Mother’s Day Spiralizer Giveaway!

Inspiralized Spiralizer Giveaway

I think this goes without saying, but the spiralizer is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s available at Williams Sonoma or through Amazon.

What greater gift to give your mother than the gift of healthy eating made easy (and delicious!)? She’s guaranteed to have a blast whipping up some healthy Inspiralized meals.

If your mother already has a spiralizer (because you told her all about it, since you’re the best son/daughter ever), then check out my Shop page for my top recommended products to accompany the spiralizer.

Plus, if you’ve subscribed to the Inspiralized Newsletter already, you have a copy of the Inspiralized Starter Guide eBook, which is perfect for those who are new to spiralizing. You can print it out or just e-mail it to her once she’s opened up the box!

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Spiralizer Giveaway

To honor all mothers, I’m running a giveaway for the Paderno Spiralizer! Enter to win below. I will choose a winner by Monday, May 5 at 11:59pm and ship it out first thing Tuesday morning so it arrives to you by the end of the week, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Sorry! Those who live outside the US are not eligible for this giveaway.

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  1. I think it would be a creative way to make faux-pasta dishes and have fun making meals as a family :)
  2. My mom and I both love vegetables and like to cook for each other. We also avoid gluten, so this would be perfect to make veggie noodles!
  3. This would make a great gift for my mother because it would help her achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  4. My mom would love using veggies to cut out pasta!
  5. Sally Michelle :
    Every mom needs one!
  6. I have told my husband I really want one for Mother'd Day!!!!
  7. My mom and I are trying to get back into cooking, so this would be a great gift!
  8. I'd like to not have to loan mine out! This would be great to give to my mom!
  9. Tonnia williams :
    I did not enter to win for my mom, unfortunately, she has passed on. But I want to win one for my twin sister (she is a mom). I have one and love it and want to share this wonderful device with her.
  10. Lynn Addis :
    She would use it everyday and I would help! Gone grain-free and soooo miss pasta!
  11. My mom has recently decided she needs to get healthy so she can be around to see her new grand baby grow up! This would totally help her!!!!!
  12. My mom would love a new cooking adventure she could do with me.
  13. I appreciate the give-away although it will not let me enter. Do i have to have a facebook account or can i just use my email? The way I read it it sounded like you could use either but it will not allow me to finish the process when i try with my email acct?? Can anyone help me with this please? I do not have a facebook account but would like to enter if possible. I would appreciate it.
  14. This would be great for every Mom to help her kids east veggies- even the "big" kids!
  15. My mom would love this for her new kitchen- she is always cooking healthy!
  16. My mom is trying to eat healthier so this would be a great gift
  17. This would be a great addition to my healthy kitchen!
  18. I think it's a tool that she'd have fun using.
  19. My mom is the person that instilled my love of veggies so I think she would love having a spiralizer!
  20. I think it would be great for my mom to add bulk and nutrients to pasta dishes without extra carbs.
  21. My mom LOVES to try out new recipes! This is just what she needs!
  22. My mom has admired creations with mine and would have so much fun
  23. Because she's trying to get more veggies into her diet daily and I want to help her out. I've got a hand held one and love the simplicity of it. She has arthritis and tennis elbow so this one seems like it might be better and easier for her to use.
  24. My mom is trying to start eating much healthier and this would be the perfect tool for her!
  25. Perfect Mother's Day Giveaway! Awesome blog.
  26. I would love to give this a try! I love pasta but the carbs don't love me so I am hoping that this would fill that gap!
  27. I think it would be good for everyone
  28. My mom is in love with pasta and would eat it every day if she could. This would help her make a much healthier option for daily pasta inspired dishes. Plus, I could use it when I'm home :)
  29. Risa Dankwerth :
    This would be a great gift for my mom because after surviving Cancer three times she's trying to eat the healthiest possible diet. She lives food that is 'fun' and what food is more fun than spiral used food?
  30. Dani Ellerton :
    Mom loves my spiralizer, and the zucchini noodles I made! I know she would love to have one of her own.
  31. My mom is going vegetarian for the summer, I think it would be a great addition to spice things up and help us along.
  32. Just had zucchini spaghetti at my cousins this weekend for the first time. Delicious!
  33. What a great mother's day present! I'm dropping hints left and right to the husband. ;)
  34. If I win this it would go to my wife. She is switching over to a gluten free diet and would benefit from being able to turn the veggies from our garden into noodles.
  35. Because it would be a new fun thing for her to try!
  36. I've told my mom about my own spiralizer adventures and she is quite envious! We're both on a weight loss journey and I know she'd love to have one so that she can make low carb, gluten-free recipes too!
  37. Raquel Pikula :
    My mom now caregives for 2 young children that do best when following a gluten free diet...this will help her make fun and healthy meals for them, her & my dad...and me! :)
  38. I love my Inspiralizer! I would really like to win this for my mother, who loves gadgets and would get a kick out of this one.
  39. I would love to win one for my mom. My wife uses ours to make creative meals, cleverly disguising zucchini as pasta, for instance ....
  40. My mother loves to cook for the family! She would love to be able to use this to make unique family dinners that everyone could enjoy!
  41. I think my mom would love the spiralizer just as much as I do!
  42. My mom would love to try this out!
  43. my mom would love this for fancy decorations and of course cookiing healthy for my dad!

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