Favorite Toddler Winter Gear

Favorite Toddler Winter Gear

When Luca was born, there was a bit of a September heat wave and it...

When Luca was born, there was a bit of a September heat wave and it was really warm. I remember planning his delivery month thinking, “New Jersey weather is unpredictable, it could be in the 50s!” Well, it was warm, but I still prepared with winter gear on my baby registry and got all the necessities for bundling him up over the wintertime (and just in case it was chilly when he was born.)

For most of his infancy, he was in the cold weather. By the time we got out of the thick of winter, he was about 6-7 months old and by then, I knew how to bundle up my little bundle of joy! And now, as we head into the wintertime, I have all the necessities and picked up some extras, now that he’s a bit larger.

Here are my must-haves for bundling up your baby/young toddler (Luca is 14 months old at the time of this post) from fall through winter:

1. Stroller bunting: this is toddler sized and truly bundles up your little one! I love the fleece lining of this one and how it covers Luca’s head as well (because sometimes he pulls off his beanie!)

2. Stroller WarMMuffs: one of the first pieces of mom advice I received while pregnant was, “Get the WarMMuffs!” and now I know why – they’re my favorite cold weather gear item. They keep your hands warm while you’re pushing the stroller but then when you need to grab the baby, use your phone, or whatever, you don’t have to bother with taking gloves on and off.

3. Warm blanket: Luca lived in Saranoni blankets when he was first born, they’re just so, so soft. I LOVE this blanket specifically, because it’s not too bulky so it can be used in the stroller easily. You can use code ALI20 for 20% off any of their products now through Christmastime!

4. Beanie: This one gets us through the fall and early winter, when we need something more heavy duty (see #5!)

5. Beanie and gloves: Luca rarely keeps his gloves on, but I try! I love this cute wintery hat.

6. Puffer jacket: This is the jacket Luca loves and wears for most of winter. On the really, really cold days, I’ll use his North Face jacket (#9).

7. Puffer vest: Great for transitioning from fall to winter or for some added warmth during the really, really cold days.

8. Sherpa onesie: I used the footed versions of these during the winter when Luca was a newborn, but now I will use them for him with a pair of shoes, since he’s walking. They’re just such a great way to keep warm (and so cute!)

9. Winter jacket: North Face brand never fails and we love this one for the baby.

10. VANS shoes: Luca started walking this year and these were his first real shoes (after walkers) and they are nice and warm, easy to get on and off, and protect his ankles.

11. Winter boots: I just got these for Luca, now that he walks this winter – and for those snowier, slushier days, I’m hoping these boots do the trick! Love the velcro!

12. Booker vest: Another must-have item, I wore this ALL the time with Luca. I sized up and what I love about it is that it’s a Mommy-owned business! It’s comfortable, baby’s comfortable, and fits over the carrier easily. It keeps you and baby warm and lets you keep your jacket open, so you can be a bit more fashionable!

13. Earth mama face cream: Luca’s face was a mess during the winter he was first born. This stuff was a lifesaver, I’d put it on all the time! I’m using it now too, because he has a lot of red irritation around his nose and it does the fix.

14. Baby carrier cover: If you don’t want to invest in the Booker vest, I also have this (it’s rain friendly!) and it’s great, but you have to put it on and off which is annoying (the Vest just zips over!) It’s great to protect from wind and rain.

15. Pookie poncho: In case you don’t have the Ergobaby and need another (warmer) option, I also have this Pookie poncho!

16. Car seat cocoon: I got this as a gift and used it when he was really, really little, but since we live in a city and don’t use the car seat much, we found it was okay to just wrap him in a blanket to and from the car. But if you live in a suburb or more rural area where you’re driving a lot in and out of the car, this was great.

What are your cold weather essentials?


with love, Ali

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