What I Ate Today Video: Episode 1

What I Ate Today

Inspiralized: What I Ate Today, Episode 1

After I opened up about my weight loss journey (which I now refer to as my fit journey), the questions poured in about my diet.

Many of you asked what I eat in a typical day, when trying to lose weight or maintain weight.

I’ve had a “What I ate today” video on my to-do list for so long and now I’m excited to share my first one.

Now, when I started looking at other YouTube videos for inspiration, I was amazed by how glamorous everyone looked!

Everyone was in full makeup by 7:30am, which is MIND BLOWING to me, but I guess if I was a professional vlogger, I’d do the same! To each their own and bless the hearts of those who know how to do makeup, because that’s an art I think I’ll never truly master.

As a preface to this video, I filmed it on Monday (this past Monday, October 19th) after a weekend of not-so-healthy eating (which, if you follow me on @GetInspiralized, you now know by I polished off a tub of almond butter.)

Thus, I tried to eat very healthy and clean. On other nights, I may add in a dessert like some frozen grapes, dates and walnuts or some dark chocolate. However, the day was long and I made dinner so late, that I kind of ate, watched some TV with Lu and went to bed! That’s how most Mondays tend to go, though.

Here’s a breakdown of what I ate:

  • 8:15am: Coffee with almond milk
  • 10:30am: Oatmeal with 1/2 banana
  • 11:30am: Asian pear
  • 3:30pm: Quinoa, Avocado and BBQ Chickpea Bowl with Kale, Carrots, Onions and Spiralized Cabbage
  • 6:45pm: 1/2 banana with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 8:30pm: Dijon Roasted Salmon with Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa (leftover from lunch)

You can watch the video below and if you like it, let me know in the comments if you’d like me to continue videos like this and if there’s any other way you’d prefer to see it done! Your feedback is what makes Inspiralized be the best it can be, so thanks in advance.

Nutrition Talk

This week’s module at IIN focused on raw foods and the raw food diet and also, the importance of career congruency and how it is possible to help people and still make money (the two are not mutually exclusive.)

Before I get to the career bit, I thought I’d share with you some of the raw superfoods off a list that the module shared, being the most valuable superfoods in the world:

  1. Cacao
  2. Goji berries
  3. Maca
  4. Hemp in raw form
  5. Spirulina (did you know that spirulina offers the highest source of complete protein?)
  6. Bee products (ie honey)
  7. Sea vegetables (ie nori/seaweed)

Just food for thought (literally) next time you’re going to make a salad or grab a snack. Why not grab some cacao covered goji berries and load up on antioxidants?

Raw foods are great because live food contains enzymes that act as catalyst for detoxification and the absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately, when we cook food, some of these enzymes are killed off, so the nutrients from these foods aren’t as easily absorbed.

Don’t fret, as long as you’re eating clean vegetables, you’re in the right! What I love about IIN so far is that they don’t teach you what to think, they give you the tools to make your own beliefs.

Green on the Inside, Clean on the Outside

Back to career talk. When I first started Inspiralized, my goal was to create a community around Inspiralized, because there was nothing on the Internet for it – there weren’t many recipes (and all of the recipes available were raw vegan.) I wanted people to learn how to eat creatively and healthfully with the spiralizer and the best way I knew how to do that was to start a Recipes blog. I said to myself, “My first priority is building this community, but if I can’t support myself after a year, I will consider some part-time work to supplement what I’m doing.”

Never did I say, “I’ll stop Inspiralized if I can’t live off of it.” Money wasn’t my #1 motivator and I think that’s why Inspiralized has touched as many people as it has today. I like how IIN talks about “Career Congruency,” which is the notion that it’s important for your career to be congruent with your spiritual self. If you’re someone who loves to help others and that makes you feel the happiest, then a job that has nothing to do with that probably isn’t for you.

Having career congruency (which I now have) is so important to maintain a fully happy, fulfilled life. Just like the saying, “Most people don’t know how good their bodies are supposed to feel,” I feel the same way about my career now – “Most people don’t know how happy a career can make their lives.”

If you’re in a financially stable job and you don’t intend to change, there’s nothing wrong with that and I like the tips that IIN provided for that. For example:

  • Make your desk area more attractive – tack up motivational quotes, buy a cheery coffee/tea mug, buy fresh flowers
  • Take moments for yourself to clear your mind, whether it’s taking 30 seconds to smell some essential oils (I love Peppermint during the day) or going for a walk
  • Tell your employer the kind of work that you’d like to do that will satisfy that spiritual part of you – most likely, they’ll love your initiative! Want to start a charitable office potluck? Do it!


  • Build more raw foods into my diet, such as goji berries and nori
  • Organize my desk space

What do you think of this week’s Nutrition Talk?

In case you missed a previous ​Nutritional Talk, every week, I’ll be sharing some takeaways from the courses I’m taking at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. If you’d like to start Nutrition School, IIN is offering anyone who signs up through Inspiralized a hefty discount off tuition. To learn more, click here.

Disclaimer: While IIN has offered these courses complimentarily to me, I have not been compensated in any other way and all opinions are always my own.


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Chris says:
Thanks Ali! I always enjoy reading your postings and trying your new recipes! You are an inspiration to many of us :) Sincerely, Chris is VA
Steven says:
I really enjoyed this video and I hope you make others just like this. I am pretty much of a beginner cook and I really appreciate your very easy and understandable presentation. Thanks again for sharing so generously. Steven
Steven says:
Where are the links for the coconut bacon bits and the Barbeque sauce?
Ali Maffucci says:
I added the links to the video description, check it out!
Steven says:
Where in the video is it? I looked in the middle and the end of the video and do not see it. Is it on this video or is it somewhere else? Thanks
Kathie says:
LOVED your video. It was like watching my own private cooking channel at my own convenience (while lying in bed sipping my morning tea). Love the simplicity of your dishes and the story of your journey. And you are adorable, Ali'
Camille says:
I loved the video and would love one every week! Keep it up!
Mallory says:
I loved the video! Yes, please do more!!! Being able to watch you cook really opens my eyes to how easy it is to create delicious and healthy food.
Karen says:
Loved the video. YES! Do more of these. Approachable, do-able food for a day. I didn't think I'd watch the whole thing. (I was thinking, oh, oh, too long) Then, I was totally drawn in, and couldn't stop! I look forward to the next one, Ali.
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Kayla says:
I loved this video! I would love to see more. What's even cooler about this video was that you showed your cooking steps and recipes throughout the entire thing. it wasn't just a snapshot of what you ate, but also showed us how to make recipes, very simply. It would be so great to see more like this. Thanks Ali!
Carrie says:
Great video! Please do more, and more, and more!
Brenda Kell says:
Loved the video! As someone mentioned before, it's our own private cooking chanel at our convenience! I love trying your recipes, it has changed the way we eat around our house! Keep them coming! You are an inspiration!
Stephanie says:
Love your ideas. I want to eat healthier, and your take on food definitely inspires me. I look forward to trying to like brussel sprouts yet again because your dinner looked great.
Kari says:
First, I loved the video! More please!!! Second, I know this question was asked by somebody above…but, I cannot find the links for the coconut bacon bits and the vegetable peeler. Help! ;)
Ali Maffucci says:
Karie - they're in the description of the video!
Ali Maffucci says:
Kari - they're in the description of the video!
Kari says:
Ali - Any chance you can post the links for the vegetable peeler and the coconut bacon bits in the comment section...or email them to me? I have read through the entire post at least 4 times and just cannot find them. I've also clicked on every link and still can't find what I'm looking for. I'm really not as dumb as it appears that I am! BTW-I'm reading/watching this email/post from my iPhone. Could that be why I'm not seeing the links? Thanks!
Steven says:
Tessemae's BBQ sauce is available on Amazon. The coconut bacon bits are on the site: OrganicMatters.com. I don't know about the julienne slicer. And neither could I find the links anywhere on the video
Kari says:
Thanks Steven! All I night need to find now is a good Julienne slicer. I bought one a couple of years ago but it did not work very well and I threw it out. Just wondering if you ended up finding the links in the "description of the video"? I'm not even sure where to find the "description of the video". Maybe I need to try looking at the Inspiralizer.com we site on something other then my iPhone....Thanks again!
Steven says:
NO...I never found the links in the video or in the description of the video...yes, I too was feeling like some sort of a dumbo..haha
Ali Maffucci says:
They're in the description of the video, not in the post!
Danielle says:
Loved it! Keep them coming.
Nicole says:
You're too cute and always inspiring! I love this idea - I think a lot of people struggle with eating too much or too little throughout the day and it's great to see what a healthy person's eating day looks like in whole. I will say that this was just a bit long for me - I would try to keep it under 10 minutes if I were u. Other than that, great work!
Steven says:
I agree that you don't want to make the videos too long. At the same time I think it was really valuable being able to watch all the food prep rather than just seeing you pour all the pre-prepared items into your pots. I see this on most other videos and they just don't work for me. I want to know precisely what I will need to do to make any dish. Thank you
Sandie says:
Sandie says:
Love all that you are doing and sharing! I found your blog long before the book and spiralizer and I continue to tell everyone that will listen about you and what you are sharing. Keep it up and THANK YOU! With all your amazing recipes I even have my entire family eating healthier - which isn't always easy (I am vegantarian, and they all eat some meat and fish). But we make it work, because a lot of your recipes are filling with or without the meat/fish! So we all benefit from one meal! PS - I saw your book in our local Sprouts (AZ) and was so excited to tell others standing near me how they need to ck out your book. Stay the course and know you are appreciated!
Hi Ali, Don't know how you do it...You're amazing!!!! Enjoyed the video, keep them coming got so many idea's from what you presented & how healthy you cook...plus portion size. Thank you for sharing everything you do with us, it's much appreciated. Pauline M
Pam says:
I think the video is great! I love watching people cook, since I'm not to savvy in the kitchen. I'm also new to clean eating so seeing what products you use, is soooo helpful. I also follow you on snap daily, I'm learning something from you all the time. Thank You for all of your work!!
Katie says:
Love, love, love this!!! It definitely gives us readers some great ideas for quick, throw-together lunches and dinners that can be done with fridge-bottom ingredients - without necessarily planning ahead for your blog recipes (which, might I add, I make at least 4 nights a week!)! I would definitely love to see more of these videos. As always, thanks for being such an inspiration!!!
E. Marino says:
I loved the video. The most important message that it presented was that anyone CAN make a delicious, healthy meal in no time. Please keep the videos coming!
Michelle says:
Loved the video! Great tips! Enjoyed all of it!
Anonymous says:
Enjoyed watching your video! Busy girl!! Thxs Sheri
loved this! super cute. the barbecue sauce with the chickpeas sounds delicious, i've never thought to do that!
Maureen says:
Loved your video. You give great ideas and you're just so sweet!
Anne G says:
Great Video, don't change a thing, it was perfect, can't wait to see more
Susan says:
loved the video. Would love to see captions or subtitles for heard of hearing crowd.. Could be useful for others too. Fair warning, automatic generators are often inaccurate.
Amber says:
I would love to see more videos like this! I think I might try your Dijon salmon with brussel sprouts & quinoa tonight for dinner! :-)
Alicia says:
Loved the video, soooo much!!! Yes, please make more cooking videos. I will watch each and every one of them. P.S. I love eating out of a bowl too :) XOXO
MaryAnn says:
Ali...great video! Where can we buy the olive oil? Please make moe videos...always glad to see what you have to share!
Karen says:
Hi Ali, I loved this video and want to see more! Very inspiring as I just had bariatric surgery and wanting to improve my health. Watching you work, take time to eat healthy and cook makes me feel I can do it! Please continue making the "What I ate today" videos.
Karen says:
Hi Ali... I loved this video and want to see more! Very inspiring, as I just had bariatric surgery and want to improve my health. Watching you work, take time to eat healthy and cook makes me feel I can do it! Please continue making these videos.
Marjorie says:
I thought this was really fun and I love recipe videos. They are very natural and sincere which plays really well. I'm not sure I would commit 17 mins a day to watching but if you can scale it back to a 3-5 min video and just film when you are actually cooking, I think you might have a great vlog series in the works. Now off to cook my own healthy lunch: brown rice bowl with sauteed zucchini, shallots and mushrooms and roasted carrots and butternut squash, garnished with grated parm.
Steven says:
I agree that 17 minutes a day would be a bit much. But 17 minutes once a week would be reasonable. Again, I really think watching you do the food prep was very valuable. Thanks.
Anonymous says:
Love your video. Thank you.
Jackie says:
I loved watching this video and thought that the length was great! I was just lamenting to my dad yesterday that dinner time has to be as easy, fuss-free and nutritious as possible (I'm the mom of a 1 year-old, I work full time and have a husband who works even longer hours than I do). Since I'm constantly trying to incorporate new foods -- particularly veggies == into my daughter's diet this website is always awesome for getting new ideas. One question: Would you ever consider sharing your skincare and makeup routines? You are GLOWING! Thanks, Jackie

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now I can proudly say that I love my smile, and I feel more confident than ever. it’s a shame I’ll have to wear a mask and cover up this expensive smile 😂😂😂😂 but hopefully in 2022, I’ll be able to fully whip it out. right?!! 🤞🏼💉 ⁣

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