The Inspiralizer Lite Launch + Giveaway

The Inspiralizer Lite is officially on sale! When we first launched, we launched it under the name ‘Inspiralizer Compact’ but based on all of your amazing feedback, we decided that title was misleading and thus, quickly renamed it the Inspiralizer Lite. Sorry for any confusion this caused!

Today is the day! The Inspiralizer Lite is officially on sale and will ship out tomorrow, if an order is placed today. If you pre-ordered the Inspiralizer Lite already in this past week’s pre-sale, yours will ship out today, so except to receive it in 2-3 days. You can also order the Inspiralizer Lite on Amazon.

If you missed last week’s pre-order post, here is what you need to know about the Inspiralizer Lite:

  • When I surveyed many of you last year and asked, “Why don’t you have an Inspiralizer?” and the overwhelming response was, “The $39.95 price point is not within my budget.” We understand that healthy eating can be overwhelming and we were sad to see that people were discouraged from buying the Inspiralizer based on price. We put our heads together and decided to make a few adjustments to the original Inspiralizer (now the Inspiralizer Pro) so that we could lower the price. And no, we didn’t sacrifice quality – we made structural changes that allow us to lower the price from $39.95 to $24.95 (and $19.95 for today only!) Thus, the Inspiralizer Lite is a less expensive version of the Inspiralizer Pro. We want everyone to become part of the Inspiralized family and feel that this was the best way to do it!
  • There are two major differences between the Inspiralizer Pro and the Inspiralizer Lite. The Inspiralizer Lite:
    • comes disassembled, so when you receive it, there will be some assembly required. We have an instructional video on how to do this and printed instructions within the user manual. It’s easy and quick to do!
    • has ONE suction base instead of two. The Inspiralizer Pro has two suction bases on the bottom, providing heavy-duty suction. The Inspiralizer Lite only has one, but it is still fully functional that way. The Inspiralizer Pro just has more power. Consider the metaphor of a car – you can buy a car with more horsepower, but both cars will get you from point A to B, right?

Inspiralizer Pro vs. Inspiralizer Lite

Here’s a helpful chart of the major differences:

Inspiralizer Lite vs. Inspiralizer Pro

And to reiterate, once fully assembled, both the Inspiralizer Lite and the Inspiralizer Pro are the same dimensions.

Don’t be intimidated by ‘some assembly required.’ In fact, here’s a helpful video that shows how easy it is to assemble the Inspiralizer Lite:

Thank you in advance for your order! We can’t wait for you to be part of the Inspiralized family.

The Inspiralizer Lite

The Inspiralizer Giveaway

We are hosting a giveaway of our newest product: the Inspiralizer Lite! Three lucky readers will win an Inspiralizer Lite. To enter to win, use the widget below. This giveaway is open to US addresses only (we only ship to US at this time, sorry for the inconvenience) and it ends Friday at 5pm EST. Check back here on Friday to see if you won (or check your e-mail, that’s how we’ll reach you!) Good luck!

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  1. I'd like to try spiralizing beets! Always looking for new ways to prepare them :)
  2. I've never spiralized beets before, so I'd like to try that.
  3. My husband likes zucchini noodles so that would probably be what I spiralized first.
  4. I need to try spiralized sweet potatoes! I love the spiralized zucchini with pasta sauce. ?
  5. I am a complete inspiralizer newbie so I would love to try zucchini noodles. And also use vegetables to make Asian noodles recipes! Those are my fave!
  6. I've never sprilized any thing but I'd love to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!!
  7. I'd love to win a Lite model to gift to my mom so she could make her favorite mediterranean zoodle salad (I make your recipe for her all the time!) :)
  8. I'd love to win this to spiralizer ALL THE VEGGIES! plus i just got a copy of Inspiralize Everything for my birthday and can't wait to get started!
  9. Love the Inspiralizer so much... Use it so much and would love to give one to my Daughter that just got married!!!❤️❤️❤️ Thanks Ally for all your recipes and love your blog and IG stories!❤️❤️❤️
  10. i would like to try using it for new "noodle" options!
  11. Love this! I changed all my ways with this thing! Would love to get one for my sister!
  12. I've only spiralized a few veggies, the basics, squash, zucchini, potato and sweet potato. I can't wait to try more with the lite!!
  13. Ashley Lengsfield :
    Thanks for being such a healthy inspiration. I love following along daily on insta stories!
  14. I would love to try the new Inspiralizer!
  15. Sandra Munroe Hernandez :
    I would make a big salad with zucchini and carrot "noodles" and put on your tahini salad dressing. Yum!!
  16. I'd spiralize some sweet potatoes! My junky spiralizer can hardly handle it!
  17. Sweet potatoes for me!
  18. I'd love to win and make zoodles for spaghetti! Help show my husband veggie noodles are awesome!
  19. I love your blog and IG story. Such a big inspiration. I would love ❤️ try sprilalized a veggies! My 2 year old son will love it!
  20. I would make zucchini noodles with pesto and sautéed shrimp ?Yum!!!
  21. Cindy Sawochka :
    I actually have, love, and use daily my Inspiralizer. My aunt has a garden and has graciously supplied many zucchinis to me this summer, so I'd gift it to her! ?
  22. Your bolognese (if I spelled that right!) that I see you making so often! It looks delicious and simple and it would likely please everyone in my family. Zucs are cheap, easy to spiralize, and a great part of any dinner dish.
  23. I'd love to spiralize sweet potatoes! Love your recipes.
  24. Having been diagnosed recently (Last week!) with a medical problem that has me re-thinking my entire diet this would be a great step forward with that!
  25. I love inspiralized and making healthy meals using veggie noodles! I have an off-brand veggie noodle maker (sorry, it was a gift) and it just isn't the same. I like the safety features of the inspiralizer better and how the blade is within the unit instead of separate pieces, unlike mine. I would love to win the inspiralizer lite for fresh farmers market veggies including zucchini, potatoes, carrots and cucumber! I'd like to explore with fruit and other vegetables as well!
  26. I would like to try and make some potato frizzies.
  27. I'd love to spiralize zucchini for bikini Bolognese!
  28. I would make spiralized sweet potato buns because I love sweet potatoes! Will also wanna spiralized fruits for fruitsalads :D
  29. Love this product! I would stick to a classic and try zucchini and sweet potatoes with your inspiralizer! Always looking for new ways to eat veggies.
  30. Probably sweet potatoes or zucchini because I always have them on hand
  31. Would love to win this to give to a friend on a weight loss journey. Almost bought one for myself when I thought it was a smaller version.
  32. Being that I'm gluten free (a recent discovery, unfortunately) I've been wanting to get into spiralizing, and try things other than zucchini and cucumber. Hopefully this will encourage me to do so!
  33. I would love to spiralize yam or sweet potatoes. With thanksgiving coming up I'm sure there will be great dish ideas
  34. I'd like to try spiralizing fruit! Pineapple, Apple, or cantaloupe. I've done many veggies but not fruit yet.
  35. Bikini Bolgnese
  36. I would love this version to give my sons who are in college. I use my spiralizer all the time!!
  37. The first thing I would inspiralize is bell pepper for that delicious skillet!!! I've always wanted to do them, but only have the hand spiralizer. :(
  38. Love this giveaway! I'm super excited to make sweet potato and carrot noodles ???
  39. I'd love to gift the Inspiralizer Lite to our friends who borrow ours to spiralize veggies for meal prep!
  40. I would make sweet potato rice!
  41. I would love to spiralize some sweet potatoes because my current spiralizer is too difficult to use!
  42. I would make sweet potato rice and carrot noodles!
  43. I would love to start spiralizing butternut squash! It's so tough to peel and chop, so spiralizing would be amazing!
  44. I would love to spiralize parsnips!
  45. Beyond excited to see another model! Zucchini noodles here I come!
  46. I'd love to gift the Inspiralizer Lite to I can finally stop dropping off bags of spiralized zucchini at her house!!:)
  47. Beets! Can't wait to make muffins for my kiddos. :o)
  48. Beets! Can't wait to make muffins for my kiddos! :o)
  49. Ashlee Lindstrom :
    I'd love to make lo mein with zucchini noodles!
  50. Mariana Costa Pulcherio :
    I would make zucchini noodles, my favorite!
  51. Brittany swindler :
    I'd love to make parsnip noodles!
  52. I would make the winter kale bowl with spiralized beets and goat cheese!! YUM!
  53. Brittany swindler :
    First thing I'd make parsnip noodles!
  54. Congrats looking forward to parsnip and sweet potato zoodles.
  55. I'd love to win this product as it takes up less storage space in the kitchen
  56. I'd like to experiment with fruit noodles!!
  57. Zucchini Noodles!
  58. I would love to make zoodle pasta with grape tomatoes, parm cheese, and garlic sauce!!
  59. This version of the Inspiralizer would be perfect for my daughter! She's a new mom and is wanting to cook more veggies (noodles!)
  60. I'd make sweet potato latkes!
  61. I'd love to make that delish looking pasta sauce and zucchini - noodles!
  62. I love to make cucumber salad, and zucchini noodles, and sweet potato shoe string fries!
  63. I want to make some sweet potato noodles!
  64. My current spiralizer isn't heavy duty enough for butternut squash and rutabaga noodles--would LOVE to try it out for those!
  65. I would use it with a variety of vegetables: zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, beets, etc. Thank you for the giveaway!
  66. Would love to win and share with my sister.
  67. I'd finally ditch my pathetic spiralizer for the REAL DEAL! Zoodles and turkey meatballs it is.
  68. I'd spiralize a few veggies and toss the Zoodles into a great salad.
  69. Would love to gift this so my family can see why I love my inpriralizer so much!!
  70. I have run the gamut of spiralizers but would love to have the Cadillac (Lite) in my kitchen to help me whirl through Zoodles!
  71. Marissa McConnell :
    I'd make something with the flat noodle setting because I haven't even gotten to use that!
  72. I would make sweet potato fried rice! My favorite go-to!
  73. I'd make some good old fashioned zoodles!
  74. I would definitely make something with sweet potato noodles!
  75. make some veggies to eat as spagetti
  76. It's turning into autumn, so I'd love to spiralize some winter squashes and kohlrabi. :-)
  77. Christopher Sorel :
    payit forward and show them zuci noddles are yummy
  78. The new inspiralizer lite sounds amazing!
  79. I'd make sweet potato noodles!
  80. I'd make zoodles!
  81. Marie Buccellato :
    What a great idea, Ali! Always improving. Love spiralizing.
  82. I want to try sweet potato pasta noodles.
  83. Would love to win one to give as a gift as I already have a pro version!
  84. Zucchini noodles with a meat sauce.
  85. Alicia Dunable :
    I'd make carrot noodles! I bought them at a store frozen and they were great, but of course i' d rather make my own!
  86. zucchini pesto salad
  87. Would definitely make some pickled carrots and daikon - I love the recipe from Ali's first cookbook!
  88. Love veggies, and Spiralized veggies are even better!
  89. I'd make the potato and spinach frittata!
  90. I would like to win this Inspiralizer for a friend....I have the Pro, ordered another for a friend in Oregon, and would love to give another friend one, and introduce her to Ali and her wonderful blogs. Fingers crossed.......
  91. I would make the zucchini chili bowl recipe I got today in my email!
  92. Probably the shrimp and a ovocado dish. With cucumber.
  93. bernardina sims :
    I have been wanting to make zucchini noodles!
  94. Sarah Jane jennings :
    I love your blog! I absolutely love anything spiralized!
  95. Sweet potato noodles
  96. So excited for the Inspiralizer Lite! The first dish I want to make is just a simple zucchini noodle spaghetti! My mom made me this when she first got her Inspiralizer and it was delish!
  97. All the zoodles!! I look forward to having another option for my pasta hating veggie loving 5 year old when his brothers want pasta.
  98. I have the Inspiralizer Pro and I LOVE it! It is so easy to use and I am getting my family to eat zucchini noodles( a veggie they would not eat before). We eat double the veggies we ate before owning this. So easy to use and makes better noodles and easier to clean then my old electric one. Love your recipes!!! I hope to win this for my daughter's family.
  99. The first recipe I would like to make would be my own Tuscan Sausage Rutabaga Bake.
  100. I would spiralize onions!!
  101. I would make carrot noodles, my son has been begging me for some but I was scared he would break my inspiralizer!
  102. Zucchini noodles with bolognese sauce
  103. The first thing I would want to make is carrot noodles! Love, that there is a cheaper version for those of us who have to pinch pennies!
  104. I would love to try out kolrabi!! I have a crappy imposter. I would love the real deal. I have many health issues and using the inspiralizer to get creative with veggies is great.
  105. On the video I could not see the inspiralizer. All I saw was your hand
  106. I would make sweet potato rice!
  107. Hannah Schaffer :
    I've had my eye on your recipe for spiralized zucchini with tomato sauce, goat cheese and artichokes! I'm sad zucchini season is coming to an end :(. Now that fall is approaching us, I can't wait to make your recipe for spiralized butternut squash and leek risotto!
  108. I would love to give this as a gift (to my mom), so the first thing made with it would be up to her!
  109. I would make zucchini noodles. They sound delicious!
  110. If I were to win I'd probably make some sort of mixed veggie noodle stir fry with chicken :)
  111. I would make daikon ramen - love that the Inspiralizer makes it so easy to spiralize any type of vegetable (soft like zucchini or firm like daikon radish).
  112. Would love to win to make one of the yummy recipes from the Inspiralize Everything book!
  113. I would love to win this as it would help me change my eating habits and lose the baby weight I have been carrying around for the past year. The first thing I would make would be a meal of zucchini noodles and meatballs.
  114. I would make spiralized potatoes with mini potatoes!
  115. I would make our favorite zucchini zoodles with meat sauce. LOVE the inspiralizer! It has changed our lives!
  116. The first thing I'd make is something with spiralized potatoes- maybe some shoestring fries
  117. I want to spiralize more sweet potatoes!
  118. All your recipes look amazing!!! Need to try the spiralized potato fries with parmesan!
  119. I love that there is a more affordable option now. Spiralizing vegetables is the BEST idea.
  120. I would make your spiralized kohlrabi salad!
  121. Would love to try this lite
  122. I want to spiralize cantaloupe.
  123. I would totally make zucchini noodles for spaghetti and noodles!!
  124. If I won this I would give it to my mom. She doesn't have an Inspiralizer yet, but wants one.
  125. I would make rutabaga noodles! That is one veggie I have not experimented with yet and I am eager to try.
  126. I've definitely been wanting to try spiralizing a rutabaga! Love the new price...puts it in my price range now :)
  127. Asian style Zucchini noodle soup
  128. I would definitely spiralize something other than zucchini for a change. All I have is one of those crappy hand held ones that doesn't do much :(
  129. Would love to try jicama spirals!
  130. I would make beet noodle! I love them with feta and arugula!
  131. I'd love to use it to make zucchini noodles.
  132. Elizabeth weill :
    Zoodles With marinara and cheese
  133. I already have your spiralizer pro, and have guided several friends toward the same purchase. So since I already have one, I would give this one away to another friend who doesn't quite have the money for it.
  134. Zoodles
  135. I would make zoodles (zucchini noodle)!
  136. I would spiralize sweet potatoes! I cannot make them with the small handheld spiralizer I have now and would love the Inspiralizer.
  137. I would try something I've always wondered about. I'd spiralize something already cooked. Sometimes I have cooked veggies around and would like to have them spiralized, but I've never tried. That would be my first experiment!
  138. I would make the zucchini noodles with bolegnese sauce
  139. I'd like to make the shrimp salad from you honeymoon. Not sure what it's called.
  140. Adele Thompson :
    Sweet potato waffles or zucchini waffles, love my Inspiralized Sunday breakfast!
  141. I would make apple pie.
  142. I would make sweet potato noodles!
  143. I think I'd try putting together a veggie pasta!
  144. I would make sweat potato rice! My family loves the stuff, but my cheap store brand spiralizer isn't strong enough to make them.
  145. Cristina Timberlake :
    I have the original Inspiralized, and love it! I would love to win this one for my mom. Actually love it comes in parts because I could travel with it. She lives out of the country :) so that would make it easier! Congrats on the launch!
  146. I would NOT make any more reservations at the local Italian! I'd eat healthy veggie pasta eterno!
  147. I'd make a spiralized sweet potato dish with a recipe from one of your books that I have!
  148. Beets!
  149. I look forward to your posts and insta stories. Keep them coming! Can't wait to win the Inspiralizer Lite.
  150. I am overflowing with zucchini right now. I have a hand held spiralizer that's gonna give me carpal tunnel if I keep using it. My easy peasy favorite way it to saute onion and garlic in EVO, add zucchini noodles, when done, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. YUM!
  151. Would love to gift this to my daughter. She would definitely make sweet potato noodles for fries (her favorite.)
  152. I would make some butternut squash noodles.
  153. Very interested in joining the spiralizing community!
  154. I would make zoodle pesto pasta salad!!!
  155. Emily Komitsky :
    Would like to make a carrot cake with this. ?
  156. This looks perfect! I'm gonna add this to my birthday list!
  157. I love my spiralizer and would love to win one to give to a friend. I have all the books too. Oh, a Carrot Cake would be good.
  158. sweet potato fries...yum!
  159. Birgit Grimaldi :
    First thing I would make is the Zucchini Carbonara
  160. I would make my favorite stir fry with zucchini and carrot noodles! Maybe some spiralizer red cabbage too ????
  161. Slice all my cucumbers for a cucumber salad.
  162. I would make sweet potato latkes.
  163. Debbie K Clauer :
    I would make some sweet potato noodles.
  164. I would try spiralizing some hard cheese, like cheddar. Will it work? I'm willing to try anything once!
  165. I have a sweet potato just begging to be noodled!
  166. Definitely making carrot cake!
  167. I would make zoodles with marinara
  168. I would make zoodles and carmalized onions and butternut squash noodles! Inspiralize everything ?
  169. I would make zoodles and carmalized onions and butternut squash noodles! Inspiralize everything ?
  170. Although I've tried many of your recipes with great satisfaction and delight, I have not tried spiralizing fruit. Spiralizing has become an addiction! My husband is quite supportive, as I create delicious meals each night.
  171. I would definitely try a classic zucchini noodle base with homemade meatballs!
  172. Cristina Wardrip :
    This is so exciting! I pre ordered it as soon as I saw the announcement!! I got it as a gift for my mom, as I already have the process. I would love to win one of these to give as a gift to my brother!!
  173. I would make a spiralized beet salad with goat cheese, red onion and pine nuts! Yummy!
  174. Love following you on instagram!! Can't wait to make spiralized sweet potato burger buns!
  175. I love the Inspiralizer instagram page and stories and would love to try the lite version myself! Nothing better than making veggies fun ????
  176. I would make sweet potato fries.
  177. I would make all of the veggie noodles: zucchini, butternut, sweet potato...
  178. I have been dying to make zucchini pad thai, That would be top of my list!!!!!
  179. I would love to make the loaded spiralized potatoes!! ???
  180. I want to try the Mediterranean zucchini salad.
  181. I'd try to make the veggie pasta I keep reading about.
  182. Zuchinni noodles!
  183. I can't wait to make some sweet potato noodles!!
  184. zoodles
  185. I want to make a great vegetable salad. Yum.
  186. I'd make something with sweet potatoes!!
  187. I need one of these! If I won, (and when I get one) I would make zucchini noodles then butternut squash noodles asap!
  188. I would gift this to my mother and show her how quickly it works for veggie prepping!
  189. I love your blog! I would definitely make the zucchini noodle muffins, and sweet potato inspiralized buns :) So creative!!
  190. ?????? Can't wait to try the Lite!
  191. I would definitely would do butternut squash noodles. Now that fall is coming, they're my favorite!
  192. MaryLynn Hayes :
    The first thing I would make is zucchini noodles.
  193. I would use it to make some chips. Spiral and fry them so good.
  194. Thanks for the giveaway! I would make some zoodles! Put some sauce and maybe meatballs :)
  195. The first thing I would attempt to make is the Spiralized Potato Everything Bagel!
  196. I would spiralize sweet potatoes first!
  197. I'll make zucchini noodles with pesto. It's so basic but my favorite!!
  198. Samantha Mills :
    I would make zucchini noodles with fresh pesto or beet noodles with balsamic over spring mix!!
  199. I would make zuchinni noodles with tomatoes and pesto to use up some of that late summer garden harvest!
  200. First I would make sweet potato noodles
  201. OH MY GOSH The first thing I would make is the best ever chicken zoodle soup-it is AMAZING. But a close second would be some sweet potato 'rice' enchilada bowls; they are a staple in my house!
  202. Zucchini noodles!
  203. I'd made zucchini noodles. Since I'm not on facebook I don't know if you accepted my email as entry in your give away. Hope I win. Edith
  204. Zucchini noodles and shrimp
  205. some squash and zucchini noodles for a salad
  206. greek cucumber salad!
  207. Anything with zucchini noodles!!! YUM!!!
  208. I have a whole bunch of fresh cucumbers - gonna spiralize those and toss them in sesame oil and roasted cashews!
  209. Maybe spiralize some zucchini.
  210. I would make spiralized sweet potato nests~
  211. Definitely zucchini noodles (my weeknight favorite) BUT really want to try the butternut squash ravioli for be fall!
  212. Zucchini Alfredo pasta and see potato fries
  213. The Thai salad with jicama!
  214. laura rubenstein :
    I would make fried zucchini spirals
  215. Would love to win!!
  216. The first thing I'd make is homemade pasta sauce served over zucchini noodles.
  217. How exciting!
  218. This is so awesome!!! So glad you decided to make one that is a little cheaper!!! I really really want one!!
  219. I would make zoodles first with marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese.
  220. I'd make zoodles!
  221. Zoodles with pesto
  222. Christopher Mason :
    SPaghetti squash.
  223. Thai peanut cucumber salad.
  224. I would make the sweet potato, kale and white bean bake!!! My favorite ?
  225. I would make squash noodles.
  226. I would make a stir fry with lots and lots of veggies!
  227. I would like to make zucchini noodles for a pad thai!
  228. I would make potato everything bagels!!
  229. Zucchini noodles shrimp scampi
  230. Goat cheese, pine nut, and apple salad with poppyseed dressing!
  231. Cucumbers for a fun twist on a Greek salad!
  232. I would make zoodles with asian sesame dressing
  233. Sweet Potato Carbonara!
  234. Zoodles, of course :)
  235. Probably an apple coleslaw, me and my daughter adore different coleslaws.x
  236. Zucchini noodles!!!
  237. I would make zucchini pasta with a sweet potato sauce.
  238. Dadԁy wins!? The twin deϲlared.
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  240. No he podido resistirme a comentar!!. Excelentemente explicado!
  241. I ordered the Inspiralizer Lite and received it a few days ago. Love the design, much better features than the Paderno spiralizer I purchased from Williams Sonoma..but I did have one problem with the assembly. I followed the steps on your video, along with the instructions that came in the box. When it came to assembling the handle, it seems it won't snap all the way together. I can't figure out why, and it doesn't really effect the usage of this machine but it seems like I did something wrong..ideas?
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