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Updated Skincare Routine

Here are the products that I’m currently using on my skin to give me that...

Here are the products that I’m currently using on my skin to give me that glow! 

Updated Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, I like to change it up when I notice my skin starting to look dull. Our skin changes from so many different factors (pregnancy to postpartum to stress to weight loss to weight gain to weather!) so it’s silly to think one skincare routine can work for one person and that same skincare routine can work for one person forever!

Long story short, my skincare routine has changed a bit and I have to say, my skin has never glowed so well, especially within the first postpartum year! Here’s what I’m using:

Step 1: Facial cleansers
Step 2: Post cleanse resurfacing pads
  • I’ve been loving these resurfacing pads by Elemis – I have to say, I think they’re single-handedly making my skin glow! I really noticed a true difference after using them morning and night for about 2 weeks. My pores were minimized, my skin just looked fuller. Very happy!
Step 3: Serum
  • This new Versed serum product is new to me, and I love how weightless it feels. I put it on after I use the resurfacing pads.
Step 4: Moisturizer
Step 5: Eye cream
  • Depending on how I feel and what level of moisture I think I need, I use Cocokind or Versed.
Other products
  • Versed Overnight Facial Peel: I love waking up having done this the night before. I use this on Sundays, and I truly notice a different shine in my skin on Mondays.

That’s my daily skincare routine (the only difference this summer will be an SPF moisturizer!)

with love, Ali

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  • Ali - love this post! Can you add a date to your blog posts? It would help : )