Cinnamon-Nutmeg Sweet Potato Noodle Pancakes with Blueberry Chobani & Baby Nectarines

Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodle Pancakes with Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt

I will be the first to admit, the pictures of these pancakes are a hot mess. Luckily for me, messes are the BEST type of meals. Who wants to feel guilty about sticking their fork into a meal and “ruining” it? Not me. Think of it this way: wouldn’t you feel better if someone spent 10 seconds wrapping your present rather than 10 minutes, so that when you rip the immaculate wrap-job you don’t have to say “Aw, this is so beautiful, I feel so bad opening it!” beforehand? Besides, once the fork hits the dish, it becomes a hot mess anyway. 

Now that I’ve prefaced the photos, let me tell you that these sweet potato noodle pancakes will be the biggest surprise of your life, aside from the gender announcement of your firstborn. Seasoned lightly with cinnamon and nutmeg, these noodles are not only a gluten-free way to eat a pancake, they’re comforting and inviting. 

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