Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 9 (Vegan)

Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 9 (Vegan)

We’re baccckkkk with another What I Ate Today video.


Since I’m still in my vegan month of March, this What I Ate video is going to be fully vegan. On Friday, the blog will once again be omnivorous, which is perfect timing to enjoy some birthday cake, because FRIDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I CAN CRY IF I WANT TO.

Yes, I’m an April Fool’s baby and no, I won’t be pulling any April Fool’s jokes on all of you, because after growing up with Creepy Crawlers (remember those?!) in your shower and your older brother brushing the toilet bowl with your toothbrush, I’m scarred.

Friday is also special because I am officially re-launching alissandrab, my lifestyle blog that I started at the end of summer last year, but had to stop because I got my second cookbook deal and went into cookbook-testing-and-writing mode aka couldn’t do anything else but that.

So mark your calendars! I’m going to be featuring fun things like makeup hauls, fashion posts, home makeover tours, and more!

Also – listen to today’s Anchor wave, where I talk about accepting yourself as a “work in progress” to reach your healthiest body and mindset:

Now let’s watch what you came here for:


Don’t forget! Clarkson Potter is giving away one copy of Eating in the Middle to a lucky reader! To enter, use the widget below. Giveaway ends at 5:00pm EST on Thursday, March 31st. Open to US addresses only.

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  1. Millie Jones :
    Love these videos and can't wait to try Andie's new cookbook! And yours is on my wedding registry ;)
  2. Love the video! It is very interesting to listen to you!
  3. I actually just bought her first book on audible! I'd love to get the cookbook also!
  4. Oh what a yummy day. My birthday is coming up; and I really need a change in my eating style; I'd love to Eat In The Middle !!
  5. I love the videos!
  6. Happy birthday and congratulations on relaunching your second website/blog!! PS. I love these WIAT videos :)
  7. Ashley Messer :
    Happy early birthday!
  8. Christopher Sorel :
    great video again
  9. love the videos
  10. I put almond butter in my oats every day with cinnamon. Will have to try jelly! Also need to try spiralized sweet potato. Putting that on the menu for next week. Thanks for doing another vegan month. So helpful to those of us who eat a plant based diet.
  11. I love your what I eat videos!
  12. great video. It's fun seeing what you eat. Can you make a list below to for quick reference?
  13. Can you explain the difference between sweet potatoes or yams? It appears from the color of the noodles ( orange) that it might be yams rather than sweet potatoe? The sweet potatoes in the grocery stores have a light colored skin and white interior. Can you use either interchangeably and is the taste the same?
  14. haha you guys are too cute. i need to make lentils more often, i recently discovered sprouted mung beans and those are pretty good too!! thanks for the great giveaway! :) - S
  15. Stacie fontinell :
    love to read the book
  16. I love these what I ate videos!!
  17. The new cookbook looks good. Thanks for the chance.
  18. Love your ideas!
  19. Awesome, I love it! I made your sweet potato noodles w brussel sprouts and pomegranate seeds the other day, and it was soooo good--then I was able to use the leftover pom seeds for everything from oatmeal to salads etc. Thanks Ali!
  20. That peanut butter and jelly oatmeal looks good...going to try it!
  21. Loved Andie's book and would love to try more of her recipes!
  22. I have been looking forward to Andie's book! Can't wait to read it!
  23. I would love to try her cookbook!
  24. Thank you for the opportunity to win this cookbook! The middle is exactly where I need to learn to live... I've been on both ends of the spectrum and wanna get to a healthy mindset!!
  25. I love your what I ate in a day videos, they always give me food inspiration :)
  26. I appreciate the WIA videos, thank you for the recipe, can't wait to try ghe soup :)
  27. Really want to try the oatmeal! I'm paleo so I'm dreaming of a way to make this happen :)
  28. Love your videos - can't wait to try the oatmeal!
  29. Adorable! Loved the video. The oatmeal dish sounds so good. And pineapple with cayenne...what a great idea. Sweet & Spicy. Yum. I love how you eat so many vegetables during the day. The soup looked amazing too. You two are just to cute for words. Please keep these videos coming. I get so many great ideas. Plus they are fun to watch. XO

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