Shrimp, Chorizo and Corn Saffron Zucchini Pasta

Shrimp, Chorizo and Corn Saffron Zucchini Pasta

Updating yet another old recipe!

Actually, when I read this recipe, it was barely in English. I was embarrassed! I’ve learned so much about recipe writing, especially after authoring two New York Times best-selling cookbooks (#humblebrag.)

Not only are these photos snazzier, the recipe is now cleaner and ready for your cooking!

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Basil-Lemon Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta

Basil-Lemon Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta

I cannot BELIEVE that one week from today is Labor Day weekend. This summer absolutely flew by….. It seems like just yesterday I was in Greece, but it’s been almost a month since my trip. Let’s hold on for as long as we can and pack this week full of summery recipes.

To start? This light, basil-lemony zucchini pasta dish that screams Mediterranean. The simplicity of the seasonings (oregano, basil, lemon, garlic) really lets the taste of the squash come through. I could eat this all day long, cliffside in Santorini

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Zucchini Noodles From a Round Zucchini

spiralizing a zucchini

Writing a food blog is a total learning experience. Whether it’s Googling “what would taste best with [insert food here]?” or finding out that an extra 15 skillet seconds can burn garlic, I’m loving this trial and error journey. One of the best parts of food blogging is discovering new types of foods and… sizes

While I was at the Farmers’ Market last weekend, I discovered a large and round zucchini. I knew that zucchinis came in a small round form, but I had never seen one this large. Quickly, I snatched up a few and decided to experiment. Here were my scientific findings:

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Zucchini Pasta on a Budget

IMG_5340 copy

Let’s review the benefits of zucchini pasta versus regular pasta so far:

  • Lower in calories
  • Lower in carbs
  • Lower in fat content
  • Easier to prepare/cook

Now, let’s talk moolah.

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Food Blogs and Zucchini Pasta

I’m a total zucchini pasta nut. I even have a Google Alert setup that notifies me every time something on zucchini pasta pops up. While I want everyone to come to Inspiralized (of course!) for their spiralized dishes, I love seeing other bloggers giving zucchini pasta the credit it deserves. Therefore, today, I’m devoting an entire blog post to other food bloggers’ spiralized dishes. 

Some of the zucchini pasta dishes are made with a julienne peeler or vegetable peeler, but I have still included them. If you are a food blogger with a zucchini pasta dish on your blog or you know someone who has a great recipe, let me know, and I’ll be sure to link back to it the next time I do a similar post.

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Sauteed Green Chard and Tomatoes Zucchini Pasta with Grilled Salmon

IMG_5030 copy

For my first chard experience, I decided to sauté it like spinach and add in something light and summery…. salmon and tomatoes. The simplicity of this dish really allows you to appreciate the chard. I found it a combination between kale and spinach: it’s not as nonexistent texture-wise as spinach, but it’s not as thick as kale.

So quick to make and yummy, I ate it in less time than it took to make it. Oops.

And I will admit, I had to Googlehow to cook chard.” I seriously wouldn’t be able to boil water if it wasn’t for the internet.


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Green Chard, Zucchini and Tomatoes

photo copy

This trip to the Farmer’s Market yielded zucchini, tomatoes and green chard. What kind of zucchini pasta will I make with it today? You’ll have to wait until 3:30pm EST to find out, when I post up the recipe using these fresh and healthy ingredients.

In the meantime, let’s talk green chard. It’s nickname is roman kale…. that’s pretty rad. It’s also known as a “nutritional powerhouse.” I’m sure Thug Kitchen would have a field day with all this.

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Zucchini Pasta vs. Regular Pasta

header copy

Without a doubt, every time I flip through health or fitness magazines, there is a feature on a “low calorie” pasta dish. Very alluring, right? Don’t let the smoke and mirrors trick you, my friends: these “low calorie” pastas are photographed in tiny little bowls to make the portion look larger. To achieve this calorie count advertised in the magazine, you most likely will be eating a large fistful of penne or a baby fistful of spaghetti. Bo-ring.

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Beef Taco Zucchini Spaghetti

IMG_4972 copy

One of my favorite dinners growing up was taco night. My mom laid out all the fixin’s on the table and we would race to make our own taco creations. Mine were always fully loaded with shredded lettuce, beef and cheese. As a kid, it’s a blast to make your own taco. Now, as an adult (ehem – young lady – ehem), I’m bringing back taco night…. this time, with zucchini spaghetti!

Let’s be real. Tacos aren’t exactly something you want to throw back when you’re going down the shore (sorry, can’t hide my Jersey roots) during the summer and want to look your best on Instagram. They’re packed with all the hip-clinging stuff – meat, cheese, carbs. But, a-ha! I’ve got the perrrrrfect solution: replace the tortillas/taco shells with zucchini pasta!

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Meatless Monday: Tomatokeftedes (Tomato Balls) with Tzatziki Zucchini Pasta

IMG_4871 copy

The first night that we arrived to Santorini, it was pretty late. Our flight had been delayed and we had been traveling for more than 18 hours, but we were determined  to eat something Greek. So, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and walked 5 minutes to a local spot called Anoti Restaurant. We ordered a bunch of different things, wanting to discover something special. Lucky for us, Santorini is the home of the tomatokeftedes, fried tomato balls. Holy moly was it savory. The richness of the Greek olive oil paired with the refreshing tang of mint creates an unforgettable appetizer experience. Talk about starting the trip on the right foot!

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Zucchini Noodle Review: Gustorganics (NYC)

IMG_4708 copy

Unfortunately, not many mainstream restaurants have spiralized pastas on their menu.. According to my research in NYC so far, the only restaurants that serve spiralized dishes are generally the vegan/vegetarian ones. Once I started this blog, I vowed to uncover every spiralized dish in the greater NYC area. Feel free to send me leads if you hear a certain establishment serves these revolutionary noodles – I’ll visit and review!

While I was stalking on Instagram (muahaha), I noticed a girl hashtagged #zucchinipasta. Being creepy, I commented on her photo and asked her where she was. Her response? Gustorganics!

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Meatless Monday: Zucchini Spaghetti and Sriracha Fried Eggs

IMG_4771 copy

Mark Bittman, a food columnist for the New York Times, wrote an article in 2008 about “Spaghetti Fried Eggs,” an adaptation from a dish published by Arthur Schwartz (once the NY Daily News restaurant critic and food editor.) Often referred to ask “the poor man’s spaghetti,” this simple meal formerly consisted of not much more than fried eggs, pasta, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. That poor man might have been penniless, but he ate well!

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Zucchini Pasta Made for Men

chicken parmesan with zucchini pasta

I met this really cool chick at the cooking demo I did in Hoboken a couple weeks back. Like me, she’s a blogger. Unlike me, she’s a newlywed! Her blog, Life a la Wife, chronicles her adventures living with her new hubby! Alyssa loves to eat healthy, be active and live life to its fullest…. pretty positive vibes, right?

Naturally, I figured her readers would love an Inspiralized recipe. What better dish to create for Life a la Wife than a manly pasta that any husband (or boyfriend for that matter) will love? A great way to ease the “manly” man in your life into healthier pasta (Inspiralized pasta!) Read more about this recipe and why I decided to make it on Alyssa’s blog by clicking here. In the meantime, here it is…. a healthy spin on Chicken Parmesan!

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Ricotta Spaghetti & Brussel Sprouts with Butter Beans and Sundried Tomatoes

IMG_4117 copy

It’s another Meatless Monday and what vegetable better to hold its own than the brussel sprout? For me, it was love at first sight. I will never truly understand why people dread these little guys. They’re so mysterious – are they a baby cabbage? Are they miniature heads of lettuce? They always keep me guessin’.

At least in the culinary scene here in NYC/NJ, they’ve become quite trendy. In the past two years or so, I’ve seen many more restaurants feature roasted brussel sprouts as side options or specials on their menus. Most recently, I’ve seen a lot of shaved brussel sprout salads or “hashes” flavored with chopped crunchy bacon.

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Inspiralized Dinner Party with HobokenGirl

IMG_3809 copy

If you’ve been following my Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been spending some time with Jen from HobokenGirl (a Hoboken blog geared towards girls). So, what’s up with that? Well, besides the fact that she’s a cool Jersey chick with an adorable French bulldog pup named Pierre, her audience happens to be perfect for Inspiralized dishes – girls who to love to try new things!

On Tuesday, I went to the Downtown Hoboken Farmer’s Market and stocked up on zucchinis, corn and some fresh cracked wheat bread and headed over to her apartment to cook us dinner. Check out my Instagram and hers for some funny videos from the evening.

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Spinach, Mushroom and Turkey Bacon Pasta (Zucchini Pasta)

IMG_3348 copy

This whole eating meat again thing gets better and better each day. I’m taking it slowly – I think filet mignon will be the last thing I try, as I baby step into a carnivorous lifestyle (after my nearly 5 year hiatus.) Today’s baby step: cook with bacon.

Of course, I couldn’t just jump right into pork bacon. The next best thing? Turkey bacon! This leaner meat has a great smoky flavor just like regular bacon and feels lighter in your tummy and is of course – in the long run – easier on the hips. Pork bacon is very high in saturated fats, which raise your blood cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.

WAIT! Before you run to the shelves to pick up turkey bacon, keep in mind that reading labels is essential when food shopping. Many turkey bacons lure customers in with packaging that shouts “low fat” and “low calorie,” but if you check the labels – it is often super high in sodium content and other suspicious additives. Just make sure that the turkey bacon you’re buying is low in sodium (around 180mg) and doesn’t contain nitrites or nitrates (additive used to preserve/cure meats). Heck, if you can’t find one that meats (hehe- get it? meats!) these requirements, just chug a giant Vitamin Water afterwards.

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