What is the difference between the Inspiralizer and the Spiralizer?

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for...

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for your interest! 

What is the difference between the Inspiralizer and the Spiralizer?

After perhaps the 1,000-th time I’ve received an e-mail from a frustrated “customer” chewing me out for not being able to replace their “lost spiralizer blades” or not delivering upon the promise of a free julienne peeler I “promised to send upon purchase,” I couldn’t take it anymore and had to address it on this blog. So, I apologize for those who were expecting a #livinginspiralized post today, I’ll resume next week!

I’m just so tired of getting nasty e-mails from “customers” telling me that “Inspiralized sells junk” or that we have “horrible customer service” and that we “never pick up our help line listed on the sheet included with the spiralizer.”

Why am I tired of this?

Well, because all of these e-mails are from confused spiralizer users who purchased a cheap spiralizer on Amazon and figured I had something to do with it because of my name “Inspiralized” or unfortunately, they thought they were ordering the Inspiralizer.

We don’t have losable blades because they’re all contained within the Inspiralizer, we don’t promise to send any julienne peelers (we don’t do gimmicks), and we don’t even have a help line nor do we have a sheet included, just a thorough 12 page manual. And, we pride ourselves in our customer service, it’s what we focus on all day!

Today, once and for all, I’m clarifying – what the Inspiralizer is and what a “spiralizer” is. And giving away an Inspiralizer!

What is “the” spiralizer?

First, let’s talk about the spiralizer.

First off, the word “spiralizer” is like blender. There is not ONE blender, there are many types of blenders. That is the same case for the spiralizer – there are many types of spiralizers. I sell one type: the Inspiralizer. It’s the best!

The person/company that sells “The Spiralizer” on Amazon just was savvy, saw the trend, and trademarked the word “spiralizer” before it was well known (like the word blender) so that they could be a top seller on Amazon. Their entire business is on Amazon.

However, there is not one “Spiralizer.” The person who sells “the Spiralizer” on Amazon wasn’t even one of the original “brands” of spiralizers, they popped up about 1 year and 2 months ago. There are many spiralizers out there. On Amazon, there are a lot of individual sellers selling very cheaply made “knock-offs” of some of the original spiralizer brands, like Paderno and Benriner. Then, there are bigger brands, like Cuisinart, OXO, and KitchenAid, selling their own (which, are definitely better quality than what you’ll find on Amazon.)

As far as the Internet is concerned, back in 2013 when I started this blog, the spiralizer was originally used in the raw vegan circles. If you’ve ever heard me share my story about how I started Inspiralized, you know that when I looked online, I searched “spiralizer recipes” and only about 3 recipes popped up, and they were all raw vegan. There were 2 or 3 spiralizers on the marketplace, the Paderno and the Benriner.

Actually, when I first started Inspiralized, I was using the Paderno 3-blade spiralizer. A few months later, I realized that the Paderno wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do: suction well, spiralize tough veggies like butternut squash without issues, fit compactly in my cabinets, be safe, clean easily, and of course, be easier to change between blades (I hated those clunky changeable blade cartridges!)

So, I set off to design and create my own, which became the Inspiralizer. Since March 2015, this has been the spiralizer that I have been using – I created it to be my “perfect spiralizer,” making improvements on all of the issues I had with the spiralizer I used to use. I upgraded myself!

So what’s the confusion?

Many people go on Amazon to purchase the spiralizer and they type in “spiralizer” or “Inspiralizer” and because everything is white plastic, they all look the same, and one is literally called “The Spiralizer.” Tricky! Now, I’ve included my logo above my product in my product listing on Amazon so people will know that they’re buying the real-deal Inspiralizer.

Also, Amazon often pairs my cookbooks with another spiralizer listing on Amazon, which can be confusing, because it looks like that spiralizer is part of the Inspiralized brand. For example:

This is very, very wrong! The only product I sell is the Inspiralizer, Amazon’s algorithm just loads that way.

What’s the difference between the Inspiralizer and the Spiralizer?

I am so, so glad you asked!

Most importantly, if you purchase the Inspiralizer, you’re supporting me, Ali. You’re supporting a young woman trying to build a brand. Not only me, but you’re supporting someone who supports YOU. I don’t want you to just buy the Inspiralizer for a profit, I want you to buy it because I know it’s the best and I want you to join the Inspiralized community. I want to provide you with great customer service, and I want you to have the best spiralizing experience possible! That’s one of the main reasons I wanted my own spiralizer in the first place – I wanted to be proud of the product I was recommending to so many. And I wanted people to love spiralizing as much as I did!

I’m also so bummed when people decide to save $5-$10 only to buy a product that won’t spiralize very well, offers a dead-end “help line” and is just a company that isn’t a real brand and just wants your money. That’s NOT what Inspiralized is about.

The Inspiralizer is smaller and more compact

The difference between sizes is apparent. The Inspiralizer is sleek, compact, and designed to fit in even the smallest of cabinets!

The Inspiralizer has superior vacuum based suction (no unreliable suction cups!)

Probably my biggest gripe with the first spiralizer I was using was the suction. It always came loose – those suction cups just can’t handle the pressure when spiralizing big root veggies, like rutabaga and sweet potatoes! The Inspiralizer slices effortlessly through tough veggies, thanks to the vacuum based suction levers on the bottom!

The Inspiralizer’s blades are changeable with a green knob, no need to change blades manually

There are no clunky blade “cartridges.” When you want to change your noodle shape, all you have to do is just twist a knob! Seriously. You’ll never lose a blade, because it’s impossible! They’re all neatly contained within the Inspiralizer, and conveniently labeled A, B, C, and D and correspond with the recipes here on the blog and in my cookbooks.


The Inspiralizer’s handle’s teeth are sharper, better for securing to tough veggies

I designed the teeth on the handle to come to a sharp point so that they’ll secure better into the vegetable you’re spiralizing and stay put!

The Inspiralizer comes with a 12 page thorough manual

The Inspiralizer comes with a 12 page thorough manual in the box, but of course, it also comes with a full YouTube channel of tutorials and a welcome video with extra tips. The other spiralizer came with a one-sheeter with small instructions on how to use the product. Also, when we tested the e-mail address on the one sheeter, we never heard back. Also, when we called the “customer service line”, no one picked up and it rang forever. 🙁


The Inspiralizer doesn’t make any fake promises or steal content

One of the most common emails I get is, “Where is my julienne peeler?!” because people think I’m the creator of Amazon’s “Spiralizer” brand. So, I’ve never tried to redeem my free julienne peeler, but based on the e-mails I get alone and the note at the bottom that it’s “based on the manufacturer’s discretion,” I’m guessing this is a cheap trick or gimmick.

ALSO, I emailed for my “Free Recipe E-Book” (advertised below) and upon downloading it, it was basically a PDF-ed word document with stolen recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers (including me!). I was shocked, disappointed, and frustrated for my fellow food bloggers.

The Inspiralizer has a smaller central coring blade, reducing veggie waste

Better for securing to small veggies (like carrots) and for reducing veggie waste, I designed the Inspiralizer with a small central coring blade!

The Inspiralizer is much easier to clean

Aside from the smaller central coring blade, the Inspiralizer is designed so that food doesn’t get jammed up in the blades, thus, making it easier to clean!

Do you have any other questions? Let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments below!

Where can I purchase the Inspiralizer?

Thank you for your support! You can purchase the Inspiralizer one of these ways:

If you decide that the Inspiralizer is not for you, that’s totally okay! All I want in the end is for you to have a satisfying spiralizing experience. You’re still part of the community, we just won’t be able to help you troubleshoot spiralizing issues related to your spiralizer.

Regardless, happy spiralizing!

Inspiralizer Giveaway

We have two giveaways for you today!

For those who decide to purchase the Inspiralizer today, you can win! THREE lucky winners will win a personally signed copies of either of my cookbooks (winner’s choice!) along with an Inspiralized sticker! Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter (all you need is your confirmation # from wherever you purchase from). Open to US addresses only, ends Friday, April 21 at 5pm EST.

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If you just don’t have the budget right now or want to win one for a friend, you can enter below to win an Inspiralizer! Use the widget below to enter to win an Inspiralizer! Open to US addresses only, ends Friday, April 21 at 5pm EST.

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with love, Ali

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  • I'm so sad that people still try to pass these fake products as the original inspiralizer... Honestly, is not that difficult to see (or understand) why yours is better and to tell it apart from the others.... I hope this post clears some doubts and helps you with this issue!
  • Love your recipes but generally just use a peeler. Would love to have an Inspiralizer
  • OMG I totally agree with everything you said Ali. When I first started to spiralized I bought a knockoff. The Pits, I had not seen yours at that time. After a couple of months, the push lever broke. I immediatetly ordered an Inspiralizer from Amazon. Delivery was three days later, amazing since I live in Ontario, Canada. GREAT PRODUCT. Recommended it to all of my friends, they all bought the Inspiralizer. Don't be fooled people, Inspiralize is the only one to buy.
  • I still have the Paderno and keep wanting to upgrade to yours. I keep seeing spiralizer products on infomercials and try to spread the word about your website to friends so they can experience the real deal!
  • I was one of those persons who bought the cheapie at Walmart and found it to be unsatisfactory, then I found your blog, ordered your Inspiralizer and I love it. I am on the Weight Watcher's Program and love your recipes and the fact that you post the Smart Points with each recipe, thanks Ali. I use my Inspiralizer every day, love being creative and love your creativity.... Your inspiralizer is definitely super quality, easy to use and easy to clean....inspiralizer, where have you been all my life??? I would love to win one for my neighbor who is also doing WW, who I share my inspiralized food with....she is on a limited budget and can't afford one....I want to share my joy with her. I would love to win one for my neighbor, who I share all my inspiralized food with, she needs one.
  • Hi! I've been following for years, since before you had your own Inspiralizer. I bought the Amazon one - three times (in different countries, because you were only shipping to the US at that time). When I got back to Canada and you were finally shipping here, I ordered one! I have never been disappointed in it, and the customer service has been bar none! The turning mechanism on my Inspiralizer had a defect and broke within a few weeks, but I just sent a video and within a day, Meghan wrote me back asking for my address and shipped me a new one immediately! Keep up the good work Ali and Inspiralized, you made a fantastic product, and the recipes are amazing! I am slowly working my way through cook book number two now!
  • I bought one of those cheapie spiralizers at Walmart, not knowing about your's....when I discovered that it was of poor quality, I hated it. Saw your's advertised on HSN, ordered it and I now use it everyday. I use your blog, love the recipes and try most of them. I am on a Weight Watchers journey and love how you post Smart Points with your recipes. I would love to win an Inspiralizer for my neighbor who is also on WW, I share my food with her, but she is on a limited budget and can't afford one at this time. She has a B&B and I know she would use her's as I use mine.
  • That's so frustrating that people just assume it's you. Not cool. But this led to a very helpful post about WHY people should be getting the Inspiralizer (we've got one that's not yours, but it does okay. It's just a little clunky). I'd make something with butternut squash. My current spiralizer just isn't cut out for butternut squash noodles. :'(
  • this was a really helpful post! I used to have the old one shown and the suction cups drove me crazy- the Inspiralizer definitely looks superior! I would use it to spiralize sweet potatoes to make my sweet potato hash!
  • I too still have the Paderno and have just been waiting for it to break before I buy yours. That doesn't seem to be happening so to curb my frustration I may need to just break down and get yours! I do get frustrated with it not staying attached to the counter and the bigger, heavier root vegetables falling off. I also didn't understand that changing the blades is just turning a knob! That may be a game changer for me along with the better suction.
  • If I won a free Inspiralizer I would give it to one of my (bible study) Zumba ladies who I hold cooking classes for every session. I am actually doing a mother's day cooking class May 4th featuring the Inspiralizer at my house and the whole meal is out of your cookbooks and blog recipes. I could surprise them with a give-away as a treat for healthy eating, which I continuously talk about. I tell them that noodles are the just a vehicle for a great sauce or protein and why not make the noodles count nutritionally and taste good too. I ask them to eat spaghetti with nothing on it and then proceed to tell me what it taste like. They are amazed. So the free Inspiralizer could be a great incentive plus bonus mother's day present. Thanks Ali always for your inspiration. And congratulations on that baby.
  • Thanks for the clarification! I wish I had understood all of these differences when I was shopping for mine. If I win, I want to try a recipe using rutabaga noodles - I have never made those before.
  • Such a helpful post - I've always wondered what the differences are, and you have officially convinced me that yours is better. :) I would make so many zoodles and casseroles!
  • I follow your blog and love spiraling veggies for your recipes and my own creations. I have a cheap spiralizer and the frustrations mentioned in your post so I'd love to win one of your inspiralizers!
  • I was one of those people who purchased the incorrect spiralizer a while back (but I promise I never sent an angry email!). Seeing on your Instagram stories how easy yours is to you definitely has me wanting to upgrade.
  • I have an Inspiralizer and LOVE it...I'd love to win one for my mom as a mother's day gift because she has been coveting mine! Side note--this was kind of a neat comparison, it made me really appreciate how well-designed your product is. Congrats on all of your success Ali!
  • I bought one of the Amazon spiralizers on Prime Day last year and before I knew about this one. Some of my teeth on the vegetable gripper have broke and one of the suction cups doesn't work anymore! So annoying. Would love an Inspiralizer to replace mine so I can keep spiraliz'en!
  • I became interested in spiralizing after being gifted one similar to the Amazon spiralizer a couple years ago- it got the job done but there were definitely small grievances I had with cleaning it and storage. When I finally got the Inspiralizer I realized what I was missing out on! I love the size, the blades are so much better, and storage is much easier. Thanks for such a great product Ali! It's been great watching your company (and family) grow! Hope one day you make it down south for a book tour!
  • I love your recipes and have the Paderno. If I win an Inspiralizer, I will make more recipes with tough veggies like potatoes and squash, I can't really do that right now because the suction cups come lose when I try!
  • If I had an Inspiralizer I would use it all the time - I have the Amazon one now and it's such a PITA to clean. Because of that I am not motivated to use it often. I am a new mom and I breastfeed - therefore I want to make sure I am eating the healthiest I can eat so I can provide the proper nutrients to my daughter.
  • I started following along before you created the Inspiralizer. I have the Paderno model and it does have all of the problems you described. Probably time for an upgrade.
    • Oh, and if I won an upgrade to the Inspiralizer I'd make the Split Pea and Cauliflower Curry with Roasted Rutabaga Noodles that I pinned a few weeks back.
      • You really should upgrade!! I upgraded about a year ago and I really wish that I had done it sooner!!!
  • I'm curious how you clean the blades on the Inspiralizer. Do they detach? Can it go in the dishwasher? Thank you!
    • Hi Annie! Great questions. The blades do not detach. It is top rack dishwasher safe. We also have a helpful video all about cleaning the Inspiralizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2scdLGIjp2k
      • I had no idea the Inspiralizer was top rack dishwasher safe (clearly I'm not great at reading instructions!) This will be awesome - It will be great having one less thing to wash/dry after eating!
  • I love the Inspiralizer - I want to win one for my MIL!
  • I would love to use the Inspiralizer to make sweet potato noodles for my pasta loving toddler!
  • Ali, I was one of those people that bought your book on Amazon and was duped into buying the incorrect spiralizer. It looked so similar. Very sneaky Amazon! I'm so glad you posted about this. We've been spiralizing for about a month now with our knock-off and I'm having all of the issues you described. About a week ago, I was looking closer at the one you have on your website and in your weekly blog and realized I had the wrong one. Wish I had looked a little closer when buying. I kept wondering why I had 5 blades and they never matched up with the recipes in your book. So frustrating! And I think I have wrist strain from trying to spiralize rutabagas on that thing. "Come hell or high water, this family is eating rutabaga noodles tonight!" Again, thanks for the post about this. I have something to look forward to when I eventually get so frustrated and buy yours. Keep doing what you do, you have an amazing Inspiralized family of followers who know the value of your invention and how much dedication you put into your product and recipes and will happily support a mom-treprenuer over some rip-off.
  • If I won an Inspiralizer, I would give it to my Dad. He has been increasing his garden size each year, and I could picture him being able to do so much Inspiralizing with his fresh veggies. I love the Inspiralizer!
  • That must get so frustrating getting all those emails knowing that it's not you or your product!
  • You're story is so inspiring - I am trying to get all of my eating and workouts in check! Last night I made the sweet potato, white bean and kale bake, and it was delicious! I had to use the spiralizer that I had bought a few years ago, and I did notice how bulky it is and actually I had a hard time cleaning it as well. Would love to use your new Inspiralizer! Also just purchased your new cook book to continue to make healthy meals. Would love to make the oatmeal bake you posted about with the inspiralized apples - looks amazing! Can't wait to try more :)
  • I bought Amazon's but now all I want is yours! Thank you for this post!
  • I wish I had researched more before buying mine because I have that stupid Amazon spiralizer, and I agree on all the points you make about what's won't with it. I love spiralizer zucchini and apples, but I think I would use the actual Inspiralizer more often because it would be such a better experience.
    • Stupid autocorrect. I actually have better grammer than my comment above would lead you to believe. ?
  • The Inspiralizer is great - I am so glad that I came across your blog before I ordered another one! Its so easy to use and I love all the recipes on the blog (and cookbooks)!
    • I meant to add - would love to win one for a friend that always wants to borrow mine!
  • Great post, Ali. You SHOULD defend your product. It is a product that you should be incredibly proud of. I can't believe that company ripped off your recipe!!
  • I've been using a different spiralizer for a few months now, and while it gets the job done more or less, your post today convinced me to upgrade to the Inspiralizer. I have been reading your blog and using your recipes for a while now, so it seemed only fair. ;) The first thing I'll make with my new Inspiralizer is definitely going to be the Spiralized Sweet Potato, White Bean and Kale Bake. It is one of my favorites--all winter I've been making it every couple of weeks. Most recently, I used purple sweet potatoes--so delicious AND pretty. Thank you, Ali!
  • Would love the opportunity to use the real deal and make all your delicious recipes!
  • I think your recipes look amazing and things I never think to do with veggies. I would use it to try to get my family to eat healthier. I honestly dont know how you come up with such great recipes!
  • I hate that you have to even do this blog post. This has to be SO frustrating, Ali. Your customer service is absolutely top notch, and I love my Inspiralizer. Any time I have had an issue, you have responded within hours and you even replaced my Inspiralizer at no charge. I'll defend you and your product any day!
  • I love your blog and how many comfort foods you've inspiralized! I have the old Paderno currently (really eyeballing the Inspiralizer!!) and one of my favorite recipes to make with it are spiralized fajitas, so quick and easy and delicious!
  • As someone who has owned the "other" spiralizer, this was SUCH a helpful breakdown. I'm sold - just bought yours. Thank you for your patience in sharing this with the community!
  • I've been following you for years and bought the paderno at your original recommendation! it still works fine so i havent pulled the trigger on the inspiralizer, but would love to upgrade!
  • This information is so helpful! I've been wanting an inspiralizer for awhile now but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. It would be awesome to win one, I'd finally be able to make all the recipes I've bookmarked from this blog!
  • The healthy dish alternatives are endless with this beauty!!
  • Just bought the Inspiralizer. I've owned one of the knockoffs for a couple years now and it's been ok... but following you through social media and this post now I took the plunge. Can't wait for it to get here! Now I can use it right along side both your cookbooks! Thanks Ali!
  • I'd definitely make a lot more recipes with root vegetables if I had the Inspiralizer - my current one (Paderno) is awful with solid squashes and sweet potatoes!
  • This post was so helpful! I've always been a little cloudy on how the Inspiralizer was different than the generic one and WOW! What a difference! I've followed your blog for awhile now and think you're such an inspiration. I have made some of your recipes with the pandero spiralizer but I'd love to win the inspiralizer and try out some of the more out of the box recipes using things like beet noodles or turnip noodles!
  • lets says my wife goofed and purchased the Amazon one and I hate the thing. I love my sweet potato noodle and way to hard on that. My inspiralizer showed up today and will be making them a better way tonight!!
  • Seeing how thin the remnant is when using the Inspiralizer, I would love to try a carrot dish, preferably a Morroccan salad dish! I have actually bought 4 different apparatuses in my quest for the perfect spiralizer, all before your wonderful looking machine came out on the market. Saving my pennies to get the real dea,l but winning it would be so awesome as I have both your books. It would be a spiralizing trifecta!
  • I am going to make sweet potato and bean casserole.
  • If I won the inspiralizer, I would give it to my mom. I already have an inspiralizer that I absolutely love and that has helped me to eat healthier, try new veggies, and lose 40 pounds! I would love to be able to share this with my mom and help her adopt a healthier lifestyle!
  • I would love to win one! I have a cheap one but have been dying to try the Inspiralizer!!!
  • I love my Inspiralizer! My only gripe is that the suction doesn't hold on my countertop (I don't have a marble or granite countertop). Any tips or tricks to keep it secure?
    • Yes! Always be sure you're pressing down on the center of the unit while clamping. This will ensure the strongest hold. If you still have issues, please email me - meaghan@inspiralized.com - I'm always happy to help!!
  • I love spiralizing (but bought my knockoff one before the official Inspiralizer was a thing). My fave recipe is pesto zucchini noodles!
  • I really just want to create alternatives to carby noodles! My go-to is zucchini, but would love to experiment with more veggies.
  • I would use the inspiralizer to make sweet potato noodles
  • So sorry you're going through that, Ali - some Amazon buyers don't really look at what they're buying at all! :( I purchased my spiralizer before yours came on the market - it's *only* good for zucchini. I will get my official The Inspiralizer real soon! I love the "deconstructed manicotti" recipe!! If I had yours I would spiralize sweet potatoes and other root vegetables all the time!
  • I would use it to spiralize carrots, and any of the recipes from Both of Ali's cookbooks that I own:)
  • well id do some zucchini id do cucumbers for salads so many uses and new ideas with this
  • I own yours and the Oaderno that I purchased at Williams-Sonoma. Your is better. It's much more sturdier and handles sweet potatoes better than the Paderno. There is less waste with your design. Congratulations also on your pregnancy!! God bless you and Lou!
  • I love the Inspiralized cookbooks! Thanks for sharing! I would use a new inspiralizer to make sweet potato noodles!
  • I would love to win this for my sister!
  • well id do some zucchini id do cucumbers for salads so many uses and new ideas with this.
  • I've been dying to try the sesame spiraled cucumber and zucchini bowl with avocado. It sounds perfect for the warm weather we've been having!
  • Go get 'em tiger!
    • I agree with Donna! Lesson: Don't mess with Ali and her community!
  • Just one question. I purchased one of YOUR first generation spiralizers, which looks very much like the pictures that you are showing that Amazon is currently selling...so is Amazon, in fact, selling YOUR first generation spiralizer? Thanks for the clarification.
    • Hi, Steven! We're sorry for any confusion. The Inspiralizer we currently sell is the only style spiralizer Inspiralized has ever sold through our website and through Amazon. There are no different styles or generation Inspiralizers. Before Ali created the Inspiralizer, she did use the Paderno and promoted that product on the blog at that time. Perhaps you purchased the Paderno at that time and that is what you are referring to. I hope that makes sense!
  • I would love to make zucchini pesto noodles! I have one of the cheapo models but have been too scared to try it... maybe this weekend (she says, as she has been saying for 2 years)
  • AHH awesome review!
  • I own yours but haven't gotten use it want to do sweet potatoes
  • I LOVE my inspiralized, but my daughter needs one (she has the Paderno, and there is NO comparison)!
  • Yep, I definitely bought the Spiralizer to save a few bucks, discovered I loved spiralizing but hated the blades and the bad suction, so I returned it for the Inspiralizer instead. It's definitely superior and worth the extra dollars. Thanks for clarifying!
  • Thank you, thank you for posting this and for the detailed clarification! I was recently poking around on Amazon for a new machine since my Paderno doesn't meet my needs anymore. Even though I have both of your cookbooks and follow your wonderful blogs, I was confused by the similar names of the machines. So when I order a new one, I'll be extra careful to get the Inspiralizer - and I'll be sure that my friends who are interested in spiralizing get yours too. Thanks again for the info and for your delicious recipes!
  • i love that the central core is smaller on the inspiralizer. if i won, i'd spiralize some carrots into a yummy salad!
  • I have used several different noodle makers over the past few years. At one time the Panderno was one of the leading ones that I liked best, but now I have the Inspiralizer and the issues I had with the others have been resolved. I find the Inspiralizer is a SUPERIOR product to the others I have used. I appreciate the thought that went it to improving what was on the market and making such a quality product at a reasonable price. Thank you, Ali Sorry, I missed you in Boston.
  • This post was great - articulated well and addressed the issues. Yes, sadly, people don't pay attention when they are ordering and they are quick to react when something doesn't work the way they thought. I did A LOT of research when I wanted to get a spiralizer and it was when you were about to release your Inspiralizer. I waited to order, read the first month's reviews and was sold! Since then I have bought my own and two others for gifts - the recipients love theirs! It is one kitchen "gadget" that I never regret buying. I wonder (and it is probably too late now) if it wouldn't have helped to have the first two letters of your brand name be capitalized....to avoid confusion? INspiralizer I am guessing you decided on the name to "inspire spiralizing". Be encouraged....you have produced a quality product and have good customer service. You just can't please everyone. But you have pleased A LOT of us!!
  • I would use the Inspiralizer to make all my meals. I need to start eating healthier and this would enable me to do so.
  • I received the INspiralizer for Christmas (from my kiddies) and gave my mom my old Spirooli brand spiralizer (along with Ali's first cookbook, which mom said she's already drooled on from reading the recipes - ha!). She's 84 and would be SO much happier (I'm sure!) if she had the REAL DEAL INSPIRALIZER instead! Thanks!
  • Thank you so much for the explanation regarding the difference between the Inspiralizer and the Spriralizer on Amazon. I was one of those "dupped" customers that purchased the spiralizer on Amazon along with your two books. The Amazon offer made it appear to be your Inspiralizer. It works ok, just ok.... is adequate for softer veges like zucchini, but does not work at all well for veges like Sweet potatoes. The quality and workmanship of the Amazon product are poor and will probably not last through this summer. Until I just read this blog entry I thought this was your product!!! I am so happy to hear this is not your product as I have followed your blog for well over a year and love your recipes. Once the Amazon spiralizer breaks - and it will-- one of the holder teeth is already cracked - I am making sure I purchase the REAL INSPIRALIZER. Thank you again for sharing this information
  • I know the difference! I actually have both. But yes, yours has a lot of better features. So...I'd like to win one for a friend who refuses to buy one but seems to love mine. ;)
  • I would love to use the Inspiralizer for more sweet potato and zucchini noodles!!!
  • So sorry that you are having such frustrating e-mails to deal with. I have YOURS :), plus your cookbooks and love the Inspiralizer you designed, it is sooooo user friendly and I have recommended it to friends and family. Hopefully your clarification will reach many who are confused about the differences. Good luck and keep up the good work!
  • I spiralize any thing I can for weekly mason jar salad prep. Inpiralizer would be a significant upgrade from my little, reliable, but limited use Benriner.
  • If I won I'd give it to my brother. He and his family eat terribly because "they don't have time to cook well" but he loves insprialized food I've fed him. Inspiralizer is so quick he won't have that excuse anymore
  • Thank you for taking a stand and letting the public know the true facts. LOVE the blog today!!!!!
  • I've tried many spiralizers and it's only after trying the Inspiralizer that I really "got" what was so different about it. I keep trying to explain the difference to my mom and just she just doesn't understand - which is why she needs her own! I'm thinking Mother's Day gift...
  • We mostly use ours for zucchini noodles, but also love potato noodles, broccoli stem slaw and apple noodles!
  • Oh my gosh! Thank you for addressing and clarifying these differences. I would LOVE an Inspiralizer - I would be a mean, lean, veggie and fruit spiralizing machine! Your Inspiralizer would be such a helpful and fun tool to have in my kitchen (or any kitchen for that matter). I have a beautiful spring garden right now and you have me daydreaming of endless zoodles!!
  • Thanks Ali! I bought one for my aunt at Christmas and she loves it. She had one of the Amazon knock-offs that she was always complaining about. Now I get dinner pictures instead of complaints :)
  • My friend had one of these and called me over to make a spiralized dinner! I got there and was like UGH you bought the wrong one. It was awful using the Amazon one. The instructions were so unclear on which blades to even use! I am so glad I went with the Insprializer and I think your team has great customer service! My blade broke and you sent me a new one, no questions asked and didn't even ask me to return my old! All you should do with these emails is sent them the picture of the correct spiralizer and the REAL customer reviews :)
  • I have never been one who has enjoyed cooking until recently. Your recipes have "inspiralized" me. I made your Zucchini Fettuccine, and my husband RAVED about it. He had the leftovers the next day for lunch and was still craving more asking me when I was making it again. My two children LOVED it as well; thank-you!
  • I'm dying to try the zucchini with avocado pesto!
  • I would use the Inspiralizer to make many veggie pasta dishes and soup add ins. I received an electric version that works ok but everything has to be cut to a certain length, must be completely flat and leaves disks that are 1/4" thick. Would love one that does everything without extra parts to loose and is easy to clean.
  • I love, love, love my Inspiralizer! I use it all the time! I would love to win one for my sweet daughter-in-law who is struggling with many health issues and wants to cook more nutritiously! If she had one, we could share recipes and encourage one another.
  • HI Ali, actually thank you for clarifying. I have the kitchen aid one, but if the vegetables are soft it gums up. I saw the reviews of yours and some talked of gumming up, it must have been the spiralizer. Thanks for clarifying and I will be careful when I buy my inspiralizer. I love your blog and recipes and appreciate all your effort.
  • I would make sweet potato noodles. I have the cheap spirlizer that I bought several years ago before I found your blog and it's too hard to spiralize sweet potatoes so I just don't. I haven't had the extra money to get the Inspiralizer but eventually I will, I need one! I truly didn't realize the difference and how much better the Inspiralizer is until I watched you on HSN. I should have just bought one that day.
  • So sorry for all the frustration you experience due to this Ali! Loved the detailed comparison post with the many photos! I had another type of spiralizer which worked ok, until I wanted to spiralize sweet potatoes, cabbage, butternut squash, then the suction gave way. That's why I purchased your Inspiralizer to effortlessly spiralize tougher veggies, however I'm experiencing same problems, it doesn't stick to my table and I wasn't able to find additional information on this: does it have to be a certain kind of material (granit counter, etc.) for the suction to stick? Any advice on how I could make it work? Thank you!
    • Hi, Stella! If you have a glass or marble surface (or cutting board) in your home, try to suction there! And always be sure that you're pressing down on the center of the unit while clamping - this will ensure the strongest hold. If you do continue to have issues, email me - meaghan@inspiralized.com - I'm always happy to help and offer personal support!
  • About time your information clarifies the misleading information provided by some of the online sites. I can not blame you for being frustrated when you are blamed for a faulty product that is not yours. Your product and your reputation is at stake. Bravo for your sound off on knockoffs.
  • I started spiralizing before the Inspiralizer became easily available, and now I'm ready to upgrade to the best! I'll be inspiralizing for my kids to make sure they always have a fun way to eat healthy!
  • Nice comparison of the two products. I feel your pain getting blamed for something you have nothing to do with.
  • My knock-off is the Veggetti Pro, and it was very difficult to get the sweet potato to stay on the teeth! if I win your INSPIRALIZER, I would make your Butternut Squash Nachos. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • I want to make the spiralized potato bagels!
  • I would make butternut squash noodles and sweet potato noodles!
  • I was not an 'educated' consumer and bought what I now know is the imitator'. I will be returning it so I can get the 'real deal'. Thanks for the information and I wish I had seen it a week ago. ?
  • Great info! I have the Paderno, and found your blog when you very first started it. It's been cool to watch you grow. I've wanted to switch to the inspiralizer for a while. I love that your blades are attached and that there is a smaller core...I could finally try carrots!
  • Definitely Zucchini noodles...and apple chips...and sweet potato chips....
  • I bought the Amazon brand first, big mistake, I lasted 3 months, got so frustrated with it (especially with the blades) that I threw it away and ordered a beautiful red inspiralizer on HSN. Best buy ever, I use it everyday, it stands proudly on my kitchen counter and my youngest son loves using it to spiralize apples. Vive le Inspiralizer :)
  • I would make a big bowl of zucchini noodles!
  • I have been using an old Paderno 3-blade but (impatiently) waiting for it to die so I can upgrade to an Inspiralizer! It looks like it would work with butternut squash and sweet potatoes so much better than what I have now.
  • I hate my spiralizer too!!! Bought it before yours came out and wondered how in the world anyone ever enjoyed spiralizing anything other than zucchini! The suction is horrible, the teeth don't grab the veggies well, etc. It has been lying unused in a drawer taking up room. I bought one of your books thinking maybe I just needed more tips. But nothing helped me get into it again. So now I know what I need!
  • I bought the Paderno and dislike the clunky blades. Impressed by your design and would love the Inspiralizer. I subscribed to your blog and follow you. Thanks!
  • Oh and BTW, I'd use it to make butternut squash noodles!
  • Great comparison. I have one of the bigger, cheaper ones from pre-Inspiralizer days, that's only good for some veggies. I would love to upgrade to your model so I can make more of your yummy recipes!
  • I've been using a spiralizer, that I bought in Germany and it is so frustrating. Next time I'm in the US, I definitely plan on picking up the real deal because I love making zoodles weekly!
  • I bought the Paderno and dislike the clunky blades. Impressed by your design and would love the Inspiralizer. I subscribed to your blog and follow you. Thanks! I love zucchini noodles!
  • About a year ago I had a problem with my Inspiralizer and your Customer Service was outstanding! I love my Inspiralizer and supporting your brand. Keep up the good work and I'll keep advertising my love for the Inspiralizer to my friends:)
  • So many great choices! But since I'm craving "carbs" today, maybe Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti Puttanesca.
  • Your book caught my eye in a bookstore in Seoul. I have been a fan ever since and your work has traveled far and influenced people in many countries! I had a tiny hand-held travel sized spiralizer (in a one room apartment space is non existent!) and passed it onto a friend before leaving with the hopes of buying an Inspiralizer for myself! If I win this I will make my way through your book.. starting with Deconstructed Zucchini Manicotti ?
  • I have had a paderno for a few years now and I recently round your recipes when searching for new ideas. I had always wondered the difference of your machine verses the one I already owned. I have experience all of the dresses that you spoke about with other spirialized machines and as recent as last night was so frustrated with spiralizing a butternut squash that I threatened to throw it away!! I was 75% convinced last night I needed to buy your product but after reading the review of the differences I am going to purchase one right now!! I am happy to support you as an entrepreneur and I watch your stories on Snapchat. You truly are an inspiration to woman all around. Thank you for taking the time to write this article on your blog!!
  • I would use it to make noodles of all kinds!!
  • I need to read my manual - are we supposed to leave the plastic blade cover on during spiralizing?!??! lol Love mine. Never thought a sweet potato could be so easy to cut!!
    • Great question, Jackie! Yes, leave it on. That's going to keep your fingers safe if you need to reach around or move your unit to the sink or cabinet.
  • I love the fact that one can make vegetable noodles and rice without all the carbs,while trying to get the recommended five servings of veggies per day!
  • Unfortunately I have the Amazon brand, and hopefully I will win the true Inspiralizer for the zucchini noodles, and the riced sweet potatoes. Love your blog!
  • Will they ever be on a special price as HSN again?
    • Hi, Mary! Thank you for asking! Yes!! Look for more information about that special sale later this summer!
  • I have decided to eat more raw vegetables as i live in the islands and vegetables are in abundance here. I want to not just grated them as is the custom here, I was fortunate to find your blog and youtube channel and have being inspired. I am in the process of buying what i thought was your Inspiralizer while reading your blog I jumped over to my Amazon cart and sure enough was the "other" one, thank you for clearing up the confusion, i honestly see how it can happen. I will be purchasing the Inspiralizer and cannot wait to get started.
  • I started with the Paderno also and I totally agree with all your comments. The suction and the grip of the "Inspiralizer" are far superior to the Paderno making simple work of onions, bell peppers and butternut squash which is a struggle with the other unit. I think it would be fun to work through both your cookbooks like the Julia movie.
  • I love sweet potato fries and would make those first !
  • I love a raw beet salad with inspiralized beets and lemon juice.
  • I can't wait to try the beef stroganoff with celeriac root noodles!
    • Where is this recipe?
      • You can find that recipe here: https://inspiralized.com/beef-stroganoff-with-celeriac-noodles/
  • I would make spiralized rutabega b/c the old spiralizer I have doesn't work well on rutabegas and I have been dying to try your rutabega recipes!
  • I love my Inspiralizer and would love to give one to my daughter who is trying to lose weight.
  • noodles...oodles and oodles of noodles =D =D
  • I would do sweet potato curly fries!!
  • Would love to have your product to use!
  • Great that you clarified, not that I needed it because I have two Insprializers and have given so many away for gifts. Mine gets used almost daily. Butternut Squash Risotto last night, yum!!! Keep up the wonderful work, blog, recipes, etc. Congratulations on everything!!!
  • I bought the Pampered Chef spiralizer and it only does angel hair and thin fettuccine noodle size. No actual noodles!!! Whaaaat?? Waste of money! I need the Inspiralizer!
  • This helps explain a lot about the differences, thank you for that.
  • After 15 years of living with MS, I figured out last summer that some the foods I had enjoyed my entire life were actually making some of my symptoms worse. Along with some other changes, vastly increased consumption of fruits and vegetables have become a regular part of my life. The Inspiralizer allows me to do a half hour of prep work once a week to have "good stuff" ready to eat for every meal. 75% of my symptoms are 25% better... that's not "cured", but it is certainly life-changing!
  • I made the same mistake when I first started out and bought a spiralizer that is not yours from Williams Sonoma. My friend bought yours and let me give it a try. Yours is WAY better - to the point where I don't even spiralize as much as I'd like on mine. Now that I've spent the money on a different one, I have a hard time getting myself to spend money on another one (don't like to waste, you know?). If I had your version, I would start at the beginning of your second cookbook and just make each recipe one by one - especially the recipes with rutabega. Spiralized rutabega is my new favorite, but my spiralizer can't always handle the toughness of it. :(
  • I have the Kitchen Aid spiralizer attachment (wedding gift).... talk about a lot of pieces and parts! That is my only complaint. Love this post clarifying the differences between your product and others. Glad I can still be a part of the Inspiralized community :) Keep up the good work girl!
  • This is such an excellent FYI! I currently have a cheapy Amazon one, which was an upgrade from a tiny "Vegetti," haha, and I have been meaning to/dying to upgrade to the Inspiralizer because I totally know how much better it would make everything. Heck, just about all the recipes I make with it are Fromm Inspiralized anyway, AND yours is the one I recommend to everyone! Thank you for this!
  • Urgh! I bought the Amazon one and I had no idea until this blog post that I was not using the same one that you were. Thanks for clarifying.
  • My BF recently gave me the Inspiralizer for Valentine's Day and I love it. My mom would love to have her own to make zucchini noodles, though!
  • Thank you for the information. I purchased the "wrong" one and did not realize I had until I received it. It works but not well. will have to save up and purchase the true Inspiralizer.
  • Lots of noodle type dishes! I miss sphaghetti but I can't digest wheat. I would love to win this!
  • If I won, I would make more zoodles! I love them!
  • I know the difference. Have had both. Wish I could use the Inspiralizer but the suction system it had didn't work on anything. I was disappointed. Also didn't make just noodles on D. It was kind of a hassle returning it and then I had to pay a restocking fee. Was a little surprised since it didn't work for me. I love your blog and your recipes. I have your 2nd cookbook. I prepare something spiralized almost every day.
    • Hi, Sue! We're always happy to offer free replacements for any defects you run into! If you ever have additional questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me - meaghan@inspiralized.com
  • Hi Ali! Will you ever be shipping to Switzerland? I've been wanting to order your Inspiralizer FOREVER since the suction on our spiralizer we bought 4 years ago is really really not cutting it - just like you described. But neither Amazon nor your website ships to Switzerland :( We've still been cooking from both your cookbooks despite the frustration :) Any news / possibilities whether I can place an order? Thank you!
    • Unfortunately, we do not have distribution set up in your area yet, but it's definitely something we're always looking into! We're sorry about the wait. But stay connected and we'll keep everyone updated if we expand distribution.
      • Sorry, I asked the same question twice! I couldn't see whether or not it was posted! Thank you, Meaghan, for the super fast answer. Alright, I'll keep checking back! :)
  • Hi Ali! Will you ever ship the Inspiralizer to Switzerland? I've unsuccessfully tried ordering off of Amazon too :( We've been wanting to buy your Inspiralizer since it released! We love both your cookbooks but sadly the Spiralizer we bought 4 years ago is really not good... Thank you :)
    • I think the inspiralizer is now availabe on amazon.co.uk and amazon.fr for Europe. I tried unsuccessfully before from Amazon.com but now is available for my country so I hope it delivers to Switzerland too :)
  • Thank you so much for explaining the difference for me. I have been one who has gone to Amazon to look and I have seen that great number on there. I haven't made a purchase yet and now I am glad that I haven't. I am hoping to be able to purchase the inspiralizer some time soon.
  • I had no idea!! This explains a lot. My friend told me to buy a "Spiralizer" and turned me onto your blog, but now after reading this, I'm sure she meant for me to order the Inspiralizer. Now I have a Spiralizer that frustrates me (especially the core waste and the suction (or lack-of-suction) cups!!), so I never want to use it. When I was ordering it, I didn't realize the difference. It just looked like from the pictures that the Spiralizer had more blades (I see now that the blades are attached to the Inspiralizer) and was cheaper. I wish I had done more research before purchasing!
  • I'm trying to start a Low FODMAP diet, so can't wait to focus on real foods and fresh veggies using the Inspiralizer!
  • I have a Paderno, but I find I don't use it as often as I would like due to many of the issues you pointed out. I'd love to get an Inspiralizer and be able to effortlessly spiralize more veggies!
  • We had a Paderno and once yours was on HSN and for such a great deal I bought it. I do think that yours is superior! I like that it is so much more compact. The turning dial is also very convenient. I sometimes have problems with the suction on yours (not as bad as the Paderno), but when it works right it works great!
    • If you ever have issues with your suction, please email me - meaghan@inspiralized.com - your suction should always be strong so we're always happy to make sure things are working correctly!
  • I've been wanting to try spiralizing for ages, but kept reading terrible reviews of the random ones on Amazon. Now I know what I need to get! I would spiralize everything! :)
  • I love how you said "You upgraded yourself" and out of that came the awesome Inspiralizer. Currently, I have a Paderno, but after reading this post I am definitely going to get the Inspiralizer soon...I would like to upgrade myself as well. : ) I would love to get an Inspiralizer to try out those tougher veggies. I have had some spiralizing fails and so I stick to the same old things, but now I can explore and try out some of your recipes that I thought I couldn't do!
    • I am glad you like my recipes. Thanks for letting me know.
  • I really love pasta, and so does my hips and waistline. I would make pasta using the Inspiralizer to help me eat better and loose weight
  • I have a Paderno 3-blade. I have to take out the remaining blades while I'm spiralizjng because I don't want to have to wash them when I'm done. The suction on this unit "sucks," NOT! It's always coming loose from the counter. I use it less and less because it's a pain to clean up. I would make a vegan pho with my Inspiralizer! I have a lot of greens, spring onions, green garlic, and...turnips, parsnips, carrots, new potatoes, zucchini, beets, and more. I can only imagine what a great soup I could make with the Inspiralizer!
  • I don't see this mentioned. Does yours have a platform that moves from right to left and sticks out of the left side? In other words, does it shove your bowl off the counter as you spiralize? This is my personal pet peeve about spiralizing. I can't tell from any of the photos. (thanks for always being so responsive!!)
    • Hi Heidi, we like to use a shallow dish to place under the Inspiralizer to catch the noodles! It makes it a lot easier to catch them as they call and the Inspiralizer won't push the dish when the handle is pushed forward.
  • I already have an Inspiralizer. One of my favorite dishes is shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles. Now I'm trying to win one for my brother and his GF, who are both vegans.
  • Thank you for this blog article! I recently got one of the 'zoodle-type' spiralizers, the kind like a pencil sharpener...cheap, $8, just to see, because I had never heard of cutting things like zucchini like this before. I tried it and liked it. I told a dietitian I talk to about it and she suggested your Inspiralized site as it was one of her favorite resources. I ordered one of your books from Amazon and have been considering upgrading from my little hand-held to your Inspiralizer... I'm so thankful for this article because, being new to this whole thing, I may not have noticed that there were 'counterfits' out there. I will make sure I get the real Inspiralizer! Thanks again!
  • WOW thank you for taking the time to explain the confusion so thoroughly! I appreciate you taking the time to so that! Definitely makes me think that I can make room for the inspirilizer in my little city apartment ?
  • I would like to try to "Inspiralize" a sweet potato. I have a spiralizer from PC and it would not be able to handle this starchy vegetable.
  • My favorite thing to spiralize is zucchini, and it's great for days when I'm busy and don't have a lot of time to cook and can throw some sauce and meatballs on top. I have a Paderno and never realized the Inspiralizer was so different. I hope I win, but if I don't I will definitely upgrade, because all of the things you point out in the article are all the things that annoy me about using it!
  • I would make sweet potato noodles. No way my Amazon spiralizer with chinsy suction cups could handle them!
  • Ali, You are an inspiration and a truly brilliant woman. You demonstrate the care you have for others with your upbeat personality and consistent information for inspiralizing and getting healthy in one's own way. I can't help but talk about The Inspiralizer and have such enthusiasm for the product it produces. After I talk about and sometimes even demonstrate it, inevitably my family or friend purchases The Inspiralizer. I've had friends and family come over for Inspiralized dinners so I can show them how simple and delicious meals can be. I may start inspiralizing, but soon enough they are turning and creating! The compact size and ease of using is a reason I tell them to purchase The Inspiralizer. And, I explain to them that it deserves "real estate" on the kitchen counter as it will be used over and over again. In addition, I have had the need to use the customer service you and Meaghan provide and compliment you both on your efficiency and professionalism. You honor your product and because of this, you'll continue to have repeat clients and happy customers purchasing The Inspiralizer. My husband and I are empty nesters, so we are enjoying planning and preparing our meals together and incorporate Inspiralized options more often than not. Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success with The Inspiralizer.
  • I love making spiralized zucchini with a red sauce and love my inspiralizer so much that I would love to win one for my son who loves to cook!
  • You've always mentioned how easy it is to clean the inspiralizer. I would love to see a close up video on how this is done. I even attended a demonstration you did one time, but you never cleaned the unit. I won't say what I "imagine" it would be like,, I'll stay positive and wait for the video. thank you :D
    • Check out our Youtube channel! We have a great video all about cleaning the Inspiralizer. You can find that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2scdLGIjp2k
    • dear anonymous, its soooo easy to clean the Inspiralizer, all you do is run it under water, or you can dip it in soapy water, rinse and voila'......all done.
  • This post seems really condescending and off-putting.
    • 100% agree
  • I would love to make pastas with sweet potatoes & love to make some butternut recipes, I have the hand spiralizer and its hard to do a lot of vegis. My budget hasn't been able to get a bigger one like yours. If I get lucky it will help my hands greatly.Thank you for the chance to win one.
  • I would inspiralize vegetables for salad, like zucchini and carrots. This gives the salad a good consistency and texture.
  • I would love to make the cabbage roll bowls and stir fry.
  • This just looks so scrumptious! I would love to make the cabbage roll bowls and stir fry.
  • The question should be, "what wouldn't I spirialize with the inspiralizer !" If its a veggie I'll eat, it will get the inspirialized treatment !
  • I would love to win an Inspiralizer. I have a little hand held and have done only zucchini, but would love to try beets, would b so pretty in a salad.
  • I am on dialysis and am working to eat more healthfully with fresh foods, esp. veggies. Your recipes look so tantalizing and tasty and I can hardly wait to try as many as I can. I love salads and soups particularly that use fresh vegetables. I think the Inspiralizer will make it easier for me to prep for cooking our daily meals.
  • I also didn't buy the "Inspiralizer" this first time, as I didn't realize there was a branded "Inspiralizer". I don't think it was on Amazon yet. So I got the paderno one. Now I upgraded to the "Inspiralizer" which makes changing the blades a whole lot easier :)
  • Should the plastic cover be left ON when spiralizing? I read the directions for the Inspiralizer and that it protects me, but no mention of taking it off when using the Inspiralizer.....should it be on or off when using?
    • Take it OFF... for protecting fingers when in storage! It won't work with it on! Love mine! Was probably one of the earliest to get one in Australia, before they were available in stores here!
      • are you saying the cover goes on the front? I was putting it on the back, behind the blades. I will try to find Ali's video, it may help me. thanks for your comments.
  • I would like to try spiraling cabbage and potatoes.
  • I would give it to my daughter. I have the Inspiralizer and the 2 cookbooks. My daughter loves spiralized sweet potato fries!
  • I'm a zucchini spiralizing fiend, but I've been hesitant to try out larger vegetables. I'd try an eggplant!
  • I have a Paderno which is OK but I am hoping to one day get your Inspiralizer. I don't use this one as much as I should but if i get wore involved I will hopefully be able to get one.
  • Love spiral veggies!! Even better the kids can't get enough of them either LOL!!!
  • Thanks for all the info!
  • I, unfortunately, was fooled by this trick! I love zucchini noddles and would love an easier and more efficient way to make them!
  • My "spiralizer" doesn't work well with tough veggies. I would love to win the INSPIRALIZER!
  • First thing I would spiralize on the Inspiralizer is one of the "tough guys".....carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • I would FINALLY be able to spiralize my omelette veggies! Peppers and onions are such a hassle on the Paderno one my MIL bought me a few years ago. I would also love to make sweet potato rice for my husband. Again, the current one just isn't strong enough to handle raw sweet potatoes!
  • I would spiralize sweet potatoes all day if I won! They're my FAVE!
  • I have your recipe book and would love to try my hand at any and all recipes!
  • Thai peanut butter zoodles
  • Would like to make sweet potato noodles if I win!
  • I have a Padnero but after reading this I would like to get an Insprializer as well.
  • As a new vegan, I would see using this on soo many fruits and veggies (too many to list them all ;) ) to liven up the visual appeal of my recipes and plated meals. Thank you for the opportunity, I have my fingers crossed!
  • I love pasta so I would use it to make 'pasta' using zucchini's and to make my dishes look nice.
  • This has to be so frustrating! A woman I know here in Paris had a similar story. She built up a successful cupcake business (before cupcakes were cool in France lol), and then another expat copied her and her name, and she started getting all kinds of hate mail about how disgusting her cupcakes were and how dare she claim they were authentic American cupcakes. She actually took faker to court, but despite having a long-timeblog, proof of how long her business existed, etc, the court did not rule in her favor. :( So she eventually decided to rename her business and went on to have even more success in the end, but I know it was still bittersweet to have to let go of her original baby.
  • I have been eyeing the Inspiralizer for months now, not justifying the cost after buying the attachment for my mixer, which doesn't do what I want. And of course the cheap mandolin which doesn't do diddly. Now I'm hoping to win one, or I'll have to wait for my anniversary. Just in time for summer vegetables!
  • I will admit, I bought the knock-off, but at Walmart. It was only $10 and I was (and am) not a die hard spiralizer. It has worked fine for us so far. It says, "as seen on tv" and has a suction lever. For our purposes, I am content with it. I love your blog and we have enjoyed several of your recipes. I do understand your frustration at having your product confused with an "inferior" knock off on the largest online retailer. Hopefully, there is room in the spiralizing space for all of you to be successful!
  • Your Inspiralizer is amazing. I gave one to my daughter for Christmas and her husband even likes to make his own hashbrowns for breakfast. If I win, I would give it to someone who cannot afford it right now, but would really love to try this way of "cooking."
  • Loved your article, so well explained on all subjects. I have YOUR Inspiralizer and LOVE IT. I am wondering if Amazon will change their add and not have your books next to the " rip off " one. I do hope they read your article and change it as this is not fair to you or any new purchasers. I bought the Inspiralizer and both your cookbooks for my own personal gift at Christmas and am sooooooo thrilled that I did. Thank you for all your articles and all your video's. You are doing a FABULOUS job and love all you do. June.
  • Thank you for this post Ali. I also have had frustration with the Paderno. I bought it with gift certificates after my wedding and can't justify purchasing another one as long as it works for SOME vegetables. Anything heavy - forget it. I feel as though I'm going to break the handle or the vegetable just falls off. I'd love to be able to donate mine to someone else if I won. Sweet potato fries anyone??
  • I would make several things, but especially zoodles or other noodles for pasta and sweet potatoes for curly fries! Yum! Thank you for the chance to win an Inspiralizer and for taking the time to write this article about the differences between your Inspiralizer and Amazon's (inferior) spiralizer!
  • I, too, have the Paderno spiralizer which I purchased before I found your website! I would love the ease of changing the blades on the Inspiralizer and not feeling like I am going to lose a finger when I go to clean it. I just can't justify purchasing a new one at this time. I've been wanting to make your bagel recipe and would love better quality zucchini noodles. I made the bikini bolognese last night for the first time and my husband LOVED it!
  • I would love to spiralize everything!!!
  • I have a Paderno currently, but would love to be able to try yours out, especially after seeing all of the improvements! I would start with your mom's peppers, onions and potatoes with sausage (one of my faves!)
    • I had the Paderno one too (for a few years actually) and thought it was great, but my husband upgraded me this past Christmas - I can't say enough good about the Inspiralizer! Absolutely 100% better in every way!!
  • Thanks for the article. I have a Paderno (had to go check to see which mine was after I read this) and it works OK, but I have not used it as much as I had originally planned to do. Perhaps what you have said is why. Hope I win the free one as I can't (yet) justify buying another one so soon. I willdefinitel have to check out your resipes (just found the BLog) and see where I go from here.
    • I am in the same boat. I have a Paderno and don't use it as much as I thought I would. I would love to try out yours and hope to win a free one. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!
  • Thank you for this article, I have always wondered! I have the Amazon garbage spiralizer and can't believe the size difference! You have convinced me!
  • Yeah, I got a cheap one before I knew about Inspiralized. Not great. Would love to make the Turkey Bolognese with Zucchini Noodles with a good spiralizer.
  • I'm pretty sure a lot of people purchased those "junky" Amazon spiralizers because you promoted them with affiliate links BEFORE you created your own. This is pretty deceitful.
  • Hi Ali! I purchased your Inspiralized through Amazon Prime just prior to seeing you in Dedham at Whole Foods - I've used it 10 times since then (being so 'inspiralized'!! ) and it works perfectly and cleans up easily! I highly recommend it!
  • I Feel Hornswaggled!!!!!!! I thought all along I had purchased your product. But after reading this SUPER INFORMATIVE post, I feel gipped! I really thought I was supporting you! I read all your posts, and love your recipes! Until you showed the two products side by side, I honestly had no clue that I had not purchased your Inspiralizer. What a GIP!!!!! It's been too long for me to return the one I purchased on amazon. But I really feel like I should put it in the garage sale, and order yours. (I was NOT paid to say this, I am a real person, and I feel like I was lied to on Amazon!)
  • I would make the Bell Pepper Taco Skillet. Its my favorite inspiralized recipe. I currently have another spiralizer I purchased before discovering this blog and am anxiously awaiting for it to stop working so I can get an Inspiralizer :)
  • I would make zucchini spirals with Shrimp or spiral sweet potatoes with grilled chicken/// I can think of many things I would do if I won the Inspiralizer!
  • I would love to try some spiralizing some of the vegetables that come in my farm box that I don't really know what to do with - rutabaga, turnips, and parsnips would be a fun start!
  • Love this info. You really do make a superior product!
  • After attending one of your seminars in Massachusetts and then trying my spiralizer after that, I realized what an inferior product mine is. Yours looks so easy to use compared to mine. If I won one, I would use it several times a week to make fresh, healthy meals for me and my family. I can't wait to get rid of mine and start using yours.
  • I have an Inspiralizer but would like to win one for a friend. He was just diagnosed with diabetes, and his doctor really discouraged him, telling him "Food is not for pleasure; it's for nourishment only." I begged to differ and told him about the Inspiralizer. I could see the wheels turning in his head, because he is still paying off all the medical bills and has more tests and doctor's appointments coming up. He loves to cook, so I think the Inspiralizer would be the perfect way for him to enjoy delicious food without compromising his diet.
  • Ali, I can agree with your comments on the difference, having purchased the "other" model before I need the difference about the two and before I found you. I gave the "other" model to a friend. I love how compact yours is, fact that blades are attached, easy to clean, suction is awesome. Your inspiralizer and recipes have literally changed the way I eat. I've even made meals for my picky meat and potato, cheeseburger loving husband and he likes them! I would love to participate in the contest and give to a friend. I have also purchased one of your inspiralizers for my daughter. Wishing you continued success and a healthy pregnancy!
  • I received your cookbook as a gift and can't wait to start making delicious meals! I'd love to get your spiralizer and know I'm using the best product.
  • Thank you for the clarification......I just thought it was user error and that I was doing things wrong! What an informative post!!
  • I Would love to own your inspiralizer. I have bought both your books. If I win I know i'll love it and then i'll buy a couple for christmas presents for the daughter inlaws.
  • If I had this tool I would like to give it to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Tina and make zucchini noodles
  • I absolutely loved your article. I would use the Inspiralizer, for many things, but mostly vegetable noodles. My son has Celiac disease and we are a gluten free home.
  • all kinds of veggie noodles for pasta recipes and I love all the new "bowl" recipes!
  • Thanks so much for this great post and explanation!! Very helpful!! I would make zucchini pasta with sauce!! Thank you for the chance to win!
  • I would start at one end of the produce department and use fruit and vegetable I could.
  • Thank you so much for clarifying. I have had this on my to buy list so I'm glad I know the difference. I will be using mine to make low carb "noodle" dishes.
  • I'm someone who has the"other" brand and would totally love an upgrade in the future. Thanks for all of this info!!!
  • I also have the Paderno, purchased before I signed up for your blog. :-( My goal is to get The Inspiralizer very soon (Mother's Day is coming up)!
  • If I won an Inspiralizer I would make the Cold Spiralized Sesame Noodle Salad, because I've wanted to try it and it looks like a tasty lunch. But...I would also totally make the Jalapeño & Chorizo Carrot Rice, Spiralized Veg Cornmeal Fritters, and Zucchini Pad Thai because they are some of my all-time faves!
  • If I won I would get back on the spiralizer waggon and make my favorite dish: pork chops with goat cheese sweet potato ("rice") risotto!!! Loved the spiralizer pre-baby, throughout my pregnancy, and as a new mom I have falled off the healthy wagon and this would be the perfect way to get back on! love your blog and recommend you to everyone!!
  • I also have a Paderno and don't use it as much I thought I would. It's hard to do with certain veggies and doesn't lock well to the counter. My co-worker has the Inspiralizer and says it's so much better. I'd love to swap mine out!
  • I would make the meetball and sweet potato bake you posted earlier this week!
  • I would love to gift the Inspiralizer to my mom. :) Fingers crossed.
  • I would make the meatball and sweet potato bake you posted earlier this week!
  • I was gifted the Kitchen Aid spiralizer, which is a nice addition to my mixer features, but sort of a pain to use and clean with all of the parts. I have managed to spiralize my thumb - yikes! That being said, I would LOVE to try the Inspiralizer and know I would be donating my Kitchen Aid attachment. :) After losing a lot of weight and maintaining for many years, I still actively participate in Weight Watchers and try to continue tracking my foods and finding ways to eat healthy. Vegetables are zero points, so I have been finding ways to get them in absolutely everything I eat. If I were lucky enough to win, I would be on a dessert making mission with every squash. melon and beet I could find.....desserts are always the hardest for me to avoid and fit into my diet. Keep up the great work Ali!
  • I would make zucchini noodles for sure.
  • I've been saving your recipes for the day that I have the funds to purchase the Inspiralizer. I'm GOING to lose 80# and this would really help me !
  • I have an off brand product that only works on Zucchini. I love the end product but have not had the ability to get the Inspirilizer yet. I bought the Inspirilizer as a gift for my sister and she uses it ALL THE TIME. I have been following Ali's blog for at least a year. I would love to have one for myself.
  • Would love to replace my spiralizer with the Inspiralizer! Would make it so much easier to spiralize even more veggies!
  • I am in love with your site, and would use the inspiralzier as a start to lifestyle changes. I am a bit obsessed with soup and Asian food right now, so a zucchini ramen with kimchi is probably the first thing I'd make, and maybe a pad thai.
  • I love the spiralized veggies, I had a Paderno and wasn't happy with it and spent Big bucks getting the KitchenAid one and not happy with it. Please help me be happy with my veggies!
  • Healthy meals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would LOVE to win a REAL inspiralizer. I would make fun veggie spirals for my grandkids. I would make sweet potato noodles for a healthy option for pasta dishes. I would make apple ribbons for my 3 year old grandson that refuses to eat fruit. The question you should ask is what I WOULDN'T use the inspiralizer for.
  • I have a spiralizer that I thought all along was yours! I follow you on Instagram and Facebook and watch your stories all the time for recipes. I've also followed along with you on your journey of moving towards natural beauty/health products. I would love to have THE REAL Inspiralizer so that I can follow along better from your cookbook (I was always so confused as to where the letters on the blades were!!) and have a better experience spiralizing. I recently made the broccoli rabe and sausage recipe with parsnip noodles and the parsnip was really difficult to spiralize. Once I have the Inspiralizer, I won't have these issues anymore!! Thank you!!
  • If I was the luckiest person in the world to win this wonderful appliance then I would use it to enhance my weight loss journey to a healthier happier person :))
  • I had no idea! I bought my spiralizer from Amazon a couple of years ago, after seeing it advertised on my favorite Paleo blog.
  • Thank you for posting this. I just bought the Spiralizer this weekend and thought I was buying yours! It's being returned and I've just purchased yours for many of the reasons above! I was using it to make cucumber noodles last night and the suction cups were struggling even with a cucumber!! The promised "3 ebooks" also never came even though the email was submitted THREE times!! This blog came at the perfect time! Thank you!
  • Would love to win! Sweet potato and beet noodles would be on my list to make first
  • I have a Paderno currently, but would love to be able to try yours out, especially after seeing all of the improvements! I like that yours can handled "harder/more difficult" vegetables.
  • I would use it to make those thin onion rings. Just drop a handful into a deep fryer. Maybe not too healthy but a great treat once in awhile.
  • I would be so excited to make healthier meals for my family (and myself as I'm now in my third trimester).
  • I started withe the paderno, then upgraded myself to the inspiralizer that I use very often BUT last night the blade changing knob wouldn't work. It was set on A blade so my husband had to change the blade to D with a screwdriver and some of the blades got bent. I have both of your books and love your recipes. Would love to win a new working inspiraliz
  • I've been folowing you for awhile but I cannot buy the Inspiralizer yet and this is an awesome opportunity. Imagine all your recipes that I could try!!!! Abrazos desde España!!
  • Okayyyyyyyy but you're also kind of throwing Amazon under the bus here instead of the manufacturer of the knock off spiralizer, Spiralizer. Just like Paderno is one brand, Spiralizer is too, so you ought to be blaming them, not Amazon, in all of the images in the blog post. Until Amazon comes out with their own AmazonBasics spiralizer, which is Amazon's brand, Amazon itself is just a marketplace for sellers, which you use as well. (That being said, I have the Paderno and one day plan to upgrade to the official Inspiralizer! Almost did for that special green one!)
    • I purchased the Paderno on from William Sonoma a few years ago, but when I saw yours- in bright green come up on QVC at a discounted price, I had to upgrade and let me tell you, there is no comparison...yours is truly the best. The Paderno got passed on.
    • I purchased the Paderno on from William Sonoma a few years ago, but when I saw yours- in bright green come up on QVC at a discounted price, I had to upgrade and let me tell you, there is no comparison...yours is truly the best. The Paderno got passed on.
  • Anything with a new veggie I haven't spiralized before like kohrabi and beet
  • Wow! Thank you for explaining the difference! I got sucked into the Spiralizer on Amazon mistake because it showed your books and I thought I was buying yours. I enjoy your recipes and posts. I own both of your books. Would love to own the real thing. I cannot get butternut squash to spiralize with the Spiralizer. ?
  • I love zoodles!
  • I have a Paderno from Williams Sonoma that I've had for year...I do like it but would love to try yours. I love how you don't have to switch the blades on the Inspiralizer. If I won I would try spiralizing a new vegetable I haven't tried yet!
  • If I am lucky enough to win the Inspiralizer I plan to give it to the other foodie at my office. I have one and I just love it and I know this one will be going to a great home.
  • I would love to try Butternut Squash noodles!!!
  • Hi Ali! Thanks so much for clarifying. I still don't have an Inspiralizer and have been dying to get one. I did know which was yours, but wasn't aware of the BIG differences between one and the other! Thanks for sharing the info and all the great recipes you give us every week! Definitely buying an Inspiralizer soon!!!!
  • If I won, I would definitely try sweet potatoes. I love them already, but want to try them spiralized.
  • This was so helpful! I have a spiralizer that closely resembles "Amazon's", and it is SO difficult to clean! Plus, it's a pain to store. I've always wondered if the differences between your product and the one I have were enough to warrant ditching the one I have, and I think they are. We are in love with spiralized veggies, and I have even talked some older ladies at the grocery store into looking at your website, rutabagas in tow!
  • I would love to win the Inspiralizer! I cook most all of my meals, I especially like weekend brunch. I would make a triple hash brown using red, gold and sweet potatoes and then season with my own spice blend. This would save me a lot of prep time! thank you for this wonderful offer,,,, PS, I like my eggs sunny side up ;-)
  • I am moving to a whole foods plant-based diet so I would probably try spiralizing every vegetable that can be spiralized, especially zucchini, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash ... and beets of course. I could go on and on.
  • Id make the chicken noodle soup recipe you made
  • I would like to try celery root - something I wouldn't even consider otherwise.
  • Hi, Ali! Thanks for all that you do, world-wide, for our spiralizing community, especially your videos , to teach people how to use your Inspiralizer - and how to spiralize in general! I have your 1st book, and that has inspired me to make up a recipe for zucchini bread. I would love to win one of your Inspiralizers to make this bread. Thanks for giving members a chance to win one. Also, thanks for writing this comparison/ contrast between the Inspiralizer and the Spiralizer. I hope that you can create an internal Dropbox or some other internal link and place it in your Amazon ad, so that customers who aren't on this blog will learn what we just did from this post. Best regards. Suzanne
  • I would try vegetables I have not tried yet.
  • I'd make most of the recipes that I do now with the Paderno spiralizer that I currently have as well as branching out with some new ones that I'm sure work well with the Inspiralizer but I haven't had much success with in using the Paderno spiralizer. I've purchased the Inspiralizer as gifts and really want an Inspiralizer for myself so I'm hoping to win this contest!
  • I would love to try making your turkey bolognese recipe! I think it looks delicious and since my husband and I cut out pasta this would be a wonderful alternative!
  • Now I know the difference! Thanks for the clarification. Not much kitchen storage so smaller really appeals to me. Love to spiralize veggies!
  • I would love to make sweet potato noodles for my little boy!
  • I would l love to spiralize beets for salads, and zucchini for the bikini bolognese. Made it last night but no zucchini- ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!
  • I really want The Inspiralizer so I can make pho noodles, spiralize cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, daikon, zoodles to name a few.
  • I would use the inspiralizer to make so many dishes. I just open up your cookbook and pick one whenever I want to make something delicious. I have to say that every recipe that I have tried in your cookbook turns out delicious even though it may not have but a few ingredients the flavor is always amazing. I've been using the spiralizer that I got from Amazon and it works but I'm always cutting my fingers on the blade ouch!
  • Lots of veggie noodles, to be served raw and cooked! We have an historic inn and my husband is a chef, and everyone LOVES zoodles and curly fries, and basically anything that looks like a noodle! :-)
  • I would love to include more fresh veggies and fruits into our meals to help reduce heart disease risk and health risks related to my respiratory compromise. I cook every day, but would like to reduce packaged and unhealthy foods. My husband and I are older and need to get extra weight off. I want to keep us together and healthy for many more years.
  • Love to make your Chicken Sausage and broccoli with zucchini pasta!!!
  • Carrot rice - my favorite!
  • I would make the Sweet Potato Fries and also make Sweet Potato string fries....can you tell I like sweet potatoes?
  • I want to make all of it with the Inspiralizer. A friend made me zoodles and I knew I needed to make them too. I'm trying to follow a Paleo Diet and this would be a great way to add variety to my meals. Will be following your blog.
  • Ok, so now I'm really confused. I have a "4-blade Spiralizer" made by Paderno Model no. A4982800 which I bought from Williams-Sonoma. Is it yours?
  • Shrimp Scampi with zucchini noodles of course!
  • I have an Inspiralizer and would love to win one for my vegan niece! She would love it!
  • Any and all veggies I could use in place of noodles (i.e., beets, zucchini, carrots, etc.)!
  • I would love to have spiralized veggies and meals every day!
  • I have a handheld spiralizer and would love to have your product for my daughter and I to share.
  • Something with apples and dessert!!!!! I have your inspiralize everything cookbook, but don't have the inspiralizer! Would love to have such a high quality product! :-)
  • I would love to upgrade!
    • I would spiralize the harder veggies like squash and rutabaga my current model can't handle.
  • I need an Inspiralizer. Need! A few years ago I was given some knockoff brand spiralizer basically identical to the one shown here. Yesterday I was trying to spiralize carrots and oh man...it was an epic disaster. It took forever, I could not get it to suction to any surface in my kitchen (including glasstop stove), I had to keep starting and stopping, had to keep readjusting the carrot's positioning, had to keep cleaning out the blade, and ended up with a handful of carrot spirals and the rest was shredded carrot mess. AND because it's a piece of crap and the blades are dull and it's an awkward machine that moves around everywhere when you're trying to use it, I cut my finger, too! So, all that to say I will not be spiralizing again until I have an inspiralizer, and I can't wait to use it on more "difficult" vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. (And that recipe I tested yesterday ended up turning into a carrot ribbon salad haha!)
  • I need an Inspiralizer. Need! A few years ago I was given some knockoff brand spiralizer basically identical to the one shown here. Yesterday I was trying to spiralize carrots and oh man...it was an epic disaster. It took forever, I could not get it to suction to any surface in my kitchen (including glasstop stove), I had to keep starting and stopping, had to keep readjusting the carrot's positioning, had to keep cleaning out the blade, and ended up with a handful of carrot spirals and the rest was shredded carrot mess. AND because it's a piece of crap and the blades are dull and it's an awkward machine that moves around everywhere when you're trying to use it, I cut my finger, too! So, all that to say I will not be spiralizing again until I have an inspiralizer, and I can't wait to use it on more "difficult" vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. (And that recipe I tested yesterday ended up turning into a carrot ribbon salad haha!) Feel free to delete if this posts more than once, I'm getting a duplicate posting message when leaving the comment but still don't see it. Sorry!
  • I'll use it to keep spiralizing everything! Love zucchini noodles the most - versatile and satisfying. I'll give my own "other" brand to my mom!
  • I have purchased both of your books and if I was lucky enough to win your Inspiralizer I would be making all the veggies that just don't seem to work in my hand held veggeti. It is a wrist breaker so I tend to avoid and every month when the checks come I think may e I can get one of yours, but never quite seems to fit the budget so o ward I go. Maybe one day.
  • I would try something with sweet potatoes if I won an Inspiralizer!
  • Would love to have the inspiralizer to try to spiralize new veggies, had the paderno but it broke when I tried to do a sweet potato.
    • I found that if I popped the peeled sweet potato in the microwave for a minute (no longer), it would slice easier, and with Ali's Inspiralizer, I don't have to do that....with the cheapie spiralizers it just spun around. The Inspiralizer is the best -
  • Would love to win this.
  • My husband and I are learning to eat healthier. We recently finished the Whole 30 diet plan and your recipes were perfect keeping us in compliance. And on top of that delicious. I have purchased both of your books and love the recipes. But I am so bummed....I didn't realize that I had the Amazon Spiralizer until your article. And I agree, it is so frustrating with it slipping and sliding all over the counter when using it. I need and really want the real thing, your inspiralizer.
  • I would spiralize a harder veggie like carrots and sweet potatoes. I have a different gadget, but it's not strong enough. I really want one that can do it all!
  • If I won I would use it for sweet potato noodles the most!
  • I want to make all kinds of noodles from it. Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots... you name it, I want to try it! ?
  • Wow, This is so informative. I have a spiralizer & now know the difference. I'd love to spiraling butternut squash in an inspiralizer, which I can now not do.
  • I made the exact mistake you showed! My daughter wanted your inspiralized for Christmas. I went to Amazon as I always do and mistakenly bought the copy machine along with your 2 books! I was so excited when she opened it.....and was so embarrassed and sad when she politely said this is not the original! I quickly corrected my mistake and because the option for a return was no longer available I ended up having to keep the impostor for myself. It didn't take long before I figured out I wanted the original. I went to HSN and ordered it. I don't blame Amazon, I made that mistake.
  • Sweet and sour pickeled beets!
  • I am a very senior citizen and was curious about all the spiralizing so I watched a few videos on u tube. Not knowing if I would like it I bought a Veggetti and today I took a container of home made soup from my freezer,heated it in the microwave and spiralized a small piece of zucchini and placed it on top of the soup in mybowl. I was amazed at how it improved my soup. I would love to win an inspiralizer to add to my venture into adding more veggies to my menu. I also purchased a spiralizer cook book to whet my appetite.
  • We all love zoodles in our family. I have an inspiralizer, so I would love to pass it on to my daughter. Thanks!
  • I would use the Inspiralizer to make Salmon over Asian zucchini noodles in spicy broth.
  • carrots! I bought my fakey spiralizer from sur la table and it didn't even have an instruction sheet. I even went back to check the other boxes! :( would love the one you use!
  • I would love to spiralize a butternut squash. :)
  • I'd make a cold salad with a mix of fresh vegetables. Living in central Florida we're in abundance of vegetables and fruits right now
  • This was the most helpful guide to the major differences between the two. Because I'll be honest I thought they were the same but clearly they aren't! And CLEARLY the Inspiralizer is by far much better! Really hope I win the giveaway!
  • I would love to try spiralizing beets and pineapple! Crazy things :)
  • Thank you for the in depth explanation. I hope I win as I cannot afford any extras right now. Thank you.
  • I was given an Amazon spiralizer even though I already had the Inspiralized version. What a difference. I love my Inspiralizer! The 'other' one got donated... Thank you so much for the giveaway and the blog post.
  • I still need to try kohrabi...
  • Pad Thai
  • I would use it to make your recipes! I have a cheaper model, but have both your books and subscribe to my phone. Just used the link in the grocery store yesterday. Have also give your books to friends. Love your recipes.
  • I love spiralizing, but don't have the "inspiralizer." Think it's time to upgrade for more food fun!
  • Beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese!
  • I would love to use the Inspiralizer to make vegetable noodles. We have a gluten allergy in our family, and it would be such a healthy way to make pasta dishes!
  • I would inspiralize carrots. I bought a Paderno Spiralizer when I first found your blog, a few years ago, and before your Inspralizer was perfected and produced. I had fun with it, but now I want to try your improved machine. Good post, and clarification.
  • Thank you for the clarification, I was looking at them, but had no idea they were SO different.. I want to try beets!!!!
  • Potatoes!! I have another brand of this, and liked it, but the handle is cracking. So glad you offer yours thru amazon now!!
  • I would use the Inspiralizer to make zoodles. I'd also like to give spiralizing beets and sweet potatoes and try :)
  • If I won the Inspiralizer, I would use it to make those sweet potato buns! They look awesome and my mom and dad have health issues so they need to stay away from BREAD! But they pitch a fit like little kids hahaha. So I promised them sweet potato buns.
  • Butternut squash - which really intimidates me but it's so delicious I just want to try it!
  • If I won the Spirilazer or Cookbook I would give it to my mom who just discovered she has Diabetes. She is wanting to try going to a plant based diet to help not only her but also try to reverse some of my fathers neuropathy that he has from his Diabetic diagnosis. Thanks for all you do Ali
  • Would love to make some of these healthy and beautiful recipes!
  • I am IN LOVE with beets! I would start by making the spiralized beet and spinach salad with gorgonzola - that combination is my favorite. Then I would move on to make the vegetarian sweet potato rice & bean chili. I have made so many of these wonderful recipes and honestly have yet to be disappointed. I'm really hoping to gift my sister with one! We cook together all of the time and I have brought mine over to cook. She would LOVE to have one and it would mean sharing in more cooking together even in our own homes when not together. Cooking has always been a big part of my family and she's my best friend.
  • Zoodles!
  • I cook for my sis you is cancer survivor... It would enable us to continue with wonderful healthy food. She has beat it with her diet and faith... Thanks for all you do
  • With summer coming and all fresh vegetables, summer salads will never get boring!
  • I would make my favorite lo mein that has spiralized zucchini, carrots cabbage, and onions. Spiralizing makes it so fast.
  • If I was the lucky winner of the Inspiralizer, I would give it to my friend, she loves what I cook using mine and she is on the "weight watcher's journey", as I am.....I share my food with her, but it would be fun to spiralize our food together....she lives across the street and runs a B&B.....
    • Trying to get my kids to eat more vegetables early on and have loved the model when i checked it at Sur LA Table.
  • I am curious as to how one cleans the Inspiralizer, if the blades do not slide out? Surely you can take it apart somehow to clean it--right?
    • The blades are easily accessible for cleaning with a brush. See the second image from the top, showing the end view of both the Inspiralizer and the Spiralizer. Note that the blades are clearly accessible from that side. Now scroll down to the sixth image from the top, illustrating the use of the green blade-selection knob, and you can see how accessible the blades are from the "front" side. Believe me, it takes only moments to run the Inspiralizer under hot water, using a brush to clean the blades and the pusher teeth thoroughly. Let dry in the dish drainer, replace the clear safety guard over the blades, and you're ready to store it away (its 7-5/8" height easily fits into my small apartment-sized cabinet shelves).
      • OK. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have the Paderno model, which I've had for about five years or so (Has it been that long?!?!), and I love it. I have demonstrated it to lots of my friends, and have even won a couple "converts"! I have no real complaints with it, and it shows no signs of wearing out, but if it does I will "upgrade" to an Inspiralizer, I'm sure. :)
  • I wish I'd known before, I actually thought I bought yours!
  • question? Does the plastic safety guard snap on the back of the blades or in the front. I have been putting it on in the back, but when reading the comments, I get the idea that it goes on the front?
  • Ok I sent back thefake Spiralizer and bought yours (but did buy it from Amazon) I am having a terrible time with it adhering to the counter. The vacuum does not seem to work no matter what I do. Please tell me who I can contact for help with this. And what I am doing wrong.
    • Rosalie, when you put the Inspiralizer on the counter, push slightly on the machine and then adhere it to the counter, that will work for you....you have to apply a little pressure to make it work. And, be sure your counter top is clean and dry....
  • Where oh where can I buy The Inspiralizer in Canada????
    • How about Amazon Canada? https://www.amazon.ca/Inspiralizer-Vegetable-Spiralizer-Inspiralized-com-Inspiralized/dp/B019351E20/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493853779&sr=8-3&keywords=inspiralizer
      • I messaged the Inspiralized Facebook page and was told they didn't recommend buying anything being resold on Amazon because it's not being sold directly by them.
      • That sounds rather odd, since Ali herself promotes Amazon sales of her products. This is from the Thursday, June 1 Inspiralized newsletter, verbatim: "Both of my cookbooks are on sale on Amazon! Inspiralize Everything is 40% off (for only $13.24) and Inspiralized is 50% off (for just $9.99!!) Snag them before this random Amazon sale ends!" Those words come right from Ali's mouth. Furthermore, if Amazon Canada is like Amazon US, you have 30 days to return the item. Can't you figure out within 30 days whether the item is what you expected? Just sayin'... ;-)
      • Oh, well, looks like it's moot now. Amazon Canada is now out of stock, so since you didn't purchase it in a timely fashion I suppose that you're out of luck. Sorry 'bout that...
    • Hey I'm just telling you what the response was from the official Spiralized Facebook page regarding items on Amazon Canada. Just sayin...
  • I purchased the paderno back before you designed your Inspiralizer and then I was given the kitchen aid spiralizer attachment. I was wondering if you had a way for me to know which blades on other spiralizers might compare to the ones you provide in your recipes and cookbook (which I LOVE)?
  • I live in South Africa - do you know how much an Inspiralizer would cost to get it to me in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa??
  • I've owned both the Amazon Spiralizer and your Inspirazlier, and yours is so much better! My favorite feature is that it actually secures to the counter and doesn't shuffle around like the Amazon version. I wish I had just bought yours from the get-go.
  • And you don't ship to Canada? and HSN doesn't ship to Canada? and Amazon.com doesn't ship to canada? and Sur La Table ALSO doesn't ship to Canada? Hmmm...
  • I purchased my the Inspiralizer thru HSN and only got the 12 page instruction manual in the box but you stated: The Inspiralizer comes with a 12 page thorough manual in the box, but of course, it also comes with a full YouTube channel of tutorials and a welcome video with extra tips. I wish it had the welcome video with extra tips. I'm a senior and need the extra help. Thank you.
    • If it says there are YouTube videos, it means you have to get on the Internet (from a phone or PC) and go to www.youtube.com. The videos are on YouTube, not a hard copy tape like the old videotape movies people used to be able to rent. [This is actually better because you can access the videos any time you want and don't need a separate machine (except for your PC or smart phone, of course).] Once you go to YouTube just type in "Inspiralized Channel" in the search bar and it will pop right up. You can then subscribe to her channel and watch spiralizing videos galore. I hope that helps.
  • Wish I could buy one. They are oi t of stock. :(
  • Wow. I bought my Inspiralizer years ago from Ali - before HSN, before discounts, even before Amazon. And I am SO GLAD I did! I have never experienced the problems of an inferior product nor had trouble spiralizing any vegetable. Spiralized veggies are just a part of our weekly routine now. They probably wouldn't have been if I had bought a different brand. Thank you for the comparison. And note, the one time I had a problem with my Inspiralizer after years of use, Ali and her assistant handled it promptly and professionally. ;-) Great product. Great service.
    • Hi Debbie! So happy to hear! So glad you are enjoying your Inspiralizer!
  • Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the internet the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks
  • i alwa wanted to buy a spiralizer,buT never too the INITIATIVE to do any research until i came across your book at Sur La Table, and Looked for The Inspiralizer and they didnt seLl it. Instead Of buy one of those big brands i decided to support you and your business and Even more proud youre From Jersey.
  • Will you be getting more Inspiralizer for sale, Amazon say they are out. I have a paderno and not happy with it! Please let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Lynn Lester
    • Hi Lynn! We appreciate your interest in the Inspiralizer. Unfortunately, as of right now, we will not be getting anymore in stock. Oxo has a version that is similar - maybe try that version if you're looking to upgrade!
  • Hello Could you please tell me if you sell The Inspiralizer in australia if so where would I purchase the product If you don't do you think the PL8 Professional Spiralizer is worth purchasing or Oxo would be better thanks Anna