Inspiralized Zucchini Pasta Salad

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

After a few months of the Inspiralized iOS Mobile App not working (due to updates),...

Inspiralized Zucchini Pasta Salad

After a few months of the Inspiralized iOS Mobile App not working (due to updates), it is finally available, updated and ready to be downloaded!

True story, I use the Inspiralized App all the time. You’d think that, like Adam Levine, I would have memorized the recipes to all my dishes (as he has to his songs), but unlike Adam Levine, I haven’t.

Just the other day I wanted to make my zucchini noodle muffins and I was at the grocery store, racking my brain to think of what I needed when the lightbulb went off and I said, “Oh! The App!” A quick click, swipe and scroll and I had the entire ingredient list within seconds. Disaster averted and recipe made!

The Inspiralized iOs App is simple – it’s a way for you to access Inspiralized recipes, anytime, anywhere. It’s only $1.99 to download and you’ll never be without meal inspiration, especially on the fly!

You can search “inspiralized” in the Apple App Store or you can click here.

So, let’s check out the App, shall we?

The major change we’ve made to the App is that now, you don’t have to scroll through the entire day’s blog post just to access the recipe – the recipe will be top, front and center! Then, as you continue to scroll down, you’ll be able to read the entire blog post, view any embedded videos, images and basically access the blog!

The Homepage

Posts automatically load to the App once they’re published on the blog. Just scroll down and click on the image or title of the post to view it.

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Easy Blog Post Loading

Once you’ve clicked on a recipe, it automatically pops up on your screen. Just scroll to read!

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Share the Post

Once you’re viewing a recipe, you can click on the middle icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to show options for sharing this post. You can Tweet it, e-mail it, Facebook it or add it to your phone’s Reading List!

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Add to Favorites

Once you’ve loaded a recipe, click on the heart icon on the bottom right. This will prompt you to add to your favorites. Once it’s in your favorites, it’s saved! You can swipe to the left to delete each favorited recipe or post at any time.

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0


Clicking on the “Categories” tab in the bar at the bottom, the App loads all of the categories for easy recipe browsing.

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Category Example

Click on a category and voila – all of the tagged recipes in that category load, with thumbnails. Click to view one!

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Search Option

Click on the search option in the tab at the bottom to look for certain keywords, such as “broccoli.”

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

About & Social Media Buttons

Want to head over to my Pinterest? Want to see what’s up on Facebook? What am I Tweeting? Click on the “About” option on the bottom navigation bar to read more about Inspiralized and head over to my social media pages.

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video + The Inspiralized App 2.0

Download the App Today!

Click here to download the Inspiralized App! 

Note: Unfortunately, to the very capital-intensive nature of developing Apps, we do not plan on an Android version anytime soon. In the future, if we have more resources, we will revisit. 

Italian Zucchini Pasta Video

Also, I wanted to share with you a video from a segment I filmed in NYC with Potluck Video. I had a blast, shared the recipe for my Italian Zucchini Pasta Salad (from the Inspiralized cookbook) and took the Inspiralizer out for a spin. Check me out!

with love, Ali

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  • Ali: does the app include only the recipes found on the site/blog, or does it include cookbook recipes too? Thanks in advance!
  • Just an FYI. If you had the app before, when you update your old saved favorites do not transfer. write them down so you can remember all of them to add back after you update!
    • Holy crap, it doesn't! What a bummer I lost all of my old favorites!
  • Do you have any future plans to come out with a similar app for Android and Windows devices?
  • It really infuriates me that people assume that Apple is the end all for everything! More people use android or windows devices because most people cannot afford an Apple iphone. Not everyone has that kind of money.
    • Susie - this comment is a bit upsetting. The reason I chose Apple is because I have an iPhone and I developed an App that I could test and use. Unfortunately, these Apps cause tens of thousands of dollars to develop, so I can't just "make one" for Android. In the future, when I have more resources, I definitely will, but now, I made an App that I could personally use.
  • Yeah I'd love to get this too but alas have Android
  • Yea. I love the App when it works. No more grocery lists for me! :) Two thumbs up.
  • I'm not sure why people have to be so cruel. You've clearly explained to everyone the circumstances to why you can't develop an app. I think they forget that you're just an ordinary person like the rest of us. Not some hot shot developer. Aside from that, keep doing what you're doing Ali. People will always be there to shoot you down. Will be purchasing the app now! :) All of your hard work and passion shows. You could have easily capitalized on all of this but there's a bit s love and care for everything you do.
  • Yay!!! Finally I can go back and make recipes that I get in your email and forget to save! Thanks!!!!
  • Cool video! Congrats on th app, I don't have a cell phone to find recipes on anyway, but for the lady that got her nose out of joint that you didn't make her kind of app-remember you can still search for recipes on the website, and print them off as needed. For free.
  • Ali, i too have android, not because I can't afford the iphone, I just don't want one! I do understand the cost issue. Is there any way you could look for a developer who would be willing to work with you or maybe some sponsors who could work with you in getting app for android? Android follower numbers are big. Maybe we could all donate a dollar to get the app, just a thought & my opinion. Love what you do. Keep up the good work!
  • I have an android phone by choice as well. While I am not upset about you starting with an apple app, I would definitely be willing to pay for an android version! I think this is a wonderful idea and your design looks very easy to navigate quickly. I especially want to use that favorites tab! Sometimes I don't have time to organize/plan before running to the grocery store and this would really help!
  • Hi Ali. I had purchased the Inspiralized app awhile ago. It is no longer working on my iPhone. The Home, Favorites, Search and Categories pages are completely blank. Only the "About" page appears to be working. There does not seem to be a way to update the new version. Any suggestions? Thank you! I enjoy your healthy recipes!!
  • Hello! Just ordered your Inspiralizer and I understand it's on backorder. Darn! But I'll be patient....Checked out at few models at my local kitchen store and was VERY disappointed. Looking forward to using the Inspiralizer. Not all of us are iPhone users. Any chance your app will be suitable for the Android operating system in the future?
  • Just as Cynthia mentioned above, I purchased the app a few months ago. I understand why it hasn't been working, but I expected to see an option to update to the new version and I can't find anything like that. Any suggestions about how to update? I don't have to re-purchase the app, do I?