Mother’s Day Spiralizer Giveaway!

Inspiralized Spiralizer Giveaway

I think this goes without saying, but the spiralizer is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s available at Williams Sonoma or through Amazon.

What greater gift to give your mother than the gift of healthy eating made easy (and delicious!)? She’s guaranteed to have a blast whipping up some healthy Inspiralized meals.

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Spiralizer Giveaway

To honor all mothers, I’m running a giveaway for the Paderno Spiralizer! Enter to win below. I will choose a winner by Monday, May 5 at 11:59pm and ship it out first thing Tuesday morning so it arrives to you by the end of the week, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Sorry! Those who live outside the US are not eligible for this giveaway.

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Robin says:
My Mom is the Queen of healthy eating, but she doesn't even know about the spiralizer. She would be thrilled to receive this.
Beth B says:
I would love to win this for my daughter who is one of the best moms I know. She would love it.
dimaria1024 says:
I would 100% be my mom's favorite (of 3) if I won her this for mom's day, she's always looking for fun ways to keep eating healthy!
Anonymous says:
My mom has passed but I would love to give this to my sister for Mother's Day!!
Love this! THis is the perfect gift because it is a healthy alternative to heavy, starchy, gluten and carb laden pasta!
jossmor says:
What a lovely idea! Thank you for it. And it is a great marketing blitz too. Clever gal!
LauraB says:
My mother is no longer here with us, but my sister would be very happy to get the spiralizer as a gift. She loves the dishes that I make!
Tonya Witherspoon says:
A spiralizer would be the perfect gift for my mother. She and my dad are trying to eat healthy and this would give them a great tool to boost their cooking!
ruth says:
Mother would have approved whole heartedly of this kitchen gadget
Sarah Alonso says:
My mom would love a Spiralizer to make quick and healthy lunches for work. She buys my 3 kids presents all the time; however she very rarely buys herself anything.
Heather says:
It's a great way to show kids that veggies can be fun!
Barb says:
In Canada, the Paderno Spiralizer is also sold through Upaya Natural Foods and they have a free shipping option when you purchase over $100...NOT hard to do, as they have stuff there that is sometimes hard to find....
Ali F says:
Growing up in an Italian household, pasta was always a daily staple. This would be perfect for her to keep the feel of pasta, but get all the nutritional benefits of using fresh veggies!
cjsorel says:
because the handheld one is not that great that she uses
Casey says:
Because it is a fabulous kitchen tool!
Karin says:
My mom loves cooking and really enjoyed the spiralized dishes I made when she was visiting.
Josie DeVault says:
My mom is Italian and a new way to make noodles would blow. her. mind.
Neetika says:
I am sure my mom will love this gift.If i win it I am gonna send it to her in India and surprise her. I have been raving about it since I started Spiralizing(Thank to u and your post in huffington post). I am sure she can use it to make new Indian dishes. #Inspiralized is gonna be famous in India now :)
I'd love to win one for a gift!! My sister needs one!
Carolyn says:
This is the perfect gift for my mom because she cooks paleo for me when I come over & this way I won't have to bring my spiralizer with me when she wants to spiralize something.
D Osborn says:
Thank you for this offer. I really am enjoying your website. It has changed my way of thinking about vegetables. I like the endless varieties it allows me to feed my family in a healthier way.
My mom will be training for her first marathon this summer and this is perfect for making quick, healthy meals!
Dawn says:
I think that this is a fun way to get more veggies and be off of grains for good!
Kathy says:
It would be a great way for her to eat more cleanly.
Patty Jensen says:
I would love to win one for my sister. She is trying hard to make healthier food choices for herself and this would be a great start!
jennnnk says:
My mom's always looking for new ways to eat well so this would be PERFECT for her!
its a fun an easy way to prepare fresh whole foods in a creative way that satisfy the palate and are extremely nutritious! i love your creativity Ali!
Marsha says:
I would like to give this to my mother-in-law for mothers day. She has to follow a gluten free diet and making pasta from veggies is a perfect solution for her.
Kelly says:
My mom wants to eat healthier. This would be the perfect gift to easy healthy creations!
Nicole Stillwell says:
This would make an AWESOME gift!!!!!!!
My mom is stuck in such a food rut! I'm trying to help her get un-stuck with some fun and exciting new ways to approach food and find a healthier diet rather than her going to pick up a to-go order from a local diner. This is absolutely ideal for her!!!
Chris says:
Sets mom up for healthy eating!
Alicia says:
I've been staying with my mom as I prepare to give birth soon and doing lots of clean cooking for us. She has loved the recipes and is excited to continue them after we leave. She would love the Spiralizer to add to her kitchen!
Chloe B says:
I'm pretty crazy about my spiralizer - my neighbors have bought one, and I'm working on family members to get one. :)
Becky says:
My mom love kitchen gadgets and toys, and I think she would get a lot of pleasure playing with her food :)
djFaul says:
I can't give it to my mom, but would love to give it to my daughter, who is an awesome mom herself! Her love language is food, she loves to cook for others and often experiments with new recipes - I see your community exploding with exciting new delights when we turn her loose with the Inspiralizer!
Chloe B says:
My mom is trying to eat better, and has been curious about mine (I'm pretty crazy about it).
Mary ROss says:
I think this product is GENIUS! My mom is a pasta lover and just this simple switch to a healthier version will help her reach her most important weight-loss goals! My friend has one and I've tried it firsthand....these dishes are delicious! Everyone needs a Spiralizer...I hope I can win one for my mom.
Jann Perry says:
Ali you're punishing us Canadians! hahaha just kidding ... good luck to all who enter! What a fantastic Mother's Day gift!
Whitney says:
I would love to win one of these for my mom. I have one and I love it!
Jane says:
My sister is a mom who would love this surprise. She gets to hear me rave about mine!
Kristin says:
My mother is an active gardener and between her beautiful zucchini, squash, tomatoes, eggplants, etc… she would have fun experimenting with new recipes with the spiralizer. The spiralizer would be a great addition to her home!
Ann Marie says:
I think the Spiralizer is perfect for my beautiful mother because she needs something to make her life easier and more fun! She works so hard everyday and still comes home and cooks awesome meals! She has taught me the gift of cooking and I would love to suprise her with this neat kitchen gadget!
Traci B. says:
I would love to be able to give this to my Mother for her special day - she loves the dishes that I've created with mine.
jossmor says:
I didn't follow the rules and comment on why I would want this for my mother...I would want it for me, a mother, and mother of a daughter who could be a mother some day, so that I could make healthy food for my daughter and me. My mother was always concerned about my weight and my health. Back then I considered it nagging. Now I know it was done from love. And I feel that if I can get fit again, it would make her happy. And also show my daughter more fun ways to cook healthy so she can pass it on too...thanks :-)
Anonymous says:
I have one but would love one for my son and daughter-in-law!
My mother passed away many years ago, so I'll comment on why it would be great for my daughter in law. She has two little boys,, and this would be a great and fun way to get them to eat more vegetables!
Kristen says:
It's a great Mother's Day gift because it allows moms to think outside the box about how to use veggies.
sandra says:
My mom is a HUGE zucchini fan....she would love the spiralizer!
jessica z says:
My mother would love this because she loves to cook, but tries to find new recipes for every day (she hates repeating a recipe unless we really LOVE it)! She is also trying to lose some weight for the summer and this would be such a new and fun way to do so!
I would actually give it to my mother in law. She and my father in law went gluten free a few years ago and their diet changed immensely because of it. A few weeks ago when I was asking other food bloggers about a spiralizer I received a text message from her telling me about these cool new "veggie noodles" made with a spiralizer. I told her I JUST order one online [this one to be exact] and she was immediately excited to give it a try. I think for good measure she needs her own :)
Heather says:
My mom enjoys cooking and is always looking for fun new things to try, like all of your delicious recipes.
Pepita says:
My mother is always trying to eat healthy, so I think she would enjoy this as I have told her how much easier it has made it for me to eat better.
Ashley Holloway says:
I love this idea because it's a great way to get more veggies in your diet!!
Gwen L says:
My mom is on a journey of real food to heal her fibromyalgia. Since cutting out gluten and dairy and upping her veggie content she reduced her pain and need for medicines drastically! She's Sicilian though and pasta was her favorite. This would be a perfect gift for her, so she could still enjoy pasta and noodles!
My mom is just starting a healthy lifestyle change to help her with her hyperthyroid condition. She would love this addition to her kitchen!
Jill says:
I cannot wait to try all the Inspiralized recipes and share this with my mom.
Susan Cotten says:
I would actually give it to one of my daughters! I got one a month or so ago, and it plus Inspiralized, have changed my life!! I send the girls pictures of our yummy meals, and they are both very jealous!!! That would be perfect and fun to be able to give them a gift!!!
Susan says:
I think the spiralizer is the perfect gift for Mothers Day. My mom is 76 and will only cook for herself if it's easy and delicious. I don't think she's lit the oven for herself in 10 years. The spiralizer is something she can do easily and enjoy on the stovetop or raw everyday! I love your blog and I've converted many many friends to veggie noodles recently! Keep up the great work!
Sarah G says:
I bought my SIL one for her birthday (shhh, don't tell her!) and my MIL is totally jealous! There are so many neat, interesting, and yummy things that you can do with a spiralizer!
Kate says:
Great gift especially because my family is trying to eat more whole. Would be the perfect compliment to all the veggies growing in our garden!
Anonymous says:
I think the spiralizer is the perfect gift for Mothers Day. I want one!!
I'd give it to my daughter-in-law because she's very health conscious, gluten-free mom with 3 beautiful kids!!! She'd LOVE a Spiralizer!!!
Laura Nugent says:
I'd give it to my mom to help her eat more salads. Salads created from the spiralizer can be so much more fun than the typical salad!
Stephanie KL says:
My Mom is no longer with us but I would give it to my niece whose young son needs to eat low carb. At his tender age of 2, he would enjoy the continuous stream of "pasta." Using the Spiralizer would increase his consumption of those much needed veggies.
Malisa says:
This will help my mom get more into the healthy eating game!
Sharon D. says:
This mother wants to win to treat myself!!!
sandyminnich says:
This is so much fun to use she will love it
Tina says:
I think this would be a GREAT present for my mom because she's going gluten free for the first time and is still new at this. This awesome little gadget would certainly help her get over the pasta cravings!
Donna F. says:
It's the perfect compliment to a healthy eating plan!
Sarah P says:
Since my mother has passed away, I would give this gift to my older sister who many times stepped into the mother role for me. She is a creative cook but short on time these days and would LOVE the fun and ease of the Spiralizer.
Marsha says:
I actually wouldn't give this to my Mom for Mother's Day, I would keep it for myself! I have a 5 year old boy and just had a baby girl, and can't wait to get back to eating properly again. Right now I eat with one hand (holding the baby with the other), normally standing, and pretty much graze on whatever I can find because it's so difficult to prep meals. I've had my eye on this spiriler for months, and been tagging recipes I want to try. Even if I don't win, this is on my MUST haves list. :)
Tina says:
My mom would love this. She loves vegetables and she would incorporate more vegetables in her and my dad's diet with this.
Caroline Bowman says:
My mom has made major changes in her diet and is losing lots of weight! yeah for her! I have a spiralizer and she would LOVE one!
Penny Sladek says:
As a mom that has raised her children and is now enjoying life to the fullist I would love to win this to help keep our family healthy and our diets on track.
Daina Taylor says:
I purchased my spiralizer last month while my mother was visiting. We used it immediately to make the zucchini lasagna. My mother was so impressed with it we made the lasagna the next week. We also used it to make several other recipes. She looked at me and smiled and told me, now you know what you can get me for Christmas! She makes the zucchini lasagna at home now without the spiralizer and I was going to buy her one, but winning would be so much better!
Adele says:
It's the perfect gift because there are so many great dishes that can be made with it!
MK says:
My family were victims of genocide during the 1990s in former Yugoslavia. We were xtremely foruunate to escape and seek asylum first in Germany and then the United States. My mom has always been the rock-solid foundation of our family as well as the cook. Living in different countries, she had to adapt her cooking to the ingredients that she could find that were similar to the ones we had in former Yugoslavia. She experimented with cuisine from all over the world and really opened my eyes to the variety of different foods that we may never had th opportunity to try. I recently came across your blog and purchased the spiralizer for myself but I know that my mom would love one too. She has been eating healthier and working out the last year and lost a significant amount of weight but I know that she misses her pastas. This would be a great tool for her to still have that "pasta"-esque feeling of swirling her fork without compromising the lifestyle change that she's made. Thanks for reading!
Andrea says:
I just started spiralizing one week ago and I'm IN LOVE! I want to share it with everyone I know, especially my mom!
Anonymous says:
I would love to give one to my daughter whom is trying to lose after her baby girl arrived to bless our lives,
Jenn says:
Mom just went vegetarian...this would be perfect for her! She is jealous of mine :)
Katrina says:
This is great! I bought one and would love to give one to my best friend for mother's day!
Kelly Gardner says:
Looks awesome!
christi says:
I know my mom would love to try some of these great "Inspiralized" recipes if she had a spiralizer!
Sherry D. says:
My Mother would love the Spiralizer as it is very safe and easy to use. She loves her veggies and this gives her a whole new way of enjoying them!
Rebecca says:
My mom would love a spiralizer! I've introduced her to your blog and it's only a matter of time before she buys one herself, but this would be the perfect mother's day gift!
J.Lawson says:
My mom loves eating healthy, in fact, I've shown her a few of your recipes on your blog and she's amazed and would love to try them. So, I want to make her wish come true by giving her the Spiralizer .
Anonymous says:
this mom would love it.
Stephanie says:
My mother is constantly talking about eating healthier. She also just found out she has an intolerance to gluten, so eating more tasty veggies and less carb-filled pastas would make her life a little easier.
Manijeh Kamyar says:
My mom is a health nut, I was going to buy it for her myself but winning one would be awesome!! Love your blog and all that it inspires. Thank you!!
Kyris says:
My step-dat is diabetic and my mom struggles to keep his carbs down. Spiralizing is the perfect answer and they would both be healthier. Mom also has a 1/4 acre garden and she needs a way to use all of those zucchinis!
Nicole says:
My mother always tried to cook healthy meals for me as I was growing up. I'd like for her to be able to eat healthy in a new, fun, and delicious way!
Susan Karnesky says:
I would actually give it to my brother, if I win, as he cooks a lot for our mom. :-)
Christine Carlson says:
I think it's a perfect gift for this mommy!
It's a perfect gift for my mom as she enjoys good food and wants to be healthy.
bigtimeloser says:
What a great giveaway! My mom's always trying to find ways to be healthier, so I'd love to give this to her. I love finding ways to make healthy food look appealing and beautiful, and a spiralizer is a great way to do that. Thanks so much for creating/maintaining this fantastic blog!
Amanda says:
Because she loves pasta so much and I know she would love to have a lower calorie option in order to eat her favorite food!
edebelak says:
My mom has been working really hard to eat healthier these last couple years. Owning a spiralizer would help her health-ify her italian pasta eating ways!
Kelly Smith says:
How fun! I'll be sure to share this! xo
Meghan says:
I would love to introduce my mom to the spiralizer and getting more vegetables into the family!
Nausheen says:
I think it would be a creative way to make faux-pasta dishes and have fun making meals as a family :)
Anonymous says:
My mom and I both love vegetables and like to cook for each other. We also avoid gluten, so this would be perfect to make veggie noodles!
Christina says:
This would make a great gift for my mother because it would help her achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Alexis says:
My mom would love using veggies to cut out pasta!
Sally Michelle says:
Every mom needs one!
Tanya says:
I have told my husband I really want one for Mother'd Day!!!!
Pua says:
My mom and I are trying to get back into cooking, so this would be a great gift!
jessica M says:
I'd like to not have to loan mine out! This would be great to give to my mom!
Tonnia williams says:
I did not enter to win for my mom, unfortunately, she has passed on. But I want to win one for my twin sister (she is a mom). I have one and love it and want to share this wonderful device with her.
Lynn Addis says:
She would use it everyday and I would help! Gone grain-free and soooo miss pasta!
Allyson says:
My mom has recently decided she needs to get healthy so she can be around to see her new grand baby grow up! This would totally help her!!!!!
Lynn says:
My mom would love a new cooking adventure she could do with me.
Lorna R. says:
I appreciate the give-away although it will not let me enter. Do i have to have a facebook account or can i just use my email? The way I read it it sounded like you could use either but it will not allow me to finish the process when i try with my email acct?? Can anyone help me with this please? I do not have a facebook account but would like to enter if possible. I would appreciate it.
This would be great for every Mom to help her kids east veggies- even the "big" kids!
Carlynparker says:
My mom would love this for her new kitchen- she is always cooking healthy!
Lisa says:
My mom is trying to eat healthier so this would be a great gift
Joan says:
This would be a great addition to my healthy kitchen!
Lyta says:
I think it's a tool that she'd have fun using.
Ananda says:
My mom is the person that instilled my love of veggies so I think she would love having a spiralizer!
Jordan says:
I think it would be great for my mom to add bulk and nutrients to pasta dishes without extra carbs.
Brittany says:
My mom LOVES to try out new recipes! This is just what she needs!
My mom has admired creations with mine and would have so much fun
Renee says:
Because she's trying to get more veggies into her diet daily and I want to help her out. I've got a hand held one and love the simplicity of it. She has arthritis and tennis elbow so this one seems like it might be better and easier for her to use.
Whitney W says:
My mom is trying to start eating much healthier and this would be the perfect tool for her!
Anonymous says:
Perfect Mother's Day Giveaway! Awesome blog.
Sandra says:
I would love to give this a try! I love pasta but the carbs don't love me so I am hoping that this would fill that gap!
Caroline says:
I think it would be good for everyone
My mom is in love with pasta and would eat it every day if she could. This would help her make a much healthier option for daily pasta inspired dishes. Plus, I could use it when I'm home :)
Risa Dankwerth says:
This would be a great gift for my mom because after surviving Cancer three times she's trying to eat the healthiest possible diet. She lives food that is 'fun' and what food is more fun than spiral used food?
Dani Ellerton says:
Mom loves my spiralizer, and the zucchini noodles I made! I know she would love to have one of her own.
Kim says:
My mom is going vegetarian for the summer, I think it would be a great addition to spice things up and help us along.
Mary Bass says:
Just had zucchini spaghetti at my cousins this weekend for the first time. Delicious!
What a great mother's day present! I'm dropping hints left and right to the husband. ;)
Jeffrey says:
If I win this it would go to my wife. She is switching over to a gluten free diet and would benefit from being able to turn the veggies from our garden into noodles.
Sara says:
Because it would be a new fun thing for her to try!
imani1029 says:
I've told my mom about my own spiralizer adventures and she is quite envious! We're both on a weight loss journey and I know she'd love to have one so that she can make low carb, gluten-free recipes too!
Raquel Pikula says:
My mom now caregives for 2 young children that do best when following a gluten free diet...this will help her make fun and healthy meals for them, her & my dad...and me! :)
Tiffany says:
I love my Inspiralizer! I would really like to win this for my mother, who loves gadgets and would get a kick out of this one.
Mark says:
I would love to win one for my mom. My wife uses ours to make creative meals, cleverly disguising zucchini as pasta, for instance ....
Anonymous says:
My mother loves to cook for the family! She would love to be able to use this to make unique family dinners that everyone could enjoy!
Katie says:
I think my mom would love the spiralizer just as much as I do!
Arly says:
My mom would love to try this out!
ali says:
my mom would love this for fancy decorations and of course cookiing healthy for my dad!

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