What I Ate Today: Episode 3 (Video!)

What I Ate Today: Episode 3 (Video!)

I decided to make a “what I ate video” for today’s new video, because many of you were raving on Instagram over my collard green wraps (which I totally get, because they’re the bomb) and I wanted to share a “behind the scenes,” as I made it for lunch.

I actually have a professionally made video for my collard green wraps, but I like this uncut version better. Go figure.

Collard green wraps are great – they’re light but filling, easy to make, and becuase you’re not using carb and calorie heavy bread, you can stuff it with whatever the heck you want and still not break the calorie bank (if you’re on a diet or watching your caloric intake, of course.)

And Lu made a guest cameo, because he was home while I cooked dinner that night and he was being extra salty. Truth is, I know he likes to be in my videos, but he acts like such a tough guy on camera.

Aren’t all boyfriends/husbands like that? Such tough exteriors but cuddly little wombats when they’re behind closed doors? Or is that just me?

Thanks for tuning in and as always, give the video a “thumbs up” if you like it and leave me a comment!

Speaking of comments, I got a request for a Q&A video. If you have any questions for me (lifestyle or food related), please e-mail me and I’ll make sure to answer them in an upcoming Q&A video!

Now, watch what I eat in a day, with a special appearance from the hubs!

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  1. Love it!
  2. Love these videos! What brand is the julienne peeler you used for the carrot? Thanks!
  3. Great video...perfect length of time. Every time I watch one of your videos I pick up some nice little pointers. In today's I learned something about how you saute kale which is a food that I am beginning to eat more of. Thanks again for sharing these videos.
  4. Love it! May I ask what cutting board you have? Looking for a big one like that to add to my registry...thanks :)
  5. Love the videos! Thanks so much for sharing Ali :)
  6. I always love these videos! I've got to try those collard wraps soon - such an easy way to get some extra greens in!
  7. Thank you for posting this video! I am now inspired to try out collard greens which I've never had before. Also, that dinner looks amazing! I'm trying to get into eating kale, and that looks like something I'd really like. (I've also never poached chicken - so I'm going to try that too!)
  8. I love these videos!!! Keep them coming. They are so real. I love that you don't count calories and just eat whole, real food!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
  9. Thanks, Ali! I love these videos too. All of these meals look so great! I'm definitely going to try making my own collard green wraps in the future.
  10. Girl are you kidding me? I just made the kale sweet potato bbq chicken and guac plate for dinner. Amazing! So happy you shared!
  11. Cutie pie Lou looks like he enjoyed his dinner! Great video
  12. Lu has obviously censured the video... Probably in solidarity with other men! Love your videos. :)
  13. […] My friend Ali has been making What I Ate Today videos and I’m fascinated by them. I love seeing people’s everyday lives, which is why I love The Grub Street Diet http://www.grubstreet.com/tags/the-grub-street-diet/ so damn much!  https://inspiralized.com/2015/11/18/what-i-ate-today-episode-3-video/ […]
  14. Keep them coming! Can't get enough of these ideas and videos!
  15. Love these videos so much!!! BTW, your makeup is so flawless...what type of foundation do you use? Maybe one day you could do a video on what products you use....hint, hint :) Thanks so much XO

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