“Leftovers” Zucchini Pasta (featuring Garlic Green Beans & Vegan Whole Wheat Stuffing)

Zucchini Pasta with Stuffing and Green Bean Leftovers

The best part about Thanksgiving? Leftovers.

I’m talking roast turkey with gobs of cranberry sauce and fistfuls of stuffing, somehow impossibly crammed in between two slices of bread. I’m always impressed with how my father somehow manages to eat all of the stuffing leftovers over the course of a few hours, the next day. 

In a totally conscious effort to not gain 5 lbs the weekend after Thanksgiving (as always), ditch the bread and marshmallow melted sweet potato casserole, grab your spiralizer, and make some zucchini pasta to go along with your leftovers. 

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Meatless Mondays: Pesto Zucchini Pasta Salad with Green Beans and Potatoes

IMG_3222 copy

Time to channel our inner vegans and vegetarians and talk meatless! Yesterday, I was honored to be part of Hoboken Girl‘s first “Hoboken Girl Social.” I’ll do a separate post with pictures on that, but in a nutshell – it was an event designed to bring a bunch of cool girls living in Hoboken together for a night of wine, hors d’oeuvres, giveaways and a makeup tutorial by Dina’s Cosmetics and cooking demo by yours truly! During my demo, I gave away samples (in cute little clamshaw boxes that I DIYd with sticker ingredient labels) of a pesto zucchini pasta salad. I’m a crafty lady, let me tell you.

IMG_3190 copy

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