What I Ate Today Video: Episode 4 + Holiday Gift Guide

What I Ate Today

What I Ate Today Video: Episode 4

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides!

This gift guide is totally random, just filled with wonderful stuff, primarily for the ladies (so guys, if you have a mother/sister/boyfriend/wife, this will be helpful for you too!)

And, as promised, I’m bringing more “What I Ate” videos to the blog, because you all have loved them and say that they give you great weekday meal ideas and inspiration. It’s a win-win, because they’re fun to film!

To start, here’s the What I Ate video – and trust me, you’re going to want to make the salad I had for lunch. It was so fresh – and you’ll see why prepping a few things ahead of time can make your cooking experience so much easier (and quick!) Healthy eating is simple – it just takes some planning and preparation.

Holiday Gift Guide

Inspiralized Holiday Gift Guide for The Everyday Person

1. Hartwood – A cookbook based on the hipster restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. It tells the story of this incredible place and how the owner pretty much booked a ticket to Mexico (he is from the US) and started a restaurant where he makes fresh dishes every day, based on what the locals are selling at the markets. Pretty cool story, fantastic recipes.

2. Table Topics stack – Because every good hostess should have something for their guests to do while they pour cocktails and put the finishing touches on the ham (or whatever they’re making.)

3. Dauville single stem rose vase – This mini vase is just precious. I actually have it on my desk and it has no flowers in it (hint, hint, Lu), but it’s adorable and chic and works as a great officemate gift or something for the home.

4. Inspiralized cookbook – IT’S THE GREAT GIFT OF ALL TIME. And a NY Times bestselling cookbook. Just sayin’.

5. Wine rack – If I didn’t already have a wine bar, I would totally put this up in my house. If you have a friend that is into interior design (the rustic kind) and drinks wine (who doesn’t?) this is the one!

6. Good Food Good Fives tee – I’m all about clothing that sends a message, and I love this healthy food blogger’s t-shirt. I’d wear it proudly and anyone who loves food and living happily would dig it too.

7. A good Zwilling knife – There’s no better gift than an excellent Santoku knife. If you’re looking to give a quality gift that will last a long, long time – this is it.

8. Candles – With scents like Avocado Mint, do I need to say more? You can never go wrong with a candle – this is a great one for White Elephant or Secret Santa parties. Everyone loves to smell nice!

9. BKR water bottle – I actually have this in the largest size and it’s a gift from the heavens. For some reason, it makes your water taste like its fresh from the mountains. It’s also adorable and comes in a bunch of different colors. And help save the environment – no more plastic!

10. Tea bag holders – Uhm. I have never seen anything more cute in my life, so if you have a friend who loves to drink tea, I can’t think of a better, more useful gift!

11. Mobile foodie survival spice kit – I’ve totally brought pink sea salt to a restaurant before, because I knew I wantd to sprinkle it on some avocado toast. True story. This fits in a purse and is just fun.

12. But first, coffee mug – Everyone can relate to this gift and it functions as an accessory to your outfit, as well as a functional drinking mug. Two gifts in one!

Inspiralized Holiday Gift Guide for The Everyday Person

12. The Inspiralizer® – You get it. 🙂

13. Birchwood place setting kit – You never need a reason to make things look special around the dinner table. I have these and love them – when friends come over, it’s fun to have little place settings there. Even if it’s just you and your cat – it’s fun.

14. Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry candle – I know, I know, another candle. But this isn’t just any ‘ole candle. This is my favorite candle scent in all of the world, so it had to make the list. It’s also a gorgeous centerpiece!

15. Votive decoration kit – Yes, another kit – they’re for your DIY-inclined friends. Or, buy these for yourself to put around your apartment. They’re definitely great for New Years Eve parties or “just because” festivities.

16. Kate Spade umbrella – I have this and honestly, it’s the best, most coverage umbrella I’ve ever owned. You can’t underestimate the power of a chic umbrella, especially now that it’s raining and snowing and getting cold.

17. You are the best mug – For your friend that needs a little pick me up or just a friend you want to show your love for! Who wouldn’t want to have their morning coffee with this?

18. Initial stationary – Of course, make sure you pick the proper initial before purchasing, but once you do, how pretty are these? These are definitely for your friend who loves writing hand written notes or is a chic business woman.

19. Monogrammed water jug – My mother brings a pitcher of water with her to bed every night, because she tends to get thirsty (she’s diabetic) and I’ve done the same thing in my adult life. What better way to hydrate than with a gorgeous jug?

20. Drink me tote bag – If you’re going to a party and need to give the hostess a gift and feel bad “just bringing wine,” bring it in this tote and then say, “Oh, the tote’s for you too!” He/she will LOVE it.

21. Terrarium pot – I’ve wanted one of these for a while – they’re a cool addition to a work space to keep you zen or just something for the home. This one you assemble yourself, which is neat.

22. Popcorn maker – Ditch the microwave and make your own popcorn, in style. There’s no way to impress your boyfriend/girlfriend on Netflix and chill night than with this gadget.

23. Hershel tote bag – Okay, in all honesty, I was searching for new laptop bags and I stumbled about this rad bag. A great bag for going from the gym to brunch or on those days when you’re running around and need a functional tote.

Happy shopping!

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I would GLADY take anything on these lists! The Volupsa candles are my favorite. I love your WIAW videos too.
Tanya says:
Do you have to soak the quinoa overnight or throw it in as is?
Annie says:
I love these videos! It's actually quite helpful for seeing proper portions! I feel like one of my biggest hurdles is portion control, so seeing that you only use a scoop of this and a handful of that is great. Thanks for sharing! xo Annie www.laircake.com
Valerie says:
Love these videos! How do you store your remaining avocados and bananas (once you've used half of them in the morning/with lunch) to keep them fresh?
Rita says:
Avocados keep if you leave the 1/2 with the pit in.........then store in an enclosed container with an onion slice or just sliced onion. I've kept them for a day or two like this. I'd also like to hear about the banana storage! Rita
Ali Maffucci says:
I keep the banana in the peel and wrap it in foil and place it in the refrigerator! I usually eat it later in the day, so it's no problem! Hope that helps.
Kris says:
I love your what I ate today videos! I also love to eat my food from bowls. The bowl you used for your greek yogurt looks wonderful - where did you get it? Thanks, Kris
Ali Maffucci says:
It's just a simple white bowl from Pier 1 Imports!
Karen says:
I love these videos. Keep them coming. I look forward to viewing them, and planning some of my own meals around them.
Emily B says:
Hey Ali! I just love these! It is so fun to follow you through the day. :) How on earth do you keep your avocado from turning brown so you can use the rest for dinner?? Same goes for your banana. You didn't show the banana before gym like you have in your other videos but how do you have half in the morning and then half later without it turning brown and getting mushy? Thanks!! Emily
Emily B says:
Just saw Rita asked the same thing. Oops! Thanks for the great response!
Ali Maffucci says:
I state in the description of the YouTUbe video my other snacks. Sometimes it's hard to remember to film yourself eating, so I left out a couple things!!
Karen says:
I have to tell you that I am IN LOVE with spiralzing! I spiralize at least once a day, if not twice, sometimes even 3 times! My goal is to eat between 9 and 12 cups of veg a day (not including salad greens) and spiralizing really helps. I do a lot of salads – Asian inspired right now – and spiralizing is fantastic for that! Hubby is amazed at how tasty zoodles and carrodles and other oddles are for dinner in place of pasta, and he is a huge fan of your salads too! Which is HUGE considering he is NOT a veggie fan. I love your videos and I am glad you are doubling up on them!
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks for the feedback Karen - and I'm so happy for you and your healthy family!!
Susan says:
This is probably the best guide I have seen this year - in terms of the recommendations and price points. So much on here I want for myself! Really well curated, Ali! Thank you - you just saved my shopping, since I need to start and get 'er done and shipped out this weekend.
Karen says:
The food video is wonderful! I just bought ingredients to make both the kale salad and the veggie chili in the next couple of days. Thank you!
Kelly says:
Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos! I love watching them and I'm always inspired to eat just a little bit healthier after watching them. The chili recipe seems fairly straight-forward, but I wanted to ask if the recipe is posted on your site or if you could share the spice measurements. I'm planning to make this for dinner tomorrow night! Thanks you!! Kelly
Ali Maffucci says:
Kelly - it is posted! You can find the link in the description of the video on YouTube!
Alicia says:
Yum!! Loved all of your food choices for the day. Great idea to add quinoa to the chili recipe. I will do that next time to mine. Love these videos!!!❤️ So inspirational.
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks for the feedback!
Neda says:
Great healthy choices! Do you have the Vegetarian Chili with Quinoa recipe posted somewhere?
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, you can find it here: www.alissandrab.com/blog/2015/9/17/my-favorite-vegetarian-chili-recipe
Pat says:
Thanks Ali! I love your what I ate today vidio. I want to try your chili, looks yummy! Are all of those cans of tomatoes 14 1/2 ounces? Also, can you tell me about that fabulous pan? Thanks Pat
Karen says:
Just to follow up on my post of December 10 (announcing my intention to try the salad and chili recipes): I did, and both are incredible. The lentils in the former, and the quinoa in the latter, elevate these dishes in flavor, texture, and healthfulness. Brilliant moves, Ali. Brava!
Meaghan says:
We're so happy to hear this, Karen! Thanks for coming back and for sharing this!
Morgan Piper says:
Alli I am wondering how you store your avocado during the day? Seems like you cut it and it stays fresh all day! Thanks!

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