Meet the Inspiralized Team

The Inspiralized Team

I have some exciting news: the Inspiralized team has expanded!

We are now a team of three, instead of two!

Today, you’re officially meeting the Inspiralized team and our newest member, Carly!

I’m often asked about the Inspiralized Team and how large it is, so I’m proud to introduce the team to all of you, especially now that we’re three!

When my first cookbook came out, I also announced that I was launching my very own spiralizer, the Inspiralizer. With this, I needed to expand my team. Most importantly, I wanted to have a great customer service experience for those that purchased the Inspiralizer. It was my top priority in my business, and I knew this meant I needed someone dedicated to it.

Enter Meaghan!

As of today, Meaghan has been Inspiralized’s #2 – she was our social media manager, our brand manager, our community manager, and our customer service manager. She wore every Inspiralized hat there was! You may have received an e-mail from her, had an Inspiralizer issue solved by her, or seen her behind the scenes on Instagram. She lived in Brooklyn and would come to Jersey City to work on Inspiralized with me.

She’s sweet, thoughtful, kind, and has truly mastered the art of “kill them with kindness.” She’s lovely and she is moving back to where she grew up – in Maryland! Thus, Meaghan’s role will be shifting (due to her new location!) and she’ll be working remotely for us as our official Director of Customer Service.

So who will be handling the social media, brand and community management part?

The Inspiralized Team

Enter Carly!

Carly’s official first week at Inspiralized starts this week! Please give her a very warm welcome! We did a two-day on-boarding/training on Thursday and Friday of last week (her first two days!) and today is her truly official day! She’ll be managing our social media and community alongside me!

Let’s get to know Carly:


Carly Glazer

How old are you?
25 (by the time this is posted I’ll be even closer to 26)

Where did you grow up?
1/2 NYC, and 1/2 in Delray Beach, FL

Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?
I try to live understanding that you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, so to always be kind

What’s your favorite trait about yourself?
I’ve been told I have an infectious laugh!

THe Inspiralized Team


Do you like to cook? If not, why not?
I love to cook! I grew up cooking with my mom, and the kitchen is my peaceful place!

What do you make best/what’s your favorite recipe to make?
An easy favorite is definitely chicken Milanese

What’s the one kitchen tool in your kitchen that currently gets used the most?
My garlic twist

The world is ending. What would be your last meal?
Probably sushi (I eat it more than I probably should…)

What food items are always in your fridge and/or pantry?
Definitely garlic, an avocado or two, grape tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and yogurt

What’s a typical day of eating look like for you?
I usually eat a Greek yogurt or some kind of protein bar in the morning followed by a salad with protein for lunch, and some kind of home cooked meal (or order in sushi) for dinner!


For you, what’s the hardest thing about keeping a consistent, healthy diet?
It’s hard sometimes to separate boredom from hunger and is very easy to quickly find yourself at the bottom of whatever snack you have lying around!

What do you do to stay healthy and balanced?
I try to eat relatively healthy during the week, but don’t deprive myself of a treat every now and then!

What is your fitness regimen?
I try to do some sort of cardio workout (whether that’s spinning, boxing, dance, etc.) twice a week and also supplement those with hot yoga and barre classes. I also live in NYC, so I walk A LOT!

The Inspiralized Team


Do you spiralize?
I do!

How did you learn about spiralizing?
I learned about spiralizing when I moved to New York after college from my roommate

How has spiralizing impacted your diet?
Spiralizing has introduced me to different ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet and potentially replace things in meals that are maybe not so good….

How many times per week do you spiralize?
Usually around once or twice a week.

What’s your favorite vegetable to spiralize?
Gotta go with the classic zucchini

What’s your favorite recipe/dish to make with the spiralizer?
So far, chicken soup with zucchini noodles has been one of my favorites! Can’t wait to try so many more!

To you, what’s the best thing about spiralizing?
It gives anyone the ability to make almost any dish – healthy eating friendly!

What are you most looking forward to about being part of the Inspiralized team?
I am most looking forward to working so closely with the team and learning all there is to know about everything inspiralized!

I hope you enjoyed a deeper look inside our team – it makes me so proud to grow the team! And as a side note, Luca was asleep during this photoshoot, so he did not make the photos, but he is officially our fourth team member, of course!


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Karen Arban says:
So glad to hear that you will still be on board, Meaghan! You have done a fantastic job wearing all those hats! And. . . Welcome aboard Carly! You don’t have big ? to fill, you have big ? walk along side, but its called Team Work and you are going to have a great time! Wish I was in your shoes ?.
Carly Glazer says:
Hi Karen! Thank you for your kind note!
Hillary S Gras says:
Welcome Carly!! Meaghan - where are you moving in Maryland? I live in Baltimore and would love to connect!!
Carly Glazer says:
Hi Hillary! Thank you for your note! We will have to get the details from Meaghan!
Meaghan says:
Hey, Hillary!!! I'll be in Frederick! I lived there for only a couple of years after college, so, I'm really looking forward to becoming reacquainted with the great state of Maryland. :D
Anonymous says:
Congrats Carly!!
Carly Glazer says:
Thank you!
Cheryl Cherney says:
Congrats Carly! This new job seems perfect for you & they are lucky to have you on their team! Good luck!! ❤️
Holly Mattson says:
Congratulations Carly! How do I get my hands on one of those inspiralizers? Best wishes for a successful career inspiring healthy eating… being an Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified health coach, you know I love it!
Marilyn says:
Ali... I watched your YouTube showing your newest cookbook pages... if I may respond... the page turning was much too fast to be able to get a real feel for the recipes and whether or not they are something one would want to make... it didn't encourage me to buy your book. Thanks for all the work you put into your cookbooks, and I do enjoy your blogs... Thanks.
Carly Glazer says:
Hi Marilyn, thanks so much for your feedback! This video was just meant to be a sneak peek, and there will be more coming up to give you more of a real feel for the recipes!

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