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Spiralized Raviolis

Spiralized Raviolis

It’s still cookbook week, so we’re celebrating Inspiralize Everything!

Today I’m showing you just how versatile the cookbook (and of course, spiralizing) truly is! Simply by swapping in a new spiralized vegetable, you have a brand new recipe!

And I’m going to show you an example, using these spiralized raviolis (how gorgeous?!)

In the cookbook (Inspiralize Everything), each recipe comes fully categorized with the following categories:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • Dairy Free
  • Dairy Free Optional: The dairy listed in the ingredients is not integral to the dish and can be omitted without sacrificing much flavor. I’ve also included some nondietary cooking features to give you a bit more background information on each dish.
  • Low-Cal: Under 300 calories per serving
  • No Cook: Doesn’t require any heated cooking, so it is mostly assembly based.
  • Saves Well: Works well as leftovers (so you may want to make extra!)
  • One Pot: Cooked in one pan or pot for the easiest cleanup.

Aside from the category classifications, you’ll also see 1 to 3 spirals (little spiral graphics!) that indicate how “difficult” the recipe is. One spiral means easy, three means difficult and by difficult, it just requires more time, perhaps ingredients, and special techniques (like ricing the spiralized veggies!) However, as you know, none of my recipes are too difficult or fancy.

Besides the spirals and categories (and cook times and full nutritional information), there’s also a section called “Also Works Well With” where I suggest which spiralized veggies can be subbed in. I created this to encourage you to eat seasonally and get the most out of the recipes!

Inspiralize Everything the cookbook

For example, in the Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage and Toasted Pine Nuts, you can easily sub in zucchinis and make this dish summer-friendly.

Look what the recipe now looks like with zucchinis:

Spiralized Raviolis

Totally new flavors, new nutritional information, a new season, and a new recipe title: Zucchini Raviolis with Sage and Toasted Pine Nuts! Although, I’m no Evan Sung, so definitely not as great of photos…

So, I encourage you to use that “Also Works Well With” box to find new uses for recipes – and create your own versions. Even if I don’t recommend a certain veggie that would also work well, that doesn’t mean that it won’t! Just use whatever you have on hand, that you’d like!

For those of you who have received the cookbook – what do you think?! I can’t wait to hear your feedback! And if you feel compelled, please leave a review on Amazon to help me Inspiralize others!

And don’t forget: use the hashtag #inspiralizeeverything on social to be entered to win weekly giveaways (like an Inspiralizer, tote bags, and more!)


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Ann says:
I have way too many cookbooks and don't intend to purchase more. I liked being able to print just the recipes I wanted to try from the emails. Do you plan to return to that method?
Ali Maffucci says:
Ann - this week, I'm celebrating the launch of my newest cookbook and so, as I mentioned on Sunday, Sunday's recipe would be the last recipe post for this week. However, starting on Sunday, the blog will go "back to normal" with new recipe posts. I appreciate your patience as I take one week out of the entire year to celebrate a cookbook that I'm extremely proud of and worked on for a full year!
Michelle says:
Ali, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new cookbook! Thank you so much for adding gluten and dairy-free options, and the no-cook detail is awesome in this heat! I am inspired to make so many of the recipes, I have almost every page marked....and I bought one for each of my sisters too! Keep-up the great ideas, you are an inspiration!
Karen says:
So you should Ali! Love your recipes and your enthusiasm! We are spiralizing for England and enjoying every mouthful! Thanks again! Karen
Anonymous says:
Are you expecting Ali to have all of her new cookbook recipes posted for you in a free daily e-mail just because you have too many cookbooks? She is building a business and tons of people will buy the cookbooks to support her in this effort. I also have too many cookbooks, but I was happy to buy several copies of her new one. I will use it, but would have bought it anyway to thank her for all the great, free recipes we normally get.
Sarah says:
A bit saddened that this post is not a recipe - guess I have to get the book! BUT, you did inspire me to make a deconstructed butternut squash ravioli tonight, so thank you!
Ali Maffucci says:
Sarah, Ann - this week, I'm celebrating the launch of my newest cookbook and with that, sharing teasers from the book! Starting on Sunday, the blog will go "back to normal" with new recipe posts. I appreciate it! And I hope you get the cookbook and grab this recipe!
Lisa says:
Ali, I just ordered your new cookbook. I'm so happy it's available here in Austria, too! Your blog and inspiring recipes are the whole reason I bought a spiralizer. Enjoy your week of celebration! Your true fans appreciate how much work goes into to all your creative recipes. Lisa
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks Lisa (all the way from Austria, so amazing!!!) I appreciate your support!
Kristen says:
Pre-ordered my cookbook back in May from Amazon, but tracking is saying it won't be here until Tuesday. Sad I cannot cook along with you this week, but these recipe previews have me even more excited than I already was!! Can't wait to make these raviolis!
Sue Goodwin says:
Where is the recipe for the butternut squash ravioli with sage and toasted pine nuts. That sounds wonderful and no dough.
Ali Maffucci says:
The recipe is in the Inspiralize Everything cookbook!
Sue says:
Am so excited to get the cookbook. Preordered several months ago from Amazon, but the tracking says it won't be here until tomorrow, the 20th. Amazon isn't as efficient as it used to be. At any rate, I can't wait. Thanks for all your inspiring and delicious recipes!
Love this feature of your new cookbook so that we can switch vegetables depending on what we have/what season it is. I'm very excited about your new cookbook and can't wait to read it! Just one question: are there many recipes with meat? I'd like to gift it to a quasi-vegan friend (she only eats eggs, but no meat or dairy) and wouldn't want her not to be able to use it. Thanks and congrats Ali!! :-)

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