inspiralized deliciousness to share!
  23. If I win, I'm going to keep the book :)
  24. Keeping it!!!!!!
  25. I would definitely be keeping this for myself!
  26. I want the book for me! Love the recipes!!
  27. The answer is "yes" and "yes". I plan to keep it for myself but present mouth-watering inspiralized creations for family and friends.
  28. If I win the cookbook, I'm keeping it for myself! Though I might share it with my sister. I convinced her to buy a spiralizer, but have yet to convincer her to take it out of the box!
    • Actually, I would rather have the ebook. If you gave me a copy of both the ebook and the printed book, I would keep the ebook, and give my sister the printed book!
  29. Karen McGowan :
    Gift for me!
  30. I would probably keep it for myself, but I may give it to my mom when the ebook comes out.
  31. I would definitely keep it for myself!
  32. Deborah Denny :
    I think I'm getting a few either way -- just bought the Paderno for two people as gifts as it is!!! LOVE this.
  33. I would keep this and then give it to a friend. I eat Spiralized nightly.
  34. I'd keep it, but share with family and friends!
  35. Easier to bring the book to the kitchen than the computer!
  36. I just purchased a spiralizer. Would love to have this cookbook to get inspiralized!
  37. Susan Nishimura :
    My spiralizer is on the way from Amazon - would love to have the cookbook to help get started with all the possibilities!
  38. Keeper for our home use
  39. It's definitely a keeper! :)

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