My Non-Toxic Everyday Makeup Routine

My Non-Toxic Everyday Makeup Routine

My Non-Toxic Everyday Makeup Routine

Today I’m sharing the final stage of my non-toxic transition! After some trial and error, I’ve finally landed on a non-toxic everyday makeup routine that’s easy, quick, and most importantly, safe and nourishing for my largest organ: my skin.

I’m also sharing a What I Ate from Monday, when I was traveling to Austin, TX for South by Southwest (I come home today, around 4:30pm EST) so you can see what I eat while I’m “on the road.”

Let’s get to it!

What I Ate Today, March 13, 2017



I was in the mood for so many different foods – oatmeal, granola, fruit, cereal, etc, so I decided to make an acai bowl, topped with granola, blueberries, chia seeds, and bananas. The perfect filling, satisfying breakfast!


A hard boiled egg with salt and pepper – easy, quick protein snack to hold me over while I traveled to the airport!


I was at the airport at this point, so I opted for a green smoothie (I micromanaged the barista for a kale, banana, blueberry, and almond milk smoothie), which I added my Vital Proteins collagen packet to and mixed in.

I also grabbed a veggie hummus sandwich on whole wheat, because I knew I’d need some more fuel for a four hour flight. I took off one piece of bread, so only had a single piece, since I couldn’t read the ingredient list on the bread and it was a pretty giant piece of bread.


Of course, I packed my raw nut, raisin and fig mix for the trip. I snacked on this a bit on the plane, but I really slept most of the flight!


I landed at about 4:30pm CST in Austin, TX and by the time I got to my hotel, it was around 6:30pm CST and luckily, there was a Whole Foods nearby, so I had the cab driver stop here (cab drivers are SO much nicer anywhere outside of NYC, by the way), ran in, grabbed some water bottles for my trip, and made a GIANT Whole Foods salad bar dinner – quinoa, kale salad, a hard boiled egg, roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, green beans, and black beans. Amazing, as always.


When the housekeeper came by for turn down service, she delivered these amazing chocolate chip mint shortbread mini cookies, and of course, needing a little something sweet after dinner, I enjoyed them as a little treat while I watched The Bachelor season finale.

My Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

If you’ve missed my transition to a non-toxic household, you can catch up below:

  • Non-toxic skincare & beauty
  • Non-toxic household cleaners

Now, I’m completing this “non-toxic transition” series with something very crucial: MAKEUP!

There are still a few products that I’m looking to make a bit more skin safe, so let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

And as an update, I found the BEST non-toxic deodorant (Schmidt’s), thanks to all your amazing feedback on my original non-toxic post, so thank you!

Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

Face cream

Was using: Smashbox BB Cream
Now using: Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in No.3 (this offers super light coverage, but makes such a gorgeous dewey glow before you put on your makeup and kind of evens out your skin tone a bit, without feeling like you’re wearing heavy makeup. I also find it helps keep my makeup stay on longer.)

Under-eye CC cream

Was using: Colored Clay Under Eye CC Cream by Tarte
Now using: Still using this same Tarte CC cream, I love it, it’s so hard to beat, and Tarte products are less toxic than most beauty products (they have a good rating on the Think Dirty app), but I’d still love to find a safer choice. Any options out there?


Was using: Smashbox Under Eye BB Cream
Now using: Beautycounter’s Touchup Skin Concealer Pen (I use this under my eyes after I apply the CC cream above and then I use it to cover-up any blemishes. I love it!)


Was using: NARS blush
Now using: Arbonne Blush in Dusty Rose (I’m obsessed with this color, coverage hours, everything!)

Eye liner

Was using: Makeup Forever eyeliner
Now using: Honest Beauty’s True Velvet Eyeliner in Truly Cocoa (this comes with a smudger which is perfect for creating that sexier, smoky look.)


Was using: Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes, Tarte eyeshadow palettes
Now using: Lily Lolo’s Laid Bare Eye Palette

Eyebrow pencil/gel

Was using: Anastasia brow pencil and gel
Now using: Glossier’s Boy Brow Gel in Black (those of you who follow me on Instagram know I’m OBSESSED with my Boy Brow – it’s the best!)


Was using: Benefit Bad Gal Lash
Now using: Honest Beauty’s Truly Lush Mascara

Highlighter for cheek bones

Was using: Rebecca Cosmetics’ Highlighter Powder
Now using: MILK makeup highlighter


Was using: MAC lipstick
Now using: I haven’t been wearing lipstick lately, I’ve been enjoying non-toxic lip balms, like these by Dr. Bronner’s.

What non-toxic beauty brands do you recommend?


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Jessica says:
Look into Juice Beauty products. I try to do less toxic products as well and have been pleasantly surprised with their line.
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, I tried their face wash ("cleansing milk") and hated it, but I hear their makeup products are better!
Liz says:
Pure Haven Essentials and Rejuva Minerals are truly non-toxic, whereas some of the other brands you mentioned are not.
Amanda says:
Ali, your nails, always manicured beautifully but are you using non toxic products on them too?
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, I used to always get gel manicures and since my non-toxic transition, I use Essie polish, which doesn't use the "three" big baddies - formaldehyde, toulene and DBP!
Amanda says:
Essie - Resort Fling......a gorgeous peachy tone, love it
Cynthia says:
I was interested to know which non toxic mascara you had found, since that is the only product I occasionally use.
Ali Maffucci says:
Ah, I forgot to list mascara, adding that now (it's Honest beauty!)
Jenny says:
I also use benefit bad gal. One thing I love about it is the fatter the honest brush similar?
Paola says:
I mainly use the Honest Beauty makeup line! For the longest time I was searching for a non toxic mascara, I was obsessed with Clinique's, and couldn't find a safer one. Every non toxic mascara I tried came right off. Then, Honest Beauty finally had mascara in stock again (they were out for the longest) and game over! BEST.MASCARA.EVER! I also love their contouring kit, seriously amazing. I am also obsessed with Au Naturale's rose gold highlighter stick. I have been wanting to try Beauty Counter products, seems like a lot of girls really like them!
Kristen says:
Beautycounter products are great! Please let me know if you ever want to try anything or get advice on the different products!
Ali Maffucci says:
I forgot to include mascara, but it's like you read my mind - that's what I use too, isn't it the best?!
Lora says:
I use all Arbonne products for my whole family.
Anonymous says:
I love arbonne too. I wish it was rated on the think dirty app.
Nina says:
I'm a former makeup artist, and when I turned my kit green, I went for these brands. All very clean! Brands to try: Alima Pure (mascara, eyeshadows, shadow base, liners) Silk Naturals (eyeshadows and lippies) rms beauty (Lip-to-Cheek and Living Luminizer) Kjaer Weis (love their eyeshadows) W3ll People (amazing foundation stick and setting powder) Vapour Organic Beauty (great foundation) Ecco Bella (love their lipsticks and eye shadows) Hynt Beauty (amazing concealer) Root Beauty (eyeshadows) Fitglow Beauty (foundation, blush, skincare) Skincare: Andalou Naturals Dr. Hauschka Weleda Blissoma Juice Beauty Dr. Alkaitis Keys Soap Trilogy Skincare MyChelle Unfortunately, Arbonne is a "green-washing" brand - not as clean as they claim.
Ali Maffucci says:
Bravo to you for turning your kit "green" - and thank you for the fabulous list of suggestions!!
Tina says:
What us green washing?
Nina says:
"Greenwashing" in the beauty sense refers to companies claiming that their products are safe, green, organic, non-toxic, etc. A play on "whitewashing" something. The US bans less than 20 toxic ingredients in personal care products. Europe bans over 1700 now, I think. In the US, a company can claim a product is organic if it has one organic ingredient in it. Doesn't matter what else is in it. Also - "it's greenwashing when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be 'green' through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact."
Maria says:
Do you feel that the more natural beauty products hold up just as well as the ones you used to use? I know for awhile I was using more natural ones an they just didn't last as long. You should check out @gurlgonegreen - she's out here in Seattle and uses all natural beauty products, as well!
Ali Maffucci says:
I believe the opposite, actually! I've tried a bunch of different products and these work just as well as my old, toxic products! Thanks for the tip about @gurlgonegreen!
Vicki says:
Sunkissalba. Been watching her for years and you two are similar in the non-toxic lifestyle and vegetable focused meals. I feel like you are YouTube sisters.
Cindy Innes Girodat says:
Pure Anada Cosmetics and Skincare Manitoba Canada. Awesome line and very affordable!!
Debra Zantman says:
Hi Ali, Thanks for showing what you ate. Its always helpful to everyone, especially if you are traveling and not home. Here is my line up. Face Cleanser-Nourish Organic, cucumber and watercress.. You need the size of a dime and it will cover your whole face. It cleans great. Soft to the skin. Face lotion-Nourish Organic, Argan+rosewater. It is amazing. It keeps your face so soft and smooth. You need very little. It very moisturizing. Body Lotion-Nourish Organic, Almond Vanilla. I absolutely love it! It is the best body lotion i ever tried. It really is fantastic. I do love Nourish Organic brand. I buy them at local health food store, or whole foods. bb cream-Lavera. beauty balm. but i just found out on Monday they don't carry this one anymore, so i am trying the Lavera cc cream this one time. Lavera is online. Just order cc cream for first time. makeup remover-Lavera. it is nice and does the job on the mascara i use. Eyeliner- I gave it up..don't wear it anymore.. Mascara-Tarte- Light camera, flashes. Bronzer- i don't use blush anymore, just bronzer. Physicians Formula.. Healthy Glow Bronzer. Brows-never found a clean version, use Benefit brow zings powder, very little, very light. Lip Liner-Lavera Lipstick-Lavera, mixed with Revlon. Lavera is ok for lipstick.. Glad your home safe and sound..
Julie Ragains says:
I love Honest Beauty! Their luminizing powders are great as well as they eye products. I was not a fan of their concealer, however. Very cakey, I'd steer clear!
Betty Jo Davis says:
I just started using Insta Naturals and love love their rose hip oil. Their glycolic peel is great too.
Sherie says:
My daughter, best friend, and I are obsessed with Alba Botanica's Fast Fix for under eye circles. It shrinks and tints bags under the eyes and bonus for being cruelty free!
Becky says:
I have not tried this brand of make-up, but have been wanting to- It's called 100% Pure. It appears that all theirs is made from natural sources.
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, I love their brand, I use their body moisturizers!
Taylor says:
What do you use to make your Acai bowls with - for the Acai part? Do you use the frozen packets? Thanks!
I love Beautycounter's Dew Moisturizer as well. All of their products are great, and I love that they offer shades for different skin tones.
Cynthis says:
Cab drivers inNY contend with dreadful traffic conditions. I find that most of them are very nice and very hard working. I'm also impressed by their Kindness and helpfulness to the elderly, handicapped and mothers with strollers.
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, definitely! Everyone's just sooo nice and gentle down South, it's so refreshing!
Jennifer says:
Hey Ali! Have you heard of Petit Vour? its a monthly subscription service like birch box & ipsy..only its all vegan, cruelty free products! its only 15$ a month & you can cancel at should check it out! thats how I find new non-toxic beauty products :)
Judy says:
Thanks Jennifer. This sounds easy, reasonably priced, and ideal for trying new products. Just signed up!
Jenn Griffin says:
I personally love w3ll people, and some of the Pacifica items are worth checking out too.
Carol says:
Hi Ali, My fav blush is Eminence Organic in Chai Berry shade. Not too pink or peach. I've been using this for a couple of years now, never going back to old brand! You know how it is when you find something great!
I love Cindy Joseph's line of Boom Cosmetics. As an older gal, I have great skin and have been using her line of face color, a really wonderful highlight stick, light moisture stick and BoomSilk moisture. The prices are right. One cream for all things, moisture, eye cream, hand cream... you name it and it really does the trick. I also make a spray humectant from vegetable gycerin, green tea and purified water that will totally attract moisture if the green moisturizers are falling short.
Stephanie says:
Hi Ali -- Check out Thrive Causemetics. It's an amazing brand that does one for one giving--for every product you purchase, they donate one to a woman in need. All the formulations are vegan and free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates. They're an up and coming brand and you can only buy on their website, but I've tried the products and they're really amazing. Check em out!
Mary says:
Have you checked out Paula's Choice online? I'm 69 and use their Skin Recovery System, but they make products for younger skin of various types. They list all their ingredients and I believe they are non-toxic - I know they feel much better than my previous OTC products. I use Look Fabulous Forever, a British brand of makeup, which you could also check out.
Shannon says:
There's definitely even cleaner options. Even though beautycounter is touted as clean it's definitely not the cleanest. Here's some ideas for a full face of makeup :) 1. Primer- crunchi cosmetics 2. Under eye/concealer- either RMS uncover up or hynt beauty 2. Foundation- I personally love fitglow the best but other options: crunchi, hynt, vaporizer beauty, nu evolution 3. Eyeshadow- lily lolo, nu evolution, kjaer wise 4. Eyeliner- Zuzu liquid liner 5. Mascara- lily lolo or 100 percent pure 6. Bronzer- lily lolo 7. Highlighter- lily lolo, 100 percent pure 8. Blush- lily lolo, 100 percent pure, fitglow 9. Lip products- lily lolo, nudus, crunchi, fitglow 10. Setting spray- lily lolo Hope that helps :)
Ryen Brumbeloe says:
I love Jane Iredale cosmetics. They have a fantastic makeover section of their website, so you can "try on" all colors to see how you would look in them. Rated very well on Also, the Acure brand has great body lotions, face washes, moisturizers, etc.... all available at Target and other grocery stores that are very accessible and budget friendly. Beautycounter is great, but super pricey.
Karen Webb says:
I use Younique Cosmetics and Skin care. The products are all natural; makeup has great coverage and it is nice knowing that whatever I use of theirs is all natural!
Mary says:
What product is everyone using for I make up remover please? Thanks Mary
Mary says:
Sorry for the typo earlier my question was what does everyone use for Eye make up remover.
Ali Maffucci says:
I use Korres makeup remover wipes!
Mary says:
Thanks, Ali.
Sara says:
Such a great post! I love Schmidt so glad others have found it too! I've been using it for a couple years now and have tried others and nothing natural compares to it. Also, love that you are using a few Beauty Counter products! I'm about to sign up to be a consultant knowing that you are using products makes me feel better about my decision to sell it. Love your mission on helping others get to a healthier lifestyle!
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much - and good luck as a consultant!!
Debra Zantman says:
Thank You everyone for your suggestions, i am going to check out the lily lolo line. I never heard of them until yesterday on this blog...
Ali Maffucci says:
Oh great, you'll love it!
Anonymous says:
Vapour Organic foundation has worked a lot better for me than Beautycounter's did. Also, Zoya is the best nontoxic nail polish line there is!
Wendy says:
Here are some cosmetics I just found that are non-toxic. I am trying out the eye pencil and just love it.
Janice Litvin says:
Aly, I'm so glad you discovered BeautyCounter and I second that their mascara is awesome to get at those little corner eyelashes. BTW, I love your recipes. My friends think I'm a little obsessed with spiralizing, but it has opened my world. Thanks!
Ali Maffucci says:
Janice, I'm obsessed too, so join the party! Thanks for saying hi!
Mary says:
Are all these suggestions and the products you use Ali, cruelty free?
Stacy Robertson says:
I have switched to all W3ll People products. I love all their stuff and have very sensitive skin. I love it!!
Robin says:
Hi Ali- My friend Janice (post above) does amazing things with her spiralizer. Loved the frozen apple & chocolate recipe. Just delicious. Thinking of getting myself one and join the spiralizing party! I'm a Beautycounter rep in Chicago and she told me you're a fan. Thanks for the shout out to Beautycounter in your daily regimen. (Happy to send samples of the Beautycounter+ line. It's fantastic.) Happy Spiralizing! Robin
Toni says:
Are these products only available on line? Where else might I find them?
Natalie says:
The 100% pure mascara is amazing! only one that provides volume on par with my prior non-clean choices. I also have tried everything in terms of non-toxic deodorant and found the longest lasting and best at keeping off smell is Piper Wei. It has a charcoal base and is magic.
Sally says:
Have you seen this:
AnnMarie says:
Love love these blog posts! Question, you mentioned in one of your snaps that you ran out of your under eye pads and you notice a difference now? Just curious what the brand they are? I wanted to try some out! Thank you!
Stacey says:
I like wunder budder lip balms. It's a small woman owned business.
Thanks so much, Ali! My sister and I have both followed you since your beginnings (we're in Winston-Salem, home of your alma mater!) and absolutely LOVE Inspiralized! We've introduced it to SO many others! You would adore the Cobblestone Farmer's Market - all local, organic, and held in historic Old Salem. We get nearly all our food there - and are grateful for these amazing farmers. For many years, too - because non-toxic ingredients and NO animal testing is so important to me, I've used nearly everything Aveda - and am so pleased with the results and with the company's philosophy. However, your posts about completely changing to non-toxic beauty and self-care products (YAY for you!) has caused me to look even more closely (their EWG scores are far from good, sadly), and I've checked out many of the resources you've shared. I may switch to W3LL, Beauty Counter, or Honest Beauty. And I had still never found a good deodorant, so thank you for that, as well! You ROCK!
Katie says:
Ali, I love these nontoxic posts! I've invested in some of your recommendations, thank you! Do you have any recommendations for face moisturizer with SPF? I recently purchased Beauty Counter's daily face cream, but I wish I had something for my face with SPF. Thanks!
Clara says:
Does anyone know if products from Kypris are 100% clean? They are pricey ( I just ordered a tiny size bottle of their 1000 Roses serum for a whopping $90.) Has anyone had any experience with line?
Stacey says:
I'm late to see this post (thanks for linking back in your Green Pan post!), but I love these suggestions. I have been using a combination of Alima Pure, W3llPeople, and Inika Organic (amazing lipstick!) for years and will never go back! I can't wait to try Schmidt's deodorant; I've been using Herban Cowgirl and it's good, but not great for workouts and hotter days. Thanks Ali!
Kim says:
Hi, has anyone tried any DoTerra Products??? Very curious to know thoughts on it.
Sam says:
Have you tried mineral fusion products? Their mascara is amazing and so is their concealer! I love makeup and now I use all of their products
jordan Pahkala says:
Hi Ali, Do you have a setting powder you use over the tinted moisturizer?

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