What I Ate Today: Episode 2

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Another What I Ate Today video is live on our YouTube channel!

After the great feedback from my first WIA (what I ate) video, I decided to do one every other week.

In this week’s video, I’m all about keeping it honest.

When I do these videos, I want to show you what a real day of eating looks like. Some days, yes, I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, I’m just too tired to cook.

As much as I love cooking, I do cook a lot and sometimes, I get a little lazy. So, like normal people, I order takeout/delivery.

When I was making this video, I tried my absolute hardest to make it to the gym and come back and whip up something spiralized and healthy. I actually sat down at the kitchen counter and tried to will myself to put my gym clothes on.

After about 2 solid minutes of trying to convince myself, I decided that I was crazy – why was I stressing myself out about this? For the video?! I kept thinking, “No one will find the video helpful if I don’t cook my dinner.”

So wrong! I think it’s easier to show all the shiny, perfect things on social media, but it’s harder to show the “slip ups” or the “normal things.” It’s kind of like those features in the tabloids where the subject is “Celebrities Being Normal” – they’re pumping their own gas and like, walking around. Ha!

Long story short, I was feeling jet lagged and tired last night, so I decided to order something mostly wholesome from a Turkish restaurant across the street. If you live in Jersey City, order from there, it’s the best!

Watch the video:

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Nutrition Talk

This week’s module at IIN focused on macrobiotics, grains and also, how food energies affect your own energy and disposition, which I found most interesting. There are certain foods that, for instance, make you feel more relaxed – and this is from the way they nourish your body and also how you prepare the foods. This comes from traditional ancient Chinese medicinal beliefs and practices. You know, you are what you eat.

For example, to feel more grounded and relaxed, try eating more root vegetables and fish (which are cooked via baking and stewing, mostly.) If you’d like to feel more light, creative and flexible, try eating more leafy greens, raw foods and quinoa. Conversely, if you’re feeling tense and anxious, avoid foods like sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

This is all pretty intuitive, but you never really stop to think about it. Once you do, there are little actions you can take to test out these theories and see for yourself. I think just being more conscious overall of what we’re eating is the real lesson here!


  • Reduce caffeine from 3 cups a day of coffee to 1 large cup in the morning.
  • Bake some vegan desserts and roast some root vegetables for meal prep over the weekend to encourage a feeling of groundedness.
  • Try 1 day of eating completely raw and note how it makes my body feel.

What do you think of this week’s Nutrition Talk?

In case you missed a previous ​Nutritional Talk, every week, I’ll be sharing some takeaways from the courses I’m taking at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. If you’d like to start Nutrition School, IIN is offering anyone who signs up through Inspiralized a hefty discount off tuition. To learn more, click here. Disclaimer: While IIN has offered these courses complimentarily to me, I have not been compensated in any other way and all opinions are always my own.


  1. I can't find the link to the protein powder you use. I've looked and looked and I don't see it. Can you help me?
  2. I have watched both "What I ate today episodes." I appreciate the fun, light, easy way you present. Keep going. My thoughts about two things: 1) You don't mention washing veggies (today cucumber, carrots, tomato) and I assume you do. Newbie cooks might think it's OK to just unwrap plastic of let's say, the cucumber, and eat it. It's not, right? Also, these are the Silk ingredients in the smoothie: Almondmilk (Filtered Water, Almonds), Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum. How about eliminating the cane sugar and gums and make your own? I make it every few days, have an easy method in which you don't have to soak raw nuts and use a nut bag. Much healthier.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I noticed that you reduced the time of the video. This worked fine for me. You definitely make food prep look very manageable, which is something that I often find intimidating. Thanks again and I look forward to future videos.
  4. You could save substantial time by using 375*F instead of 375 degrees Fahrenheit in your recipes. Just hit Shift 8 f and you get *F. There doesn't really have to be a little circle after the temperature number. We'll understand the *.
  5. I am loving these! I went bought all of the items for that veggie sandwich already! Can't stop thinking about it! Keep up the good work!
  6. I cannot wait to try that sandwich!! You always manage to find the biggest carrots o_0 :-). Thanks for sharing!
  7. Luv these videos and please keep it up! Bought everything I need to make that DELISH and healthy sandwich for Friday's lunch and can not wait! What I like about the videos are the excellent ideas you provide. Just out of curiosity, do watch/check/count calories at all or do you just eat clean? Thanks and looking forward to more of these great videos but I do appreciate they are a lot of work for you and you are busy so I will just appreciate any that you can do!
    • Kat - I'm so glad that sandwich was a hit, it's such a staple in my household! No, I don't watch/check or count calories - I did when I was younger and it led to unhealthy habits and binge eating. Now, I just eat clean, whole, real foods and I don't measure calories! I keep the nutritional information in my posts because it was widely requested!
  8. Ali, I really appreciate you showing us the reality of a busy working girl trying to be healthy. I would not have made my own almond milk after a long weekend either...that's not realistic! So thank you, I bet it's hard to make yourself vulnerable in this way and I like seeing the way you really do things, you live very balanced. I am a personal chef on the side of my job and I try to eat clean but honestly I get so tired of cooking that I just can't maintain my healthy diet all the time. I just had a huge bagel and cream cheese for breakfast when I could have had eggs or a smoothie. And you know what? It was so freakin delicious. And I'm going to work out later and eat a salad for lunch, so it's all about balance. Anyway, keep it up girl cuz I think you're doing things right and providing a really good example for the rest of us. What I'm really curious about is how you fit Lu into the equation. I have a hard time getting my boyfriend to eat my spiralized, Veggie-full meals because they don't fill him up. He considers them an appetizer, even sometimes when I add chicken. I know Lu probably doesn't want to be part of your videos, but it would interesting to see how you guys work together to eat healthy and maybe the reality of some things he doesn't like or how he changes your recipes to fit his own needs. Thank you for what you do!
  9. I made the Veggie sandwich as soon as I saw the video. It was delishious! I added another slice of tomato and some arugula in addition to the spinach (since I had both on hand). It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! I described it to my husband and he said "where's the meat!" How can I incorporate meat (other than processed) into this sandwich? I think adding chicken breast might make it too big (mine was already big) and it will fall apart. It's so healthy and delishious that I want to share it with him!
  10. Ali, I made your delicious sandwich for lunch today and just finished it. Bought all the same ingredients and did it exactly as you did and it was out of this world super delicious. I just loved it and I'm so glad I found you and your Spiralizer and your website and I love those videos. That sandwich will become one of my favorites now – I guarantee it! . . . thanks again. I'm a huge fan, Kat from Toronto aka KatMagic Photography . . . and I follow you everywhere!
  11. I also made the sandwich and liked it. In fact I lthink that and the chickpea bowl in your other video were two of my favorite recipes. They were quick and I didn't have to wash the spiralizer. More videos would be great!
  12. What kind of blender (brand) do you use to make your almond milk?

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