What I’m Wearing in Sonoma: Packing List!

Here’s what I’m wearing on my trip to Sonoma Valley this weekend!  What I’m Wearing...

Here’s what I’m wearing on my trip to Sonoma Valley this weekend! 

What I’m Wearing in Sonoma: Outfits!

When Roma was born, I made a group of mom friends here in jersey City. We met up weekly, we had an amazing postpartum summer with rosé lunches, park picnics, and plenty of time chatting together and bonding over the tiny babies crying for us 24/7.

We’re still friends to this day, even though many of us have moved out of Jersey City and on to greener pastures in the suburbs! We’ve been talking about a trip to wine country for years and we finally put a date on the calendar, planned the trip, and it’s this weekend!

I’ve never taken time like this away from my family, and I am so excited to have uninterrupted adult conversations, walk through an airport without yelling, “stop!” and frankly, peeing alone. Although I’ll have to pump the entire time, I’m looking forward to just having to worry about myself. When I return home, I’m hoping to be rejuvenated and ready to jump back into mom life with a bit more perspective.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff: THE OUTFITS! Since I only want to pack a carry-on, I’m trying to be strategic about outfits and not overpack. I’m the worst with overpacking! So here’s what I’m planning on wearing while in Sonoma, by day/night/activity!

Day 1: Travel Day/flight

We have an 8am flight to San Francisco, and since I’ll have to pump a couple of times in the airports and on the flight, I figured I would stay cozy and wear a pumping bra and pumping-friendly tank top, paired with some comfy sweats and cute sneakers.

Nike Dunks // Nursing Tank // Pumping bra // Denim Jacket // Sweatpants

Day 1: Vineyard lunch

We’re stopping at a vineyard to have our first tasting and lunch, so I’ll be changing at the airport and freshening up.

Ivory pants // Crop tank // Woven flats // Utility jacket


Day 1: Dinner out

After we get to our Airbnb, we’ll be getting ready and heading out to dinner.

Denim jumpsuit // Leather jacket // Green heels


Day 2: Vineyard day

We’ll be out all day at the vineyards, and it’s going to be a warm one.

Slit skirt // Crop sweater tank // Denim jacket // Sneakers


Day 2: Cozy night in

We’re having a chef come to the Airbnb and cook us all dinner so we’re all keeping it cozy!

Soft pant // Tank top // Linen shirt // Birkenstocks


Day 3: Vineyard Day 2 and Dinner

Another day out at the vineyards and it’s going to be even warmer.

Dress // White denim jacket // Sandals


Day 4: Travel day back to NJ

Keeping it simple on this airplane travel day back.

Leggings // Nursing tank // Pumping bra // Denim jacket // Sneakers


And those are my outfits! You can follow along on Instagram to see how they look on me!

with love, Ali

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  • I've lived in Sonoma for 25 years. Bring some warmer clothes in case we have cooler days. Nights are definitely cool. Try not to look too East Coast tourist my friend. Jen