My Transition Over to Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare + What I Ate Today

My Transition to Non-Toxic Beauty

My Transition Over to Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare + What I Ate Today

After polling you all over on Instagram and Snapchat on whether you preferred me to share my non-toxic product transition or the final overhaul, the verdict was clear: you wanted to see the transition.

There are still some products that I want to find better alternatives to, there are still some products I need to swap to non-toxic. But today, I’m sharing with you what I’ve switched over to so far, and what’s working for me. I always love trying new products (and I think you should change up your beauty/skincare routine, so your skin doesn’t get used to it – just like your workouts), so if you like this post, I’ll do a follow-up post on this.

For now, here’s what non-toxic skincare and haircare products I’m using now. Makeup will be next!

What I Ate Today, February 7, 2017



Since I got a late start to the day (didn’t get to my desk until 9:15am) and wanted to keep on my schedule (I’m usually done with e-mails by 9:15am, because I’m at my desk by 8:15am at the latest), I just had a banana with Justin’s almond butter. I ran out of the serving-size packets (my favorite, you can grab them here), so I had to go straight out of the tub. #reallife


I had one of my favorite NOKA Organics packets, in the Sweet Potato flavor. You can grab them here.


I knew I would be testing a couple of recipes, so I kept lunch predictable and the same as usual: my vegetable sandwich, this time with kale as the greens instead of spinach (because I ran out!) Hummus, cucumbers, onion, avocado, carrots, tomato, all on Ezekiel bread.


A slice of this pizza (made with a spiralized potato crust!) – SO DELICIOUS. Insanely delicious. Sharing the recipe on Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned! I gave the leftovers to the doormen at the front desk!

I also had a small bowl of the sauce from this dish (a dairy-free creamy tomato basil sauce with chicken), because I was craving a bit of protein! Recipe coming soon!


I had full intentions of cooking dinner, but after my Spanish lesson, I worked a bit later (until about 7:15pm) and I got back, threw in a load of laundry, and was pooped. Luckily, I had saved leftovers from last week’s dinner (my Quinoa Vegetable Chili), so I just reheated that up!


I was craving salty, so I had a big bowl of my favorite vegan cheesey popcorn by SkinnyPop. I also had a little bowl of blueberries, but forgot to take a picture!

My Transition Over to Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare

About a month ago, I discovered a disconnect in my daily routine. I take pride in eating clean, whole foods, exercising consistently, being as kind as I can be to others, and practicing self-love and care. However, I was noticing that my skin wasn’t normally as radiant, and I was feeling like my every day was missing something. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I just started to think about my daily routine, to find the source of “the void.” Since I eat well (and always read ingredients), why wasn’t I applying this healthy perspective to all of the products I use and consume?

I opened up my medicine cabinet and looked in my shower and to my dismay: all chemicals. I started reading about the dangers of some of the chemicals found in a lot of the products I was using and I discovered the scary truth: many of these chemicals aren’t well regulated by the US FDA and they are known to play a role in cancer, fertility, mood disorders, and even organ toxicity. Since these chemical compounds are absorbed by your skin, they get into your body system and can affect it. And it’s not the single use of a cream. It’s the everyday, constant use that ends up messing with your body’s ability to naturally detox from these chemicals.


And I’m not trying to scare you. I JUST recently became aware of all of this (ignorance is bliss, eh?), and I relate it to my journey with vegansim. When I read my first book on veganism, I immediately thought, “How did I not KNOW all of this?! And how have I been eating this way for so long?! I’m hurting myself!”

Now…. you could cause yourself to go crazy over all of this – healthy eating, exercising, and buying non-toxic products. What I recommend (especially if you don’t have the budget for a major overhaul) is pick maybe 2-3 products that you use every single day and replace them with something non-toxic (say, your moisturizer and deodorant). Then, as your products run out, choose to buy non-toxic ones. That’s what I’m doing!

So, I’ve decided to transition as quickly as I can to a non-toxic skincare and beauty routine. This sounds really daunting, time-consuming, and expensive, but thanks to the Internet and all of your amazing recommendations, I started cleaning up my routine.

UPDATE: Download the Think Dirty App and start checking all of your products for their toxicity levels. You’ll be shocked!

So let’s look at my NEW medicine cabinet and compare it to the old and see what I swapped! Next post will be about makeup and then, of course, household cleaning.

My Transition Over to Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare + What I Ate Today

Daily cleanser

Was using: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
Now using: Beautycounter’s Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Daily moisturizer

Was using: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Now using: Beautycounter’s Nourishing Day Cream

Daily under-eye cream

Was using: Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel
Now using: Beautycounter’s Rejuvenating Eye Cream
Also trying (waiting to arrive in the mail): Korres Eye Cream

Night under-eye cream

Was using: La Mer The Eye Concentrate
Now using: La Mer The Eye Concentrate
Also trying (waiting to arrive in the mail): Night repair cream by Eminence

This eye cream was a gift from Lu for Christmas (it’s extremely expensive and works like magic). I’m waiting until it runs out to replace, because it just seems extremely wasteful not to use it. And it’s low on the toxicity levels.

Night face cream

Was using: La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream Ultralight Gel
Now using: Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream by Eminence (LOVE! You can also find it here.)

Charcoal mask

Was using: Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask by Clinique
Now using: Beautycounter Charcoal Mask (OBSESSED!)
Also love this mask (not a charcoal): Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Makeup remover

Was using: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
Now using: Burt’s Bees Face Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract
Phasing out: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


Was using: Clinique Clarifying Lotion
Now using: Beautycounter Rejuvenating Toner Pads (love how they come ready-to-use)
Also using: S.W. Basics Toner


Was using: Dove Antiperspirant
Now using: Arbonne Pure Mint Deodorant
Used and HATED: Jason’s deodorant (I smelt so bad!)

I’m still looking for a great deodorant – the Arbonne one is MUCH better than Jason’s and I’m pretty happy with it, but there’s room for improvement. Let me know!

Daily body lotion

Was using: Aveeno Daily Moisturizer
Now using: Eminence Coconut Firming Skin Moisturizer (I can’t say enough good things about this, it feels amazing putting it on, it smells incredible, and I’ve noticed my skin firming, literally!)
Also using: Arbonne Hand & Body Lotion (for moisturizing hands and when I don’t want to break into the ‘good stuff’ by Eminence.)


Was using: Ugh, anything – Crest, Colgate, etc.
Now using: Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste (LOVE!)

Hair wax

Was using: Bed Head Up Front wax
Now using: John Masters Organics

Hair spray

Was using: Big Sexy Hair
Now using: Outerspace Flexible Hairspray by R+Co

Dry Shampoo

Was using: Toni + Guy Dry Shampoo
Now using: R+Co Dry Shampoo (obsessed!)

Shower Products

My Transition Over to Non-Toxic Beauty and Skincare + What I Ate Today

Shampoo & Conditioner

Was using: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette
Now using: Acure Shampoo & Conditioner

Body Wash

Was using: Dove body wash
Now using: Everyday Shea Body Butter Wash (I found this at Whole Foods and I’m obsessed – it smells deliciously minty + vanilla-y, AND the cause is great: all sales of Alaffia products contribute to empowerment projects to help break the cycle of poverty in Togo, Africa.

Facial exfoliator

Was using: Neutrogena Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit
Now using: Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Exfoliator


So, tell me – what are some of your favorite non-toxic skincare products?


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Nora says:
I'm in love with the lavanila deodorant, I use the coconut vanilla. It even does a good job for workouts. I have a three year old and I keep his bathtime routine as clean as possible. The California Baby line is great and I've been known to use his body wash as my face wash and his calendula cream as my face and hand cream. It's so crazy that the beauty care industry is able to use such harmful chemicals, it's so disheartening that there's virtually no regulatory body looking out for consumers' health. I was stunned when my pediatrician told me that Johnson and Johnson baby products contain formaldehyde! I can only assume that this will get worse over the next four years.
Ellen Hunt says:
I LOVE the lavanila deodorant - I use the sport luxe. I've tried others, but none work quite as well! It's a tad pricier than your average deo, but it's so so so worth it.
Ellen Hunt says:
Look into Logical Harmony and Rhian HY/wifelife (she has various usernames across platforms). They're both vegan/cruelty-free, and they are wonderful resources for me.
Liz says:
I prefer the Pure Haven Essentials line of products which are primarily aloe-based. My skin has never looked better! For deodorant, try Schmidt's. It's the only natural deodorant I've tried that works, and I've tried most of them.
Elyse says:
You want to be careful with Schmidts if your skin is sensitive to baking powder. I broke out in a terrible rash.
ReaderRita says:
If you use any deodorant with baking soda in it (they work!), over time, the baking soda will change the ph of your skin, resulting in itching or a rash. The way to combat this is to make a rinse of organic apple cider vinegar (and make sure it states "with the mother" on the label) and water that you apply to your underarms daily and then rinse off (I apply it when I get in the shower, and rinse when I get out). The apple cider vinegar returns skin to it's proper ph. It's great to use on your hair, too. ACV is awesome.
Corinne says:
I love the Native deodorant in Coconut Vanilla!! It smells awesome and my body adjusted to it pretty easily. They also sent me a travel size of the lavender scent and that smells great too!
Courtney says:
I just ordered the Lavender and Rose scent and cannot believe it has free shipping! I have never heard of this brand before so thanks for the recommendation!
Mary says:
I love the Native Deodorant in Lavender!
Mary says:
I love the Native Deodorant in Lavender! I also love Trader Joe's Tea tree tingle body wash!
Laura says:
I am OBSESSED with Acure Organics. I've never gotten a bad product from them. I use their shampoo, conditioner, and lotion and just placed a huge order (since their site is 25% off right now!) for more goodies. Their face wipes are amazing too, and a free pack was included in my order! Speaking of face wipes, I do love the Burt's Bees ones too. They feel so good on my skin! I've also been using Earthpaste toothpaste, which has been really great for my teeth. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't like it that much, so we'll be going back to regular stuff for now-- but I love the ingredients in Nature's Gate and I'm putting it on my Amazon Wish List for sure! Have you ever tried Primal Pit Paste? I've been using it for over a year now and I'm really pleased with how it doesn't irritate my skin. It's not an antiperspirant, but I have noticed that with long-term use, my sweating and smell have decreased dramatically. Thanks so much for this post! I really enjoyed it!
Marcie Lowe says:
I also have used the Primal Pit Paste and LOVE it! I had to use the super strength and found that it didn't irritate my skin.
Julie says:
LOVE primal pit paste in strong strength. : ) Thank you for your blog! And this post! Love!
caitlin Murphy says:
I use native deodorant. The coconut vanilla and I love it! I also had a bad experience with Jason's. I smelt awful. But I'm living native!
Deb says:
I absolutely love Native deodorant. I have the coconut vanilla which smells amazing, and I have to say I don't stink! I've been using it for a month now, so not in hot weather yet, but it keeps me fresh through a workout.
Jenn says:
Consonant Skincare! Its a Canadian Brand but they ship to the US. I use it for facewash, moisturizer, eye cream, face mask and deodorant. Awesome stuff and 100% natural. They also have this amazing hydra extreme serum that gives my face moisture and life in the winter. There are 100's of positive reviews about all their products on their site. Check it out!
Kaity says:
Congrats on moving your routine to all natural/organic! It seems intimidating at first but there are so many great companies out there that are chemical-free. It's actually fun finding new products! I've struggled with finding a natural deodorant for months - I've tried everything from brands I've stumbled across on Amazon, to Tom's, etc. Everything made me smelly. I almost gave up hope and then I found Agent Nateur N°3 Deodorant. It's natural, smells AMAZING and holds up all day - even through workouts! I would definitely recommend trying it. Awesome blog post, Ali!
Brenda says:
I second the Agent Nateur No 3 deodorant. Works so well, even with a tough Pilates workout and tons of sweat!
Anonymous says:
I've tried them all but Piperwai is the best. It will be the last deodorant you use. And it's a female-owned startup. Give them a try!!
Anonymous says:
AGREE! I've tried soooo many, and they all still leave you with that hint of BO smell. Even if people around you can't smell it, I can smell it and I don't want to lay next to my husband smelling like that! Piperwei stick is amazing and I smell exactly like the deodorant when I am sweating. Not an ounce of BO. The smell isn't my favorite smell, however, it beats out body odor a million times over.
Sana says:
I totally also had the almond butter+ banana combo for breakfast!
Samantha F. says:
Best, best, best deodorant in the entire world is Lush's T'eo: . I used to be super smelly after working out now there is zero smell EVER. It's really amazing.
Hannah says:
My favorite deodorant is EO Products' Vetiver spray deodorant. I smell great all day, but also the bottles are small (perfect for a purse or a drawer at your desk) so I can always freshen up if I need to. I also like the Tea Tree scent but did NOT like the Citrus scent - something about mixing body odor with sweetness didn't make sense to me ;) Additionally, micellar water is great as a makeup remover. While those Burt's Bees wipes are great, it's also a lot of waste going into the trash can each evening. I use a nice soft towel with micellar water, rinse it well, and throw it in the laundry every few days with a full load - much friendlier to the earth.
Kimberly ORosky says:
I switched to nontoxic beauty and cleaning supplies nearly two years ago. I read somewhere that the anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within seconds and that really stuck with me because there so so many unknown chemicals in beauty products. I joined Goodebox - beauty subscription box that's all natural. Love it and love finding new products!!!! My favs: Tatcha rice powder, MyChelle Cranberry Cleanser, DoTERRA On Guard Toothpaste, 100% pure for makeup - love their mascara!, Han for eyeshadow, Juice Beauty Hand Cream, Lillian Eve nail polish, DoTERRA shampoo/conditioner/hair serum, Piperwai deodorant, Earth Wise Beauty marigold moisturizer!
Amber says:
I just use water mixed with vinegar for everything, even the floors. That’s all ya need.
Linda says:
Thank you for posting about this - I'm also on this journey! I have heard great things about Schmidt's
Linda says:
P.S. by "Schmidt's" I meant Schmidt's deodorant
Lindsay C says:
Glad to see your transition journey! I started with acure organics when I first began switching over a couple of years ago-- it's definitely a trial and error process for a little while. For deodorant - I like Primal Pit Paste - it's worked well for me. A little weird at first that it comes in a jar and you have to rub a small amount into each armpit, but, I actually prefer it that way now. Also, love the Eminence line - good choice :) I also like the Jason toothpaste in vanilla mint, and Dr. Bronner's Peppermint and hemp liquid soap for body wash (though there are a myriad of things you can use it for.) I'm also a big fan of Herbivore botanicals Moonfruit superfruit night treatment and their lapis facial oil.
Kristi says:
Glad to see you transitioning. I remember being shocked when I saw a post of the products you used and thought it was such a disconnect. I have always been a product junkie and love the quality of Beautycounter's skincare & makeup(especially the charcoal soap & mask), and also love Schmidt's deordorant. Also love We Love Eyes eye makeup remover. I still have a few rogue products in my cabinet (Aveda hairspray), but overall have been very happy with my switch. The skin is the largest organ, so why screw up all the good work you're doing from the inside?
Pepita says:
This is amazing information! How did you know what products are harmful and what products were more natural? I hear all the time about parabens, etc, but is there a resource that lists these things out? A website or something? Thanks!
Lindsay C says:
Download the EWG's (Environmental Working Group's) SkinDeep app - you can use it in store to scan barcodes of products or just search by name and it will give you a rating on a scale of 1-10 how harmful/toxic it is as well as a breakdown of the ingredients.
Pepita says:
Lindsay C, thank you so much! I also have been thinking about cleaning up my products, and this will help big time!
Anonymous says:
also, download the "think dirty" app. you can scan items in the store as well. sometimes one of those apps doesn't have a product yet but the other does. Having both is a great resource. A big one to stay away from is the word "fragrance" that is almost always a chemical and can be a hormone disruptor.
Dana Yaxa says:
I think I have tried every natural deodorant out there and haven't loved anything as much as my new find. It is amazing and stands up during workouts! Can't recommend this one enough! AGENT NATEUR N°4 HOLI(ROSE) DEODORANT
Jill says:
I love Schmidt's deodorant. Tried a few others and they just didn't work. You could also check out Norwex body clothes. They use microfiber and you don't need to use a body wash. Many can upset the pH of your skin.
Danielle says:
I LOVE Tarte makeup. I use everything of theirs but the eye shadow - I've tried a lot of natural options of eye shadow and still haven't found one. I recently started using the L'Bri skincare line and really like it - all of their products are aloe based. I use Tom's unscented deodorant and actually LOVE it. Some of the natural products can be too earthy smelling for my taste - I will say it did take me quite some time for it to work (a few weeks to adjust). I like their toothpaste as well as the brand at Trader Joe's - it works well and is much less expensive. Excited to see what else you find!
GG says:
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal in the Ocean Breeze scent works amazing.
Trish Z says:
Loved this post! I have been using "whole" beauty products for a few years now, thanks to my friends from Follain! I have noticed a difference in my skin as well! A couple of amazing recommendations that I have used and loved and recommend to everyone! First is toner, it's not like the astringent we used growing up, it balances my skin and prepares it to absorb my moisturizer! I swear by Dr. alkaitis organic herbal toner. I received Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water for Christmas and am equally obsessed, the bottles last forever! Secondly, deodorant....I used SoapWalla deodorant cream and love it! Once I got over applying with my hands, it smells great, never makes you smell and worked through my hardest workouts! Lastly, one of my favorite shampoo/conditioners is Arabia classic shampoo, it smells nice and makes my hair beyond soft. It foams mildly so you don't waste a ton of product trying to figure out why it doesn't foam. Highly recommend!! Thanks for sharing your whole products, I will be eager to try some!
Brenda says:
Is it possible to have this lovely list made into a pdf or something easier for me to print? Thank you
Ali Maffucci says:
Just copy and paste into a Word document!
Kara says:
I'm obsessed with Native deodorant. You can't really go wrong with any of the scents. It works better than anything else I've used. Also a good toner is witch hazel I usually buy Thayers brand. Thanks for posting this I'm starting to switch over too and need some good recommendations.
Anonymous says:
Another vote for piper wai deodorant. I've tried so many natural deodorants and most just do not work. Before discovering piper wai I was using kiss my face roll on - which was ok, but needed frequent re-application. Piper wai is the best I've tried by a mile - and I teach fitness classes, so I get very sweaty!
Anonymous says:
it's amazing that you really only need one application of piperwei a day!
Brie says:
Thank you Ali and everyone else for this info! I have been thinking of changing out my products for a while, especially the products I use on my kids, but had no idea how to go about it. This helps so much!!
Jocelyn says:
Have been using Naturally Safer by Lifekind deodorant for years. I sweat a lot when working out or working outside & this really works for me. Had to get used to a spray. Am glad to see others listed.....would like an alternative. Thanks.
JoLynn says:
I LOVE that you're starting this journey and sharing it with all of your followers. You're making a lot of progress. A couple recommendations: I'd highly recommend the Think Dirty app which has a database of products and scores them based on the chemicals they have that affect Carcinogenicity, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity, and Allergies & Immunotoxicities. They also go into greater detail and give you the chemicals that are responsible for their respective scores, along with alternative products with lower scores. Any products not found in their database can be submitted for review. It's a great resource. Also, Organic Bunny does reviews of clean products as well. I offer this only because I saw that you were replacing a lot of your products with BeautyCounter products, so I went to check them out and they still have some chemical content to them. Don't worry though, it's a learning process. I went through four deodorants before I found one that worked for me. It's a lot of trial and error. Best of luck and look forward to reading more about your journey to clean.
Sally says:
I agree JoLynn, Arbonne still has a lot of chemicals too. Lipstick and nail polish seem to be the hardest.
Katie says:
Agreed! Some of these mentioned would still be seen as toxic by some (depending on what level of clean you are aiming for) like Burts Bees. I would suggest following The Organic Bunny as JoLynn does. It definitely takes time & tons of research, and she's super helpful! :)
Joni Bassett says:
Love the fact that you are using Beautycounter. They are a great company. Not only are their products the safest on the market but by spending your money on these products you are effecting change within the beauty care industry.
Ashley says:
Did you experience an armpit detox?? I really want to try out natural deodorant, but that whole process kind of freaks me out. Could you share if you did?? Maybe on alissandra b. if not here? Thank you so much for sharing!
Emily Hershey says:
Thanks for sharing! I enjoy hearing about non-toxic brands and items that others like. I started using Young Living Essential Oils last year, and I've gradually been replacing other brands with YL items. My favorites so far are YL toothpaste, shampo and conditioner, lip balms, hand sanitizer and household cleaner. I just bought some Norwex items. I'm excited to try them because with most of their products they recommend water only.
Paige calla says:
So happy you made the switch to Beautycounter! Amazing products and incredible mission. Try Schmidt's deodorant. I've tried everything and really happy with it!
Rita Holland says:
So glad you made the transition! I changed over to all LimeLight skin care products in November and my skin has improved tremendously. Suffered from post-menopausal acne as well as sever dry skin but not any more! Each of my kids, niece and son's gfriend have now received their own sets!! (Full disclosure: I Beieve in it so much I've become a rep...full time job is in real estate!)
Lisa Rothenberg says:
Schmidts deodorant is the best! I've tried several other brands but love this one. My husband users it as well. Many scents to choose from. As far as skincare I Use Alcone by Limelight. Products are all natural and work great! They have s make up line as well. If interested please let me know. This line is available through reps only, I can get you info for my girl. Check out our online.
Felicia Kiefer says:
Just a tip - a lot of these products can be found for much cheaper on Thrive Market ( or Vitacost (
Ali says:
Lush is one of my favorite stores! All of their products are vegetarian or vegan and they use recycled packaging. I currently use their Big sea salt shampoo and their Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner. They also have a shaving cream that smells like strawberries! Other great things are their bath bombs. Also if you save and return 5 containers you can get a free face mask. I haven't tried it but they do make makeup too.
Jen S. says:
Agreed - Lush has amazing products and I like the fact that they have expiration dates (knowing that there are no or limited chemical preservatives). They have a great deodorant called Aromaco that works well. Hope that you check it out! And thanks for all of the info about the beauty product make over - makes me realize that I need to make a few more changes.
Carrie says:
Hi! LOVE this post & the comments. I too am searching high and low for deodorant - thanks so much for all the suggestions ladies. Last I checked, Beauty Counter's website states "final product not tested on animals" which only means the actual final product is not tested, whereas the different elements along the way likely are. I'm very interested to try some of the other lines mentioned here.
Kendall says:
Anything by Eminence is wonderful. DoTerra toothpaste is all I will use. It has essential oils in it and also works to desensitize your teeth. You can get it on Amazon. Monat hair products are wonderful I had very thin hair after cancer treatment and it is working to thicken it. It is a slow process. I get compliments on my hair quality all the time Thai Crystal Stick Deodorant works for me.
Bonnie says:
I haven't been impressed with any natural deodorants as the ines I've tried have felt rough on my skin but I recently tried Meow Meow Tweet in the jar and I'm so IN LOVE! It's vegan and very gentle and smooth. Grapefruit is my favorite scent thus far.
Jasmine says:
Thank you for taking the time to post this! I started using Think Dirty about a year ago and have been transitioning to cleaner products since. I love 100% Pure, their mascara is great. Currently also using their night cream and eye cream. Also bought a nail polish (which are usually super toxic), but haven't tried it yet. I'll be sure to read all the comments, especially about deodorants. I've tried a bunch and have the same problem with all of them: stress sweat (nasty emails, intense phone calls...) always gets me, and I'll smell for the rest of the day, so gross. I've heard good things about Tata Harper, and they have a sampler kit that should be useful, I'll try that soon. For makeup, some Jane Iredale products are 1-3 on Think Dirty, so I've been trying these. Very happy with the Tinted Moisturizer and concealer. Still using Dermalogica for SPF 50 every morning, but also use Colorescience mineral sunscreen during the day and I love it, but not sure how toxic it is!
Jasmine says:
Oh! Forgot to mention: Dr Bronner's (in lavender) as face/body wash. Also removes makeup and my skin has loved it for the past year (no breakouts, squeaky clean feel), and you only need the tiniest amount. As Thayers witch hazel as a toner, not irritating at all and leaves you feel fresh and clean after an NYC day (pollution, subway grossness and stuffy offices).
Kara says:
In the winter, I just use the Crystal Rock deoderant - I apply it right out of the shower before bed. In the summer, I have to switch to Tom's Antipersperant. I use Shea Moisture products on my hair and the Shea Moisture body bar as soap. I really LOVE Trader Joe's Fennel toothpaste. For my skin - you have GOT to try this - Swell Skin Miracle is hands down the most amazing thing I have ever put on my skin (it's pure Sea Buckthorn oil - nothing icky). If you want a good read, try "No More Dirty Looks" - it's all about the personal care/cosmetic industry. It's quite an eye opener.
Oh boy I'm about to spend a bunch of cash! :-P What would you say your skin type is -- more dry or oily?
Monique says:
For deodorant I use either Soapwalla or Primal Pit Paste. I have tried many and these are my favorites so far. Both are available on Amazon. For cosmetics my favorite organic non toxic mascara and other makeup comes from W3LL People.
Susan says:
Love the Tarte line for makeup and Natra Organic Tampons are fantastic and an important product to swap out too.
Kimber Williams says:
I use Crystal Essence, Lavender and white tea...and LOVE! I box and Peloton and thank goodness I don't smell pits when I'm done. Thanks for all the recommendations...some of those beauty products I'm going to have to try and I'm starting to run out of the old stuff, time to bring in some new stuff.
Judy says:
Very interested in this, but as a woman of a certain age am wondering if the skincare products discussed here are as beneficial for older skin. Am currently using Burt's Bees Renewal products. Has your mother jumped on board as well, Ali, and, if so, is she using the same products or does she have additional recommendations? Regardless, I think this is an excellent idea and appreciate your sharing.
Kara says:
Judy, I'm in my late 40's and the Miraculous Oil has done wonders for my skin. I use it at least twice a day - morning and night after washing my face. For me, it has diminished those lovely fine lines ;) - and me skin feels so moisturized.
Judy says:
Thanks Kara, I'll check it out!
Shelby says:
I love all this and we are doing the same in our home. I actually just started selling Beauty Counter and they will be coming out with a just wait!! ?
Caroline K says:
Thank you for this post! I am new to the non-toxic face routine and find this very helpful. I've been loving all products by the company Primally Pure, especially their deodorant.
Marilyn says:
I love the Arbonne Skin Care products and the makeup. I've been using Arbonne for roughly the past 12 years and everyone always comments on my skin!
Sally says:
Wow, I really appreciate all these switches. I have done the same over the last few months but have tried to keep it even cleaner - I use coconut oil for my face, hands and body. I checked all my cosmetics and body products against the environmental working group as well and try not to use anything over a rating of 3. Gabriel cosmetics are good too.
Sandra says:
Love, love Paula's Choice skincare and have been using it exclusively for many years. Her website also contains Beautypedia, a huge encyclopedia of products rated for safety and how well they do what the manufacturer says they will do for your skin. She just released a new foundation with medium coverage that I'm looking forward to using in place of a cc cream I've been using that has a few irritants in it. As for your deodorant question, I have "problem pits" and have found that depilating my pits regularly is vital to helping "natural" deodorants work all day. I second the many comments for Schmidt's (lots of great scents) and Lavanila which is effective during the winter here in the southern California desert. Aesop deodorant 1.7 fl. oz. at Barney's for $35. It's the most amazingly effective deodorant in my drawer! One spray per pit every 24 hours! Thank you so much for sharing your journey ;)
Shirley Smith says:
I am in love with Paula's Choice Too! I had a problem with the skin that I had tried Many over the counter and prescription attempts to resolve. PC was a total cure. At 47 I had sun damage and needed full coverage foundation. At 49 my dark splotches are gone! PC advocates healthy ingredients and Beautypedia will lead you to products that work at every pricepoint. I am a customer for life.
Marla Ray says:
Shirley - which PC products do you use that helped your sun damage? Thanks!
Marla Ray says:
Hi Sandra Which PC skin care products do you use as my face tone / issues sounds similar to yours. Thanks.
Amy G says:
You should check out Pure Haven Essentials. Their standards are very high but their prices are not bad at all! I use their shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I hear their deodorant is really good! Also check out Norwex to overhaul you're cleaning cabinet!
Lilly says:
So many great products out there and am glad your spreading the word. I love lanvanila and Piper Wai deodorants. Yes to Carrots also has great products along with Josie Maran and Korres. These are natural and all Cruelty-Free. Keep sharing!
Suzanne says:
Almost 20 years ago I switched over my cleaning products and a variety of other products to the "total wellness" company, Melaleuca. They are a FANTASTIC company!! Just can't say enough good things about the company, their mission, and their products. Everything they have is top-notch and superb. Go to their website and check them out.
Sarah Thompson says:
Many have a love/hate (or love to hate) feeling towards her, but Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop is a great resource - everything is clean on her site. Vintner's Daughter has a great serum and anything by Juice Beauty is great. Good luck!!
Jaclyn says:
Yay for switching to non-toxic!!! I did so as well. Are you familiar with PUREhaven Essentials? Their facility is USDA Certified Organic, totally non-toxic, and made in America :D Along with skincare, makeup, hair care, essential oils, etc...they have products for Lu, babies, children, and products for cleaning your home. You might have a coronary if you check your cleaning products with the Think Dirty app! I'll provide my site and contact info. From one entrepreneur and spiralizer to another...
Vicki says:
Make your own body butter and sugar scrub. It's not hard and you can scent with essential oils of your choice.
Michele M says:
So excited to see this topic. I have been researching things like this and how they all mess with my hormones. I just started using EVER Skincare which is clinical grade botanical based line. It has no toxins and bad stuff. I have really seen a difference in 6 months of using. Check it out.. I am happy to send you samples too. Love your site and have just gotten your cook books.. etc. I am also on this quest to change my food. May even try the Whole 30. I think it too will help the hormones. Congrats on your success! Keep doing what you do! Hugs! Michele
Missy says:
I am a very sweaty person and I have been successfully usin Primal Pit Paste in sensitive. It doesn't have a smell which I like, but it keeps me dry and I don't stink! It is available at Whole Foods. The Beauty Counter Beauty Balm is the Balm! It is great for cleansing, moisturizing, highlighting, preventing chafing, and protecting your face from the cold. It would be my desert island product.
Kelly says:
Missy, did you have a problem with your arm pits turning red after using Primal Pit Paste? I have the lavender and like the smell, not sure I'd want to go completely unscented, but the red splotchy-ness is difficult... other than that it works much better than any of the other natural deodorants I've tried.
Thank you for sharing this post! I can't wait to look into these more as I am working on finding non toxic skin care myself! :)
Chelsea says:
I have tried every natural deodorant out there and by light years the BEST is Piper Wai. It's a charcoal based deodorant and it's awesome!
Angela says:
Ever try sesame oil , it feel great on your face and body
Stephanie says:
Meow meow tweet has the best deodorant in both pot and stick for,. Works incredibly well amd they Have versions without baking soda if you have sensitivity. Also love Primally pure!
Stacey says:
Beginning of this year, I did the same thing you did! I use Norwex for household cleaning, great stuff. I have switched over hand soup, detergent- laundry and dish, shampoo( use a shampoo bar soap now - and decreasing amount of times I actually wash my hair), nail polish, skincare, candles to soy and started looking into diffusers/essential oils. Deodorant recommendation- I have tried Norwex and Toms which haven't worked out. But then a friend of mine told me about Native..LOVE, different flavors available. I love the coconut. You can only find on their website- 12$, free shipping. Going to try your skincare recommendation after my Avalon organics is completed. Wanted to find a toxic free skin care regimen that didn't break the bank. Avalon is okay. Need to still change my toothpaste still- will try your recommendation as well, And I'm totally inspired by all your great recipies. Just bought a spiralizer myself!
Shelby says:
I second primal pit paste. I tried for FIVE years to find a natural deodorant my husband (pickier than me) could use in the Texas summer and FINALLY found it! Never ever stink. I haven't tried the sticks, only the little tubs but works amazingly well and lasts longer than you would think looking at the tiny jar.
Autumn Chandler says:
Primally Pure Deodorant is amazing! I've used it for about 6 months now and I love it!
Jessie says:
I would highly recommend trying the Native deodorant brand. I've tried about 10 natural deodorants and this is the only one that has worked for both my husband and I. And the scents are amazing!
Anonymous says:
I make my own coconut oil-arrow root and bicarbonate of soda deodorant with addes essential oils of your choice. Best thing I have ever used. Also make my own dry shampoo with arrowroot or cornflour or tapioca and cacao powder. Adjust cacao to the color of you hair. Have it in a jar and I apply with a powder brush. Make up remover....whichever oil you want and a hot flanel. I use this in the evening Morning face wash.... raw honey. Exfoliator...... brown sugar body mosturiser.... whichever oil you fancy and you can add your choice of essential oils to it. I usually apply it before I dry myself after my shower. I could continue but you get the idea.
Kristen says:
I'm a dentist and I make my own toothpaste using baking soda, coconut oil, xylitol and peppermint extract...I also use a fluoride rinse afterwards ?
Jessica Juarez says:
PiperWai is the most awesome deodorant love it
Kelly says:
Do you recommend any books / good reading materials on dangerous chemicals/toxic stuff in food (i.e. the book you referenced on veganism) or beauty? really want to learn more before I invest in alll these goodies. Thanks! Kelly
Kara says:
Check out "No More Dirty Looks" - about the personal care/cosmetic industry.
Shannon says:
Everyone's body is different. I tried making my own deodorant and I tried primal pit paste. Unfortunately, neither worked for me. I've had more success with Real Purity. You can also check out Wellness Mama blog - she has a ton of recipes for products you can make yourself. I love her lotion bars and exclusively use those for moisturizing. I also love Eminence products for my face.
Alison says:
I use a lot of Acure and Beautycounter products too. I love Young Living AromaBright Toothpaste!! It has completely transformed my dental care. I had some periodontal issues and they are totally gone. It helps keep my teeth white as well, all natural ingredients with essential oils. I also use the Young Living really works! I like their Orange Blossom Facial Wash, gentle and smells great. The YL Wolfberry Eye Cream works great on my 55 year old fine lines. Thanks for your it!! :)
Lisa says:
I love all of the skincare resources people are providing! I'm just starting my research on natural skincare, as I'm wrapping up my latest Whole30 and continuing to refine what I put INTO my body as well. :) But as far as household cleaning products go, I have made my own for years, primarily using "recipes" from the book Clean House, Clean Planet (it's amazing what you can accomplish with baking soda, white vinegar and some essential oils!) This has been of particular importance to me with 2 kids in the house, as I don't want to have to put a "poison" sticker on anything.
Lydia says:
Re popcorn snack Have you tried sprinkling nutritional yeast on your popcorn. Yummy!
Amanda says:
This is the best deodorant that I've found - smells like chocolate mint when it goes on, but throughout the day wears off. My friend Tara sells it and I'm OBSESSED. Pure Haven Essentials - Deodorant essentials|ALL
Amanda says:
I meant the chocolate mint smells wears off, not the deo! This deo is the one that actually lasts for me. haha. That was confusing.
Astrid says:
Hi, don't forget nail polish - most are full of toxins and given you are preparing food with your hands no matter how clean they are - just horrible!! Check out this site for great alternatives, I love Zoya.
Vicki says:
Zoya is amzing! It is so long lasting and I don't have problems with chipping.
Vicki says:
I have decided to do an overhaul on some of our products. I got our tooth paste, shampoo and foaming soap from Green Beaver (I'm Canadian), Shea Butter soaps from Moyya (fair trade organic!), had to try the Shea body wash you reccomended and my body lotion from Eminence. Pit Paste deodorant is also on the way. I will switch over my face care products as I run out. Lancome is too expensive not to use up! I even got my organic perfume from Ganesha's Garden. Can't wait for these to arrive, they are in a lovely carved soap stone container (again fair trade). Cleaning products are next!
I am obsessed with the brand 100% Pure. All of their items have free shipping, which is a huge perk. I'm obsessed with their coffee bean eye cream and their primer. I have super sensitive skin and have been super happy with their products. As for the deodorant department, I've tried several with the majority making me stink like b.o. My hands down favorite is Real Purity roll on deodorant, and you can get it from Whole Foods. After a few weeks of use I don't really sweat anymore.
Claire Bibbee says:
Thank you Melissa, after reading your post i went on the website and really like it. Have you noticed changes on fine lines since you have used the eye cream? Claire
Nicole says:
Thank you Ali for this post!! I'm making a list right now to start adding some of these to my daily routine <3
Liz says:
Loved this post and cringed to see a few products I regularly use have chemicals in them. I'll transition over slowly. :-) All natural stuff is pricey! In the same vein as non-toxic beauty products, I've recently switched over to a 100% cotton tampon subscription service, which is both super convenient and better for you. Try LOLA ( -- they make all sorts of feminine hygiene products and ship you a custom box of any combo of products you want every 1-2 months. Easy to skip months too if you find you're not using up your Lola stuff as quickly as you thought. Use my code "EDYRENFORTH1" to save $5 if you want to try too. :-)
Amy says:
I've used Lola!! They're great and I also would recommend them!
David Deck says:
Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful post. No words to describe this post. Its really great. Very good. Once again i thanks a lot. Best of luck.
Alison says:
Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your experience; this has totally motivated me to look in my beauty and cleaning cabinets with an even more health-conscious eye. I try to choose my products wisely, but in reality...lack of knowledge and time pressure (okay, and maybe a little laziness - it's so easy to follow a routine) has lead me to buy the same-old, same-old stuff. Now I'm ready to clean things up! Again, thank you for the inspiration and the information!!
Vicki says:
Made the switch over today for skincare. Goodbye Lancome, hello Eminence! Did an overhaul on our soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume and all household cleaning products. It's amazing how I was able to condense so many products into just a few necessities. It will be cheaper in the end I think. Painful right
Megan McKinney says:
I have always been concerned about my families diet and healthy eating, but as my 6 year old daughter fights Leukemia I began to see there were other factors that are affecting our health. Thank you Ali for spreading the word on how important it is to choose wisely on the other products we use each day. Several people have mentioned makeup and I have begun using a new line of skincare and makeup that are clean and from a company that originally was used for makeup on Hollywood and Broadway stars but now has options for anyone. My favorite skincare item is called one drop wonder and has only one ingredient!!! My skin has never felt better and I am comfortable with my teenage girls using it on their skin too. It also has a great pricepoint!!! Check it out:
Louise says:
Pure Haven Essentials has been the best. Absolutely NO toxic chemicals, USDA certified organic (which is the toughest to get) and all products made in-house. Be sure to check some of the products you are using because some may still contain toxic ingredients. As you know, just because its says organic or all natural doesn't mean it is or that toxic chemicals aren't present. For detergent I've started using Better Life unscented and it's working great so far! But my most favorite product right now is Pure Haven Essentials' Master Blaster. Red gatorade stain on my daughter's new Vineyard Vine sweatshirt - sprayed Master Blaster and let it soak in. Washed it several days later. All stains gone! If that wasn't enough, red wine stain on tan coach.. also gone after using the Master Blaster. Bonus: Spray in gym bags, hockey bags (notoriously stinky) - bye bye smell.
Natalie Peterson says:
Hi Ali! Thanks for sharing the products. I can't wait to try some of these. Do you use natural makeup too? I'm thinking about transitioning to more natural makeup products, but I'm not sure where to start. Thank you, Natalie
Jaclyn says:
Hi, Natalie! I started using PUREhaven Essentials makeup, and I love it! It is completely nontoxic, manufactured in a USDA certified organic facility, is made in the USA, and is very affordable! It feels so good on my skin, which has cleared up significantly since I started using it. My site is Congratulations on starting your nontoxic journey ?
Ali says:
Thank you so much for this--loved the layout! Very easy to follow and helpful for me to transition to a non-toxic regiment, too!! I just wanted to let you know I recently discovered Native Cos deodorant and it's amazing!! First natural deodorant I've found that works very well! I have the unscented but I'm curious to try some of their scents!
Annie says:
Kiss my face and primal pit paste are two amazing deodorants!!! Deodorant is by far the hardest thing to swich out. Everyone's body reacts differently, and often your body adapts and you need to change it up.
Katelyn Patrick says:
Ali - looking for a new eye cream, which one did you end up liking better?
Monique says:
Thanks for sharing your journey! I'm in the process of switching my body and cleaning items as well. Some of the products I've switched to and now love are: Veeda 100% natural cotton tampons and pads, Mineral Fusion nail polish and sheer moisture lip tint and Pacific eye shadow. In my area I've found the body products at Bed, Bath & Beyond (random) and beauty products at Whole Foods. I also use Alaffia body lotion and black soap for my face/shaving cream. I don't use many products in general and don't have a big budget, so switching everyday items has been my primary focus.
Meaghan says:
Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
Jess says:
Is the beauty counter charcoal mask the one that was on your snap chap? Whatever that peel off one you and lu used looked awesome!
Dee says:
I've tried all kinds of natural deodorants with much disappointment. Until now. I finally tried Crystal Essence (lavender) roll on. It is so great. It protects from odor better than any regular deodorant I've ever tried, and without a sticky feeling. They key is that you have to put it non immediately after you shower, before any of the smelly bacteria sets in.
Anita Subramani says:
I love LUSH products, they're clean, effective and yummy smelling! I use their hair moisturisers, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, name it! :) and they recycle their tubs and give you a free face mask if you take back five tubs :) I've been using their products for five years now and I've never looked back!
DK says:
Have you switched up your beauty products since being pregnant? I would love to know what non-toxic pregnancy safe products you are using. I recently found out I am too and want to switch to safe products for us. I also would love to know healthy snacks and on the go snacks during pregnancy. Thanks and congrats on your baby boy! says:
Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!
This is the perfect blog for anybody who hopes to find out about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to...HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that's been written about for many years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!
Jill says:
Where do you buy your Arbonne deodorant and lotion? Do you buy online from the UK or have you found it in a store? Thanks
Fantastic post.Never knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.
Meaghan says:
So glad you found it helpful!
Marla Ray says:
Love all the comments and tips ladies, thank you! Out of all of the natural facial products which would you recommend for blemishes, discoloration, dark spots. 48 tomorrow and need a new regimen fast! Thanks!
Jaclyn says:
Hi, Maria! Happy early birthday ? I switched my entire skincare, haircare, products for my children, and house cleaning products to PUREhaven Essentials. My skin has never looked better! I love the company because they're USDA certified organic, made in America, and are actually affordable (I'm a teacher, if that says anything ?). So many other companies price things well beyond my budget. I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Facebook: Pure Haven Essentials by Jaclyn Gibbons
Meaghan says:
We're so glad you found this helpful!
Julie says:
Thank you for sharing this! Please try Schmidt's Natural deodorants, they are made here in Portland, OR and really work! The scents are wonderful and they do not stain your clothing or make your skin itch like I have experienced with other 'natural' deodorants. They are found online and have great pricing at Target.
It's remarkable for me to have a web site, which is beneficial in favor of my experience. thanks admin
Hello.This article was really motivating, especially since I was browsing for thoughts on this matter last Friday.
Meaghan says:
That's so great to hear!! We're happy you found it helpful.
Kalena says:
Geat post! I'm also in the process of switching to natural products, so far so good but still using up old things until they run out. Inspiring to hear others doing the same! I feel so much better and relieved. Xoxox
Meaghan says:
That's so great to hear, Kalena! It's an awesome step towards taking care of your whole body inside and out!
Gina says:
I LOVE this post and have shared/referred back to it SO many times! Just curious - have you changed anything to your routine? Also, would you (or have you already) consider making a post like this for your home products (like cleaning/detergents etc..)?
Gina says:
NEVERMIND - I found it :)
Brandy Hearnsberger says:
This may sound crazy but the best anti-per sprent/deodorant I have found is a toothpaste by young living. I know - “why would anyone have tried this in the first place? Don’t know but I do know that it works to keep odor at bay. The mint seems to cool underarms and living in the Deep South this is much appreciated. It is the Theives Arombright- great tooth paste as well. Enjoy
Madi says:
NATIVE deoderant is the best! I tried EVERTHING; Schmidt’s, primal pit paste, Jason’s, desert essence, etc. Native is the only one I’ve been able to use long term. No weird smells (the scent I love is vanilla/coconut), it’s in a stick (no finger paste), and it’s non irritating! ❤️??
Meaghan says:
Thank you for sharing!!
Most definitely the best personal care and home products is Pure Haven!!! Some of those products I see listed above are not toxin free. Pure Haven is 100% toxin free guaranteed -- don't know any other company that can make that claim. Make sure to check for Fragrance/Parfum, which is a trade secret in the industry. Companies can legally hide an untold number of chemicals in this one word. Phthalates, just one of many chemicals legally hidden in this ingredient are linked to so many health problems.
Jordan says:
Hi, Thank you so much for sharing I’m starting to do the same! Can you share the makeup products you use?
Heather says:
I do want to point out that Burts Bees IS toxic. Some of their products actually have trace amounts of lead and some other nasty ingredients.
Meaghan says:
Thank you so much for sharing! We appreciate your contribution!
Caroline says:
My skin is oily. I too use Clinique soap and toner. As a teenager I had acne. It was with me in my 20s. I cannot imagine using a cream on my oily face. What is your skin type?
Meaghan says:
Ali has combination/normal skin!
Anonymous says:
I also love Justin's Almond Butter and try to eat extremely healthy. Have you every heard of L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL Skin Care products? They are aloe-based and use fruits and plants. There are no chemicals, parabens, or anything harmful in them. The aloe base is a game changer and I have found my skin keeps improving as I age! They're naturally healing and rejuvenating. I think you'd love them.
Meaghan says:
Thank you so much for sharing!

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