New Baby Items I'm Buying for the Twins

New Baby Items I’m Buying for the Twins

With each pregnancy, I’ve found new baby items to add to our newborn and infant...

With each pregnancy, I’ve found new baby items to add to our newborn and infant experience that have made them easier, better, or simply more fun! With twins, there are a few extra items we’re bringing in that we haven’t before, because we’re expecting multiples.

New Baby Items I’m Buying for the Twins

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that right before we got pregnant with the twins, we gave all of our baby gear to my younger sister, who was expecting her first baby. She lived right down the street from us, so in the back of my head, I thought, “Oh, well, if we ever need this stuff, she’s just a couple blocks away and she’ll be done with it by the time we have another baby – if we ever do!”

Well, drastic change of plans – my sister and her husband moved to Florida (with all of the baby gear!) and a few months later, we found out we were pregnant with…. twins!

So aside from our usual must-haves (which you can find in my ultimate newborn essentials list), there are a few new items we’re adding to our list – and some that we’re doubling!

  1. Twin Nursing Pillows
    • Twin Z Nursing Pillow – this I plan to use more as a lounging pillow, as I prefer a firmer nursing pillow. I’ve been told by other twin mamas it’s so helpful when bottle feeding at the same time or just finding a safe place for them to rest.
    • My Breast Friend Twin Nursing Pillow – I love this pillow for the newborn stage (like the first 6 weeks) when they’re so tiny and you’re working on latch. I like the firmness, whereas I find the Boppy and other nursing pillows are too soft and the baby falls off or sags. Luckily, my Breast Friend makes a twin version!
  2. Boppy Loungers – I didn’t use these with my singletons (I love the Dock-a-Tot, it’s my favorite baby product and I’ll still be using these for general use!), but I’ve been told that when you’re alone and trying to tandem feed your babies, having two of these loungers is helpful to set them on either side of you so you can easily pick up the babies, latch them, and then set them down as you set up/break down your nursing session. Hoping this helps making tandem nursing (if I’m able to nurse!) easier.
  3. Split screen baby monitor – we’ll still be using the Nest cameras, because I like to have those for when we’re out of the house and want to check in on the babies (we also have them synced to tablets so we use them as regular monitors with our kids now.) But, I’d like a version that allows us to really zone in on each baby separately and see them side by side.
  4. Travel strollers with Newborn Pack – since we have limited trunk space (we don’t want to get a new car and are going to do our best to make our current car work), we need easily foldable strollers that we can take with us (instead of lugging our big Uppababy Vista.) The Babyzen YOYO strollers are our favorite compact strollers and for the twins, we’re buying the Newborn Packs which fold up and allow you to use them as a bassinet or click in car seat converter clips so you can also use them with your car seats, which is ideal for travel.
  5. Twin bassinet – since we’ll have the privilege of a night nurse this time around (6 nights a week!), we won’t be sleeping next to the babies, so a bassinet wasn’t an essential item this time around. However, we’ll need a solution for Saturday nights (when the nurse isn’t working with us) as well as something to keep them safely in during the daytime, elevated off the floor/couch, so our toddlers can’t as easily access them. It’ll also be a nice safe space to let them sleep during the day, in the living room. There are a few expensive options, but we landed on this one.
  6. Twin baby-wearing carriers
    • WeeGo Twin Carrier – I love baby wearing, and I’m hoping this carrier will make it possible to carry both babies simultaneously.
    • Minimonkey TWIN – this is more of a wrap-style, which seems comfier for the babies and easier to throw into a diaper bag.
  7. Dagne Dover Diaper Bag – I really tried out a bunch of different diaper bags and this one seems the most spacious for twins and the most comfortable to wear.
  8. Lovevery Play Mat – I didn’t have this with either of my kids, but I love this brand and I use their play kits with my kids, so I’m excited to use this play mat – it’s also large, which is great for twins.

Twin mamas – any items I’m missing?!

with love, Ali

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  • I'm following along with your twin pregnancy as I am expecting identical twins in December! I'm buying maternity clothes for fall and I love your dress! Can you share a link please? Thank you!