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Vote for Inspiralized

Vote for Inspiralized

If you’ve been clicking the “Have 5 seconds?” banner at the end of all of my recent blog posts, then thank you. If you haven’t, let me tell you what’s going on…

Intuit Quickbooks is hosting the “Small Business, Big Game Challenge” contest, wherein the winner gets a commercial for this business during the 2016 Superbowl.

Yes. A commercial. For Inspiralized. During the Superbowl. Can you even imagine?!

Now, here’s how you can help turn that dream into a reality.

It’s pretty simple: just vote.

Voting closes August 7 and then the Top 10 Finalists are chosen and then there’s a Top 3 and then, of course, a winner!

Is this a shot in the dark? Yes. But, you never know – crazy things happen, and I figured I’d give it my best shot. The more votes, the more “marketable” your business seems and the greater your chances of winning the contest.

Need a spiralizer? Help @Inspiralized get a Superbowl TV commercial by voting in the @Quickbooks challenge & enter to win an Inspiralizer! Click To Tweet

I don’t just want to win to win. A commercial during the Superbowl would mean that I’d be up there, encouraging others to get healthy and start spiralizing! There’s only so much you can do through a blog, and I want to reach the masses – I want to literally scream on top of a mountain, “Get Inspiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiralized!”

Maybe that scene will be the intro clip to my commercial, who knows.

This weekend, Lu and I shot a video of me shopping in the farmer’s market, walking home and then making a pesto zucchini noodle dish in my kitchen. We submitted a shorter version to the contest for consideration, but here’s the full-length video.

Watch the video (if you want) and don’t forget to vote!

Oh, and you can vote every day (once a day) from now until August 7, so if you REALLY love Inspiralized, set a little reminder in your calendar.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Vote and Win an Inspiralizer

Wait! How can you win an Inspiralizer? By voting! Once you vote, you’ll see this screen:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.36.58 AM

To enter to win an Inspiralizer (after you vote):

Click the Twitter icon to Tweet out that you’ve just voted. Before you send the Tweet, put the “@” symbol in front of Inspiralized, so I can see it and add you to the list as “entered.” It will look like this, prior to you adding the @ symbol:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.47.12 AM


You can simply screenshot your “Thanks for voting for Inspiralized!” screen after you vote (like above) and e-mail it here.

Contest ends August 7th, and the more you enter (remember, you can vote once a day, every day), the higher your chances of winning! Good luck – and good luck to Inspiralized! I’ll announce the winner on August 8th – open to US addresses only.

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H says:
A massive good luck from me! I have voted most days since you first posted about this. Fingers crossed!!
M says:
I've been voting everyday since you first posted the link :) Hope you win!
Jennifer says:
Even though I can't win because I live in Canada (darnit), I still plan on voting every day and tweeting it to get your name out there! I love spiralizing and cannot wait until I save up enough to buy one of yours. My cheap one will have to do for now!
Ali Maffucci says:
Jennifer - thank you so much, your support means so much!! And we will be launching in Canada soon! :)
Kristen says:
I too have voted a lot!!!!
Elizabeth King says:
As with Jennifer above I too can not win as I am in Canada but I have been voting for Inspiralized too. Glad to hear you will be launching in Canada soon. Great news! Love your posts & recipes.
Liz S. says:
I voted! Just to be 100% sure, I hope it's okay that I link my tweet here that I voted:
Katie says:
I've been voting every day since you first announced it (from Ireland) - reeeeally hope you'll win! :-) Fingers crossed! P.s. - any news on availability in Europe/UK/Ireland?
Chris says:
Done! I hope you win, would be nice to see something different for an Ad!!!
Kerrie says:
I voted, tweeted, and posted on Facebook! Hope you win!
DeNise says:
I feel sad that I'm unable to enter the contest. I don't have a Twitter acct. and when I try to enter thru email, it does a screen shot and I can't figure out what to do. Can you see that I'm not a computer person. By the way, over a month ago I had a Bunco group I was hosting and the whole meal I prepared was Spirialized! Because of that, I believe so far 6 people are now Inspirialized. They also love their machines. And I hear a few more are saving up. Great recipes, great products. Thank you for doing what you do.
Moni says:
I am really hoping you win! Can't wait to tell my friends during the Superbowl that I voted for your winning commercial:)
Kim Jones says:
Voted tweeted etc. good luck to you! Give me a reason to watch the Super Bowl! Love the Inspiralized bag. Do you sell these?
Becky says:
I love the farmer's market video!! Keep including the voting link in every post, Ali. Makes it easy for all of us to remember to vote every day!! Go Inspiralized!! You've got my votes!!!!
Kay says:
Good luck! Jamie the Bear here in Windsor CT won a couple of years ago for his BBQ- it was awesome for his business! He went from a counter inside a lunch shop owned by someone else to currently building his THIRD restaurant!! PS- Can we buy the shopping bag?
Mel says:
I'll watch the Superbowl just to see your commercial if you win! :) p.s. How do I get my hands on that canvas bag?! Love it!
Anonymous says:
Ali, I have to tell you that I absolutely love my Spiralizer. I happen to mention it to a neighbor over the weekend who was talking about it and I let her borrow mine to try it out. She loved it too :). I've made 2 different recipes in the last 5 days and they BOTH were a hit with my husband and neighbors. I'm telling everyone to buy one. keep up the great recipes and tips!
Valerie says:
Sorry, I didn't include my name
Vivian Thier says:
Awww, too bad our votes don't count! Would LUV for you to win a spot.
Dee Fedor says:
I voted and tweeted. Tweet would NOT let me enter the @!

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