The New Inspiralized Look


Finally, the day is here: not only is Verizon Fios coming to my NEW office to install the WiFi, but, Inspiralized has a brand new, fresh look – and a new logo!

You may have seen this new look yesterday, but through the night, I kept making updates – and there are still a few tweaks left, but overall, Inspiralized got a new look!

I can’t wait to hear what you think – and to celebrate this next chapter in my Inspiralized story (new office, new look), I’m doing an Inspiralized giveaway – cookbooks, tote bags, and Inspiralizers!

If you follow me on Snapchat (username inspiralized), you may have seen that I took over the Forbes Snapchat yesterday (username Forbes) to showcase a “day in the life of a culinary entrepreneur.” I Snapped my heart out – literally Snapping every moment of the day, tracking every move.

I spent about 5 hours redesigning the new website with my graphic designer, Sarah Woolley (she’s amazing, if you need a referral, just email me – I’d be happy to connect you). Not only did she give the logo a new look, she refreshed the whole vibe of the site!

Let’s talk about the new logo for a second: to me, it speaks profoundly to the Inspiralized vibe – fresh, inspiring, clean, and most importantly, noodly! I couldn’t look at that misshapen bowl for one more day, this logo change was a long time coming!


Aside from the new logo, the website got a little facelift! Check it out, click around (have you seen the new homepage?!) and most importantly, I hope you find it cleaner and less busy. I’ll be slowly updating parts of the website, so it’ll get cleaner and cleaner!

And to accompany these new beginnings, I finally got my own office for Inspiralized! I’m even MORE excited about this next stage for Inspiralized – I can’t wait to be inspired by my surroundings. Working off a tiny desk (literally, it’s not more than 20″ deep) has really taken its toll – I hate the clutter and how I’m confined to a small space.

Today, I’m moving in everything from my apartment to the new space – and then over the next week all of the furniture will arrive. For now, all that’s in there is my desk (which is, of course, the most important part!)

I’ll be taking plenty of Snaps and Instagram Stories of the new office, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Snapchat! I’ll also feature the office here on the blog, as I furnish and truly settle in.

Last but not least, I’m working on some new App updates (do you have the Inspiralized Recipe iOS App?) and new photography for the Inspiralizer. I’m looking for a crisper, fresher look – here’s a sneak peek at the stylized photos (thanks to Adam Reichardt):

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

New Video

Also, have you seen our new cookbook video? Flip through every page with me! And to purchase, click here.


Thank you to Evan Sung Photography for the main imagery used throughout the new look of Inspiralized!

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Aishah Muhammad says:
Love the new look. The logo has a modern flair. I've always loved your site and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Congrats on the new office.
Mary Monger says:
Love the recipes, loving the updates and looking forward to seeing what's to come.
Patricia Lanser says:
I am a personal trainer and teach Operation Lose It classes at my gym. I sell at least one Inspiralizer if not more during each session. I also have two daughter's in medical school and they both have one as well. I am a huge fan. Really eyeing up the new cookbook. 'Inspiralized' has many stains from all the use it gets. I would love to see what new recipes you have created. Keep doing what you are doing. It's a beautiful thing! Congrats on the new office and the new facelift. Looks great!
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much! You sound like a perfect fit for the Ambassador Program! Learn more here:
Saunya says:
Amazing Ali, congratulations on the redesign and good luck with the move to your new office! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journey!
Carrie says:
Love the new look!
court says:
I love how the look of the site compliments the cover of your cookbook! Keep up the awesome work :)
Sue H says:
A new look! Very fresh. Savor the new! On a side note - what is that yummy looking dish shown for the recipe link?
Susan says:
I ❤️ everything about Inspiralized! Congrats on all that you have accomplished and I look forward to continue following your journey.
I love the new look! Congrats on the are such an inspiration!
Beth R. says:
Just like you said, it looks so clean and fresh. And the homepage is so much easier to navigate! Great work!
Robyn says:
Congrats Ali! So exciting for you!!
Laura I says:
Congrats on the new look and office space. Looks great!!
Dori Hennessey says:
Gorgeous redesign, Ali! Love, love, love the colors :) PS maybe an office tour post, soon!?
Charity r says:
Love the new look. It's very fresh and inviting. It has the same speaking look as the food you make!
Charity r says:
Love the new look. It's very fresh and inviting. It has the same appealing look as the food you make!
Erin says:
Beautiful! Congrats on the new space!
Katie P. says:
I'm a fellow Jersey girl and I've loved watching your business thrive! The new logo is great (love the noodly feel). I'm passionate about the Whole 30 lifestyle because it has helped me control lifelong migraines. So many of your recipes are perfect for that protocol!
Julia Flowers says:
Ali the site looks so fresh! You are such a positive inspiring voice on the internet.
Maria says:
A fresh clean new feel to the website- if all 5 senses could be engaged just by looking at a computer screen your site is as close as it gets! Thanks for such a fun blog to wake-up to and check everyday! The changes look superb!
Steph Flores says:
Love everything about the new look! Good luck with the move!
Emily says:
Love the new look!
Sheelagh says:
Everything looks so lovely! Congrats on this new chapter! So very exciting :)
Ann says:
Looks fantastic! Love your recipes. Can't wait to someday try the inspiralizer.
Alexandra Robertson says:
Love the new lool, but the old. Was lovely as well :) congratulations on the new look!
Kirsten says:
I love the new look. Very light and fresh!
Sam says:
Love the site and the cookbook!!!! Looks so new and updated.
M Gaube says:
Love the new look! So clean
Rob says:
Looks awesome and much cleaner. Congrats!
Marlene says:
Very nice new look! When will you have an app for us Android users?
Sarah says:
The new look is great! I'm new to the blog and love the recipes.
Allison says:
I had to laugh at your comment about the old Inspiralized logo; I have my tote back next to me at work today with that "misshapen bowl" in plain view. Haha. :-) But this new logo looks fantastic! Very visually appealing. Congrats on the redesign! I've done a lot of work with web site user testing and it's flowing great.
Sonia Patel says:
Love the noodle-y look of the new logo! So fun!!!
Kate says:
Your hard work has paid off! Congrats on your new space and new look!
Juliet says:
Love the new look. It is very clean and makes me want to spiralize. :)
Rocio Cueto says:
I love the new look. I wish you so much success in your new headquarters. Thank you for everything you do.
Emily D says:
The new logo is cute and fresh! Great job!
Grace says:
Congratulations on the new space and the fresh new site!! I look forward to seeing you furnish the new space. So excited for your new venture! Blessings your way!
Lindsay Maher says:
I love the new look! The new logo is super cute and is definitely noodly lol.
Crissy says:
What a great giveaway!! Love the new look and love everything about what you do! Thank you!
LadySchep says:
Love it! I think it's super cute :)
Malisa says:
It looks great! I can't wait to see the new office space, too!
Abby says:
Great new look!
Emma says:
Love the new vibe over here
Kristina says:
I'm loving the new logo, it feels so light and bouncy and fits you perfectly!
Kaitlin says:
Love the new look! You are a seriously in awe of you! Love your blog, recipes, and your two cookbooks!
Sloane says:
Gorgeous new look that I feel really reflects what you are doing! It looks modern and updated and has that fun flair that I associate with using my spiralizer!
Hillary says:
I love the new look - especially the homepage. Before there were so many buttons and widgets that I was overwhelmed. Simpler = better!
Vanessa says:
Love the new look! My husband loves to use the Inspiralizer. We had another brand that would no longer lock down on the counter and decided to get the real thing. He will not use another brand again! We use it several times a week along with your latest cookbook recipes. We wish you great success!
Lindsay says:
I love the new look!!! And would love to win!
Lynn says:
Streamlined! Love it!
lauren says:
the "full" logo is GORGEOUS. i haven't got used to the look of the "i" on instagram yet - it is hard to tell what i'm looking at..!
Kelly T says:
I have a spiralizer that Iove, but bought my mom the Inspiralizer and love hers so much more! Thanks for the chance,
Jayme Nagel says:
Love the new look! And love the noodly-ness of the logo! Truly speaks to Inspiralized
Linda Jones says:
I love your new look. The new logo has a beautiful flare about it. You are so talented.
Junghwa d says:
I'd love to try this to try cauliflower and aweet potato noodles!!! I've tried just chopping them with a knife but they always come out too thick and not like noodle texture at all... At least I could make "rice" but never the noodle!
Samantha says:
Great job, Ali! The website looks great - love the new logo, too! Can't wait to see how your new office comes together :)
Lindsey says:
Love the simplicity!
Kay says:
I loved how your blog looked before but absolutely love it more with the upgrade :) Cannot wait to see the new office!
Carly says:
Love the new look! My initial thoughts looking at the new logo was that it looked noodly! :)
Theresa says:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! It's so clean and I feel much easier to navigate. No more scrolling to see what's new!!
Debra says:
I love that you tweaked the logo overnight. The little "i" on Instagram is great. On point! Also I love too the whole word "inspiralizer" in the loose cursive, as you say "noodly" is perfect! Enjoy your new office and I hope your foot is feeling better. I enjoy reading all your updates. PS- I truly love my inspiralizer, i have went from using it once a week, to now about almost every day. I am loving eating more veggies. Thank you Ali and many blessings to you.
Adriana says:
I love your new logo. Well done!
Cait says:
loooove the new logo and can't wait to get a peak of the new space! would love a chance at an inspiralizer. i've gifted yours to others but sadly i have a non-inspiralizer spiralizer. that needs to change, stat!
Pyng says:
Love the new look and the new logo - super cute that you made it "noodly" - very clever!
Sabra says:
Love the new logo and site :)
Lisa says:
The Inspiralizer had become a kitchen staple for me! ❤️
Maribeth says:
Love the new look! The logo is perfect :)
Susan D says:
It seems to emphasize in a better way how many people use The Inspiralizer
Maggie says:
Love love the new look for the site, logo is perfect and excited to get a peek of the new digs on snapchat!
Rachel says:
Love the new logo! Feels happy and noodle-ly! The i is super cute on Instagram too.
Shelly says:
Love the new look! And the giveaway. Fingers crossed!
Mildred says:
Here is another vote for how the new look better reflects what the product does and how it is used
Cynthia says:
Looks great - very fresh!!!
Judy says:
Love the new logo. It would be really great to win the inspiralizer. I have an inexpensive one, but it just doesn't do the job like I see on your site!
Nichole says:
looks like a noodle!
Hilary says:
Love its elegance and simplicity!
Heather says:
I loke the new look. It's clean, simple and easy to use. The colors look great together too!
Marina says:
Love the new look!
Lisa S says:
I love the new look! Its so clean and fresh! It totally matches your recipes!
SO excited for you! Love the new look and can't wait to see your office!
Belinda Galvanin says:
I love the new logo!
Shelby D. says:
congrats girl! the new logo looks amazing, as does the homepage. i love that it is a soft cursive, like a spiralized noodle! too cute. can't wait to see your office space, congrats on that too! xx
Danielle says:
Congratulations! The site looks great!
Danielle says:
Looks great! I just got my Inspiralizer last week and I've had a great time noodling everything.
Ally says:
LOVE following all your social media and have been buying spiralized veggies at WF but am dying for my own! The new look is awesome and congrats on the new space!!!
Adrienne says:
The new logo looks great, I love it.
Pam says:
Love the new logo!
Leslie says:
Love the new logo! Wish we could have worked together but I think it turned out great :)
Amie says:
Very clean lines and simple. Best.
Jackie Cooper says:
Very cute, fun logo! Love the recipes and my Inspiralizer - and would love to give one to a friend as a gift :)
Emily says:
I love the new logo! You totally captured the "noodly" font! I used my spiralizer last night and made sure I had enough to have leftovers for lunch today.
LOVE the new look & congrats on the Fios ;)
Ellen says:
Ali, I love the site's clean new look, and your font choice is brilliant! The "noodly" quality is perfect.
Courtney says:
looks great - looking forward to seeing the office too!
Cory W. says:
Love the new logo! And the website is looking good as well.
danielle says:
I like the new look! Love the little leaves over the "i". I love a good, clean interface :-)
Ellie says:
Hey Ali! My sister is friends with your sister and she introduced me to your Inspiralized world. I'm so happy she did! Spirializing has changed the way my family eats and looks at food. It's been a life changer and we are so happy! All the best to you! Ellie
abigail arteaga says:
I love it! My old inspiralizer just met its end, so i need to get another one!
Danielle K. says:
The new look and logo look great! Very clean and modern.
Catie says:
I love the new look!
Lisa W. says:
Fresh looking logo, looks great.
Betty Mankin says:
Just a suggestion. White on white background makes for difficulty in viewing. Setting the Inspiralizer on a colored background might make it easier to see.
LOVE the new clean look and logo!!
Kristen says:
I LOVE the new look! The font is so clean and noodly- I think it looks great. Just added you on snapchat... can't wait to see some daily "inspiralization" !! It would be amazing to win!
Linda Davison says:
Love the new look, simplicity but with true full functionality.
Ray says:
I think the new look is sharp!
Patricia Helminiak says:
colorful and nice symmetry!
Kaitlyn says:
The new logo looks great!
Reflibrarian says:
Looks very fresh!
Lenore Johnson says:
The new look is very nice. Clean, fresh and easy to read!
Bridgette says:
The new look is very cheery!
Tami says:
fresh logo, love it!
Cheryl S says:
Love the new logo. I do have a question~ maybe it is my computer but I am having trouble reading the font on these posts. To me it looks like there is spacing or shading on the letters and it makes it difficult to read. Is it just me?
Brenda Tuttle says:
Love it!
Diane says:
This sounds like a very exciting time for you and I am so happy for you! I look forward to more recipes and information from your site.
Elisabeth says:
Love the new look and especially love all the recipes
Jessica says:
love the new look!
Tracy says:
Love it! The "fresh" vibe really resonates.
Tiffany says:
Love the fresh, new look!
Susie Kim says:
Loving the new logo ! Definitely fitting and so fresh!
Natasha says:
The new look is awesome!
Marcia says:
Love the new logo. It is so simple yet classy.
Bernadette says:
I like the new look!
Jessica says:
LOVE the new look; way sharper.
Jenn says:
Love the new font!
BIG CONGRATS on the new logo, the new office, the new cookbook and EVERYTHING! The new logo looks so fresh, young, happy and vibrant!!! :) <3
Amanda says:
Love the new look! I specialized a butternut squash for the first time this weekend and it was so delicious. I would never have guessed before that you could spiralizeba squash!
Kimberly says:
Wow the new logo and website looks fantastic!
Sara says:
Looks great! I love Inspiralized veggies!
Erin says:
I love the new logo and all the new recent recipes from the book. If I win the Inspiralizer, I will give it to my friend who I've been preaching to about Inspiralizing! (I'd also love a tote bag to take to the farmers market!)
Johanna says:
I love the colors of the new logo. They complement each other well. The font is super cute too!
Jackie G. says:
Congratulations! Looking forward to cooking some delicious fall meals with my inspiralizer!
Gayle P. says:
I love the new logo so much! It's so fresh and happy looking!
Pat Shaw says:
The new look is superb! The font choice is excellent & clean and uncluttered is certainly an advertisement for clean eating! Great work!
Corinne Nelson says:
I love the new look! I think it is really a great way to celebrate this new chapter with the new book and new office etc!
Diane says:
I have been loving your web site and your recipes for a long time but there is one thing that would add to the experience for me and probably to others as well. For those of us who like to print out your recipes it would be so nice if a mouthwatering picture of the recipe could be included with the printed version. Having that visual along with the recipe would be really great!
Jen K says:
I like how clean it looks and I love the color scheme.
Lillian says:
The site looks so fresh and inviting
Marla says:
The new logo is really cute - I like that it echoes the look of spiralized veggies and is really playful. Well done!
Diane says:
I love the new look. I have finally convinced my husband we need one, and y'all "refreshed" it just in time! Thanks so much.
Kristi says:
I love the look of the new website! I'm excited for the new book and new recipes!
Amy says:
I love the new look!
Christina says:
Like the new logo. Good re-brand. Just one suggestion (can't help myself, I'm a graphic designer): avoid the urge to reuse that logo type font everywhere. It can dilute the power and uniqueness of the logo.
Sheri W says:
Inspired by your Inspiralizer - thanks for posting such awesome recipes and great opportunities!
Martha says:
You are such an inspiration! I never liked vegetables very much but now I eat lots and lots of veggies every day. The new logo is perfect!
Sonnia says:
Love the look & am so happy got your success!
The new logo is so cute! I love it!
Sonnia says:
Sorry, meant to type "Love the look & am so happy for your success."
Sasha says:
The new logo definitely is more noodle-y!
Patricia says:
Fresh and clean... love the leaves as the dot on the i.
Shastina says:
You have been so fun to follow and truly inspiring. Your followers/readers are so spoiled by your dedication to your blog. I actually just read your Inspiralized story last night and it made me laugh because it reminds me of my mom and how's she's inspired many of my interests (but with much hesitation at first) :)
Melinda M says:
Love the new look! And, I didn't know you had an App. Headed off to find that and download it.
Tammy K says:
I love the new look! Congratulations on the office, hope it's close to your kitchen for the cooking part!! Best wishes and great success!
Angie Jerde says:
Congrats on the new is fabulous! Good work on the facelift : )
Marty Crosson says:
It's simple, memorable, and the little veggie leaves convey a sense of what the site's about. I wish it were a slightly darker color, though. Yellow font on white background isn't the easiest to read if you have color perception issues or are reading on a mobile device. .
Mary Guttilla says:
The re-designed site looks fresh and inviting.
Eunice says:
What is a "widget"? How do you use a "widget"? Is it an add-on for the Inspiralizer? Thanks.
Angela Clark says:
I didn't get the "widget" with my Inspiralizer so I have no idea what it is!
Christina M says:
YAY congrats on the new office! I can't imagine the tiny desk, but it sounds like you are in a much better environment now! I cannot wait to see the new photography in the app as well! And I love the new logo, it embodies the concept of your blog perfectly!
Sandra G says:
I love the new look ...clean and easy to navigate! Love the leaves, too!
Nicole says:
I'm new to Inspiralized and I have to say, I did think the bowl logo made it a little more evident what Inspiralized is all about. But the noodly letters are fun and fresh!
Jackie M says:
I love everything about inspiralizing. Your machine is the best (yes, I originally owned another major brand), your books are great and the website invaluable. One thing I would love for you to fix is the font you use on your website. In the text of the recipes, the letters of the font don't show up solid black which makes reading the blog a bit distracting.
Heather says:
It's lovely and refreshing! And you have an app?!?
Joann says:
Love the new look!!!
Amy says:
The new look is awesome! I'm particularly fond of the font you chose.
Nicole says:
Love the new look, definitely sleeker and easier to navigate!
Amanda says:
Love, love, LOVE the new logo. Best of luck in your new office space!!
Ingrid says:
I like the new website design, but actually prefer the old logo. It was easier to read and looked more professional IMO, but I still love what you do!
Meera says:
Love the new look and love how you introduce me to new ways to get my veggies in!
Emily C says:
Love the new look and the new logo! It looks fresh and is a great way to start a new chapter.
Kate says:
I want one of see so bad! Don't make me wait until Christmas!!!
Elizabeth King says:
Great look Ali! Love the cleanness of it.
Jenny says:
Wahoo, what exciting news! Hope the move goes well! I adore the new logo, looks like sweet potato noodles (YUM). am obsessed with your cucumber carrot ginger and tahini salad, I have made it every day for the last few days, IT IS SO GOOD. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes! I hope that someday there is an Android app for the recipes, I would buy it in a second! I am going to try the sweet potato and avocado bowl this weekend before my 5K, my belly is growling in excitement and anticipation already! Have a great day!
Ali F says:
Looks great!
Janet says:
The new logo is modern and fresh, just like the recipes on the blog!
Beth Lutz says:
I think it looks fresh and very chic and super classy. I also think your pops of color are just perfect. We are all loving it pretty much. High five girlfriend!!
Ronda P. says:
The new logo does look more like noodles. I like that you left the greenery in it.
Kimberly says:
I love the new logo and layout! It's so fresh and happy!
LM says:
I love the new look! Congratulations on the office! very exciting news and Thank you!
Allison Tack says:
The new brand looks so refreshing and happy!
Nicole Tiedeman says:
Love the new look and love, love, LOVE your new cookbook! My husband and I pick 3 new recipes a week to make. :)
Janie says:
Very nice. I like the green leaves as the dot with the yellow color script inspiralized. You are a joy to read every day. I appreciate your passion for health.
Anonymous says:
I love the new book and the Inspiralizer! I showed it to my sister and she bought one for herself and one for our sister-in-law and they absolutely love it too :)
Dotty S says:
Great new look....lean and clean !
Sandy Goodson says:
Love the new look. Book is ordered, just waiting to get it into my hands!
awgirl says:
Love your recipes, it would be so fun to win an inspiralizer!
Weronika says:
Love the new look and logo of Inspiralized! It's fresh and creative, and more... gently, if I can describe it with this word. But that doesn't mean the old one was bad- but for me, this is much better :-)
Erin says:
I love how fresh this new logo looks. Crisp and inviting. So happy to have been following along from the beginning!
David says:
Great new look
Elizabeth Post Musgrove says:
Love the clean look!
Debbie says:
I would love to win all this stuff. I have the attachment for my mixer, but it doesn't seem to do as much as the Inspiralizer.
Debbie Clauer says:
It looks bright and inspiring.
i love the new look and i did think the logo looked like a noodle before i read it.
Jacqui says:
I love the new look it's so clean!!
Alicia Dunable says:
Love the how the font reminds me of noodles!
kl baker says:
Looks fantastic... really like the new look.
Christopher Sorel says:
looks cleaner
Sarah Jane says:
I love the new logo!!! I love your whole website!!!
Linda says:
Love the new look. Congrats on your new office. Enjoy
Love the new look! It's fresh and fun and focused :)
Andrea says:
Everything looks awesome! I only found you about a year and a half ago, but it's been fun watching Inspiralized evolve over that time frame :)
ReaderRita says:
Wow- the new look is so expansive! (not expensive...). I like it. I like the new logo, but I can't help wanting just one curlique somewhere in it; an extra loop in the "z" perhaps, or a spiral in the "a"? Like an inspiralized noodle! Though I'm probably too visually literal... But it looks fresh none-the-less!!!
Leili says:
Great new look!!! I feel like it fits your personality better. :)
Elyse says:
I love the new logo!
Jay says:
Nice 'Fresh' Look! One thing, I keep getting advertisements sent to me to buy the Inspiralizer, but I already own it! and don't need a 2nd one yet. Enjoy the new office, and come up with new veggies and starches to work with for us please.
Karen D says:
I think the new look is great! Congrats!
Brittany says:
I LOVE the new look, Ali!
Valerie says:
Looks great! So exciting!
Amber says:
Love the new logo! Before I read the post, I thought- that looks like some noodles!
I love your new look and logo! I would love to start inspiralizing.
Sandra says:
Love the new logo!
Barb Danko says:
So many great looking recipes to try!
Marg says:
Great new look. Enjoy your new space.
Bryn says:
I love how fresh and clean it looks!
Connie says:
I just got the cookbook, can't wait to try all the new recipes!!!
Kirsten J says:
I love the new logo and website look. Clean, simple websites are so much better and more modern looking than blocky and cluttered sites. I love using my spiralizer in all sorts of recipes and I have turned a lot of friends and family onto using one too! Yay for sexy websites and healthy cooking!
Holly Brown says:
Congrats! Everything looks great.
Barb M says:
I like the new look & I'm happy you are settling into your new office. It should give you some peace of mind and an environment you can create in. I'm probably your only follower who doesn't use Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc., etc., etc. I don't have time in my life to spend all my time going from one social media site to another because the people I see who do it are totally addicted. Remember reading? You pick up a book or go to a webpage and actually read words you can find in a dictionary without symbols and hashtags. It's a pleasure to make a cup of tea, open one of your cookbooks and create a weekly menu. Honestly, you can really do that without all that other invasive clutter. I can cook without feeling the need to snap pics non-stop or comment on 6 websites. Why say this? Because the Zen of being Inspiralized is slowly being eroded from the simple, clean food it represents and is morphing into a frenetic, non-stop, multiple website comments, pics, etc. I prefer the Zen & pleasure of a quiet meal I've made from healthy food & a healthy lifestyle. I just don't need all the hype everyone seems to need. I cook my meals for the quality of content and I think that represents Inspiralized so much more than a zillion social media comments. Relax, cook, enjoy the serenity.
Lori Dorn says:
Love all you do. You inspire us.
Mary K. says:
Great new look!! Would love to win your new book too :)
Danielle says:
Love it! The new logo is bee-yoo-ti-ful!
Julianne says:
Congrats!! I love my inspiralizer. Hoping to win one for my mom. :)
Suhailah S. says:
Loving the organization/layout of the page it speaks to all that is OCD in me. The pics make me want to fine my nearest farmer's market and inspiralize everything. Awesome job guys!!!!
Tara says:
Great new changes! It is fun to watch as your website and business has grown over time. I've always been a huge fan.
Kathy says:
Any word on an app development for droid?
Ariana says:
Congrats on the new logo and office!
Andrea says:
Love the logo!
Kristi S. says:
Love the colors and layout. It is so friendly and inviting! Love the cover of the book too!!! YUMMM!!
Yummy says:
Love the new look for sure. Inspiralized is the best friend for whole30ers!
ruth says:
a lot of hard work to get to this level congrats
Katie says:
I love that you are always finding new ways to reengage your followers (not that we, or I, am never not engaged, but you know what I mean!) It means so much to know you work so hard to bring such amazing content, and it is so appreciated by those of us who really look to you for our healthy, noodly inspiration. Thanks for all you do, Ali. I truly respect you and your business that you're growing so organically - you given women entrepreneurs such a good reputation :)
Linda Catlett says:
I love the new logo - it's simple and elegant and definitely brings the 'flavor' of inspiralizing!
Lecia Ferguson says:
Love the new look!
JoAnn Lakes says:
Great new website! It's very easy to find what you're looking for!
Jessica says:
Looks great!
Would love to try all the great recipes!!!
JoAnn Lakes says:
Nice new website! very easy to find what you're searching for!
Megan says:
Love the new logo and am dying to try out some new recipes!
Stephanie A. says:
I love my Inspiralizer!! I hope to win another for my daughter so she will quit looking at mine! LOL! Would also love a cookbook or tote as well. Thanks for all you do!!
Karen Barbera says:
Love the new look!
Laura Pease says:
Love the new look. Very fresh and clean. Cant wait to see where inspiralized goes.
Colleen Schneider says:
Love the website and great noodle-like logo. Perfect! I am so excited about the new book. I have been spiralizing often but looking forward to some new ideas!
Jenna says:
Love the new look! Very nice new ways to navigate around.
Barb Carlson says:
Pretty snazzy new look, congrats!
Laura L says:
Inspired by the new look!
Lisa Bonomolo says:
LOVE the new logo Ali!!! It looks like a noodle!!! Though I did really like the little "bowl-o-noodles" on the old one - maybe an extension off the bottom of the "p"- a green spiralized noodle squiggling down into a different (yellow) bowl, (I really loved the bowl, LoL!) or maybe squiggling into a yellow smiley face's mouth??!! Yes, that's it!!! Really, I can see this!! :-) ~Lisa :-)
SARAH Jimenez says:
Love the new look!! Beautiful!
LeeAnn P. says:
I love the new look! It's bright and cheery and really fun - everything I associate with your brand!
Haley says:
Love the logo and how it looks like a noodle! The website looks super clean and very polished. Good luck in the new office!
Trenda says:
Love the new look and the new logo.
Melinda Berlin says:
Sleek design & user friendly
Kathy says:
Love my Inspiralizer! Makes going grain free much easier. I use zucchini or yellow squash to make my spaghetti to make my Cincinnati Chili. Also like it with a fresh sauce with chopped tomatoes, sauted carrots ( spiralize, then cut in shorter lengths or use shredder), garlic, olive oil and other spices. Now I'm hungry!
Michelle says:
Love the new look and inspiralized. Great and fun way to eat healthy!!
A fresh new look I think is always a plus! Lookin' good:)
Sara Hawker says:
Looks great, very fresh!
SB says:
Color scheme evokes the veggies and fruits you inspiralize! But the large advertising banner (Sweepstakes Alerts for me) at the top is jarring and wrecks the otherwise successful composition and consistency of typefaces and colors.
susan byrne says:
I think it looks great!
Erin says:
I LOVE the new look of the website! The logo is extremely appealing. I work in Marketing, and I believe the new logo is very appealing, especially to new customers. The website is so easy to navigate, and is extremely informative, especially with all the hyperlinks you provide!
Rose says:
It's fresh & healthy looking! Just like your recipes :)
Diane McQuay says:
Your website looks exquisite! It looked great before, but maybe a little more "toned up"? I've visited a lot of sites via Pinterest that I never new existed, but yours make me want to actually try to re-create your creations! Good luck on your continued success, and I look forward to trying more recipes.
Carolyn says:
The new Inspiralized logo is very fresh and noodly in appearance, and I also thought that a curlicue for the z loop would be a nice touch. Giveaways are a wonderful gesture for your followers. Thanks!
Elizabeth says:
Ali, I just found you a few weeks ago and I'm totally blown away! I feel like I popped in at a good time.. SO happy for you!
Rhonda G says:
The new look is totally inviting, inspiring, and inspirational! Love it!
Courtney says:
Love the new look! Very fresh and fun!
Courtney says:
Love the new look! Very fresh and fun.
Keri L says:
Clean and simple - l like it!
Stacie says:
It looks fun yet crisp and clean! Like some nice veggies:)
beth chernick says:
looking great!!! woohoo!!!
Franca N says:
Love the new look. Refreshing and inspiring colours. Thanks for giving me such inspiration.
Susan says:
It looks lovely. Fresh healthy the way to go.
I really love the new look, so freshly and clean. Great!!! ❤
Rolf says:
I really enjoy your enthusiasm and your recepies! Your "inspiralized" logo is great, but the orange square with only the "i" looks dull and uninteresting to me. I suggest it to take the same form as the "inspiralized" - yellow "i" on white background and green leaves over the "i". Or at least change the color of the leaves to green on the current version.
Pat says:
I love the new updated look. It is clean, fresh and inspiring. Thanks for your inspiration to keep me on tack with my clean, toxic free eating. And I LOVE give aways!
Celesta says:
It's beautiful and friendly. Congratulations!
Leslie says:
Love the new's really cool and like you said it really speaks to what your company is all about. Easy to use site.
Ashlie Anderson says:
I love the new look!! It will be fun to see it once it is all complete! Congrats on the new office space!
Emily says:
Looks great!
Kendra says:
Looks great!!!! I've had your app for over a year and I love it! Makes it very user friendly and I can access recipes for ingredients at the store easily!!!
Faith M says:
I really like the new look of the website.
Zoe Hunter Lee says:
It is very clean and easy to read. I love it.
Eva says:
The new logo looks great! Love all the improvements, and can't wait to see more!
Glenda says:
Love the new logo. It's clean and simple, like the way I have changed my eating since I stated spiralizing. The site is so easy to navigate! Congratulations on your new venture!
Liz says:
Love the new look! (I did notice a typo/unfinished sentence in this post: "Not only did she give the logo a new look, ") :-)
Jill Conyers says:
Love the new look. It's fresh and the arrival of fall is such a great time to make changes.
Nicole says:
Yay for changes and more space! :)
Leah Volpe says:
Love the design of the new logo! The site looks amazing and so fresh! Just like the vegetables and fruits I am wanting to spiralize! I also love the colors and font! Looks amazing!
Diane Gamble says:
Inspiralized's new look is inspiring!
Adele says:
Lovely and elegant, just like you!
Kathy says:
I love the look; clean, fresh...just like the food you create with the Inspiralizer. Great job!
Ari says:
it looks fabulous- congrats on this exciting next phase!
Hilda V. says:
Easy to use and the look has a lightness to it feels fresh and healthy.
Peter Lane says:
Love the spiralizer I have but would love a new one to use as a gift.
Casandra C. says:
New logo looks great! The rounded script font definitely gives the feel of spiralized noodles - which I love!
Olivia says:
I love the new logo and the new look! It shows how much you have grown as a brand, as a business owner, and as a person. It's so fun watching someone so passionate have so much success! You go Ali!
Emmy Z says:
The logo looks great and fresh. I have gotten some great recipe ideas from your website since its inception. Zucchini noodles with either pesto or a peanut sauce have been favorites.
Kati says:
New logo looks great! Keep up the good work.
Jecely Torres says:
Love the new logo and the look of the website!
Donna says:
The site looks nice and clean. The new logo is fresh and I understand the reasoning for the "script" font, but I think the block letters in the old format are easier to read. I do however like the little green leaves that have been added.
Tomi says:
Looking forward to all the changes, and new direction. Best of luck!!
Kerrey says:
Congratulations on the new space! Love the fresh new look!
Corita Fischer says:
Love the spiralizer, cookbooks, newsletter, and website. New logo is perfect!
Linda says:
great new look - and love the recipes no matter what!!
Naomi vasquez says:
Love it! I need the book!
Lisa Jennings says:
Love the new look and my Inspiralizer!
Trenda says:
Love the new look and the new logo. I love all your recipes and would love to win the spiralizer.
Marlene says:
I like the logo, and I love the new tagline "the ultimate resource for cooking with a spiralizer", really tells people, simply, what you are about! bravo!
Mary says:
Love the new look, I enjoy your wonderful recipes.
Dawn Miner says:
great look
Debra says:
Hi Ali, I absolutely love your new website design and logo. I'm really happy for you that you got a brand new office space too - how exciting! I want to become one of your ambassadors - I love everything you're doing! Keep on Inspiralizing!
As a fellow graphic designer, the new logo is great! Much more fresh and modern.
Julie says:
Love the new logo & redesign, it's a good representation of the Inspiralized site. Thank you for inspiring us to eat healthy, try new things and spiralizing!
Melodie says:
Love the new site - so happy you have working space and HEY I didn't know there was an app. Yeah for the APP.
Terrie Coleman says:
I love the new look of your website - fresh, clean and inviting. And I love the new noodley logo. I will say the photo on this page of the Inspiralizer with the white background is difficult to see (in my Firefox browser on a PC anyway). It may need some sort of shadowing or background contrast. But congratulations, the site and the logo look great. I've been wanting an Inspriralizer for a while. Thanks for the entry.
Catherine Munoz says:
I love the new look of! It was just made even better and fresher-looking!
Kim Shannon says:
Love the new facelift - also love that the recipes seem really easy to make!
Kelli says:
Hey, Ali! Love the fresh, clean look! Just started following you on Snapchat and Instagram, and I'm excited to see more!
Eileen Peskoff says:
I love the new logo
Karen Miller says:
I love the logo. Very "inspiring". It fits much better. I tell everyone I meet how great vegetables and fruits are when hospitalized and where to order one of their own. I think people are a little surprised at my enthusiasm, as I'm 75 and my husband is 78.
Karen Miller says:
Darn autocorrect. Meant spiralized.
ClimberYogi says:
Great new changes! I'm thrilled with the cookbooks, and the recipes in the newsletter and ap! How on earth did I survive before spiralizing?!?
Elizabeth Sul-Celline says:
I've had one of these gadgets for a long time- glad to see so many uses other than zucchini!!
Kate says:
Love it. I'm a new reader, but can't get enough!
Linda says:
The new site looks great. Easy to get around
Denise M says:
I do like it, i love the script
Dawne Chapman says:
Love the new look!!
Kelsey says:
New look is great! I definitely need to get your book for some fresh spiralizing ideas!
TJ says:
I love the new look!
I LOVE your new logo! Very creative and reflects the inspiralizer so well. I bought the inspiralizer for my daughter along with your new cookbook for her birthday. She really enjoys using it, so I would like to win one for myself!
Allie says:
The new look is very sleek and fresh! Love it :)
Kelly H says:
Love the new noodley look! Makes me want to go straight to the kitchen and inspiralize something!
joanna schupp says:
i love your blog and your recipes!! the new header is very cute, too.
Starla says:
I love the new look. I like that it's bright and inviting, yet not too much! Yay!
New logo? I do not remember noticing the change so it must be good. Or I am so used to it now I do not remember the old style. I do love how clean your pages look. Shall try to emulate that on my own site one day.
Sharon says:
Love it...
anon says:
love the logo. dislike the font.
Kristen D says:
Love the new logo- so fresh and reminds me of zoodles.....
Juliette says:
Love it! Great update
Emily J. says:
I love the new logo! The spiralizer has been in my amazon cart for months! I really need one.
Beth B says:
Awesome new look!
Becky R says:
I love the fresh look. I've definitely enjoyed both your cookbooks this summer! Thanks for the great recipes.
Erin M. says:
Love it!
Kim says:
I tried to leave a blog comment with my entry but it wouldn't let me. Hope I can still enter anyway! :o) I'm a "font nerd" and I love the noodly loo of the new logo!
Pam Clemons says:
Wow Great new look! I love the cleanness. I love the books too! I have already sold my neighbor on inspiralized, and she's bought both books and the great zoodles machine, straight from you!
Alison G says:
Love the clean, bold graphics & the simplification of the inspiralizer itself! Great redesign!
Jen says:
The new look is so streamlined and fresh! Congrats!
Katie says:
Loving the new logo and changes to the site!
Lyndsay Buckley says:
The inspiralizer has really made a difference in our 'senior' lives. My husband just got his latest lab results & the numbers are fantastic. We've only been using this 'new gadget' since July. In just a few months this 67 year young fella I love has never looked better. Thanks for your enthusiasm & inspiration! God bless you two! Lyndsay B.
Elzabeth Husson says:
Looks great! Would love to win!
Gayle says:
Love the updated logo & congrats on your new and roomier office space! I hope it has a nifty kitchen, too ;-)
Holli Rhodes says:
love love the new logo. I'm a new follower and I'm really enjoying your recipes. both my husband and I are post bariatric surgery and your recipes fit the bill or can very easily be modified to fit our diet requirements. thank you!!
Kristen says:
New website is lookin' good and I've been having a great time trying out recipes from the new cookbook. Congrats on all your accomplishments!
Jenn says:
The website looks great! Love the updated logo!!!
Pina says:
It looks great! Love the new logo!! Congrats on the new space, very exciting so happy for you!
Olivia says:
Love the logo, and I have the both cookbooks! Love them both, but always looking to share the love with friends!
Heather says:
New look is GREAT!!! Have been trying some new recipes and loving it!
Helen says:
Like the logo
Christine Higgins says:
Love the new logo and site design!
Heather says:
I really liked the old logo, but love the new logo too! Congrats on the new office space!
Carissa Raddatz says:
looks great!
Carissa Raddatz says:
looks awesome
Phyllis Thibodeau says:
I've been a fan from Day #1! I have both cookbooks and have done several recipes. We both feel healthier and I've lost 5 pounds yeah! Congrats Ali love,the new logo.
Jules says:
I love the new logo and can't wait to try the recipes in your new book. Thanks for all that you do!
Marian says:
Great redesign - congratulations on your continued (well-deserved) success
Michelle says:
Love your cookbooks & your new website is great!
Connie Iltzsch says:
Love the new look!! Enjoy many of your recipes. Can't wait to see what the new office inspires you to create.
Martha says:
The new site is fresh and clean, just like veggie noodles and froodles! Great job to your designers and congratulations on the success of your business.
Martha says:
The new site is fresh and clean, just like veggie noodles and froodles! Great job to your designers and congratulations on the success of your business.
Swee San says:
Congrats Ali! I've been following you on Snapchat and every I just can't wait to watch your snaps. Also love watching your youtube videos *fangirl* :D
Swee San says:
by the way I didn't realized I forgot to comment on your new logo. It's absolutely nooddlle-yyy
Liza says:
Love the new look! Congrats!
Lorna R. says:
I could see the new logo looking really good on a new t-shirt!! I hope you consider it! We could sport the logo around at the gym or on the street & spread the word! I have followed you for years & i am so extremely happy for all your success you are creating for yourself & your brand. Definitely someone i look up to. Congratulations Ali! You've earned it! Like the Energizer Bunny, You just keep going & going & going.. Lol
Heather says:
I really like the new look!
Stephv says:
I love all things vegetable!
Erica says:
The new look is very elegant and lets the food speak for itself.
Caitlin says:
Love the noodely logo!
Mollie McInnes says:
Awesome new look! So fresh, so clean, just like spiralized veggies!! Can't wait to see what you whip up next! #fangirlfriday
Wonderful new design~I'm liking the new Logo too! Thank you for the chance to win...LOVE your recipes!!!
Elizabeth Kennedy says:
I love the new logo; it's fresh and crisp, yet warm. Good job!
zoe says:
The new look is so great!
Jennifer Essad says:
I love how fresh and clean it looks, it's exciting to see you grow the inspiralized brand, congrats!
Kate says:
I love how the logo looks like a butternut squash noodle! Good enough to eat!
Brooke Taylor says:
The new logo is too cute and I love everything about the new update!! Congratulations on all your success, it is well deserved. :)
Heather S says:
I love the minimalist simplicity!
Beverly says:
Love the new logo, especially the color choices! Good luck in the new space!!!
Michele W says:
Love the new logo! Really like the new look, too. I have a brain injury and too much clutter on a page makes it hard for me. This new, cleaner look is really appreciated. Job well done!
Valerie says:
Look great! Modern and simple!
Pamela Goldman says:
The website looks great! Love the updated logo!
Pm says:
New site looks great and I love the new logo!
Freddy says:
Hi Ali! Love the new logo too and the new look works really well.. Just one little question - and I probably just haven't looked hard enough but if it's here it's well hidden - where has the link for the videos gone? Or are they no longer accessible under their own heading? Might be silly but I really like to follow the videos instead of the written recipe on the recipes that have one so it was really helpful having a direct link to where all the recipes which include a video are... That's all for my 2 cents.. good luck with the move, sounds exciting!
Barbara D. says:
Wow this looks great! Much better logo.
Jackie says:
Love the look of the new website. Everything looks fresh and inviting. Thanks.
Lea Rutter says:
I love the clean, new look! Congrats on the new office, it's seems like your doing great! I love the inspiralizer and hope to win a cookbook.
Shavonne Davis says:
I like the new logo, but the old logo reminded me of more spiralized vegetables. This new logo just reminds me of cursive writing instead of noodles. Perhaps combining aspects of the old and the new, like sending the tail of the "d" into a mound of noodles?
Shamika says:
"Noodly". I love it!
Lauren Sanchez says:
I love the new look of the logo! I'm also super excited about the new book, as the first one has been in heavy rotation in my kitchen. Here's hoping I win the giveaway!
Amanda Bourdon says:
I love the new look too! ...just looking it over as I nosh on my spiralized salad, hehe :)
Susan says:
Ali, love the new logo and look. and the giveaway... just icing (or should I say zoodles) on the cake. :)
Geena Berry says:
Love the new homepage! The "noodle" logo is a really nice change!
Linda says:
Very nice! (and noodily)
Bette DelGrosso says:
Great new logo! I received both of your recipe books in August and been using them on a daily basis. Good luck on the next chapter, may you have zoodles of luck.
Stephanie says:
The new site looks amazing! So clean and crisp. Thanks for all you do.
Marlene says:
Newbie here. Looks great! Makes me want to know more!
Marlene says:
Good thing you can't drool on a computer cookbook. My keyboard wasn't so lucky. :(
First I love the new look! The colors and the branding are great!! I would love to win a copy of this book because I gave my mom the copy I bought, and she loved it so much, I never got it back :(
Alison says:
love the new logo, and of course all the recipes. think i'm going to make the nachos from the cookbook this weekend because i have some csa-supplied potatoes :)
Jen says:
The new logo is great!
Love the new look!! It is so fresh and healthy looking that it makes you want to start cooking. Cookbook looks very interesting
cookinmom says:
Ali, I watch you grow over the yrs (wedding and all). You've come a looong way and going to go a looong way! Your site is always eye attracting and easy to follow. Love the logo, website, glad you have your office and the book (I would love to have). Oooodles of zoodles to you!
Barbara says:
I love your new look, bright, cheerful and eye catching. I love my new cookbook and have turned several other people on to your website. Let's "spirilize" the world!!
greta says:
Love the new logo! It looks fresh and really feels cohesive. Your site looks great!
Diane says:
Love the new logo!
Eden says:
Love the new look, and the new font is just perfect for Inspiralized! I really like how you're incorporating it into everything to make it more cohesive now. I've enjoyed watching your business grow from the ground up!! GO, Ali!
catherine says:
Lovely new look
Faye says:
Home page looks great. Very pleasing to the eyes. I've just started spiralizing - so any ideas, suggestions and helpful hints that I can find/read are a big help. Good luck to all
E.S. says:
Your recipes are amazing. Thanks! I am not of the "social media generation", so prefer simple web/blog/ or email info.
Marsha A. says:
The new logo is great!
Marcia says:
How exciting for you: a new bride, a new Inspiralizer and your own office! This is definitely YOUR year! Of course, I'd love to win any of the prizes, especially the Inspiralizer, but with random selection being the order of the day, I am quite happy just to be on your mailing list! Wishing you all the happiness and success you deserve.
Sara MacKay says:
Love the new logo!! And how exciting to move into a dedicated office space?!
I have been following you for quite some time, and feel like you are a friend! I have seen the pics of your wedding and your many trips. You are a true inspiration to all women, regardless of age. Your recipes are so healthy and colorful. Congrats on the new cookbook, and the new office. You are going places girl! And I LOVE following you on instagram and the inspiralized website. Also, great new logo!
Karyn says:
Hi. I wanted to sign up for a chance to win but it wouldn't let me leave a blog post comment. I'm viewing this from my desktop email msn. Confused!
Kate says:
Love the new design!
Love the new design. Hope the move is uneventful and goes well!
Kathy says:
I love the new design! I had sweet potatoes already spiralized and used your website to look up a recipe. Easy to use. Clean and fresh look. Nice!
Laura Lynch says:
This whole change and evolution of your concept is really exciting! The design is user friendly but full of character. The type used for the lettering and color palette are very brand appropriate. I will definitely be keeping up with you as you continue to inspire us. :)
Grace McKinnon says:
I'm so excited for all of the new updates! So far everything looks great!
Joan says:
Logo is very fresh!
Deb says:
Love the new look, can't wait to try new recipes!
Melinda says:
Your website looks terrific! Very clean. Refreshing, even! I like it!
Mariya R says:
Love the new look!
Trisha A says:
The new look of the website is great. Easy to navigate on mobile devices as well. I haven't spiralized anything yet but I'm very interested in doing so as part of a healthier lifestyle for my family and I.
Lupe says:
Great New Look!
Kimber says:
I love the clean blog look and the streamlined font. I'm fairly new to inspiralized; I am recovering from womb cancer and part of my recovery is eating more unprocessed foods--but it still has to be easy to prepare and taste great. Your recipes do that so very well! Right now I'm using a hand-held spiralizer, but am using your recipes for substituting grain pastas with sweet potato and zucchini "noodles" and the cucumber and turnip recipes are great, too. I have already asked my husband for an inspiralizer for Christmas! Thanks so much for your recipes and best of luck with the move!
Mary S says:
Looks amazing love the new logo, and the new look for the Inspiralizer. Inspired to live a healthier lifestyle.
Carole in AZ says:
I am new to spiralizing. Love your blog. Look forward to learning a lot!
Pam says:
The new logo is inspirazional! Way cool!
Rebecca Williams says:
Can't wait to spiral away!!
Samantha B. says:
I adore the new logo and the new layout is so navigable. I love it!
k_sam says:
Congratulations on the new office space, what an exciting move!
Amy says:
I love the new look! It fits perfectly with what you do.
Becca says:
The site looks so fresh and fancy! Having a dedicated work space is only going to make you more awesome and creative! Thanks for all you do!
Christine Sullivan says:
Love the new look! Good Luck in the new digs!
sharon says:
Nice new look. I have been trying your vegetarian recipes for a while and am going to the app store now
Carol says:
Love that you keep transforming yourself and the look.
paige says:
Great new look!
Laura says:
You GROW girl! Very exciting stuff, and you deserve it! You've revolutionized the food industry and have inspired soooo many people! I know you started my journey to better health and I'm thankful for it! Rock on!
Dianne says:
Ali, thanks for your upbeat attitude and great cooking skills. It makes such a difference when I'm trying to come up with something fresh for dinner.
Karyn says:
Love the new logo. We all appreciate what you've done for healthy vegetables!
Jill says:
I like the new look of your website. Good work! I've entered the contest for my daughter-in-law... I already have an Inspiralizer and your cookbook! However, SHE will love it, if she wins!!
Rene Carr says:
We are Preparing for Hurricane Matthew in North Palm Beach, Fl. We will lose power. I just made loaded potatoes so we have some comfort food during the storm. I also spiralized all our vegetables so we can cook them easily on the propane burner. Pray for us!!! Thank you for great recipes always. Love you Ali!!

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