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  1. I'm trying to find out why the community site is not found . I have tried all night to get to it but verizon keeps coming up with unable to find. I'm new to it an had no problem the other night but unable to get it tonight
  2. I'm on your mailing list and saw today's post, the "Inspiralized Started Guide" on my phone and just came to try and pull it up on my computer to print, but your website on this link seems to be taken down. I can't get to it. Anyway, you could email it to me? I was really hopeful to learn this part soon! Thank you! C
  3. Hello! Can you please help me out in the checkout procedure to pay using visa not paypal. Thanks
  4. That is--I want to know what's the optimal time and temperature to get the chips dry and crispy without burning them. BTW, I use a Breville Smart Oven for this (so, a small, countertop over, not my big wall oven, so that might affect the temperature and timing).
  5. Beets for example--if I use Blade A, should I let the slices air-dry on a rack, or between 2 layers of paper towels, or overnight before popping into the oven? Or AFTER cooking, should I lay them out on paper towels on a rack? I'm having a tough time getting slices crispy without blackening. 400 degrees for a short time, or 300 degrees (or less) for a longer time? I've GOT to get my husband to stop eating potato chips!
  6. i really want one of these , but i do not like pay pal . they screwed me me
    • You don't need a PayPal account to order anything on this website! PayPal is the service I use, but you don't need an account to order - just choose the option to use a credit card, not PayPal. Hope that helps. Feel free to e-mail me, Steve.
  7. Hi! I'd love to buy this, I'm in Canada and the site says I'm able to but but when I go to the checkout it only allows U.S. state and zip code, could you help? Thanks!! :)
  8. Hi! Can you ship to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? I would like to buy both the Inspiralizer and the cook book. Hope you can assist. Thanks.
  9. I'm excited I found this method for veggies. I ordered your book from Amazon immediately and received it this past Saturday. I also order The Spiralizer off your site, but it appears to be on back order. Do you have a time line as to when it will be back in stock and shipped. I'm anxious to get started. Thanks for your response.
  10. Do you ship to the UK? Or can you suggest where I can get an inspiralizer in England. Thank you Jo
  11. Avatar Denise Brower
    How do I find customer service. I have a problem I would like to discuss.
  12. Just curious as to the time between ordering and receiving the product?
  13. I'm also wondering the same as Ann, I've been emailing you for the past two days about when the product might ship.
  14. I ordered the inspiralizer on Nov 11th. but since then have not received or heard back from anybody regarding any shipping information. When I checked my account it says the order was received but is on hold. Would really like someone to contact me with the timeline as to when the product will be shipped,
  15. Hello, I emailed [email protected] on Dec 26th but have not heard anything back, yet. As soon as I submitted my December 18th order, the status said "Complete". I also received my receipt from PayPal saying that I was charged (I can forward that to you if needed). I have not received a status update on my order saying that it shipped or anything. When I log into my account on, it just says that the order is "Completed". Please provide a status update on when this will at least be shipped. The inspiralizers are gifts for my family and I don't even know when to tell them they will arrive.
  16. Hi, I just tried to order the Inspiralizer & Cookbook combo, using my 10% coupon. The order form said the coupon had been applied, yet it did not show any reduction from the list price for the Combo. Can you help me with this? I'm looking forward to getting started.
  17. Do you ship to Adelaide, South Australia ????
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