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The Inspiralized Recipe App

If you didn’t get my e-mail last week announcing that I was starting nutrition school at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, then two things:

1) I started last week, and

2) You need to subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date!

Before I get to talk about IIN, let me share with you my latest video! If you have an iOS device, you can download the Inspiralized Recipe App and have all the latest recipes at your fingertips!

I use the App all the time at the grocery store, when showing friends my recipes and whenever I need a little dinner inspiration and I’m too lazy to walk over to my computer.

Check it out and if you want to download it, search “Inspiralized” in the App Store or click here.

Note: In the future, when we have more resources, I’d love to make an Android-compatible App, but for the time being, we have no immediate plans to do so. I’m so sorry! I have an iPhone, that’s why I started with iOS.

Nutrition Talk

I am so excited to be finally committing to what’s been on my to-do list for years: go to Nutrition School. I’m doing it in the most manageable way possible – online, at my own leisure. I’m already loving what I learned in last week’s introduction and I figured – why not share my findings with my readers!

So, every Wednesday, in a “Nutrition Talk”, I’m going to share something I learned during the previous week’s “module” (that’s what the people at IIN call them!) that I find interesting and well, worth sharing.

And, if you’ve had the same goal on your to-do list, take the plunge and sign up – they’re offering exciting discounts and offers for anyone who signs up through Inspiralized!

And don’t worry, I’ll also be sharing something spiralized that day too – I’ve been trying to post new videos every Wednesday, but otherwise, it will be a recipe or something related.

Everything I’ve learned about nutrition thus far has been from reading books about the topic, staying up-to-date on news in the health and wellness space and attending talks led by professors and industry leaders. I feel like I’m generally educated in this department, and I love applying things that I learn to my own recipes.

However, there’s ALWAYS room for learning, improvement and exposure to different perspectives, which I’m especially excited about.

And lately, this has been my motto:

Eat clean and live the dream! @Inspiralized Click To Tweet

Last week’s module was just an introduction basically to how to set yourself up for nutritional success. The speakers talk about how you manage things like time and how you set goals to help keep you focused and balanced.

I felt totally inspired after this module – I even decided to set a few actionables/takeaways for myself and I wanted to share them with you:

Make personal to-do lists on top of work to-do lists

I put Inspiralized first, always. That was actually one of my biggest issues before I fully committed to my fit journey – I wasn’t placing enough emphasis on my own mental and physical health. I would eat poorly and “sacrifice” working out in order to fit in more Inspiralized work.

What I learned in this Module that you truly need to have your life in a good place, in order to have a successful relationship with your diet and nutrition. If your relationship with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is terrible, you’ll most likely turn to food for comfort.

Personally, I’m a big stress-eater. So, in an attempt to limit my stress and therefore limit my stress/binge eating, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to organize my personal to-do list each day, on top of my work to-do list.

In my Evernote file, I now make a separate section for daily personal to-dos. Here are some sample goals that I’ve incorporated just this week and I’ve already noticed a change in the way I’ve been eating and sleeping:

  • Take a 10 minute walk
  • Check in with Lu, my mother or a friend
  • Run errands
  • Take a workout lunch break
  • Book dentist appointment
  • Organize the pantry

In the past, I would view these “to-dos” as time-sucks and unproductive, but now, I’ve refocused my energy and feel more inspired and motivated than ever.

Address all distractions

This is actually ON my to-do list, ha! I’m definitely not the most productive person. Like many millenials, I’ll find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook – or getting lost on YouTube or BuzzFeed for an hour.

The struggle is real.

Thus, I’m making a list of all my distractions this week and taking a look at them and seeing how I can reasonably fit them into my day without stifling my productivity levels (after all, all work and no play makes Ali a dull girl, right?!)

Identify how I best use time to accomplish tasks and stick to it

One of the most interesting things that was brought up during one of the lectures was how you use time most effectively. For some, allocating a full day of non-stop work on a project is best. For some, putting 15 minutes of every hour towards a project is best. For others, 1 hour at the end or beginning of each day is best.

I never thought about this – I kind of just shuffle through my projects, leaving some unfinished and then scrambling at the end to finish them all up. That’s obviously not the best for stress levels and efficiency.

What’s my best? I’m an all or nothing girl. I’m either sitting it a coffee shop, unplugged and working on my task at hand, or, I’m all over the place. Now that I’ve identified this, I’ll be applying it to projects and coordinating my schedule accordingly.

For example, I’m going to allocate “recipe testing and development” to certain days while leaving others for “desk work.” Phew. I feel better already!

Let me know what you think of these “Nutrition Talks”- I always love your feedback! And remember, if you’re interested in signing up/learning more, click here.

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M says:
I think it's a very interesting idea to include "nutrition talks" here :) I'm looking forward to read them!
sandy says:
I'm always amazed at how much egg is used in your recipes and cheese. What do you suggest as alternative to eggs. Thanks.
Ali Maffucci says:
You can just omit eggs, if you don't eat them!
Pat says:
Can't find your app
Marianne says:
Good Morning: The link to the nutrition school is not working form me.
Same here. :)
Ali Maffucci says:
The link is here:
Barbra Warkins says:
Very much appreciate you sharing highlights from the nutrition modules and look forward to more!
Mary Beth says:
Oh, how I hope you move plans for an Android version of your app to the front burner! I'll keep hoping...
Jessica says:
Your statement is correct! These posts are either all over the place or focused. It's difficukt to determine what this blog is about. Initially it was about inspirakized recipes. Then it turned into weight loss using inspirakized recipes and exercise. Then a new blog was created for exercise, other topics. Now this blog is going to be inspirakized recipes and about what you learn in your nutrition class. While inspiralized recipes are more nutritious, the focus on this blog has changed. While this comment is not politically correct, it's the truth and I'm agreeing with your statement about being all over the place.
Ali Maffucci says:
Sunday, Monday & Tuesdays will always be new recipes - Wednesdays will be for nutrition talks on top of more Inspiralized-related content, such as a new video or tip. Hope that clarifies!
Peg Adams says:
I admire your efforts to get more organized and work on your personal to-do list! I worked from home for most of my working life....and had no issues with being productive. I also managed 7 others who worked from home. I find a couple of things helped me immensely: get that difficult thing done first from your list--whatever you have been putting off as drudgery. Once that is done, give yourself a reward-- 15 minutes on social media. Cross that thing off the list! Don't you feel better already? The rest of your day will go well. Second, set aside specific times for things that I call 'housekeeping' like filing papers, computer clean up, website maintenance or whatever. I hated filing-but set aside one hour every Friday afternoon, and the papers I needed to keep got filed properly. Figure out what helps you focus, and use that--a cup of tea, music on, no music, coffee, whatever. Keep posting! Love hearing about your journey. :-)
Ali Maffucci says:
Love this advice, thank you!!
Karen says:
Thank you for sharing take-aways from your nutrition class. We all need to keep this important topic in mind, and most of us still have a lot to learn about it.
Jennifer says:
Link for nutrition school isn't working for me either. :(
Ali Maffucci says:
Here's the link:
Liz says:
I have been interested to take a course at IIN as well. How will you incorporate this into everyday work outside of blogging? I'm afraid I won't have the energy to do a lot of leg work outside of a normal nutrition job.
Ali Maffucci says:
I devote one day a week to it (like, a full day) but whatever works for you can be manageable - if it's waking up 30 minutes early every day to watch the lectures or ditching the TV at night in exchange for the course load, there's definitely aw ay to work it into your everyday life - you just need to assess your schedule and find the time!
Becky says:
Bravo Ali!!! I'll look forward to hearing what you've learned!! And, my contract is up on my galaxy, and I'm switching to iPhone so I'll be able to get your app! (and view all the photos my kids share online that I can't view now! Haha) Keep up the good work, girl!! I've followed you from day 1, and it's been soooooooooooo inspiring watching your journey!!!!!!
Christina says:
Good for you!!! This is awesome news, and a bucket list item of mine as well!
I always love your recipe posts, but love seeing different things too! I find myself putting work/school above my personal needs sometimes; these things are important, but I haven't even found time to work out in one month. That's ridiculous! I need some me time too. Definitely relate! As far as IIN, CONGRATS! I've been looking into IIN for awhile, and I think it'll be something I for sure take on once I'm graduated. Gotta follow your passion!
Susan says:
I think I was much better organized when I was younger. Now, in my retirement, I seem to have lost the energy to be organized on most days. I'm really looking forward to all you have to share about nutrition - it's a very important subject that all of us would do well to be educated in. So bring it on! One thing I've come to realize is that the more knowledgeable I've become about myself and what makes me tick, the easier it has become to control my over-eating. Still working on it, and I think I'm finally progressing in one of the hardest areas. I admire your focus and determination, and know you'll succeed at whatever you try to do.
Jaime says:
With 53% of the US population using Android operating systems (versus 41% using iOS), I'm incredibly disappointed that you didn't clearly think your marketing strategy. You may have an iPhone but you're clearly in the minority, so it would have been a better business strategy to first market Android- OR not market either until you had the funds to appeal to your entire audience of smartphone users.
Ali Maffucci says:
Jaime - I wouldn't have been able to test the App and use it myself, which was part of the creative process and I wouldn't feel comfortable promoting something that I can't use and approve of myself. Sorry to hear you're disappointed - you can't please 'em all!
Elena says:
Will the app contain content that doesn't already appear on the blog, website, or social media?
Elizabeth King says:
Looking forward to Wednesdays & your nutrition school journey. This post was interesting & helpful!
Karen says:
Hi, Ali. I'm wondering if you looked at some of the critics of IIN. For example, Also, I'm wondering if you were offered a discount because you're promoting their program. Thanks for all you do. I love my Inspiralizer, I love your blog, and I love hearing about your health journey. Keep it up!
Ali Maffucci says:
There will always be critics! Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing! Thanks for being Inspiralized!
Karen Siegel says:
Ali, If at all possible, ride a stationary bike while browsing through instagram or Facebook to stay connected while getting in a great workout. My laptop fits nicely on the front of my bike and it helps pass the time while getting your daily dose of social media!!
Alison says:
Please, please make an Android App, or even a Kindle App. There are a lot of people out there who don't have any Apple products and would love your app. Thank you.
Sarah says:
I love that you share so much about you on the blog! I love the recipes, loved hearing about your weight loss journey, loved hearing about your wedding, excited to hear about the nutrition stuff now, and i'm loving your new website too--it's all great stuff and I love that you are expanding the websites in direction that inspire you, even if that means its just not inspiralized recipes. bravo :)
Talitha says:
Not everyone has an iPhone! Android please!!!
Karen says:
Will you be having an app in the works for Android? ** please say yes!**

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