Inspiralized Spaghettata


To be clear, I’m not a New England Patriots fan. I’m a NY sports fan (prefer the Jets, support the Giants)… but, this is business… so Tom Brady makes it on Inspiralized.

My point is, everybody loves pasta. How can you not? It’s the ultimate comfort food. In Italy, spaghettata is a popular custom…. the simple definition: a dish of spaghetti. Basically, it’s a giant feast of spaghetti made for a bunch of people. Everyone gathers around the table for the world’s easiest quick and filling meal: pasta! Funny enough, while Americans tend to grab a slice “late night,” Italians often come back to someone’s home and make a messy, big vat of spaghetti. Uhh…. move me to Italy!

Now go type “spaghettata” into Instagram…. you’ll see a bunch of people eating spaghetti… and a few, well, uhm, interesting pictures of Italians with “fame chimica“… the munchies!

While in Munich last week, I was strolling down the street and saw the following advertisement for an Italian restaurant in a window display. The ad calls everyone to the table for “spaghettata.” The second part of the add roughly translates to “Those who eat alone, die alone.” Gotta love European advertising….



This weekend, grab a bunch of your friends and throw an Inspiralized spaghettata! Don’t worry about dying in a sea of spaghetti… you won’t feel bloated and full after spiralized pasta!

Here are some great Inspiralized recipes that are easy to make in big batches:

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