The Inspiralized Office

The Inspiralized Office

The Inspiralized Office

The other day, I got an e-mail from a brand looking to speak with “the Inspiralized team” about a working partnership.

A) Yay! I love working with cool brands.

B) “The Inspiralized Team” = me.

Immediately, I thought how neat it would be to share with my readers where “The Inspiralized Team” (aka me) is headquartered.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.

What perfect timing for a feature on my office, since June 26th, 2014 will mark Inspiralized’s 1 Year Anniversary/Birthday! I have a special treat planned, so stay tuned.

Actually, when I first started Inspiralized, I was working out of Starbucks. I remember that morning so clearly, like it was yesterday. I woke up with Lu and got dressed and “ready” (with a bag packed with my ancient laptop, a notepad, a pen, some healthy snacks and my iPhone.) Around 7:45am, I walked with Lu to the PATH station (it’s a Subway line that connects NJ with NYC) and we stopped at the Starbucks across the way.

He gave me a kiss and said something encouraging like “good luck, make it happen” and I walked right inside of Starbucks, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a mission. I bought a soy iced coffee and sat down somewhere comfy, booted up my laptop and went for it. Started my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Twitter and blindly started making my dreams come true.

After 3 days (on June 29th), I knew that if I wanted to take this seriously, I had to make an “office.” Lu, being the supportive sweetheart he is, drove us to IKEA where I picked out my desk. Thanks to Instagram, I’ve documented that:

Good morning everyone! I’m on my way to #Ikea to buy a desk for recipe writing at home! #inspiralized

The desk was located…. in our bedroom. Picture this: every day, I rolled out of bed when Lu got up to get ready for work. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, put in my contacts and threw on a cooking and blogging-appropriate outfit (Lululemons and a t-shirt). I sat at my desk, by my bed and stayed there….. all day (well, carve out some time for cooking and photographing, of course).

Needless to say, after 11 months of this, I couldn’t take it any longer – spending over 15 hours a day in one room is not good for a person’s sanity.

So, a few weeks ago, we drove back to IKEA and bought a new desk (link here) that was slimmer, sleeker and could fit in our living room/kitchen. We have one of those open kitchens that also include the living room. Here’s Lu, “happily” building my desk:


I couldn’t be happier. What I love most about this new working space is that it’s minimalistic – it’s designed solely for blogging and writing. In my bedroom, I still have my old desk where I keep all of my paperwork, files, and office supplies. At this desk, it’s strictly business.

I prefer this, because I can easily get overwhelmed and feel disorganized if there’s clutter in my workspace.

Without further ado, here’s where The Inspiralized Team works:

The Inspiralized Office

What are my work desk essentials?

  • My purple Under Armour water bottle, which I refill at least 3 times a day,
  • A repurposed yellow mug full of pens, pencils and Sharpies,
  • A pad of Post-It notes,
  • My pink to-do list notebook where I keep my days prioritized, and
  • My iPhone, to respond to all of my kind Instagram comments throughout the day and take calls.

The Inspiralized Office

You may notice the blanket basket. Sometimes I get chilly when I crank up the AC! Also, the Food & Wine magazine was there because I usually read a food magazine while I eat my lunch at my desk.

The Inspiralized Office

No work space could be complete without a good music system. Luckily, someone invented Spotify! Lu builds all of my playlists for me. To listen to what I listen to during the day, check out Ali’s Mix:

Before I go, here’s one last shot of the Inspiralized headquarters:

The Inspiralized Office

What do you think of my office space? What are your work desk essentials?

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Love the office, Ali! It definitely takes figuring out what works for you when having a home office! :)
It's so perfect and decluttered! I work from bed, from the couch, or from our dining room table. While I hate that, it works for me after a long day of my full-time job and helps me de-stress if I'm all cozy :) Thanks for sharing!
Rachel Karpf says:
Thanks for sharing!!
Cat says:
Very neat and tidy. :-) I'll bet you do more running back and forth to the kitchen and photographing than you spend sitting, though. And what a great idea - using a handbag to disguise computer cords! Awesome idea! I need to do that in my office, too! I looked at the website, too - thanks for sharing that. I have been looking and looking for organic cotton produce bags. If I won that give-away, I'd surely start a purchase to get those!
You're totally right! Thanks for the kind comment.
Penny says:
Your office space looks amazing and so relaxing. You said the desk came from Ikea, but could you post which on one it is? It looks ideal for a smaller area. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you:
Lynn says:
I love your sense of humor! Great office. I would love to get the monkey backpack along with the sorting bus for my grandson.
Irene says:
I understand about working space! I sew and IKEA was the perfect place for organization. Love their enclosed cube shelf system, with optional doors! I attached a desk to mine and it's perfect for sewing. Now just to find the time! Thanks for the great site, just got my spiralizer and my zucchini is now ready from my garden!
lizakaya says:
I love love love this post! I have used so many of your recipes, both straight up and as inspiralization. Loving.
You rock girl, thanks for the kind comment!
Alyssa says:
Loving your new office!! I really need to spruce up my space too. It's really tough living and working in the same space all day long! xo
I know you understand!! Thanks so much, Alyssa!
Hello! Love that print above the desk! I would probably get some cast iron's my new addiction! :-D
It looks pretty perfect! :)
Anonymous says:
Just received my spiralizer today and can't wait to get started!!!
Rachel Karpf says:
You really do have the coolest job ever you know!? I love to cook, pretend I'm a photographer, try to be healthy and would love to work from home (or starbucks). I'm so jealous!!
Aw - you could have the same job!! I love pretending I'm a photographer, it's one of my favorite parts :)
jesusan says:
I love your work space. Before I got married I had a somewhat similar, very minimalist desk (now I use half of my husband's computer hutch). Also looks like you have an iMac - excellent computer choice. I find I work better and just live better without clutter. (Too bad I didn't realize before I got married that my husband is so good at creating clutter…) Thanks for sharing your work space with us. I like knowing something about the food bloggers whose recipes I love.
What a sweet comment - thanks so much! And yes, clutter is bad for your mental sanity!
Anonymous says:
Thanks for sharing. Your work space is really cute and uncluttered, and its nice to know where all these amazing recipes are coming from :) One suggestion though, instead of cranking the AC and using a blanket, maybe just turn the AC down? Better for the environment and your electricity bill :)
Kelsey says:
Love this! =) We are moving on July 1st (!!!) and going from a 1-bedroom apartment to 2-bedrooms - which means I finally get my office space! I'm so excited to finally have more space to decorate and call my own. Definitely saved this for later...I love the look of your office!
Thanks Kelsey - and goodluck with the move!

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