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Spiralizer Cookbook

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Unfortunately, the weather in New Jersey has decided to go from 80s and sunny to 50s and raining pretty much overnight. I’m not surprised, since I’ve lived in New Jersey (aside from college) all twenty-six years of my glorious life, and this is typical of the Garden State. However, this has delayed things with the eBook, since I am trying to upgrade the photography.

I really should just go ahead and buy a light box and move on with my life, since that would be probably arrive from Amazon before the sun does. Moving to California is my next choice…. or Philly, because it’s “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Haha. Jokes!

Regardless, I wanted to throw y’all a bone and let you know what the status is with Inspiralized: The Ultimate eGuide to Spiralized Cooking. Here goes:

I’ve finalized the “features” and recipe selection. Some features will be:

  • The Inspiration Behind Inspiralized
  • Health Benefits of Spiralizing
  • How to Spiralize a Zucchini, Cucumber, Potatoes, Butternut Squash
  • Tips, Tricks & Disclaimers for the Newly Inspiralized
  • 5 BRAND NEW Recipes
  • 15 Recipes from the blog, retested (by family, friends, and readers!), and rephotographed

I have rephotographed 90% of the recipes. While my photography is nowhere near professional, it is definitely upgraded in this eBook and my recipes given facelifts. Good photography is really like plastic surgery – same food with a facelift or tuck. Check out this before and after:

Beef Taco Zucchini Spaghetti

My recipe testers are the bomb dot com. Everyone has been so helpful with their evaluation forms and willingness to help. It’s so eye-opening to see the comments and feedback y’all have given. I’m such a “pinch of this” and “dash of that” kinda cook, so it’s a bit tough for me to write recipes, honestly. You are all invaluable. I’d like to give a special shout out to Emily B, who tested my Turkey Feta Meatballs and Kale Pesto Spaghetti and included this adorable picture (you rock, girl!):


I’ve set a concrete, set-in-stone deadline to be finished with the manuscript. This day is Thursday, October 16th – no ifs, ands or buts! After that, I will have it proofread, converted, and then launched, hopefully by the first week of November!

That’s the update. I really hope you all buy this eBook when it comes out! I mean, it’s the perfect New Year’s resolution and Christmakkuh gift, for sure!

Happy Friday…. after all this recipe testing and eating, this is how I’ve been feeling lately. Hope y’all have a happy, healthy and fun weekend! ‘Til Sunday….


  1. I know. Tell me about it. I'm in PA. A week ago it was gorgeous and now I'm in sweats and slippers. It's crazy. Your photography has come a long way. Mine is getting there. I have so far to go but I just learn little by little. But days like today without the sun do have it's challenges. I'll be looking for your ebook. How exciting!
  2. So excited for you, Ali!!!
  3. Yes! I'll be definitely buying your ebook for myself and a couple others. Thank you so much for your website. I love my spiralizer but have gotten lazy and your site has inspired me to cook again. I want to try every single recipe! I found you through your recent Civilized Caveman guest post.
  4. emily rocks!!!
  5. I don't own a spiralizer yet but your recipes are just fantastic with my Spirelli. It's cold and wet in Tasmania too but just made a batch of zucchini with brussel sprouts and chorizo to warm up.Thanks for the great inspiration!
  6. I'm definitely making dishes from your book for Edgar. He will looooove them. Can't wait to buy the book!!
  7. Hi there! Is this far away from being able to purchase? :)

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