Next time, I’ll be Mrs. Cerda!



I can’t believe in three days, I’m getting married. Well, I can believe it, I just can’t believe how quickly this week has come.

So many thoughts and emotions are running through my mind and heart right now – excitement, nerves, stress, happiness and of course, love!

To fully enjoy this weekend and this wedding week, I’ll be signing off later today, but first, I’ll let you know what to expect from the blog/Inspiralized from now until my return from the honeymoon (!!!)

I don’t want to leave you all in the dark while I’m gone getting married and honeymooning, so while I’m gone, you can expect posts on Sunday and Tuesday of the next two weeks, for a total of three new recipes.

Saturday, June 20th is our wedding day, so if you’d like to follow along on that day, follow the Instagram hashtag #aliandlu (especially to see my dress!!)

I will officially be on my honeymoon June 22 – July 1, but since I love taking pictures, you can probably find me on Instagram, posting shots of my tropical drinks, on the beach, totally chilling out. SO EXCITED!


Also, on Friday, June 26th it will be my two year blogiversary (Inspiralized is just two years old, can you believe it?!) and when I return in July, I will be doing something fun to celebrate, so stay tuned!

If you have any Inspiralizer related customer service inquiries, please contact Meaghan, our Brand & Community Manager, who will be here to field any questions and help you out. She’ll be taking over in my absence!

Thank you so much for all of your kind notes, well wishes, congratulations and love! You all are my extended friends and family, and I’m so blessed to have all of your happy vibes and sweetness coming my way during this exciting, momentous time in my life!

Wish us luck and remember to follow along on Instagram and check the #aliandlu hashtag!

Photography credit: Nadya Furnari.

That’s it, next time you’ll hear from me, I’ll be a Cerda!

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Sarah says:
Congratulations! Remember to take some moments to stop and look around at all the joy, love, and beauty that surrounds you. You will remember those moments forever! I'm so happy for you! I feel like you're a part of my life as I read your blog and cookbook and your recipes come alive in my kitchen several times a week! I look forward to seeing your big day unfold! Lots of love to you & Lu!
annie says:
Best of luck Ali and Lu! Have a wonderful celebration and a beautiful life together!
Enjoy your big day!! You are going to be a stunning bride!
Chelsey says:
Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see your dress!!! Have the best few weeks!!! XOXO
MaryAnn says:
Best wishes & many blessings!
M says:
I'm so happy for you two! All my love for your special day and beyond*
Judith Blevins says:
God Bless you both. Enjoy your wonderful day.
Cathy says:
Congratulations, Ali and Lu! Have a wonderful wedding day and beautiful, relaxing honeymoon! We will miss you but we'll be right here when you get back. *Enjoy* yourselves!
Rose says:
Enjoy and the best to you both. A wonderful new adventure!
Page says:
Wooo-Hooo!!! Congratulations... enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
Nancy says:
Congratulations and be sure to relax and really enjoy the day!
Karen says:
Lu is one lucky guy! But I know he knows that. My very best wishes to the two of you. May all your dreams come true.
Sammie says:
Congratulation and I wish the very best for both of you as a married couple. Sammie x
Congratulations!!!! So excited for you - I hope you guys have a fantastic time, both with the wedding and honeymoon. Also - you've only been blogging for TWO YEARS??!?! Crazy! You're a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. XOXO!
Hillary says:
Wow! You have done SO much in two years. Inspiring, (inspiralizing!) Ali! Congratulations on your wedding. You will look beautiful and so happy for you!!!! (and Lu of course.. he's one lucky guy) Snap if you can ;)
Betty says:
Congratilations, enjoy your day.
E. Marino says:
The best to you and Lu in your life together as husband and wife. I wish you both the best and that your wedding day goes smoothly. So looking forward to you sharing your wedding and honeymoon pictures with us. Best always.
Jen says:
Congrats!! Can't wait to see the dress!
alicia says:
Yay!! Early congrats and can't wait to see pics!!! :) Hope your wedding day is perfect and your honeymoon is relaxing!
Tina Wilson says:
Enjoy every minute. Don't let anything that goes wrong get to you. Remember you are marrying the man of your dreams and if he's in your arms, nothing else is important! Congratulations :) Yay love!! :)
Dorre says:
Early congrats to you both !! Wishing you a life of love , laughter, and happily ever after ;)
Natalia says:
Sto Lat! Gratulerer! Your success is ours too, and we loyal inspiralizers are wishing you all the best and champagne toasts on your wedding day. You'll make quite the Mrs :)
Maria Acevedo says:
Congratulations! Ive been following along (got a spiralizer a year ago because of you, haven't been able to get the inspiralizer yet because I live in Ivory Coast, hopefully this Christmas) and I wish you the best of days and a wonderful life together. I can honestly say being married is one of the best things in life! You get to share your life with a partner and a best friend, what more can you ask for? Soo, good luck and have fun! Maria P.S. Im from Puerto Rico, are you thinking about changing your last name? Any spanish speaker will tell you it kinda clashes with your "brand" (I apologise for being intrusive).
Alice W says:
Congratulations to both of you!!! May the sun be as bright as the smile on your faces and as warm as the feelings in your heart. May the stars sparkle as bright as the gleam in your eyes as you dance the night away as Mr. and Mrs. Cerda and then begin a glorious life together!! Alice
Val says:
Congratulations to you both! When the day comes don't think about all the details coming together; just let them fall were they will and pay attention to the love of your life as you celebrate! ENJOY because it goes by fast! Have fun on your honeymoon!
Linda says:
I wish you both many years of much love and happiness.
Steve Napier says:
Congratulations i wish you luck and great times ahead. thank you for your friendship. wish i could be there
Emma S says:
Funnily enough, your book arrived today and I was admiring your ring!! Congratulations and enjoy yourselves - Mrs C!
Deana says:
Congratulations! Take time to reflect and to enjoy the celebration. I am sure it will be the first of many to come as Mr. & Mrs. Cerda
Nanette Cardos says:
Wishing you a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!! To Love With Tenderness To Honor With Respect To Cherish With Devotion
Denise says:
Don't worry about us, we won't starve while you're gone. And we're so excited to see the pics from the wedding we will be right here when you get back. I believe you have a very loyal following. Take the time to enjoy yourselves and keep making memories. It's all about the two of you. PS, Saturday is my birthday, so I'll remember to toast you at my own celebration. Best wishes, have a beautiful day.
nancyabc says:
Oh Happy Day!
Jenny says:
Congratulations and enjoy. It goes by so fast. Take it all in and try to remember that no matter what happens, it will all be fine. Live, love and laugh. Best wishes, Jenny
Liz Magnus says:
Wishing you a wonderful day and sending warm congratulations to you both from England. Best wishes and kind regards Liz Magnus
Samantha says:
Wishing you an early congratulations on your marriage this weekend! Enjoy your special day!
Mary-louise says:
You'll be a beautiful bride! Go off and enjoy, you deserve it!
Karen Maloney says:
Live the love you speak of today and your lives will always be happy. Sending love and wishes for special blessings on your wedding day and always!
Carly says:
Congratulations to the both of you! Happiness to you for the rest of your lives!
Tara says:
Congrats, Ali! Wishing you the best! Blessings over you and Lu! Looking forward to seeing pics!
Bobbi says:
Congratulations Ali. I wish you all the finest things in life! Your an inspiration!
Jessica Ford says:
Congrats, Ali! Wishing you and Lu a lifetime of happiness together!
Melody says:
Best wishes to you and Lu!
alexandra says:
congratulations, ali! have the best time at your wedding and honeymoon. its a well deserved break for you. so thrilled for your next chapter! xo
Joss says:
Marie Cusano Taylor says:
Congratulations and have fun. I am desolate that I don't have Instagram and won't see the photos.
Ashanti says:
Congratulations and blessings to you!!!!!!
Ellen says:
Mazel Tov! All the best to you for a fabulous wedding day and fantastic marriage! Please post pic here, too, as some of us aren't on Instagram. Thx!
Ruth Detroit Area says:
hi Ali - The big day is almost absolutely exciting. Came pretty quickly, didn't it? Thanks for sharing so enthusiastically with us - you've got many true admirers who have been interested in every step of the journey! Relax and enjoy, but remember: from what I've observed, great marriages don't just happen, they actually take work, patience, compromise, unconditional love (a wonderful partner helps, and I'm pretty sure you've found that in Lu!) - Ruth (45 happy/memorable/loving years of marriage and counting!)
carmella says:
Hi Ali, I've been following you for about a year now and absolutely love your blog. I've never posted because life's so busy and you know the rest. But I just had to say yours is the only blog I click on right away to see what you have to say. You are so real and pour your heart out to your readers. Your mom must be so proud to have raised such an amazing daughter!! I wish you so much happiness with Lu and know you are so deserving of everything wonderful to come your way. I'll be thinking of you June 20th and hope you see this before the date so you know how very special you are to all your readers. God Bless you on this special day and always. All the way from Canada...Carmella
Cathy says:
Congratulations and best wishes! Thoroughly enjoy your day!
Becky says:
Ali & Lu, We couldn't be happier for you!! Come Saturday, here in Idaho we'll be toasting you two and I will make my favorite inspiralized shrimp scampi with zucchini pasta, in your honor :) !! Have a perfectly wonderful wedding!! I'll be looking forward to your pics!! Much love always, B
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! All you need is a spiralized wedding cake and you're all set!
Debby says:
Best Wishes, I'm so happy for both of you! I'll be checking for your pics too... but don't worry about getting things posted... just have a wonderful, blessed wedding & honeymoon.
Dianne says:
Ali: I am so happy for you. You will be starting a whole new life together with Lou. Savor every moment. Huggs
Terri Waxman says:
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cerda!! I'm very happy for both of you!
Sarah says:
Are you going to send out stickers for your books to change your name? ; ) Congrats Ali!

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I have nothing prolific to say today (I’ve just been madly testing recipes for this project I’ll be announcing soon) except that today was the first day in my life that I actually enjoyed sliced tomatoes on a sandwich. 🍅 🍞⁣

I’m not a fan of raw tomatoes, except in something subtle like a pico de gallo or if they’re a tiny part of a meal, like a garnish. but today, I made this chickpea tuna salad melt with tomatoes and spinach and LOVED it. 👍🏼⁣

it got me thinking… I can’t be the only one. do you like raw tomatoes? 🤔

luca made a friend today! 👦🏼 🚴‍♂️⁣

one of the things that has made me sad during COVID has been that Luca hasn't spent much time with other kids his age. this summer, we had a little pod of a few kids, but slowly but surely, as the year went on, kids moved to the suburbs, enrolled in school (we didn't feel comfortable), and then as the temperature dropped, the rest of the kids stopped braving the cold and since we felt uncomfortable with indoor playdates, it was really just our little family hanging out. and Luca wasn't hanging out with anyone his age much. ⁣

I have so many thoughts on this. will this change his personality and social skills forever? will he be socially awkward? will he lose out on so many developmental milestones? will this affect his emotional awareness? the list goes on. I know it's only a year or so, but that's over 1/3 of his entire life!⁣

and now that we're in Florida, we just keep to ourselves at my parents' house and don't see any other kids. it's so nice to be together as a family, and I know so many families can't be together right now, so I'm so grateful for that. the other day, Luca saw a 7-year-old boy on a bike in my parents' neighborhood and he asked us if he could be his friend. I almost broke down in tears.⁣

so by chance, we were out on his bike this afternoon and sure enough, we saw the little boy again, riding his bike, with his mother. in that moment, I knew I had to make a move - so I called out to the mother and asked her, "I know this is going to sound weird, but my son would love to hang out with your son! I'd love to get your number so they can ride bikes together sometime!" I was so nervous, haha! ⁣

and just like that, Luca made a friend! they immediately started riding their bikes together (it was so cute I couldn't handle it!!!) and Roma even came a little bit later and literally slipped her hand into the little boy's hand, it was like she was starving for that connection. it was so adorable, and I'm so happy for Luca to have someone to safely play outside with and so I can shed some of this mama worry.⁣

as for these chocolate donuts, search the blog, they’re an oldie but a goodie! 🍩🍫

it's a mouthful, but it's mouth-watering. 👅 my TERIYAKI SALMON with RICED BUTTERNUT SQUASH and SESAME BROCCOLI 🥦  is live on the blog, and it's another must-add to your weekly meal plan. okay I say that all the time, but seriously - I'm only sharing recipes I make for our family, and these have all been slam dunks 🏀⁣

and last week I started the #inspiralizedmealplanideas hashtag so we'd have a running list of weekly meal ideas from this community, and it's a Monday thing, so tell me - what's ONE meal you're making this week? 🍴 leave it in the comments below and be sure to check back to see what other people are making and even SAVE this post for future reference! 📌⁣

#teriyaki #easydinners #healthydinners #salmondinner #salmonrecipes #feedfeed #f52grams #huffposttaste #thewayweeat #makemewhole #eatingwelleats #foods4thought #thekitchn #eatmoreveggies