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Spiralizer Meal Plans Inspiralized
You may have seen my teaser posts on Instagram or my newsletter mentions the past couple of weeks (if you’re not subscribed, subscribe here – you get a 10% off coupon code on the Inspiralizer, too!)

Well, the time is now! Today, I’m launching my first ever “Spiralizer Meal Plans” – adapted for you, available in “Gluten Free,” “Paleo,” and “Vegan” options!

Why’d I decide to launch these? After reviewing the reader survey from last year, over 75% of you asked for meal planning tips and actually, meal plans. Meal planning with spiralized veggies can be tricky – especially when reheating leftovers. I’ve taken out ALL of the guess work for you and have created fool-proof meal plans.

I’m calling it a “Meal Plan Challenge” because meal planning isn’t easy – it’s time-consuming and takes planning. However, with the right guidance, meal planning becomes much more approachable and doable! The challenge is to eat something spiralized everyday for a week! That’s my kinda challenge!

I am so proud of these meal plans – so much, in fact, that I literally meal planned for the next three weeks yesterday with Meaghan:

We had a blast putting these together, and I’m looking forward to all of your feedback. If you love these meal plans, I’ll be doing them on a monthly basis and depending on popularity, I may issue a 21-day meal plan program! Make sure to e-mail us with all of your feedback so we can keep improving these and tailor them to your needs!

So, what should you expect from this meal plans?

The #Inspiralized Meal Plans

These meal plans are designed for the beginner to intermediate cook who has a busy lifestyle and can’t spend 30 minutes to an hour on weeknights preparing dinner. Everything is outlined from A to Z for easy following. You’ll print out the meal plan (it’s downloaded as a PDF) and follow along to fully prepare a work week of meals (Sunday evening through Friday evening.) Why not Saturday meals?

You have to treat yourself at least once a week! There are also shopping lists for the week and specific tips are given along the way for best storing and preparing those spiralized veggies.

You’ll start off by spiralizing everything for the week and then you’ll dive right into preparation of the rest of the recipes. Some recipes are cooked fully through (the ones that save well) and for others, you’ll prepare everything so that when you go to cook that weeknight, dinner won’t take more than 5-10 minutes of prep work!

Here’s an example of a shopping list:

Spiralizer Meal Plans Inspiralized

Along with the instructions, if any methods of preparation are confusing, pictures are provided. At the end of each packet, there’s an image of what you can expect your meal prep to look like for the week.

Most importantly, these meal plans offer healthy and delicious spiralized meals that squeeze in seasonal veggies into every single meal. You’ll have fun prepping for the week!

Spiralizer Meal Plans Inspiralized

Here are the recipes that are included in each meal plan (each recipe also comes with a full-color image, so you know what your meal should look like in the end):

Vegan Meal Plan

Coconut Green Curry
Cauliflower, Lentil and Butternut Squash Noodle Bowl
Thai Quinoa and Zucchini Noodle Salad
Buffalo Cauliflower with Rutabaga Noodles
Vegetarian Fajitas with Black Beans
Brussels Sprouts and Pomegranate Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl

Paleo Meal Plan

Sweet Potato Noodles with Chicken and Tomato Basil
Buffalo Cauliflower with Rutabaga Noodles
Garlic Kale and Sweet Potato Noodles with Pork
Bikini Bolognese with Rutabaga Noodles
Mom’s Chicken over Spiralized Root Vegetables
Bacon Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

Gluten-Free Meal Plan

Sweet Potato Noodles with Chicken and Tomato Basil
Cauliflower Lentil and Butternut Squash Noodle Bowl
Garlic Kale and Sweet Potato Noodles with Pork
Bikini Bolognese with Rutabaga Noodles
Thai Quinoa and Zucchini Noodle Salad
Winter Butternut Squash, Kale and Sausage Lasagna

Are you ready to eat #inspiralized for a week?

Make sure you have a durable spiralizer- you’ll be doing a lot of spiralizing in a row! The Inspiralizer is the official spiralizer of Inspiralized – it’s NOT available on Amazon.You can click to purchase here.

BONUS: If you purchase the meal plans, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon, valid on the Inspiralizer!Once you purchase the meal plan, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the download link and the exclusive coupon code.

Today only, the meal plans are $1.99! After today, the price will go up to $4.99!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.10.29 PM

I can’t wait to hear about all of your #inspiralized weeks! Make sure if you share any photos on social media, use the hashtag #inspiralized – we’ll be regramming our favorite shots!

What are you waiting for? Queue up a meal prep playlist and spend your Saturday afternoon cooking healthy meals for your healthiest, most organized week yet!

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  1. Such a great idea for so many people with little time :)
  2. I am so excited, I'm buying all three plans! As a busy working mom of two little kids I need to meal plan more to stay on track :-)
  3. Thank you. I ordered and received my order confirmation but there was no link for the 15% off coupon for Inspiralizer. Maybe I'm just not seeing it...?
  4. I've ordered the Paleo and Vegan plans. Can you give an estimate of how long the prep day takes?
  5. I ordered paleo meal plan. Looks great! Will a zucchini that is already spiralized really last for 5 days though?
  6. All three plans look amazing. Guess I am buying all three since everyone in my house eats differently! Thanks for putting this all together. It really takes all the guess work out of planning for us! Keep up the good work!
  7. I am so excited about the vegan meal plan. I hope you write a vegan cookbook some day.
  8. Just purchased the Gluten Free and Vegan meal plans...thank you so much for putting these together. I'm such a huge fan of your recipes. Cannot wait to meal prep for this upcoming week!!
  9. Barbra Watkins :
    Can you use white sweet potatoes in your recipes? My husband and I prefer them to regular sweet potatoes (they aren't as sweet), but I wasn't sure the stats were close enough.
  10. I have a question on which plan to get. I usually eat everything, from eggs, meats, vegetables, grains. Which meal plan would you recommend? Thanks!
  11. Ali, these meal plans look great! I have a question for you. My super picky husband will not eat sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and more than likely rutabaga. Do you have any ideas for substitutes? Would a russet potato work for sweet potato, and zucchini for rutabaga? I have no idea what would replace butternut squash. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. I can't figure out how to purchase the meal plan! Is it done through your app?
  13. I do not follow any specific diet but do TRY (cough, cough) to go easy on the fat and calories by eating in moderation and loading up on veggies....any chance a low-cal meal plan will be available soon? I can appreciate the work this all took....hate asking for you to do more!
    • We're definitely open to receive different suggestions for any future plans we create. We appreciate the feedback, Sandra.
    • This is a low calorie meal plan. You should definitely be eating at least 600-800 calories between lunch and dinner combined, which is how this meal plan is designed. Thanks!
      • Thank you both for responding. Your recipes are so healthy (and tasty)...I'm sure I'll be happy with any of the three plans!
  14. This is great! Thank you.
  15. I'm really excited about the meal plans, but I have to ask why there's not an option for those that don't have restricted diets. I'd choose Vegan, but I like to eat meat and dairy. I'd choose Paleo, but same thing with dairy and I like to eat grains and legumes. Would love to see another plan for those of us who don't restrict entire categories of food. Thanks so much for doing this! I'll probably buy two of them just to check it out this time around.
  16. Just ordered!! So excited to do this!! Thanks!
  17. I am doing the Whole30, and am wondering if the Paleo meal plan is Whole30 compliant? I think Paleo allows you to use honey, maple syrup, and agave, which Whole30 doesn't (no added sugars allowed). As such, would I be able to make the Paleo meal plan, or are there items in the recipes that would prevent me from making them?
  18. I love this idea. How many people does each recipe serve?
  19. There's no link to purchase from. Do we email and ask for one?
    • No need to ask! You should be able to purchase through the page that lists the different plans: If you're on that page and it's giving you any trouble, please try switching browsers. We've heard from others that this might help. If you have additional problems, please email me and I can help further: [email protected]
  20. I attempted to buy the vegan plan, but wasnt unable to complete the purchase because your checkout.shopify .com is "temporarily unavailable." Hopefully it will get sorted before I forget to try again.
  21. Love this!! How many people does each recipe serve? Thanks!
    • Hi Marla! Thanks for your question. The plan is for one and each recipe is two servings so that you can eat 1 serving for dinner and safe the leftovers for an additional 1 serving at lunch.
      • So if I don't plan on using the leftovers for lunches, it will make enough for 2 for dinner? Just trying to clarify. Loving this idea! And agree with some of the other comments about an option for someone that eats everything!
      • Yes! If you'd just like to use these guides to make dinner for the week, it would serve 2! Thank you for the feedback. We truly appreciate it, Kristen.
      • Thanks for the quick response. I love he idea of a lunch already to go the next day. I can't wait to try some of these recipes.
  22. Do you have a preferred non-shellfish substitute?
  23. Hi! I just purchased 2 of your meal plans. I am a member of several autoimmune self help groups, and many of us follow the AIP protocol. If you had a plan that uses what we can/can't eat, that would be an instant hit with many people.
  24. Hilary Stilson :
    I ordered the Paleo meal plan, can you tell me what lemon zucchinis are?
  25. Bought all three and already shopped for the gluten free one! Can't wait to spiralize this week! Thank you for all your hard work :)
  26. oh dear Ali.....I made a mistake....I thought i was ordering 4 weeks of meal plans, but i was ordering 4 of week 1. Is it possible to reimburse 3 of the weeks?
  27. Hi Ali - Just received to Paleo plan for the week. I saw the nutritional chart for the recipes. Thanks for that info, but do you also have the Smart Point values for those of us who also are on WW? Otherwise I don't think there is enough info (sat fat and protein are missing). Thanks for all your hard work.
  28. So I don't eat wheat or dairy due to an intolerance -- but am not necessarily vegan or paleo. Is there any dairy in the gluten free plan? That one looks the most appealing. I think I would gobble up every one of those recipes! I suppose I could just substitute like I do in other recipes. Thanks! And thanks for these! They look amazing!
    • Ditto this question. Can't eat dairy, is gluten free the best plan? Also is the shopping list a preview of what is needed for the plans? If so I don't see diary on the list and it answers my question. Thanks.
  29. Ali, I received the Inspiralizer for Christmas and am so excited to start using it with these great looking recipes! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am doing Whole 30 and these will fit right in!! Stephanie
  30. Anna Trombetta :
    I'm really interested in this! Do the meal plans come with nutritional info? Thanks for your hard work :)
  31. Just getting to look at my emails for the last 2-3 days and I have to say I'm really disappointed that you had a 1 day sale. I would have tried all 3 if I caught the sale. Now I'll have to pick just one. I've been waiting to hear all about this release, didn't know I had to watch for a time sensitive sale. Bummed...
  32. Ditto on not catching the one day sale. I was having surgery yesterday :( Will there be any forthcoming meal plans that are for people who are not vegan, paleo or gluten-free?
    • I find the best thing to do to fix a vegan recipe is add chicken and bacon. The thing with these recipes is that because they're using mostly veggies... They're kind of naturally gluten free. I love them for that!
  33. I missed the one day sale also but that won't stop me from trying this. I just appreciate all the hard work that's gone into putting this together at a reasonable price, even without the sale. I am excited to get to the grocery and get started.
  34. Hi Are the ingredient quantities in the plans for one person only? It rutabaga called a turnip in England? Pablito
  35. I see that all meal plans say "Week 1" on them. Does this mean you will be making more meal plans in the future?? I hope so!
  36. I purchased the paleo plan and I am a little confused. The shopping list and prep instructions list 4 medium rutabaga (2 each for the bikini bolognese and buffalo cauliflower) but when I review the bikini bolognese and buffalo cauliflower recipes the recipes each say 1 medium rutabaga. Which is correct? Also, is a waxed yellow turnip a rutabaga? I didn't see any rutabagas at my grocery store so assume they call them something else.
  37. Ruth j Hirsch :
    hi, Ali, Glad life is going so well for you! was buying the Paleo plan, at $1.99, fun to check it out, would love to have something so organized. But it is charging $4.99. Just got this today. Maybe the email's late? Ruth
  38. Ruth j Hirsch :
    ooops. PS: intended as note to you, not as comment to all!
  39. I bought all three plans. I started the Glueten Free plan yesterday. Prepped for the week and last night's chicken meal was delicious. Looking forward to the leftovers for lunch and the cauliflower and lentils for tonight's dinner. Prep day took about four hours but I could probably shave some time off of that.
  40. I bought the vegan meal plan. I'm finding it a bit confusing to have to keep flipping back and forth between the instructions of what I should be doing in order and the recipes themselves. Kind of wish everything was in order, it's adding a lot of extra time. Plus, not all the instructions are making sense. For example, it says to toast the almonds according to the brussel sprouts recipe and put them in the container with the brussel sprouts. But when I go to the brussel sprouts recipe, it does not have a separate instruction for toasting the almonds. It only talks about adding in the almonds with all of the noodles that I just cooked. So which one do I do? Toast the almonds (and there's no instructions to toast them alone) and put them with the brussel sprouts, or do what the recipe says and to add them into all of the noodles?
  41. Does that shopping list work for all free meal plans? If so I love being able to preview it, there are some things I won't eat (not on the shopping list, thank goodness?) I hate when I buy a meal plan and only use one recipe. I have a child that has to be dairy free is the gluten free plan dairy free too?
  42. Hi Is there going to be a week 2 or am I just IT illiterate? Love your work and want more please.

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