The New Inspiralized Look


Finally, the day is here: not only is Verizon Fios coming to my NEW office to install the WiFi, but, Inspiralized has a brand new, fresh look – and a new logo!

You may have seen this new look yesterday, but through the night, I kept making updates – and there are still a few tweaks left, but overall, Inspiralized got a new look!

I can’t wait to hear what you think – and to celebrate this next chapter in my Inspiralized story (new office, new look), I’m doing an Inspiralized giveaway – cookbooks, tote bags, and Inspiralizers!

If you follow me on Snapchat (username inspiralized), you may have seen that I took over the Forbes Snapchat yesterday (username Forbes) to showcase a “day in the life of a culinary entrepreneur.” I Snapped my heart out – literally Snapping every moment of the day, tracking every move.

I spent about 5 hours redesigning the new website with my graphic designer, Sarah Woolley (she’s amazing, if you need a referral, just email me – I’d be happy to connect you). Not only did she give the logo a new look, she refreshed the whole vibe of the site!

Let’s talk about the new logo for a second: to me, it speaks profoundly to the Inspiralized vibe – fresh, inspiring, clean, and most importantly, noodly! I couldn’t look at that misshapen bowl for one more day, this logo change was a long time coming!


Aside from the new logo, the website got a little facelift! Check it out, click around (have you seen the new homepage?!) and most importantly, I hope you find it cleaner and less busy. I’ll be slowly updating parts of the website, so it’ll get cleaner and cleaner!

And to accompany these new beginnings, I finally got my own office for Inspiralized! I’m even MORE excited about this next stage for Inspiralized – I can’t wait to be inspired by my surroundings. Working off a tiny desk (literally, it’s not more than 20″ deep) has really taken its toll – I hate the clutter and how I’m confined to a small space.

Today, I’m moving in everything from my apartment to the new space – and then over the next week all of the furniture will arrive. For now, all that’s in there is my desk (which is, of course, the most important part!)

I’ll be taking plenty of Snaps and Instagram Stories of the new office, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Snapchat! I’ll also feature the office here on the blog, as I furnish and truly settle in.

Last but not least, I’m working on some new App updates (do you have the Inspiralized Recipe iOS App?) and new photography for the Inspiralizer. I’m looking for a crisper, fresher look – here’s a sneak peek at the stylized photos (thanks to Adam Reichardt):

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

New Video

Also, have you seen our new cookbook video? Flip through every page with me! And to purchase, click here.


Thank you to Evan Sung Photography for the main imagery used throughout the new look of Inspiralized!

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Pam says:
The new logo is inspirazional! Way cool!
Rebecca Williams says:
Can't wait to spiral away!!
Samantha B. says:
I adore the new logo and the new layout is so navigable. I love it!
k_sam says:
Congratulations on the new office space, what an exciting move!
Amy says:
I love the new look! It fits perfectly with what you do.
Becca says:
The site looks so fresh and fancy! Having a dedicated work space is only going to make you more awesome and creative! Thanks for all you do!
Christine Sullivan says:
Love the new look! Good Luck in the new digs!
sharon says:
Nice new look. I have been trying your vegetarian recipes for a while and am going to the app store now
Carol says:
Love that you keep transforming yourself and the look.
paige says:
Great new look!
Laura says:
You GROW girl! Very exciting stuff, and you deserve it! You've revolutionized the food industry and have inspired soooo many people! I know you started my journey to better health and I'm thankful for it! Rock on!
Dianne says:
Ali, thanks for your upbeat attitude and great cooking skills. It makes such a difference when I'm trying to come up with something fresh for dinner.
Karyn says:
Love the new logo. We all appreciate what you've done for healthy vegetables!
Jill says:
I like the new look of your website. Good work! I've entered the contest for my daughter-in-law... I already have an Inspiralizer and your cookbook! However, SHE will love it, if she wins!!
Rene Carr says:
We are Preparing for Hurricane Matthew in North Palm Beach, Fl. We will lose power. I just made loaded potatoes so we have some comfort food during the storm. I also spiralized all our vegetables so we can cook them easily on the propane burner. Pray for us!!! Thank you for great recipes always. Love you Ali!!

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