It’s my birthday (!!) + a lifestyle blog re-launch

Alissandra b the lifestyle blog

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It really is my birthday – and I’m turning 29!

I’m celebrating tonight in Jersey City with my family and friends, and I can’t wait to ring in this next year of my life. There is so much I want to accomplish, and I’m so blessed to be where I am in my life. I’m happier and healthier than ever, and I have Inspiralized and my husband to thank for that!

Also in celebration of my 29th year, I am re-launching my lifestyle blog, alissandrab! I launched this site late last summer and shortly thereafter signed a deal for my second cookbook and unfortunately, had to devote all of my extra time to writing and recipe testing, so the site got put on the back burner, although I’ve been casually posting personal content on the @alissandrab Instagram.

But now, alas, it’s time to relaunch – and I’m so excited to share a more personal side of Ali on this lifestyle site. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a lot to say :)

Thanks in advance for all the birthday wishes – I know I say this all the time but I consider you all my extended friends and family, and I’m so lucky to have you take part in every part of my journey – birthdays or recipes, whatever!

And I’d love to hear your feedback on the new site! Now, it’s time for that champagne…

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  1. Hoping you have a happy birthday with your family and friends, Ali!
  2. Happy Birthday, Ali! I ironically posted a spiralized recipe today so I must have subconsciously known it was your birthday :) Have the best day!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day filled with relaxation and great food, as always! Also, really excited to follow along on your personal blog too (you don't do nearly enough lady, HA..ha ha.).
  4. Happy happy birthday Ali! You've made an awesome empire here girl, cheers to another year! xo
  5. Happy birthday Ali!! So glad you're relaunching the lifestyle blog. Loved your post about the best sports bras for bigger chests!!! I'm hoping you do a post about the Peloton bike. I've finally decided to buy one after I have my baby this month. Since I live in MI, I've never been on the bike and dont know anyone who personally owns one. Would love to hear your thoughts about purchasing one. Thanks!!
  6. Happy birthday Ali!! Thanks for inspiring me for a lifestyle change with your amazing recipes!! I hope 29 is your best year yet! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year :)
  7. Happy Birthday Ali! Thanks for "inspiring" us every day!
  8. Hope your having a beautiful day on your birthday. Really appreciate all the recipes and information you send. Keep up the wonderful work - you deserve it!
  9. Hi Ali - hope you're having a wonderful birthday and may there be many more to come! Thanks for all the recipes and information you post - much appreciated!
  10. Happy Birthday Ali!!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
  11. May you enjoy your special day with a wonderful year that follows! Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday, Ali- many blessings for the coming year!!!
  13. Oh, happy day. Cheers to another successful trip around the sun, Ali!
  14. Happy Belated B'day, Ali!! I'm a lurker but use your recipes ALL the time! Thank you so very much for sharing your recipes and wealth of information! Very inspiralizational!! ;) Many Blessings to you on this chapter in your life! Jody
  15. Belated happy birthday! God bless you.
  16. Thanks for the sharing of your birthday and recipe review. And Belated happy birthday, sorry for late reply.

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