Watch Inspiralized Live on HSN!

Inspiralized on HSN

The time has come – tomorrow, I’ll be going live on HSN starting at 6:00am EST.

Last summer when I went to an orientation at HSN, it seemed like this day would never come – like it was years away! But alas, we’re here – and I can’t wait for you to see the Inspiralizer (and me!) live on national television.

I’m so honored and humbled to be going on HSN and I know you’ll all be cheering me on – your encouraging e-mails have meant so much to me, and have truly given me more and more confidence and I’m excited and ready to do this!

The Special HSN price and exclusive colors

The best part about going on HSN is being able to offer all of you the lowest price you’ll ever see on the Inspiralizer– EVER!

The Inspiralizer will be $29.95 + S&H ($5.00) while live on HSN! You can find the product listing here (you can actually buy it now!)

Also, we’ll be selling both of my cookbooks – and they’re all signed! There’s a limited amount of signed cookbooks, so make sure you order right away if you want a signed copy :)

Most importantly, the Inspiralizer is exclusively available in two brand new colors: green and red!! We don’t carry any stock of these colors, so if you want to get them, you’ll have to get them through HSN! I’m in love with the red one!

The Inspiralizer on HSN

How to watch

So, how can you watch me? You can watch live on HSN – click here to find out what channel it is on, depending on your zip code.

If you don’t have cable or access to a TV at the times I’m going on, you can live stream it on their website – just bookmark this page!

The Inspiralizer on HSN

When to watch

I’m going live THREE times on Wednesday, January 25th (tomorrow!) I’m actually going on after Geoffrey Zakarian (how cool!) and here are the times:

  • 6:00am EST
  • 10:00am EST
  • 3:00pm EST

What else?

That’s it! Thank you so much for your support and I can’t wait to hear what you think — make sure to tag @inspiralized if you post any fun photos or purchase an Inspiralizer live on HSN – I’d love to hear from you!

And tune in on Instagram stories and Snapchat (inspiralized) to see more behind-the-scenes!


  1. Ali: wishing you all the best as you venture further into your brand! I know for myself, your recipes and your blogs have changed my life for the better! If it wasn't for your AMAZING spiralizer, I would be eating a lot less veggies! (((hugs))))
  2. Larry Blackshaw :
    I completely apologize for ordering early 3 more Inspiralizers, in addition to the two from Amazon recently. I also appologize for ordering the signed copies of your cookbooks in advance, so as to make sure our intensity of application is not diminished by popularity ;) This has inspiralized ➿me to be the 'help' in the kitchen and then some that my wife hoped I could be, haha!
  3. I watched your episode on HSN...wonderful! I think you've started a new eating revolution! Great job!
  4. were amazing at hsn! I was already inspiralized, but not I want more!
  5. Hello from the UK - I love my inspiralized and tell everyone here it is the best! I watched your presentation to support you and as the saying goes you learn something new every day - I have been using the guard when I store my precious - I didn't realise until today that you operate it with the guard installed - doh!!!!


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