Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 5

What I Ate Today

Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 5

Yesterday was one of those days when the end of the day fell apart. I had been filming what I ate all day to make today’s video (part of my What I Ate Today YouTube series,) and halfway through dinner, my camera just decided to stop working.

Not cool, Canon.

So whatever, I persevered and used my iPhone instead (you’ll notice in the YouTube video) – fine. Then, I went to take a shower and I feel like someone switched my shampoo/conditioners on me, because I used conditioner first. I HATE when that happens – it really disturbs the cycle, ha.

Then all through the night I didn’t sleep well, feeling stressed out lately. I actually sniffed some lavender essential oils and that really helped take the edge off. I’m normally not affected by stress, but I guess the expression is true: no pain no gain!

My friend is opening up a stand in a food stall in Madison Square Garden tonight and it’s a friends & family night and I really want to go, so I’m hoping to stay laser focused (helloooo peppermint essential oils!) so that I can check it out. It’s Marc Forgione’s Lobster Press at Pennsy – if you’re in NYC, be sure to check it out!

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Without further ado, here’s today’s video – watch me make gluten-free chicken parmesan with zucchini noodles and a lentil bowl with roasted veggies! And some other stuff… #whatiatewednesday

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Molly says:
Congrats on turning in your manuscript! Can't wait to get your 2nd book! I made your lemon oregano salmon with leek parsnip pasta last night and it was fabulous. Also, I LOVE Rao's! I grew up eating it all the time and I'm always telling people about it. My family buys it by the case lol. I can't believe how many people have never heard of it.
Ali Maffucci says:
I thought everyone knew about it - it really is the best! And thank you and I'm glad you liked the recipe - an oldie, but a goodie!
I love love love these videos. GAH I wish I had more time, I'd totally stop by your friend's stand in hopes of meeting you. damn TIU challenge workouts & food plan. wahhhh. have fun though!!
Fun video! Brussels and sweet potato mix is my favorite!
heidi padveen says:
What kind were the bars you had for breakfast? it was hard to see on the picture ?
Ali Maffucci says:
They're RX bars:
Katie says:
I LOVE these videos! Technical difficulties caused no problems at all from the viewer's standpoint. One questions about your zucchini noodles - when I use my Inspiralizer with zucchinis I get the beautiful spaghetti-like noodles from the outside of the veggie, but the inside creates thicker flatter noodle-like things that I usually toss. I don't see this happen to you in your videos! Is there something I can do to prevent this or am I just missing it in the video? Thx so much!
Ali Maffucci says:
There may be an issue, send a note to and she will help you right away!
Suzanne says:
Hi, Ali! I loved this vid, not only for the spiralizing and recipies that you used throughout the day, but ESPECIALLY because of the tech problem-solving, which you shared with us while you progressed during the day! The end result: you made your vid via several methods cobbled together (using the Canon, Iphone, and employing online script). You still didn't miss a beat! You got the job done! Thank you for persevering! I bought your Inspiralized book on Amazon: I am new to spiralizing, and last week, I made a spiralized dish using butternut squash. I watched your butternut squash vid, and I almost fell out of my shoes! How could you cut that hard veg so easily with a knife? I spent 20 minutes on butternut. using several knives! (I even thought about cooking it partially to see if my knife could penetrate it more easily, but, in the end, I didn't do this!) What brand and length of knife did you use? Please make us a vid demonstrating the accessories (knives, cutting boards, gadgets, etc.) and their brands that you use regularly in your vids when you spiralize and tell us why you like to use them! Last PM, I ran multiple online searches for kitchen knives, but I'd rather talk to real people to find out what they use in the kitchen and why. (Most ads are marketing hype!) I love the 'Inspiralized Community' which you have created; thank you! Best regards. Suzanne
Heather says:
It's funny because the last time I got my haircut (a new place) the hair stylist told me that I should condition my hair first, do my shower stuff, and then shampoo last. I decided to give it a try and it has been working well for me, but it really threw me off having to condition first :). Thanks for the video it's always inspiring to see what you eat and gives me ideas!
Karen says:
I laughed loud and long all through this video (with you, not at you!), e.g., the hashtag "long day" after a speaking error you corrected with a caption. My favorite part was the ugly avocado—still good enough to eat! Seriously, thank you for 1) making this video even on what sounds like a day from hell, 2) brightening my own day with your great attitude, and 3) giving me two more great recipes, an always-welcome reminder to drink lots of liquids, and introductions to two food products I was not familiar with (dried mango, Rao's). You're the best. And congratulations on completing your manuscript, on time. I can hardly wait for the new cookbook.
Danielle says:
Love your videos and your instagram is great workout motivation. Your kitchen is beautiful, could you do an apartment tour on youtube?
Ali Maffucci says:
What a great idea! Yes!
Kerri says:
I really look forward to these videos, so Thank You for doing them! Just curious why you aren't having dairy? Is it for weight loss?

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my cheeks are seriously sore from laughing after my @capitalonecafe livestream event with @jonathandbennett and @candaceparker 🤪 also, I did my own hair and makeup for the event, and I’m pretty proud of myself 💁🏻‍♀️ more to come, and thanks to everyone who tuned in 😘 now who’s watching the new season of @workinmomsnetflix that just dropped?! 👇🏼 ...

GRILLED OREGANO SHRIMP with LEMONY-DILL ORZO 🍋 the 20 minute dinner you didn't know you needed in your life! ⁣⁣
you’ve all been making this dish non-stop since I posted it last week, and I’m loving the little personal tweaks – adding Kalamata olives, artichokes, string beans, subbing shrimp for roasted chickpeas or chicken, and I’ve even seen someone use salmon instead of shrimp! 👏🏼⁣⁣
now.. help us all figure out what to cook for dinner! what’s one dish on your meal plan this week?! 👇🏼👇🏼

#easydinner #easydinners #easydinnerideas #easydinnerrecipes #30minutemeals #simplemeals