Mustard-Tarragon Zucchini Pasta Salad with Smoked Salmon and Peas

Mustard-Tarragon Zucchini Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Peas

Full disclosure: I’m a pizza-bagel. That’s right. It’s a common thing here in the NY/NJ area: Jewish-Italian. Although I’m not very religious, my mother was born Jewish and my father was born Roman Catholic. Quite polar opposites, right? Jewish folks make the best bagels and Italians created and make the best pizza. If you’ve never tasted a bagel made with the water in New York, you haven’t lived. It’s like a big fluffy and tasty pillow. If you’re visiting NYC for the first time, stopping at a Brooklyn deli for a real bagel or having a slice at Grimaldi’s is just as important as walking through Times Square.

Since I’ve been posting up a lot of Italian-themed pasta recipes, I decided I should show loyalty to the “bagel” side of me. I’ve already posted up a pizza recipe, so let’s try a bagel and lox recipe without the bagel….

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