Feeding Littles and Beyond

NOW A NY TIMES BEST-SELLER! When you’re a parent, getting food on the table is hard enough. With Feeding Littles and Beyond in hand, mealtimes will be easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.

When it was time to introduce solids to her firstborn, bestselling cookbook author Ali Maffucci didn’t want to make baby food from scratch or buy expensive purees. Enter baby-led weaning (or baby-led feeding)—and dietitian Megan McNamee and occupational therapist Judy Delaware, the duo behind preeminent parenting resource Feeding Littles. As babies feed themselves, they explore a variety of aromas, shapes, and colors while developing fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and healthy habits, paving the way for a lifetime of intuitive eating.

Learn to reduce stress and anxiety around mealtimes, nourish your loved ones, and satisfy everyone’s palate—from your six-month-old, to your picky toddler, to your fellow adults—with:

  •   100+ fun, easy, nutritious recipes that you can prep on your schedule
  • Strategies for baby-led weaning/feeding, as well as information on safety and other common parental concerns
  • Tips for dealing with challenges such as picky eaters and dining out
  • A one-of-a-kind visual index for plating food
  • Modifications for families with allergies
  • Positive food language and advice on promoting body positivity
    . . . and much more.

Whether you’re making a five-minute grilled cheese or pumpkin waffles, it’s time to start celebrating every bite.

Recipes from Feeding Littles and Beyond cookbook.